The work translated on this website is the legal property of its original copyright holder. It is translated here without monetary incentive solely for the purposes of promoting domestic interest in the work and improving personal language proficiency. Any or all content of this website will be deleted upon request by any of the original copyright holders for this work.

Do not post my translation without my permission.


3 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi Clover!
    I’ve sent you an email asking permission to translate of I Don’t Want to Become a Villainess, So I Aim at Becoming a Perfect Lady Together with the Prince! into my language, Bahasa Indonesia. I can’t read Chinese only English, but i do a few English to Bahasa translations for fun.

    Could you please allow me to translate it? Or get back to me, so we can talk about it more?

    i would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you,.


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