Chapter 2: Spring Palace (part two)

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At the drawing room of Spring Palace, we had a meeting with the Duke of Hafan.


The agenda of this visit seems to be the conversation about the development of the silver ore veins at the boundary between Aurelia territory and Hafan territory and the surrounding forest resources.


My father, Duke of Aurelia, is in his forties.

His brushed back golden hair has some white hairs mixed within.

He has a short beard on his jaw.

His looks and personality are similar to Eduard-oniisama.

He is very sweet to his family, but he was also a proud person with many meritorious deeds.

My older brother and I who had dressed up lined up next to him.


Then, Duke Hafan and his wife along with their two children appeared before us.


The Duke of Hafan is younger than my father.

Although he is already in his thirties, he has a beautiful and youthful style with black hair and gray eyes with a sharp impression.

He is wearing the magician’s formal wear which consists of loose pale grey robe.

At first glance it looks plain and simple, but it is a very beautiful clothing with fine silver embroidery.


The Duchess is a bit young.

She is a woman who seems energetic and refreshing.

She is wearing a light blue dress with little decorations, her black hair is in an up-do, and she has deep azure eyes.

She is an adult woman who can be said to be a combination of elegant beauty with mellow cuteness.


Then, there are Klaus the first child and Ann the second child.

Klaus is wearing a black extravagant clothing with silver embroidery, while Ann is wearing a neat white dress with silver embroidery.

Both of them are similar to their father in terms of facial expressions, while their hair and eyes are similar in color to their mother.

Their straight black hair look silky and their intense blue eyes are impressive.


Klaus especially stands out with the transformation from his dark impression in the game to a bright, child-like facial expression he is wearing right now.

He looks like a healthy boy who has never been hurt and has plenty of confidence.

I wish he can grow up into a refreshing, healthy young man as he is right now.


After the greetings and introductions, Duke Hafan and my father talked about the subject of today’s agenda.

The Duchess of Hafan decided to take a look around inside the Spring Palace, accompanied by my older brother.


Then I, Erica Aurelia, along with the Hafan siblings, were told to play in the palace’s extensive garden.


During this season, Spring Palace, just like its name, becomes a flower-filled palace.

And the most beautiful place in the palace, Knot Garden, an ornamental flower garden1, is a large garden with hundreds of flowers consisting of three gardens of roses.


“Well, from now on I will show you around the garden.”

“Oi, woman. I don’t feel like getting along with you, absolutely not.”


—Does this person have a personality like this?

I mean, why is a 10-years-old boy calling a girl who is younger than him by two years with the term ‘woman’?


No, that is right.

Klaus Hafan was not only ruthless and gloomy, but he was also a Do-S man. I forgot about that because of his refreshing boyish looks.


“In the first place, I didn’t even want to come here! I don’t understand why my father has to come here to the newcomers of the west.”


Even if you tell me such a thing.

In the Spring Palace of Aurelia, there are many transfer gates installed, in addition to that, it is perfect for observing the surrounding mines and forest……that is how it is.

In the first place, Aurelia’s 〈Visitor’s Clan〉 arrived on this continent about six hundred years ago, so it is troubling to be called a newcomer.


“Hmph, I have no interest in such a place. Flowers are crap.”

“Onii-sama, please don’t say something childish like that. That is rude to Erica-sama.”


While I was thinking for a matter of seconds about how to counter that in a friendly way, help came while I was silent.

Ann is a year younger than me.


“That was such a rude thing to say to Erica-sama who will guide us through the garden of Spring Palace, which is an honor.”

“Aah, I don’t want to be with you, Ann. If I’m together with women I will become weak.”


Well, I guess he is this kind of person, yeah.

As expected, opposite sex should be limited to 2D.


However, it is slightly surprising that he took this kind of attitude towards his sister.

Even though he was a terrible siscon in the game.


“That’s alright. Then, Klaus-sama, please do whatever you like. I will show Ann-sama the garden.”

“……Aa, I will do that.”


Klaus left us and went into the palace quickly.

Even so, I wonder what he is going to do in other people’s palace alone.


Well, whatever.

I should entertain Ann right now.

Today’s mission is to maintain her safety, not to take care of Klaus’ mood.

I absolutely wouldn’t even get close to Aurelia’s most dangerous place, Ruins of Visitor!


“I apologize, Erica-sama. My older brother has done something very rude.”

“I don’t mind it. Thank you for your consideration, Ann-sama.”

“I should be the one thanking you, Erica-sama.”


Even though she is younger than Klaus, Ann is prim and polite.

Her favorable rating within me rose steadily.


Also, one of my concerns were solved.

As a result of meeting Klaus and Ann, Erica Aurelia, the villainous lady who was sleeping within me, was awakened!

……Nothing like that happened, I am still me.


“I was looking forward to this very much. I heard it from the rumors. This large garden is so wide that you can’t see everything even if you exhaust yourself.”

“Oh my, is this your first time seeing a garden?”

“Yes. There are no people in the east who have low-cut trees like this. So it is very unusual – ah, those flowers are—?”


Although Ann is only seven years old, she is very intelligent.

Even so, she seems to have a lively, child-like sensitivity.


After we went to the area of Knot Garden that consisted only of evergreen trees, we headed towards the ornamental garden in which a wide variety of flowers were in full-bloom.

Each one seemed unusual to her.


“These are dwarf lavenders. It is an improved form of the original, so their petals are larger.”

“Their pale purple colors are very beautiful……ah, what is that single white flower?”

“It is one of our original rose species. If you like it, I will tell the gardener to pick several of them for you.”

“……Is it alright?”

“Yes. Please add your favorite flowers as much as you like.”


It isn’t bothersome to listen to the little girl’s request.

I believe that being nice is the basic manner to become intimate with children.


“Is it really alright?”

“Yes, Ann-sama is my precious guest.”


I kept smiling at her.

Ann’s face turned red.


“……Thank you very much……”


Unlike her brother, she is very honest and cute.

Well, Klaus was not honest because that was his selling point, so it can’t be helped.

Because there was a demand for that in the world of my previous life.


And, in my mind, I remembered the world where Ann had died.


(That kind of thing absolutely should not happen. I don’t want such a child to die.)


Of course, there is also her cuteness.

I sincerely feel bad that she would be cursed and killed by an evil spirit.

1 Actually written as a parterre (パーテア), which is an ornamental garden with paths between the flower beds.

The dwarf lavender here is actually English lavender, or Lavandula angustifolia. (source)

…And no, there is no yuri here.

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  2. The death of the prota is … stupid, Klaus blames her, when it was his sister who wanted the stone, the possessed sister blamed her when, I repeat, she wanted something that did not belong to her !, and although the brother gave him the stone was not the culprit, who does not want to give cute things to his brothers?.
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