Chapter 16: Megalithic Altar (part four)

This is the last chapter of this mini-arc. Next chapter will be something like an epilogue for the first arc and we would learn more about the truth of Zaratan.

TL: clover

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Castling has succeeded.


I appeared on the coordinates where Ann was supposed to be, and Ann appeared on the coordinates where I was in.

We were swapped in the blink of an eye by the magic circle deployed beneath the feet of the two of us.


Before my eyes was Zaratan the huge vengeful beast.

From him, shadows that looked like countless black arms, just like grotesque-looking black flower petals, were stretching out.

It was an instant death curse which was absorbed from the wand of Death and amplified using the power of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Black arms surrounded me without any gaps, all of which are surely aiming for me.

They can’t be avoided.


Through the corner of my eyes, I could see Klaus and Ann, who were looking at me with sorrowful expressions.


The object of Zaratan’s resentment is merely the Visitor’s Clan……and I am their descendant.

The Hafan siblings are unrelated to the monster’s revenge.



(Please escape. Please, even if it’s just the two of you, escape……)


There was no pain, no suffering.

The hands of the long black shadows touched me gently.

I closed my eyes and accepted it.


My body which lost its power slowly fell on my back.


Brother, father, please forgive me for dying before you.

Thank you for being so kind to someone who says nonsensical things like me.

Erica will go to mother’s place.


The eight years I have lived as Erica was a short but fulfilling life.

It was a precious experience where I could spend all my time freely.

It was something that I couldn’t do much during my previous life.


If I reincarnate again next time, I would like to be a pasture emperor penguin.


(……huh? Maybe, I, I’m not dead yet?)


Unlike the Curse of Merciful Death, death by the magic of Death is fulfilled promptly.

So, it is almost time……no, I should have lost my consciousness a long time ago.

Then why?

Besides, it is high time I hit the ground.


I opened my eyes.


I saw Erica Aurelia’s trademark blonde vertical roll.

It was not a tightly rolled vertical roll that I always used to see, it was a bit messy due to intense exercise.

The oddity could be clearly seen.

Her hair remained stationary as if it was suspended in the wind.


No, it wasn’t just the hair.

The ribbon with plain color tying her hair was still dancing in the air.

There was also the wand of Castling that I had let go of.


Dust was in the air as well.

The remains of the pillars which Zaratan had destroyed.

And also the monster Zaratan.


(Is this……my lantern lights1?)


No, it isn’t.


It is not that everything has stopped.

Only the things within 4 to 5 meters of my radius has stopped moving.

There can’t be such lantern lights like this.


Outside the space where everything stopped, there were countless tiny objects circling at high speed while shining silver.


(Silver? Flying object? UFO……no, are those spellcards?)


Spellcards flew over and formed a silver magic circle with a radius of 5 meters.

It seems that those spellcards formed the barrier that slowed the speed of time.

But, it is strange.

Like the magic of space manipulation, the magic of time manipulation is also located at the highest tier.

Neither Klaus nor Ann should be able to use such a magic.


Klaus, who was standing upside down, slowly walked towards this direction.

He came into the barrier without a care.

Apparently, Klaus doesn’t seem to be affected by the time manipulation.


Br……brat…….yo-you……bastard……wh……what did……

Shut up.


A voice full of deep hatred interrupted Zaratan’s words.

It was such an unfeeling and grave voice, I would never have thought that it came from a 10-year-old boy.


“……how dare you.”


As Klaus swung his arm, Zaratan was hit by something.

It was a sound like a heavy metal hammer striking a thick iron plate.

There was a small crack in the armor of the attacked monster.


“How dare you.”


Once again, Klaus swung his arm.

This time I saw it.

Spellcards jumped out of the Protective Circle he made and hit Zaratan with large force.

The exterior of the monster who was attacked in the same place cracked, black liquid splashed from inside and stopped still midair.


Klaus raised his face.


There was no expression on his face.

Cold, severe, rigid, expressionless face.

Klaus’ eyes, which were like transparent sapphires, became a grayish color that seemed to suck everything inside.


From one of his eyes, a single drop of tear was flowing.


How dare you!


The spellcards hit the monster.

Again, a little part of Zaratan’s body broke.

Even though the Protective Circle had a specialized effect on Zaratan, there was a limit.

Just which one of them had a faster acceleration as they clashed?


Inside the barrier to delay time, Zaratan had no technique to resist.

He could neither avoid nor protect himself.

Neither regeneration nor transformation took place on time.


Even if he wanted to absorb the attack, he didn’t seem to be able to adjust the timing due to the difference between his consciousness and his body.

Even if he could absorb the attack, it was a Protective Circle.

The magical spell that merely became a defensive magic was immediately destroyed by another spell.


How dare you!


Every time Klaus swung his arm, the armor of Zaratan broke and black liquid, which was his main body, became exposed.

It was just one-sided violence.

Although the spellcard was only a small piece of paper by itself, the blows were crushing the monster like a huge iron hammer.


Swing. Crush.

Swing. Crush.

Swing. Crush.

Swing. Crush.

Just like a machine, Klaus kept striking in a quiet fury.


Unexpectedly, he stopped all of the spellcards in the air.

Klaus raised his staff overhead and assumed a stance.


From his clear grey eyes, one more tear dropped.


I discretely thought that it was very beautiful.


“How dare you……how dare you kill……my friend……?”


With the end of his staff, he struck the stone floor.

With that as a signal, countless spellcards forming the Protective Circle fell upon Zaratan all at once.


Klaus’ magic looked like a silver tornado.

It was very beautiful in appearance, but it was a storm of destruction that crushed everything just by touching it.

Zaratan, who had already been disintegrated into pieces, was literally crushed until he couldn’t keep up his current shape.


Zaratan returned to black liquid, spellcards wrapped around him without any gap.


I will never forgive you.


The spellcards sphere gradually became smaller.

This time it emitted a rainbow-colored light, as if squeezing Zaratan inside.

Eventually, the spellcards sphere containing Zaratan became about the size of a tennis ball.


Perhaps not just time manipulation magic but also space manipulation magic?


They say an inexperienced body and an unstable mind will hinder the eastern magic.

However, they also say that a strong emotion can amplify magical power enough to overturn that disadvantage.


Klaus took out an empty potion bottle and cast a spell as if singing.

The ancient monster, which was imprisoned within the spellcards, was sucked into the small bottle.

The lonely huge beast Zaratan will be sealed and fall asleep for a second time.

The spell of Seal that Klaus cast seemed like a sorrowful song to me.


“……Erica, I……you.”


Klaus crouched down powerlessly when the sealing of the monster was over.

At the same time, the time that had stopped started to move.


I fell to the floor on my back.

Uu…… I rubbed my waist.


“It huuuuurts~~~~!!”


While screaming, I crawled in search of a flat surface.

Klaus flinched, trembled and then slowly turned to my direction.




Oops, our eyes met.

I waved gently and smiled.


Expression returned to Klaus’ face.

For some reason, is he angry?

No, surprised, glad, embarrassed……


Wrong. Angry.

As expected, he is very mad.

This is bad.

How do I get away from him?


While I was worrying about that, Ann came running and hugged me.


“Erica-sama! I’m glad, you are okay!”

“Yes……it’s alright now, Ann-sama……”


Due to extreme tension, Ann’s cheeks were cold.

As I was stroking her back as gently as possible, Klaus was also coming up to my side.

He is still mad, but in front of Ann it seems that he can’t say anything.


I feel like an aphid living together with ants.

If that is the case, I can’t let the ladybug Klaus attack!2


When I was thinking of such rude things, Ann turned over with a bashful appearance and separated from me.

Aah, Ann-sama, you can hug me a little longer!

Please protect me!


“You……how come you are alive!”

“……How indeed?”

“If you are alive, then say that you are alive! You made me misunderstand!”

“Erica-sama was taken into the barrier of Onii-sama’s time manipulation, right?”


“I live safely through great pains, so can you feel more pleased?”


Where did the mature-looking expression go?

Klaus is resembling a 10-years-old child, with his clenched fists trembling like that.


“Ha!? Klaus-sama, no way!”


“Could it be, do you dislike the fact that I am alive…?”

“Uwah……Onii-sama……the lowest…”

“No! That’s not the case!”


No, no, I can’t thoughtlessly play around with this.

It seems that I also feel embarrassed to express my gratitude obediently.

I can’t say it to other people though.



“What’s next!”

“Thank you for your help.”

“A, ah……”

“Also, thank you for being angry as a friend.”


Although I was a little late, I showed Klaus my heartfelt appreciation.

Whether he felt irritated or embarrassed, I didn’t know him well enough to understand it, he turned his eyes away from me.


“Well, good……I, if you’re okay, that, that’s good……I’m, about you Erica……”


“W-what is it suddenly!”

“What’s wrong, Erica-sama?”

“Maybe, the Curse of Death conflicted with Onii-sama’s Curse of Merciful Death?”


That is the reason why I didn’t die by the Curse of Death.

I am already destined to die in a few hours because of the Curse of Merciful Death.

This contradicts the destiny of the Curse of Death’s immediate death.

As a result of conflicting destinies, the more powerfully made magic of Merciful Death won.

Fortune and misfortune are twisted like a rope, and the future of human being is unpredictable, huh.


As expected, brother……

Not everyone can make such a powerful death trap.

I mean, this, can this even be cancelled by a serious practitioner……?

A tinge of anxiety crossed my mind, but I pushed it back.


“You……didn’t you cast it aiming at that?”

“No, not at all. I completely forgot.”

“If so, why?”

“……Why indeed?”

“Don’t ask me……”

“Well, I got carried away by the atmosphere, so I carelessly did it?”

“You! Don’t throw away your life so irresponsibly!”

“Klaus-oniisama! If you say any more rude things to Erica-sama, I will not forgive you!!”


For some reason, Klaus and Ann got into a sibling fight.

I quietly left the circle in order not to disturb the two of them.

These two people are good friends in every way.


While thinking so about other people’s affairs, I enjoyed watching the exchange between the two of them.



The three of us escaped from the Ruins of Visitor safely.

In the end, it was a simple task to wave the wand of Levitation in a Passwall state.


By the time we returned to the Spring Palace, the date was about to change.

About four hours had passed since I entered the ruins.

It was much shorter than the perceived time.

It was the longest and most intense four hours I had ever felt, including my previous life.


Klaus cancelled the magic of Phantasmal Maze and we headed for our fathers.


“So, something like that happened, Erica.”


Because I was worried about how far I should talk honestly, I only said that I caught the trap on the storage box that Eduard-oniisama set up in the Ruins of Visitor.

There was no courage to say more than that, like going to the lowest layer, releasing the seal of an ancient monster, not to mention that it was resealed with my life on the line.


“……I apologize, Otou-sama.”


Just apologize.

It was a Japanese negotiation style learned in my previous life.

When I showed that I was feeling remorse by keeping a low-profile, Klaus came and cut into the conversation as if defending me.


“That was my fault. I got her involved. Erica did nothing wrong.”

“Klaus-kun……thank you for protecting Erica. Has she returned unscathed from that ruins because you guarded her?”

“No, that wasn’t it. Rather, I was—”

“Yes, that’s right, Otou-sama. Klaus-sama guarded me.”


I cut off Klaus’ words and said my piece to cover it.

The real reason was because the story might get complicated, but it is true that I was thankful that he guarded me.


“I see……Klaus-kun, for me, Erica is a treasure that can’t be replaced by anything. As a father, as the Duke of Aurelia, I promise that I will pay you back.”


That being said, Duke Aurelia himself bowed to a boy who was over thirty years his junior to express the highest respect for a nobility.

It seemed that Klaus still wanted to say something, but he didn’t persist.


My father let Klaus and Ann go back first.

The Hafan couple was waiting for them.





And my father said nothing more, just hugged me quietly and gently.


I felt guiltier than I would feel after being scolded for a long time.

Even if I treat myself roughly, I realized that there is someone who would be sad.


After that, my father dispelled the Curse of Merciful Death without delay.



“Aah~~~~ I can finally sleep……”


It was two hours after my father finished the solution spell that I came home to the Spring Palace.

During the ceremony of the solution spell, the worried Klaus came to check on my situation many times.

Eventually, I was escorted to my bedroom.

He is such a serious person.


I threw the bag I borrowed from my older brother, took off my clothes and left them scattered around and then laid down on the bed.


No more.

I will not move another step.

I mean, I will not go into that labyrinth ever again.

To play in a dungeon, inside a game is enough.


As I was idling about, my hand hit something hard, it seems that it rolled out of the pocket of the clothing I took off.

When we escaped from the labyrinth, I got it from Klaus.


“Oh, this is……there is still some work to do.”


With vacant eyes, I headed to my working desk.

Searching the shelves containing alchemy materials in every corner, somehow I found the material I was looking for.

I wonder if I can put the skills I have already learned into practical use.

But, this, it seems that this will take quite a while to finish.


……this might take all night.

I looked back to my bed with bitter eyes.

Oh, my beloved duvet……



Shaking off my reluctance, I tried to concentrate on the loot I put on my working desk.

1 Like a lantern light: This is an expression in Japan, expressing something like a shadow appearing in lantern light, it is referring to the various visions appearing in mind when someone is about to die. The western equivalent would be ‘memories flashing before my eyes.’ So, Erica thought that what she saw was visions as she was about to die.

2 Aphids are small sap-sucking insects. So-called dairying ants have a mutualistic relationship with aphids, tending them for their honeydew, and protecting them from predators. One of aphids’ predators is ladybug. (source) In this analogy, Erica is an aphid, Ann is an ant, and Klaus is a ladybug.

That moment when you confessed thinking your crush died and then realized she’s actually still alive.


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  1. This chapter made me laugh so hard at that aphid/ant/ladybug comparison. And Klaus is just so cute =~= it’s interesting that Erica decided to not tell the truth about what went down. I guess that might complicate things….. love the interaction she had with her father though. So cute!

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    I must seem rather pathetic, considering I am an adult, but the way he spoke to Erica got under my skin, this insolent brat had nothing good to say at all, when he left my Sisters company I had already reached boiling point, yes forgive this Onii sama Erica for having such terrible thoughts, yes unsightly, childish and ungentlemanly, I will be fully repentant after I teach this fellow a good lesson in humility… (says the adult…)

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    I made sure to emphasize “little” because he was (Onii sama… he’s only ten..) I looked down at him from my lofty height. My mouth twitched as that brat dared to look at me arrogantly, seriously this… he was on his knees with his head in his arms a complete shade of red, having some kind of internal conflict when I made my dramatic entrance.

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    “As you wish” Pity me as an adult yes yes, I know, this is childish, please forgive my wilful displays unbecoming of a mature adult.

    Why would a grown man possibly fight a child you may ask? isn’t it obvious? he was rude to my precious Imouto, how could I not? (childish Onii sama)

    “I hope you will find this entertaining Klaus kun, I will be gentle, have no fear” I smile kindly, the brats hairs are standing on end, is he perhaps part cat? all that is missing is the hissing and claw swipes. Thoughts of putting my hand on his head while he swings fruitlessly enter my mind, Oh ho ho… but that’s not what happened, this little kid was fully invoking his magical power and going at me full force… This little snot!

    Quickly I took out my tools disarming his first attack as it was negated by my wand, that was unexpected, luckily I am prepared having a cautious nature even while at home I always keep an assortment of wands on hand to make use of, you never know when your home will get invaded or some kind of dire situation arises, call me Paranoid, I care very much for my family and desire to protect it.

    This brat has talent, despite looking bored on the outside, each attack Klaus directed towards me was powerful and precise, I was lucky enough to have the right kind of wands on hand to brush his attacks aside, had I not I would be the one being schooled in humility, (the brat got an upgrade in a name now :P)

    How creative his attacks are, I found myself pushed against the wall at one point, the skill of this child will certainly be strong enough to overwhelm me one day, perhaps, if I let that happen, as if! my pride as an older brother will not allow such a thing, I decided to end this farce quickly and drain every ounce of energy he had with the next round of attacks, up until now I had only been reacting defensively, this should take care of his quickly depleting mana (do they use mana? I not sure lol) soon he will be a ragged exhausted mess. But I underestimated his determination, a small part of me was giving him a small measure of respect.

    As his attacks grew more feeble, the image of my glorious self righting a wrong was negated by this child’s wilful determination, unwilling to give up he threw his all at me yet failed, I began to regret my actions, he was just a child after all, while extremely talented, as the adult I should’ve been more forgiving… Erica, I am reflecting, now how shall I get out of this mess… fortunately as though my thoughts summoned her to me, Erica’s bright self-appeared, I repressed a sigh of relief.

    “…Haah, not yet, another round…!!”
    Klaus was wobbling at this point, he looked rather exhausted, it was pitiful really, I felt guilty, I actually went all out on a child…

    “This in an embarrassment. Aren’t you already out of breath, Klaus? I’m already hungry, so let’s stop this here…”
    I couldnt help another dig at this brat, but he had worn me out! enough already! you have been thoroughly beaten by me, I have avenged Erica so just quit now! My adorable imouto was looking at me worriedly, ahh the guilt just multiplied, her confusion evident on her cute face.

    “Oh, Erica. How was it for you?”

    I put on my best smile which was heavily laden with gratitude, she immediately picked up on my true feelings

    “Well, Ann-sama was very pleased. Have the two of you been bonding with each other?”

    Bonding? I guess you could call it that, but my intention was to crush him…
    “Aah, Klaus-kun said he wants to try my strength. Well, he’s very good. I was defending against him.”
    Well if a brat suddenly shouts “FIGHT ME” how can I possibly ignore his wishes.. (aah Klaus lost his name again) was the lesson sweet? or sour brat?

    “Oh my, is that so?”


    Klaus turned red, refusing to look at Erica. Yes, that’s right brat, you aren’t worthy to look at her yet, you better apologize for your behavior earlier or my schooling will continue! conveniently forgetting my earlier guilt and regret.
    My dearest Imouto gave me a complex smile.

    “Both of you, the dinner party will start soon. Isn’t it better to use the time to prepare?”

    “That’s why Klaus-kun. This game is a draw, so time out.”

    He was trembling, you could see his reluctance to stop our duel, thankfully he gave up. He’s stubborn and incredibly determined, I would hate to see what kind of adult he will become or get on his bad side. Ill work harder, my pride as an older brother won’t allow this brat to have any chance of dethroning my position.

    “…Tch, I will not lose next time…”

    You will brat, I will work hard to make each confrontation with me become my flawless victory, look forward to it!

    “Oh, that’s right. I was called by my friend from school a few days ago. After dinner party, I will be returning to Leandez Magic Academy.”

    Time to exit stage left brat I have more important matters to attend.

    “What did you say……!?”

    Ah he looks so disappointed, the energy of youth is scary

    “Well, I’m sorry. Klaus-kun.”

    I’m not sorry.

    “That’s so sudden, isn’t it possible to stay, at least while the Harvan’s people are here?”

    I wish I could Erica, this duel took longer than I thought, I would’ve left earlier had this brat behaved and treated you better.

    “This is urgent. Make friends with Klaus-Kun for my part too, Erica.”

    Perhaps if they became friends he would treat her better, at least that is my hope, I wanted her to have friends her own age, being surrounded by adults wasn’t healthy, she would become socially introverted if it continues.

    “Eh……? Alright.”

    Forgive this useless Onii sama Erica for showing a less than perfect version of me, I am regretting my actions so please don’t think too badly of me, as I leave quickly.

    “……I apologize for saying something rude before.”

    I smile as I heard his apology to Erica, perhaps hes not such a brat afterall?

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  13. Oh, boy! Oh, boy! If I didn’t know that this was an otome-sort-of based game then I would suspect that this was shounen RPG mode storytelling. The protagonist aura is too strongly radiating off Klaus. Like, he has all the qualifications for a baka waifu collector protagonist.
    The competitive spirit (unless you go for the tamer ones who like to play it safe), OP mad skills after going full berserk mode, curiosity that can kill a cockroach mode and that classic dense level of courtship.
    The baka moments of being a normal boy who is grasping the concept of having a crush is really cute until that backfires REALLY bad. I understand that sometimes a harem-loving protag-kun can get dense as they can be unless they are enlightened repeatedly to start dating THAT one girl. Fortunately, he got his sister Ann, the beacon off hope to remove him from being a baka waifu collector a.k.a. his love guru alarm clock that will remind him 24/7, that he needs to make an effort or else Erica can be swooped by lots of potential love rivals. lol.
    Anyways, this is a really awesome story! Also, thank you for translating this gem! ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Aside from the fact that Klause’s power was enhanced by his emotion and he’s technically a genius, I think another reason why Klaus was able to defeat him might be because even though he’s a monster, he’s not the absolute strongest or the demon king. Sure he can place a deadly curse but if Eduart’s curse can even win agaisnt his, then his strength is not that over the top.


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