Chapter 18: Klaus Hafan’s Letter

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Klaus Hafan’s letter.


Dear Erica Aurelia,


A month has passed since we returned to Hafan’s Silverbough Castle.

Even now I still remember the case at the Spring Palace as if it was yesterday.

Things have finally settled down, so I decided to send a letter to you.


To tell the truth, I didn’t think much about the visit to Aurelia at that time.

I think I remember that my father and Duke Aurelia’s conversation face to face was about mine development and forest resources.

However, you may not have noticed, but it seems that they were also consulting about an engagement between you and me secretly behind the scenes.


When we were gathered together, our parents’ arrangement about the political marriage had already taken place.


I had never thought that I would get into a political marriage with you like this.


The Aurelia’s daughter would be a spoiled and an intolerable girl anyway.

Why should I be a couple with someone who is a showy, ill-natured girl?

I was thinking about such prejudiced things.


But the truth is different.

You are much stronger than I am.


No, your merit cannot be measured by a strong-weak criterion.


You are more……

I wonder what.

I cannot express it well.

The only thing that I can say is that it was the first time I saw a woman like you.


Well, let’s get back to the story.


I……at the bottom of that place, I couldn’t do anything.

Even when I was stuck with being blocked by the traps of the labyrinth.

Even when my younger sister was likely to be killed by a strange monster.

It was you who saved us all the time.


You thanked me for it, but it is not so. It is the opposite.


I am the one who is thankful.

Thank you for protecting my sister, Ann.

If I couldn’t make it in time, I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself for the rest of my life.


I want to be a person who can balance you.

I am weak now.

So, someday I want to apply for an engagement with you if I gain enough strength to match you.


Of course, if you don’t like it, you may decide not to follow through with this engagement.



You do not need to be mine, but know that I am yours.

If something happens to you, I will rush to you faster than anyone else.

And even if I have to throw my life away, I will protect you.


From your eternal shield, Klaus Hafan.





“Ann!!! Why are you reading other people’s letter without permission!? Give it back!!”

“This is no good, Klaus-oniisama! Absolutely no good!”


Before Klaus noticed it, Ann was drawing near and snatched away the letter he had just completed and he became terribly flustered.

Ann completely disregarded her older brother who was becoming agitated.

Klaus was not good at dealing with his sister who was three years younger than him.


“Onii-sama. Why are you writing a sultry letter?

As soon as I took my eyes off, you immediately wrote incomprehensible things which was just an exercise in futility.”

“Who said it’s sultry!?”

“It’s definitely a declaration that you will become a yandere stalker anyway!

If she receives this, Erica-oneesama will definitely become annoyed!!”

“What! What did you say!”

“Your feelings are too heavy!!”

“Before that, about the ‘yandere stalker’, I don’t understand the meaning!!”


He didn’t understand the meaning, but Klaus also knew that there were serious mistakes in his letter.

First of all, he had to listen properly to the argument of his foolish sister who was exasperated.

No matter what, because Ann was one of his few sources of information about the Duke of Aurelia’s daughter.


“When I had a girl talk with Erica-oneesama……”

“‘Girl talk’?”


Klaus didn’t really understand the meaning of ‘girl talk.’

Ann was starting to use odd words due to the influence of Erica Aurelia.

At present, it was only Ann who could grasp the meaning of those words.

When such a story came out, Klaus was obliged to follow his sister.


“I heard the type of Onee-sama’s favorite gentleman.

That is, she has no favorite type, but there are types she dislikes.”

“……Then we can guess her preferences by elimination method.”

“That’s right.”

“This is important information, please continue.”

“A man who shoves his feelings without permission.

Also, a man who at first glance seems favorable, but has no interest in communicating.”

“Certainly, that’s a man with a bad quality.”

“Worst of all, she doesn’t even want to breathe the same air as them, you know?”

“Kuh, doesn’t even want to breathe the same air……!?”

“This is serious, you know?”

“This is serious……”


Klaus secretly recorded Ann’s information as an important item in the memo pad of his heart.

These should be the profound reasons behind Erica’s state.

If he conducted those acts unintentionally, there was a possibility that he would receive Erica’s absolute refusal.

Klaus thought so, not knowing anything.


“After that, a man who might suddenly hit her from behind, and she also refused any type of stabbing……”

“That……isn’t that a matter of course?”


Klaus was ashamed.

What kind of experience did his fiancée candidate have even though she was still an 8-years-old?


Was it an assassination?

Was it because of an experience that someone she knew was likely to be assassinated?

Was that why she sometimes had such gloomy eyes?

Klaus strongly set his will to ‘I must protect them as well.


“There are many things that I don’t understand in this world…”

“Erica-oneesama is friendly to everyone at a first glance, but in reality she hates a forceful man……

No, there is even the likelihood of disliking humans altogether.”


“Oh, Onii-sama, you are insensitive so you didn’t realize it.

Erica-oneesama has a smiling poker face, right?”


Klaus felt further ashamed.

He recalled Erica’s figure when he was staying in the Spring Palace.

Even without going so far as to say that she liked him, he didn’t think of the possibility of being hated.

Because Erica smiled thinly all the time.


“It must be a smile that will accept everyone gently, or rather, it is a smile that shows special favor to me—

No way, you did not really think that, did you?”


“That it is a smile that absolutely doesn’t allow people to shrink their distance beyond a certain point?”

“That……that is……”

“Even when she was surrounded by a lot of people, did you notice that she sometimes turned her lonely sight towards somewhere far away?”

“……Ah, I noticed that.”

“Good! Just barely above the safe line, Klaus-oniisama!”


Rather than lonely eyes, those were absentminded eyes.

It seemed like that to Klaus, but he refused to go against her.

No matter what he said to his sister, when she was like this, he couldn’t win with words.


While he was thinking such a thing, Ann stared at Klaus with serious eyes.

The older brother drew his body back a little. Those were really serious eyes.


“As far as I am concerned as your younger sister, it would be nice for Erica-oneesama to become my sister-in-law.”


“Klaus-oniisama, you can work harder, right? You haven’t gotten serious yet, have you?”


“I will forgive such a weak attitude for now.”

“Forgive, me?”


Why, do I have to be forgiven by you, Klaus trembled at the unreasonableness of the world.


“Yes, you’re still fine now. Klaus-oniisama still has the advantage of time.”

“What are we fighting against, exactly?”

“What are you talking about! Seriously, Klaus-oniisama, normally you ought to have already taken the initiative in this fight!”



For a moment, Klaus felt afraid of Ann’s threatening attitude.

As expected women are difficult to deal with, he thought.


“In other words, what do you mean?”

“It’s because Erica-oneesama is beautiful.”

“Nn……well, that’s right……that girl, is somewhat beautiful, I guess……”

“Haa!? Look into my eyes, and say that once again, please?”

“Aa, I thought that she was very beautiful for a child……stop it, I can see it in your eyes……”


Klaus lost his nerve and turned his eyes away.

Hidden behind her brother, Ann had a strange expression on her face.


“In a few years Erica-oneesama will surely become as gorgeous and bewitching as a large-flowered rose, she will become a peerless beautiful woman.

With that indecisive attitude, it will be too late by then, you know?

Do you understand, Klaus-oniisama?”

“What do you mean by ‘too late’?”

“Onii-sama. Erica-oneesama will inherit the vast territory of her deceased mother when she reaches adulthood.

Aurelia’s abundant silver ore……what do you think will happen if a rare beauty has it?”

“What’s wrong with that?”


Even if she were a commoner girl and completely broke, he would still have every intention of making her his wife.

It was Klaus who retorted back with such a thing, but Ann’s reaction to that was unexpected.


“It would be a property that goes beyond excellent quality! It would be very popular! Full of rivals all over the continent!”


“For example, guys like Harlan Lucanrant, the Margrave of Urs, will almost certainly aim for her.”

“W-what……!? He’s 26 years older than Erica, right!?”


The 34-years-old Harlan Lucanrant, Margrave of Urs had many rumors that were reeking of blood.

Moreover, they said that he had abducted all the women in the territory who had husbands and massacred them.

He deliberately murdered his subordinates and put every young girl of the fief into captivity.

A live-in maid, who was found pregnant not even two months after joining, regretted her circumstances and threw away her life.

Etc. etc.

In vague places where the boundary between law and humanity was ambiguous, plundering of women in barbarous degree by nobility was a normal business.

But, even so, Harlan was killing too many people.


“The infamous First Prince of Ignitia, His Highness Auguste-sama.

He is 10-years-old, the same age as Onii-sama. He might be the biggest competitor.”

“What! That Auguste! That’s unforgivable!”


Auguste, First Prince of Ignitia, was also a person who only had bad rumors surrounding him.

Born from the queen’s unfaithfulness, he grew up without affection.

Because the blood of the royal family didn’t flow within him, he wasn’t blessed by the dragons who were the guardians of Ignitia and was unable to ride on their backs.

He was doing improper conducts self-indulgently, just like a foolish ruler.

The bishops unanimously predicted that the Age of Darkness would come if he succeeded the throne.


However, concerning Prince Auguste, Ann didn’t hear that there was a clear victim.

Ann was of the opinion that it wasn’t good to believe such unreliable rumors.

Erica, who was notorious as a future wicked lady around here, was also the real example that rumors and the real thing are completely different.


However, if she considered it as a material to provoke her older brother, it was another story.

Let’s take advantage of the unreliable rumors, Ann thought so.

There were many more aristocrats she didn’t want Erica to get married to, but these examples were about the limit of what she could bring up, considering the level of malicious rumors even her brother should be aware of.


“If His Highness Auguste-sama becomes her partner, she will never be happy even if she becomes a queen consort. Especially if she becomes a concubine.”

“Concubine!? That Erica!?”

“But, His Highness Auguste-sama is the one who will be the King of the Federal Kingdom.

In the unlikely event that you try to save Erica-oneesama after the marriage is already decided, do you know what would happen?”


Klaus furrowed his eyebrows.

If that happened, there would be a crisis of civil war.

It had to be avoided.

After all, for what reason would this former royal family endure the humiliation of lowering themselves to mere vassals?


“But why are you familiar with the circumstances of the aristocrats outside of Hafan?”

“Because it’s not an unrelated matter.”

“How so?”

“If the political circumstances of Hafan becomes worse, I might also be married off to the aforementioned Margrave or the First Prince.”

“I will not allow that to happen.”

“That’s not something your will can do anything about, Onii-sama.”

“Whatever happens, I will never allow that. In the first place, didn’t you always talk about having an ideal man—”

“Geez! Enough about me!”


Incidentally, even though she was tough on her older brother Klaus, her ideal type was her older brother.

She didn’t want to marry a man who wasn’t at least as strong as her older brother.


In fact, it was Ann who had the greatest animosity towards his engagement talk.

However, the one who had been seduced first by Erica Aurelia had also been Ann herself.

It was when she was first guided along the rose garden of the Spring Palace.

At that time, Ann already determined the character of Erica and thought that maybe she could leave her older brother Klaus in the hands of this woman.

It shouldn’t be necessary to explain that during their case in the deepest part of the Ruins of Visitor, that conjecture turned into certainty.


“As long as the relationship between Hafan and Aurelia is strengthened, my marriage will also be fine.”

“Yes. Certainly, as far as you are concerned, this is not somebody else’s problem.”

“That’s why, communicate properly with Erica-oneesama! In moderation! Please convey your favor to her!”

“O, ou…….”


Klaus turned his eyes away from Ann’s sharp gaze.

Originally oblivious to his own feelings and unsociable, such was Klaus.

He didn’t know how to process and arrange his true thoughts into what moderate sentences would be like.


“……You’re making an embarrassed and unwilling look on your face.”


“……Now your face looks like you find it difficult and troublesome.”

“No. There is no such thing. Don’t worry.”

“Then, a little bit milder and lighter, yet it must be rewritten to ensure that Onii-sama’s love is transmitted!”


“Is that not it?”

“N-no, absolutely, absolutely, that’s not it!!!”

“Aah geez! You’re so stubborn……!”


Ann’s scolding and Klaus’ scream echoed inside the beautiful Hafan’s Silverbough Castle.





It was around a month and a half since the case in the ruins.

A letter arrived at the place of the western duke’s daughter Erica Aurelia.

Written on a fine vellum paper, it was a letter from the eastern young noble Klaus Hafan.


『A letter from that black haired, good-looking dwarf?』


The source of that voice was the Zaratan – now the black dragon Tirnanog – who had completely adapted himself to Erica.

In the end, even if Tirnanog was to break free from the constraint of his armor, there was no particular problem.

At present, he was just in the middle of bathing leisurely in the hot water set in a basin.


“Yes, that’s right. A gift from Ann-sama has also arrived.”

『Hou, is it an offering? As expected of the girl who had given me sufferings in a fight. That girl shows promise.』

“Offering……? I wonder if it is an offering, hmm. Well, perhaps.”

『Am I allowed to open it?』

“Yes, go ahead.”


When he received permission from Erica, Tirnanog finished up his bath.

And then, he started unpacking with a cheerful air.


『Ooh! Pig’s thigh!』

“Wah~~ a very top quality dry-cured ham. How nice~~”


The ankle of the ham was wrapped with a label with an emblem of the Hafan Ducal House.

It was a gem that was aged carefully.

Rather, she thought that it was very large and heavy.

The specialties of the East were the abundant acorns from the forest, the fattened pigs and calves that were brought up with tender white clovers.

Such information were coming up to Erica’s mind.


『Can I eat it?』

“Yes. Ah, save a portion for me.”

『Umu. I will. I never starve my friend.』


As a girl, is it okay for me to feel pleased with meat?

At first she hesitated, but Erica decided to banish her doubt immediately.

Anyway, people who produced meat were not bad people.


In the meantime, Tirnanog was sinking his teeth into the ham heartily.


“Well, let’s take a look at the letter.”


ch 18


Erica opened the letters seal.

At first, Erica was looking at the paper with a faint smile, but gradually her expression became clouded.

After reading, she stared into the air with a mysterious expression.

Tirnanog noticed it and raised his face from the ham.


『What’s the matter?』


After holding her silence for a while with an expression that seemed to be suffering from a headache, Erica showed her letter to Tirnanog.


『‘You are strong. I will become a man who will not lose to you.’ Wait a minute, this is……』

“……What do you think?”

『A letter of challenge.』

“Oh, so it’s not just my imagination……”

『He is strong, but you can definitely win. I can tell.』

“No, it’s not that……”


Erica understood that she might have come to be regarded as a rival by the genius mage from the East.

She didn’t understand at all what went wrong.

This, perhaps, might be a new death flag.


She thought that she had made friends.

In fact, she thought that she might have made a decent friend of the opposite sex, for the first time in her life, including her previous one.

Erica Aurelia chewed her bottom lip slightly.


Her level of human distrust seemed to have risen again by a level.


End of Arc 1

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    Oh, so that’s who… no wait… these are clothing from that guy when he was a child? does that mean he came down here as well at a young age? Dammit! so unfair! but it fitted Erica so well… why am I so damn flustered! shaking my head I thought of Edward down here alone, perhaps the same age as Erica when he explored the Ruins! Gah!! as expected of my Rival!

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    Erica, I apologize for my earlier thoughts, I had listened to rumor and misjudged you, and here again, you surprise me, but in saying that, how exactly did she manage to navigate my traps? she really is amazing… I hate to brag, but I’m rather skilled in magic, don’t let my age fool you.

    “Oh, that sort of thing……you, you suit this appearance better.”

    What the heck did I just say!!

    “Oh, it is a great honor to be praised by you.”

    W..why does she look displeased? was she being sarcastic? … I complimented her!… what did I say… she looks better in worn leather boys clothes than beautiful dresses?… GAH! did I just imply she doesn’t look good in that? NOooo!! that’s not it Erica!!! I need to correct that misunderstanding!

    “I’m glad I found you, this is the most dangerous place in Aurelia territory, you know?”

    Dangerous? I had yet to find anything more ominous than empty rooms, but searching them drained a considerable amount of my magical power. I should’ve planned better when coming down here, but it was spur of the moment, I had taken advantage of Edward leaving which distracted Erica enough for her not to notice me following. I must say, her beautiful hair when viewed from behind is exquisite… s..since when did I care about such things!!!

    “I’m aware of that, I just didn’t expect to waste my magical power to such extent by searching this ruins for such a short time.”

    “Klaus-sama, what do you mean by that?”

    Does she really not know? the Aurelias are really so very different from us in Harvan, how strange, I also noticed something else, she no longer had that strange magic power, did she remove her necklace?

    “Erica, you, didn’t you notice it when you came to this place?”

    How curious? but how did she unravel my traps? she was able to avoid the sleep magic, and my illusionary maze, the more I know her the more impressed I became, aah shes so clever and resourceful! after all, she is the sister of that guy, as expected, even though she has no talent in magic, she is still capable enough to follow me down here, I have a strange urge to pat her head. You did well Erica. She also looks really good too…

    “Not at all.”

    “……You’re dense.”

    IDIOT!!! what did I just say! put my foot in my mouth do it now fool!!

    “It couldn’t be helped because Western human beings are different from Eastern human beings.”

    “The magical effect that absorbs magical power is working on this ruins, even the activation of lower tier magic took a heavy burden since a little while ago.”

    It was truly a confounding place, the fact that Edward navigated it just fired up my competitive spirit! if he had been exploring this place at an even younger age I felt increasingly annoyed, envy bloomed in my heart, if we had such a place in Harvan to explore I too would have achieved that feat! you just got lucky Edward!

    But seriously how lucky is that guy? he has Erica… it’s so unfair! (Oh such a petulant brat, aah to be 10 again.. NOT!) w..wait… I also have a beautiful younger sister, I apologize deeply Ann… I too am a lucky man. (Not a man yet brat!)

    “Is there such a trap put on somewhere? Can you find out something if you use Glam Sight?”

    In a way Erica is fortunate for being so blind to the magical forces surrounding us, I think it would be quite frightening, not that I was scared!

    “I already identified things that seem to be the starting point of the trap. But the spell to solve it doesn’t seem to be effective. I don’t know what kind of trap is this.”

    I need to study more, to be confounded so early hurts my pride! I grew even more envious of Edwards achievements.

    We spoke of the traps and how the automap I brought was basically useless, it was frustrating, but I had to turn back, I doubt I will ever get another opportunity like this to explore these ruins, how regretable.

    “Well, Klaus-sama. Where is Ann-sama?”

    Huh? Ann? she should be asleep in bed! what is she saying? I’m so confused… but… don’t say she… she didn’t! noo!!

    “Wha—! Why are you talking about Ann now?”

    I almost grabbed her, but I was frozen in fear and anxiety…

    “In order to follow Klaus-sama, I was using Urd Sight. Then I could see Ann-sama as well as Klaus-sama……”

    NOOO! you stupid little girl why did you follow me here!.. oh wait… didn’t another silly girl follow me down here? I looked at Erica the fear in my heart was obvious.

    “I have not brought my sister here.”

    Ann you fool!! why did you do that! (ask yourself first whose the fool idiot! smacks Klaus on the back of the head!)

    “It seemed that she was pursuing Klaus-sama.”

    My parents will kill me! I won’t see the light of day if they find out! but that is of small consequence! My sister is the most important right now!

    “But, I’m certain that I had put my sister to sleep with a sleeping magic……, no way, that girl, did she use a reinforced Magic Resist in anticipation of me getting out?”

    Ann… you are talented in magic as well, I should’ve taken more drastic measures where you are concerned! GAH!! the ruins exploration is a failure and I have failed to protect my nearest and dearest sister… what should I do?

    “I didn’t see my sister on the way so far, it seems that she followed another road somewhere.”

    I was feeling overwhelmed, I cant let anything happen to Ann… I was beside myself with worry, I was so thankful that Erica was here even though I presented a sorry mess…
    Why must she only see me at my worst! Gahh!!
    I looked at Erica, she had a disappointed expression, her reason for being here was to find us both when one was missing they would need to search further, I am so sorry Erica for the problems caused by Ann and me… well… mostly myself… IDIOT!

    “Would you like to trace our way back again, Klaus-sama? Let’s go find your younger sister on our way back.”
    These ruins were strange, even though the map didn’t work, I still had a very good sense of direction, and yet it got muddled in this place, at times I thought I knew perfectly well which direction I came, only to find I had gone into a completely different room, it was disconcerting and worrying, I refuse to say scary, I wasn’t scared!

    “……That’s right. Apparently, I’m not prepared enough to get around these ruins.”

    I wasn’t judging by what Erica wore, really she thought of everything, I could see the assortment of goods she carried, and realized that she was more than practical, she was also thoughtful and considerate of both Ann and me by coming down here.

    I wanted to bang my head against the wall… to be rescued by a girl younger than me…. how much of a failure must I become in her eyes! is this punishment for my rude behavior earlier! I am reflecting so please let me find my sister and let’s get out of here!

    “If I’m not cautious like you, it is likely to lose my way in the ruins.”

    I promise not to cause any more trouble or burden you in any way Erica, I have so much to make up for… my eyes glaze over at my inadequacies, being confronted with that so early in my visit to the Aurelia territories was sobering, I had some really arrogant ideas about the alchemists of this country, reality slapped me in the face several times thus far… IDIOT!

    “If you decide so, let’s search for Ann-sama immediately.”

    Yes, lets, Ann, your Brother will find you this I swear, I must…


    “If we couldn’t find a way to find Ann-sama, we’ll go back to Spring Palace at once.”

    I really wanted to leave here as soon as possible, there are 2 people that I am responsible for, I absolutely cant fail here… I also had to apologize to the people I inconvenienced at the Palace, what was I thinking! GAH!! IDIOT!
    Erica spoke to me severely, each of my crimes were clearly stated, with Erica reminding me to make reparations on our return, when I mistakenly suggested she was excited to explore the ruins I was in for a rude awakening, she had no such intention, she wasnt trying to join me on fun and frivolities, she was concerned for our safety, the reason she was here was due to the illusion I had created… she couldnt go back to get help from her Father, and instead was forced to come down herself in the hopes of bringing us both back safely, I really needed my head examined, why has it rotted so much since coming here? or was it always rotten and I just didn’t notice! IDIOT!!! I mentally pounded my head against the wall as I realized my selfish actions created so much harm.

    “While tracing our way back, let’s use Urd Sight at each branch. So we can see where Ann got deviated.”

    She really came well prepared, I who was older, was shown up again, I have quite the stack of fines I must pay for my foolishness already…

    “Is that a Wand of Urd Sight? Will you also let me use it? I have been using Glam Sight until you joined, it seems that it will take time to recover my magical power because of that.”

    Sucking in my pride I humbly requested use of her wands, since my power was momentarily depleted, I was so thankful that Erica was here, I had never been one to rely on others, usually it was the other way round, how pathetic I am… that wall has my imaginary blood staining it, the amount of head pounding it would’ve endured if not for Erica, or was it because of Erica that I finally realized I needed to use the wall… sighing inwardly, I borrowed Ericas strength. (growing S&M fetish… oh dear… Erica, Run! flee!!)

    “I see. It might be more efficient for both of us to use Urd Sight rather than just me.”

    Shes so adaptable.. so reliable… so … dammit! so far ahead of me its laughable, why the heck was I so prideful and full of myself! gah!

    After recieving a quick lesson on the use of wands, I realized how convenient they were, again I regreted my earlier assessment of Alchemists, truly these tools are a godsend, especially now.

    I felt rather foolish, without even understanding the abilities or benefits alchemists bring, I had a low opinion, but now I realize my error, and will make reparations to both Erica and Edward… but first is my Sister… I need to get her out of here and back to safety, if anything were to happen to her, I won’t be able to live with myself.

    She certainly came well prepared, again I was given a lamp to assist in my search, sighing inwardly yet another failing on my part in preparedness… have mercy on me Erica… please stop showing me up!

    When I used Urd sight gifted to me by the wand, I tried to focus on Ann, but my mind kept wandering to Erica, the more I saw the more I searched for her passage through the ruins…

    How adorable… as I watched one image of her being tentative, is she afraid of ghosts and such!… even after being so scared she still came down here to find Ann and me… how brave! gah… I might get a nose bleed at this rate! focus on Ann dammit! Images of a wide-eyed Erica flooded my sight… her lovely face so concerned, I feel a bit giddy, shes worried for my sake! I feel a little happy…

    “Somehow, I can see the past you were mumbling.”

    She gave me a complicated look.

    “Please don’t tease me.”

    I cant help it, you are so cute it’s killing me!

    “Erica……You, are you scared of monsters or ghosts?”

    I couldn’t help but reveal what I saw, her reaction was quite severe, she stared at me with those emerald eyes reprimanding me, and ordering me to focus on Ann… its difficult Erica! how terrible I am! I apologize my little sister! please, I hope never to have my failings revealed to you ever!

    “Klaus-sama, please concentrate on finding your sister.”

    I kept trying, and yet I only saw Erica! is this wand broken? or is it me… Gah!
    Shes too cute!! a small smile escaped my lips as I saw her looking around, my heart softened, w.. wait… curses! how can I reveal such an expression when things are so dire!
    Cow dung!!

    But there was an expression she often displays, why do you have such a look in your eyes, Erica? I couldn’t contain my curiosity, who or what gave you that expression, surely it wasn’t me?

    “Your mood was terribly suspicious and you had gloomy eyes……Are you really an 8-years-old child?”

    “Hey! Please search for Ann-sama seriously!”

    “You, you sometimes have eyes that said you give up on life…”

    Why do you have such an expression Erica? I want to erase it, for it to never mar that beautiful face again. However, right now she was incredibly annoyed, withdrawing from me and looking frustrated, of course, Ann must be my focus… enough with analyzing Erica get back to Ann! IDIOT!

    “Klaus-sama, have you seen the back of Ann-sama yet?”

    No I havent it’s only you! whats wrong with me! or perhaps… Ann never came this way?

    “No, I can’t see anything about Ann yet. For now, I have only caught on to you in my Urd Sight.”

    “Are you keeping in mind properly about your sister?”

    “Oh, I definitely think about her. Even so, I can only see you, it’s annoying.”

    Did I just say its annoying to see only her? what the hell did I say!!!!! ARRGH!!! wheres the Wall I need to smash my face against it right now!!!

    We discovered the unusual disappearance of my sister was due to this entire ruins being mechanical in nature… how incredible! just who created this? my mind boggled thinking of the magnitude of this whole area was staggering!

    Why would they even create such a thing? what purpose did this have? if these ruins were made by the Aurelia’s forefathers, wouldn’t that make them incredible? what a legacy! the more I learned or speculated, the more respectful I became of Alchemists, truly would it be possible for me to also learn this art?

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  9. Oh man Ann-chan! Arghhh you ruined it! I thought what he wrote was sweet!!!! That letter was clumsy but honest and heartfelt! It might seem heavy but Erica seems like a kind of girl who would accept such a letter kindly. You tsundere sister, Ann! Argh! I’m frustrated with these siblings… Can I help him with that letter instead! GOSH! 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤


    1. The only thing they have in common is that hes tactless, dont dare insult Klaus by saying hes like Bakaragi.


      1. Lollol. Kaburagi isn’t that bad. But what I meant by comparing them is that both of their feelings are heavy from the get go, from Kaburagi’s gift of a handmade necklace before even dating, to Klaus’ “I will be your shield and watch over you” before dating. Similar? I think so.


        1. I give bakaragi a lot of flack, he irritates the hell out of me, his insensitivity or lack of awareness about the shit he says, drives me up the wall… while its not his fault entirely, 90 percent of it is… in an ideal world that baka would shine with his honesty being taken with a grain of salt, except we all no that salt is not a good thing… that clueless bastard having the common sense of a gnat doesnt help!

          I agree that they are both heavy handed with there approach, but unlike Baka… Klaus is still a youngster, that letter was adorable, it was so pure and innocent that I could hardly fault it, if not for the interference from Ann that letter might have hit its target, in a good way… shes a grown woman inside, the innocent declarations of an infatuated child would be taken as such, well it would if our MC had a normal life… but well… being a Yandere magnet is not… normal.

          Unlike baka, who had to be told to write to Yurie to gain back her favor by Reika, this fool would never think of such a thing in the first place. His idea of romantic comes across as heavy and oppressive, he stalks his target incessantly, always in there face at every given opportunity, while Klaus is young, he wasnt like that fool at the same age when it came to Yurie, at least, I hope not, hes still got time to grow into a fine young man…

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  10. I’m rooting for Klause to be the ML!!! He is honest type of person that is faithful to only one person. Pls. I don’t want a second one but……let’s see the flow of the current~ as long as it’s no a reverse harem . I’m cool with it.
    Thanks for the translations and hard work!!

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  11. “You do not need to be mine, but remember that I am yours.”

    By the love of all that is romantic! I never expected that from Klaus. w(@。@;)w
    You just crack me up. (ノ^∇^)
    A pity it was scrapped and instead misunderstood as a challenge. 。゚(TヮT)゚。
    Don’t worry though, you still have a lot oF time.
    ( (ミ´ω`ミ)) Hopefully he ups his game.

    Thanks for the update ~(=^‥^)_旦~

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  12. “You do not need to be mine, but remember that I am yours.

    When something happens to you, I will rush to you earlier than anyone else.

    And even if I have to throw my life away, I will protect you.”

    Omo! my heart~ ♡
    I can’t stop fangirling!! Klaus is just too sweet aww I think I fell in love just a little bit. lol


    1. No, that’s a word she learnt from Erica, from their ‘girls talk’ which also a word she learnt from her. That’s why Klaus said that Ann is saying many weird words


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