Chapter 19: Island of Messenger (part one)

This is the start of Arc 2, just as a sneak peak for the rest of the arc. I will try to pace myself in translating this arc.

TL: clover

ED: clover, eristol

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My name is Erica Aurelia.

A Duke’s daughter with blonde vertical rolls, I am a plain and ordinary girl.

Charm point?

If I have to say it, I guess it is being one step away from the grip of Death……?


—I am in trouble.


Even if I try to play it low-key, the damage is not reduced.

Blonde hair with vertical rolls, a Duke’s daughter who is overloaded with death flags, in which way is it plain and ordinary?


It has been about a month and a half since the incident in the Ruins of Visitor.

I was in the midst of escaping reality while tracing the texture of my working desk.


It is because I got a ‘letter of challenge’ from Klaus Hafan who was supposed to be my friend.



Even so, as expected of Klaus, the striking power of his letter is high.

Is this a new type of mental attack spellcard or something?


It is about time for me to fight against the next death flag.

My willpower is about to be shaved.


If I can turn back the time, I would like to go back to the point when I thought, ‘Wah~~ a letter from Klaus – I’m happy.


Past me, do not open the letter, let’s put the happy feelings in the cupboard of your heart.

And let’s keep the important letter in the back of the drawer…okay?


What about the reply?

It is very difficult to reply.

If I reply poorly and he decides to fight me by any chance, not only it would be a danger to my life, but also I wouldn’t be able to win.

Because he is so strong, you know?


I thought that I could finally make friends and that it would work out……


『What’s wrong, Erica. Are you not eating the meat?』


Oops, I made a friend elsewhere.

I raised my head and turned to my reliable partner.


A lizard-like armor with the silhouette of a stuffed toy.

A helmet with a design like a dragon.

Beyond the slit of the eyes, big eyes were blinking rapidly.

A mysterious creature wearing armor who is disguised as a starsteel golem.

He is my new friend.


An evil spirit who was betrayed by part of my ancestors – the giant sea creature Zaratan was reformed and became the black dragon Tirnanog.


His new name was quoted from the words engraved on the transfer gate.

The other content of the contract was concerning about wanting a friend, so he decided to have patience with me.


He resented all of Aurelia once and was planning to kill all of us.

However, knowing that he was not betrayed by his trusted person, he has become completely amicable.


Just now, he was devouring the Hafan specialty dry-cured ham that Ann sent greedily, and he seemed happy.


What, is it delicious?

Meat is more delicious, he had that kind of impression.


“No, never mind. Rather than that, please give me some.”


I won’t be able to go on living if I am damaged by a communication failure.

Maybe he is just embarrassed.

Let’s eat meat first.


Ah right, if I eat the dry-cured ham with this, it will surely be delicious.

I took some figs from the fruit basket containing fruits which were picked this morning.


『Do you eat figs?』

“Yes, what about you?”


I split the fruit with a handy fruit knife and replied while peeling off its skin.

I scraped a slice of meat from the dry-cured ham and then wrapped the fruit with it.

The dry-cured ham really complimented the fig.


I threw a wrapped fig to Tirnanog who had his mouth open in front of me.


『Oh, oooohh!!!』

“Oh my, is it delicious?”

『It’s delicious!』

“Isn’t it?”


I also put one in my mouth.

Oh, the saltiness from the plenty oleic acid of the pig and the sweetness of the fig are just right.

The taste of the meat is good, I feel comforted.

If you have delicious meat and true friendship, surely life will feel more fulfilling.


“Well then, have you gotten used to your body now?”

『Well, not bad. It feels rather comfortable.』

“Then, that’s good.”


Tirnanog waved his arms wildly while wearing his armor and made a fine appeal.

The condition of the joints seemed to be good as well.

I was worried whether to increase the range motion a little more, but if it is stable, then it is better not to break the balance by forcibly handling it.


By the way, my father, an alchemist of Aurelia, was delighted to hear that his daughter was able to make an elaborate golem.

I am sorry…father……

This pseudo-golem is currently eating meat.

I seem to have deceived you somehow, I apologize.


Apart from that.


By establishing him who was the real culprit of the first scenario ‘The Golden Madness Murder Case’ as an ally, the first death flag was completely avoided.


With this one thing, I understood the details of the evil spirit that were not revealed in the game, it is a feeling of getting unexpected bargain—

No, no, I had a lot of difficulty with many unexpected factors.


Although he isn’t a human, it is a pleasure to have a friend to confide in.

This made it easier for me to tell him the secret.


『That said, what about the next oracle?』


I thought that it was useless to explain about the whole otome game of my previous life to Tirnanog, so instead, I just said ‘I received the destiny of destruction as an oracle.’

The degree of incomprehensible things I said didn’t change very much, but it wasn’t a lie.


“Next is the event with the Prince of the South……”


Auguste, First Prince of Ignitia.

He is infamous as the Foolish Prince, infamous to the extent of entering the ear of an eight-year-old like me.

It is to the extent that people who have never met him in person are running off their mouths about him.

He is a person who is a bit pitiful.


By the way, six years in the future, Prince Auguste would be one of the game characters.


Long blonde hair with light brown skin.

With a flirtatious smile, he was a flashy prince who was always attached to a different girl every time.

But he would not have a deep relationship with anyone, and if someone tried to shorten the distance, he would quickly escape.

Although he was a flashy person, the shell of his heart seemed to be overwhelmingly thick.


Prince Auguste was covered with scandals.

This was the second summary of his second scenario ‘The St. Angel’s Anthropophagy Case.’


The stage of the ‘St. Angel’s Anthropophagy Case’ was the city of Lindis, which was crowded due to Holy Angel’s holiday.

There, the news of the bloody case burst in.

In the chapel decorated for the festival, traces of a cataclysmic tragedy were found.


A large amount of blood was splattered on the scene of the crime.

In the sea of blood, there were found three things, the fingers and left ear of a girl, and the left arm of a boy.

The cut off parts were torn to shreds as if they had been shredded by a beast.

From the characteristics of the pieces of human body left behind, it was identified that Prince Auguste and Erica Aurelia were killed.

The mouth of the statue of an angel in the chapel was soaked with blood, as if the angel had killed the two of them.


At the murder scene, the heroine Chloe saw the shadow of a huge beast without an arm.

And that night, she met Prince Auguste who was supposed to have been killed.


Why has such a tragedy happened?


It was because Prince Auguste, who had a severe inferiority complex, had reached out for a forbidden spell.

He was a prince of the Country of the Dragon Knights, but he couldn’t ride a dragon.

And, therefore, he was under suspicion of being a child born of infidelity.

Regardless of his efforts, only gazes filled with doubts and contempt were directed at him.


Unable to endure the pressure, in the end Auguste reached out for a forbidden spell.

He revived an ancient phantom beast, that was treated as a contract beast, and integrated himself with that beast.

In exchange of him getting the ability to ride dragons by the power of the beast, he ceased being a human.


However, six years later, the beast itself couldn’t tolerate the burden of the fusion.

Every evening, the beast would separate itself from Auguste and try to consume nearby beasts in the form of a half-human half-beast to make up for its loss of power, but it was beaten and had its left arm torn off.

The one who encountered the beast that had retrieved its arm and fled to the school was the pitiful Erica Aurelia.


Like that, Erica, who had a stroke of bad luck, was eaten alive.

I really want to avoid experiencing this death situation.


Being eaten alive, it is like eating live seafood while they are still moving, right? Am I a white fish or something?


Oops, my thoughts were diverted.


There was a person who became the impetus for this prince to reach out for the forbidden spell.

Who was it?


Of course, it was me, Erica Aurelia, who was well-known for bringing unnecessary trouble upon myself and suffering the consequences.


Yes, it was also my own doing.

Erica ridiculed Prince Auguste’s failure and caused his pride to be in tatters.

Why the original Erica would step through other people’s landmines, I would never know.


Incidentally, that causal event should happen in the tournament at the advent of spring.


It is exactly the time for the Advent Festival1.

Moreover, it seems that my father and I have been invited to the banquet of the Advent of the royal family.

Our departure to Ignitia is tomorrow.


Even so, my last ray of hope Eduard-oniisama is absent.

My father seems to be convinced that he is investigating something that is a bit grave, among other things.


This reaction came back when I told my bosom friend Tirnanog about the sugar-coated version of the development of the game.


『Do they believe in a single god?

With the existence of contract beasts and other things, such an ancestor wouldn’t be recognized.』

“Well, that country should be tolerant of pagans, but as expected the pseudo-evil god was related to the royal family.”

『Is it an evil god?』

“God who asks for the blood of a person is not allowed even in the religion which is tolerant of pagans.”


While I performed ceremonial occasions of Buddhism and sometimes Shinto, enjoyed myself in faux Christian events and liked temples and shrines, but I was an average Japanese who wasn’t interested in religion itself, not even paganism2.

At the very least, the being I prayed to was something other than a human.


『That kind of thing is normal for us.』

“He…heeh, do you eat people too?”

『Kukukukukukuku! I am not interested in blood itself! It is human souls that I eat!』

“Heh……I didn’t know that……”


I know that I don’t even want to know.


『Kukukuku! You have to eat the flesh to eat the soul!!!』

“Heh……that’s amazing……”


Surely he wants to talk about such dangerous things for even longer, but I can’t afford to sacrifice my time for such a thing.


Even so, when he was talking about this kind of thing very excitedly, it was hard for me feel afraid.

I guess he is free for the first time in hundreds of years, so he would like to do what he likes.


“That’s why, may I ask you something, Tir?”

『Umu, what is it?』

“There is something I want you to help me with.”

『Hou. It is a request of an important friend. You can ask me anything.』


Yes, this is something I can only ask him.

Since alchemists are always holding a lot of luggage, I would like to ask a strong friend to hold my bags.

1 This will be explained in the next chapter, but the Advent here is not the coming of Christ, but the coming of the angel that they revered as a god.

2 Most Japanese are atheists, but they go to temples and shrines for New Year or other occasions to pray, and celebrate Christmas.

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  1. Somehow I wanted to ask. What kind of people would be playing this kind of otome game? (the original). A guro genres aiming at a romance loving girls? It’s like my little ponies in Darksoul.
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  3. Another Brat pov from earlier chapter in the ruins broken into parts its too long lol
    We realized too late that we had been trapped in this diabolic maze, isn’t it over the top having rooms that can move? what kind of mad genius created this? I wish I could pick his brain apart and understand how it all works, simply amazing, ahh… my curiosity is making me forget my true focus… apologies Ann… (eyes roll… smack the baka child upside the head)
    Now that we have established we are stuck here, we needed to first find Ann and then secure an exit, how that was achieved is anyone’s guess, unless our capable beauty has yet another trick in her kit, hopefully she does, because I am at a loss on how we can escape this place, speaking of which, how did Edward succeed? just thinking about that made me realize there was a solution…
    “You’re quite calm.” I thought Erica might have some concerns, and be a little upset, but she seems quite settled, as expected of that mans sibling.
    “Of course? I will act flustered when I feel flustered.”
    Hmph… what was that for… I only wanted to praise her for not panicking, so touchy!
    “Well, aren’t you cheeky.”
    Her deadpan expression told me all I needed to know…
    “If we move thoughtlessly, things will likely become worse.”
    Isn’t that how I got into this mess in the first place? let’s not think about that…
    “There should be something we can do. Let’s think together for a little while, Klaus-sama.”
    I watched her kneel on the ground and spread out all her inventory, my she certainly brought a lot of things, how thorough! I had only seen the tip of the iceberg by the looks, I must say, all these wands look intriguing, I can’t help being curious.
    “You have brought so much.”
    “I don’t know what will happen, because it is said that there is no feeling of grief if you are prepared.”
    Ahh… wise words, now why didn’t I have the good sense to have this kind of forethought, I need to stop berating myself for all my shortcomings! its time to be more proactive, lets just cast those thoughts aside… There’s still a chance to shine before Erica thinks I’m utterly useless…
    As we looked through her wands and such, we realized that the ink held a vital clue, once we revealed a possible answer to our predicament we managed to create a starting point that might lead us to Ann or a way out, it was a thin thread of hope, and we decided to take it, this was a marker created by her Brother, that guy would surely leave clues that would help us, of that I was certain.
    Erica looked relieved, almost like she had found a safe haven, she really trusts her older brother, this must be a source of comfort, feeling left out since I was the cause of their current situation, I couldn’t help but feel jealous and responsible…
    As we read her Brothers words we began to understand the key to how these rooms change, seriously the guy that built this must be some lunatic genius! who would give him the materials and resources to create this damn place!
    Erica finally slipped up, what a relief, even though it was only a compass.. tch… I can finally be of use! yet why did this feel so pitiful… As we read further conditions to the labyrinth it was decided that we should not be separated, I hesitated to suggest holding hands, my heart couldn’t take it! thinking of such close contact with Erica made my knees weak, seriously what kind of man am I to be undone so easily! PATHETIC!
    With her hands in mine all I could think about was how soft they were, how fragile, aah Erica, I will protect you, this I swear, I will put my life on the line to do so! I was feeling more comfortable as time passed, following her brother’s clues, I lost track of time because I was on a strange high… how can I feel so good when we are lost and not able to find Ann!
    When we finally reached a room with storage boxes, she regrettably let go of my hand, I felt a strange sense of loss, the warmth I held in my hand was fading… SNAP OUT OF IT FOOL!! I shook my head and focused on the task at hand.
    “What was your brother doing in this place?”
    It was a strange thing to find this storage room for Edwards collectibles as he explored the ruins, how typical of her Brother, so thorough and well planned, is it any wonder that Erica would be similar in this regard?
    We attempted to open the chests, fortunately, Erica forgot another tool that would help, I couldn’t help striking a pose mentally of rejoicing that I was again being useful, I really am a sad specimen aren’t I, to get so excited over something so trivial…
    “Klaus-sama, unfortunately, I didn’t bring a Wand of Skeleton Key……”
    “Don’t worry. Somehow, my magical power has recovered enough to use the magic of Unlock.”
    “Well then, please.”
    “Oh, leave it to me.”
    I made a great show of a simple act of casting a spell, was she impressed? I glanced at her sideways, yet she only had that blank stare of waiting patiently, I definitely need to do something far more heroic than opening a chest to grab her attention!
    As we looked through the opened boxes she gave me a magical recovery potion, it would appear I am deeply indebted to Edward, I was so grateful that I almost sang a song! look at this treasure trove of useful goodies! we struck gold! In my heart all those nasty thoughts I had about you Edward are gone, you are my hero!
    I take it back you evil fiend! look what you did to your beloved sister!! curses upon you evil doer! the last box I unlocked was filled with danger, one so terrible it would kill Erica, I was beside myself with worry, what could I do! only that diabolical man could undo this! arrrghhh…
    I looked at Erica with a mournful expression…
    “……Sorry, Erica. This is…the curse of death.”
    Her face had lost all color. I saw that gloomy look in her eyes, I wanted to hold her gently, but my arms were locked at my side, I really wanted to punch that Brother of hers! (Hey brat! you’re the reason she’s there you know…)
    “……Erica, are you okay?”
    “Yes, I’m okay.”
    She put aside her fears, and looked at me with clear green eyes, such courage! aaah… you… you are so amazing Erica!
    “Erica, let’s return. There is still time to go to the palace. Your father would be able to resolve it.”
    I couldn’t stand being partly responsible for her current situation, it was driving me crazy thinking about what will happen, I know my sister is important, but this needed to be attended first, this is my fault, after all, I refuse to let you die!
    “No, let’s give priority to your sister now.”
    W.. what did she say? she could die in a few hours and she just nonchalantly brushes off my suggestion as though it were nothing? Erica your life is at stake! my heart feels conflicted, what kind of balancing scale is this? who was I meant to prioritize in this situation!
    As expected she refused any attempts to put her first, I was dumbfounded, my respect for her grew to absurd levels, and my heart was fighting a battle of wills, what an incredibly strong person, Erica… I have no words… She only met us today, and yet here she was willing to throw away her life to help us, I felt my eyes burn unexpectedly, I owe you more than I can ever repay Erica… forget Edward, you are my hero, without a doubt, Erica…
    “Im more concerned about your sister.”
    “Let’s stroll around the garden of Spring Palace tomorrow, this time it will be the three of us. Promise me, Klaus-sama.”
    She gave me a disarming warm beautiful smile, my mind went blank, what was I doing again?… t..that was a cheap trick, Erica! that was underhanded! my poor heart was yammering like crazy…
    It was even more urgent that we find Ann… please let us find her soon! for both, there sakes, arrghh if only there was a wand to turn back time! I would erase ever coming to this damn place!!!
    “If there is such a grace, if I don’t have a bad luck, I won’t die.”
    “I don’t know, Erica……you look like you have a very bad luck.”
    She looked as though she was resigned to her fate… Erica! dont give up!! whatever I can do Ill stop that damn bad luck you have with my all! (Arent you the source of it all though Klaus?)

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    1. Part 2 lol of a lengthy brat pov… coughs blood… ok it wasn’t that hard to do.. fortunately, our wonderful translator sama gave the conversation and I just added the filler bits lol

      Brat pov

      I kept looking at Erica, who had a death sentence hanging over her head, it was really distracting, I promised myself that I will learn about such techniques and how to cancel it, seeing her with only hours left to live was making my heart hurt…

      “Klaus-sama, how is it?”

      “There is no curse in the range of my Glam Sight. These spell cards can be diverted to Harvan’s magic without problem. Wait a little more for the analysis of these scrolls.”

      Please let me find something, anything to lift that curse!

      “That’s fortunate. Please don’t forget to restore your magical power by drinking the potion.”

      Kuh!! she reminds me to take care of myself! such a sweet girl!! how could I let her suffer such an evil curse!!! why didn’t I open that damn box instead! I shake my fist internally to that evil doer Edward!

      “Ah, I know. What about you, Erica?”

      Wand of the Death, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, and magic missiles… Damn! those sound really dangerous, what the heck did he fight down here! the precautions he placed on that box seem almost reasonable now… still I curse you from the bottom of my heart!!

      Once examined we found a number of charges had already been used, he was very busy down here wasn’t he… hmmph…

      “Well, it was strange that there were no monsters that would protect the ruins at all, but maybe they were already wiped out?”

      As expected of my rival, he’s annoyingly capable in this horrible place!

      “Probably so.”

      Erica appeared relieved, with nothing around to hurt them, they could explore the labyrinth without difficulty, searching for Ann become a little easier, we still needed to find the exit, but at least we can really make a solid start.

      Erica seemed deep in thought, that gloomy look appeared in her beautiful eyes once more, I wish I had the power to eradicate whatever it was that made her feel so glum, what am I saying… shes got a death curse on her!! of course she’s going to be depressed!

      I renewed my efforts to find something useful… hah!! I feel like celebrating! My Erica will be saved with this!…

      “Ooh! I can use this!”

      “Have you found magic that seems useful?”

      “Far better than being useful, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is a trump card. What is described here is a Pass Wall.”

      With this, I can take Erica back to the Palace!! I felt a heavy burden lift off my shoulders, finally, something good has happened, I looked at Erica warmly explaining its use, she seemed to have a slightly disappointed expression, did she think her Brother is a big fat cheater? of course, he is Erica! but thankfully it has worked out in our favor with this we can escape this horrible place!

      “I don’t feel even a bit ashamed, because right now we don’t have enough time anyway.”

      We discovered more wands that will make it even easier to navigate these ruins, the urgency I felt was heightened, for the hundredth time I thanked Erica in my heart, I shuddered to think how I would get out of here without her, the more I got to know her, the deeper my feelings grew, I gulped, then steeled myself for the task ahead

      Thanks to her Brother, we were able to determine a few important requirements for exploring this Maze, so long as we met or circumvented the conditions that this stupid Labyrinth needed and focused our attention on our surroundings to avoid any other pitfalls, then we should be able to continue our search with less problems than we encountered earlier, at least I hoped so…

      “Time passage, weight…, huh…”

      These were known to us being able to manipulate these requirements was needed, however I lacked the ability to deal with Time…

      “The manipulation of time is the highest-ranking magic. I memorized about the chants and the magic circle configuration as much as I could, but they place a heavy burden on someone as immature as I am. I have never succeeded even once in casting it.”

      Being so studious I had been rather determined to memorize very difficult spells, this being one of them, this was for future use when I grew older, being still a child placed unfortunate limitations on me, dammit! if only I were a bit older!

      “You memorized it, huh. The highest-ranking magic.”

      Erica seemed surprised, tilting her head, deep in thought, while she was distracted, my eyes traced the contours of her face, remembering that brilliant smile that had faded too soon. I promise Erica, I will give you many more reasons to smile happily… I swear it!

      “If it was only memorizing spells, everyone can do it if they try. Once I matured, I would finally be able to practice it.”

      I felt rather pathetic, if only I could use that magic, it would increase our chances further, my inability to bring us success was rather frustrating!

      “Klaus-sama, there is a Wand of Levitation. With this Pass Wall, combined with—”

      “I see, a flying-based magic! Then, it’s as good as no mechanical labyrinth!”

      Dammit, Erica! yet again you have racked up points against me! will I ever catch up? How am I meant to shine and show you my good side when you keep showing me up! Gah!

      We made further preparations and discussed combining all wands that would aid us in navigating the Labyrinth and finding Ann, we also left various clues pointing to Erica’s brothers’ storage area, the sooner we found Ann the better, I grew more impatient as time moved on, if only I could use that time spell! so much could be avoided!

      “Erica, I said this many times, but we will return home as soon as you feel unusual about your condition. No matter how much effect time the Pass Wall scroll has left.”

      Seeing that Damned death clock ticking away around Erica was stressful and increasing my anxiety, I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I put my foot down, don’t be wilful Erica! just accept my decision!


      “I am worried about Ann, but if you have any chance to be saved, I will not forgive myself for the rest of my life if you die. If only I looked at the magic trace a bit more carefully, that trap could have been prevented.”

      The burden I felt because of my recklessness was increasing…

      “Klaus-sama has a quite stubborn personality, aren’t you?”


      Fair enough Erica! I am stubborn, only because you won’t listen! I’m the elder one here you know! I might not have been a very good example of one, but please, just be a good girl and do as I say…

      She gave a small smile, d..did my concern reach her? yes, Erica! I care about your wellbeing! my god, if I could spend my life protecting you it wouldn’t be enough thanks for all you have done for me in this infernal place!

      Once our preparations were complete, I borrowed a belt for potions belonging to her Brother, I was certainly mounting a lot of debt to him… I wonder what he will say when we get out of here… I shuddered to think…

      I drank a few potions to recover my magical power when I noticed Erica’s eyes on me, w.. what did I do…

      She looked at me for such a long time, that I grew self-conscious… I often wondered what she was thinking, at least she didn’t have that gloomy expression, I didn’t want to see that anymore, as much as I loved looking at her face, when her eyes became lifeless I began to worry…

      “Wh-what is it? Why are you staring at me like that?”

      “No, never mind. If I must say, I’m worried whether your magical power has completely restored or not.”

      “I see…… Ah, if wide area magic is not hindered, I have enough magical power to run exploration magic on all the layers so far.”

      She didn’t look convinced, what am I lacking now Erica!

      “Klaus-sama, if I look closely your face is red, how is your physical condition?”

      “Oh, aah……why is this? Was there also sake in the ingredients of the potion…?”

      Did I get a little drunk? I think not, its probably from looking at Erica too much … gah, what did I just think!!
      A Quick distraction needed! with a flourish, I pulled out a pile of spell cards stacking them and placing them in every pocket I had

      “Klaus-sama, no way, are you going to bring all of the spell cards? There are about 2000 sheets, you know?”

      “If we go to the deepest layer, there is a possibility that we will come across an unknown monster. By the way, there are less than 2000.”

      Besides… I need these to look good in front of you alright! I’m rather tired of you trumping me at every stage… but then that makes you so alluring… I can’t believe I once thought women were weak, what kind of fool would even think such a thing! … w..wait.. that would be me…

      “Being the mage of the East is a hard work too, huh.”

      “We also put an importance in preparation. It is the same as the fundamental of you western alchemists. Unlike the northern swordsmen who can fight with each other, or the southern dragon knights who are unbeatable as long as they have dragons.”

      “Considering all that, you still came to this ruins without preparation……”

      I.. I took a critical hit… Erica.. have mercy…

      “Because, at that time I was weird. No, I reflect on it. I will never do something like this without preparation again.”

      There was no blame in her eyes, rather she seemed to support my excuses.. dammit!

      I watched Erica put the belt of wands around her waist, it seemed rather snug… lucky belt… what am I thinking!

      “Ah, right. Klaus-sama take these too, please. These are the Wand of Levitation and Feather Falling…In other words, they are for flying and falling. Because these two have a short range, please do self-management to the best of your ability during the move.”

      “I understand the Levitation, but when would we use the Wand of Feather Falling?”

      “This is important. We can’t say that there would be no such thing like pitfall, and it can also be used when we float too high. Because Levitation has a high altitude rise, it often happens if you swing it too many times by mistake.”

      Erica… you are so prepared… I am learning from one who is 2 years younger, I had left my pride some time ago, this was becoming normal now… my eyes glaze over…

      “How high is it specifically?”

      “Usually around 5 cm. 25 cm when you swing it once more. And 125 cm if you swing it again. The altitude will rise exponentially with each swing.”

      So I need to control my movements huh… the more I learned about wands the more interested I became, isn’t this good? if… no … WHEN we get out of here, I might decide to take a course on alchemy… it has nothing to do with Erica… its… just my desire for knowledge!… but if we happen to be learning together, that wouldn’t be so bad right? (the stalking planning begins…)

      “Huh. That’s interesting.”

      “Let’s go, Erica. From here it’s a race against time.”

      Yes, that damn death clock is making my eyes bleed. I so desperately wanted to shield her from that thing… CURSE YOU EDWARD!!!

      “Yes, Klaus-sama. Let’s help Ann-sama as soon as possible.”

      The effects of each wand and the spell cast of pass wall was truly beautiful, despite the dire circumstances, I was glad to have seen it, especially as the lights danced around Erica, for a moment I couldnt see that damned death clock… just a unbelievably beautiful girl, as I reached for her hand all nervousness left me, it was time to get serious. D…Damn heart stop racing!!! s..soft hands…

      As we held hands so that none of us would get stuck in the wall, we kicked in the air and jumped into the wall.

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