Chapter 21: Island of Messenger (part three)

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My father and I received a warm welcome from the King of the Federal Kingdom, the King of Ignitia.


The structure of the castle looks like an open sanctuary particular to the South.

Passing through the waiting room for nobles of the countries who have come to have an audience with the king for the Advent Festival, we were led to the slightly private space of the Ignitia’s royal family.


“Oh, it’s been a while, Ernst. Welcome to Ignitia.”

“I haven’t heard from you for a long time, Your Majesty.”

“You’re too stiff. You haven’t changed. Erica-ojousan too, please feel relaxed and make yourself at home.”

“Y-yes, Your Majesty the King. You’re too gracious.”


To the King of Ignitia who looked very relaxed, my father—Duke Ernst, the Duke of Aurelia, gave a stiff greeting.


The current King of Ignitia, Henri is in his forties.

He is an energetic type of king who is filled with self-confidence and energy with a smile on his face.


He has long pale golden hair and purplish eyes which are the distinctive features of the Southern people.

The King’s sunburnt tan-skin tells me that he is still active as a dragon knight.

Either because he laughs often, or because of the strength of the sun, his wrinkles are deep.


The King is being accompanied by a silver dragon about the size of a large dog at his feet.

The nobility and royalty of Ignitia appears to have a small dragon they grow up together with like siblings instead of attendants.


The Queen has exceedingly pale blonde hair that is almost platinum and amethyst eyes as transparent as water.

She is a beautiful, awe-inspiring person who almost looks like a doll.

However, there is no doll-like atmosphere, she is full of vigor and dignity.


Is she really in her late thirties? How amazing……

Her waist is so thin that I can’t believe she has borne three children.

And she also has a blue dragon in her arms.


While being as quiet as a figurine, I listened to the conversation between the frank King and my business-like father.


Although they are not present, the King and Queen have 3-years-old twins – the Second Prince Jules and the First Princess Agnès.


Also, the First Prince Auguste is not in this place.

Even though the story of the twin prince and princess rose to the topic, the story of Auguste didn’t come out.


I don’t feel like touching the topic.

It makes me feel a little uneasy.

At the very least, I want to confirm just his face at the present moment.


“Dear, if we monopolize the lovely lady, we will buy antipathy from the people.”

“Umu. You’re right. People uprising is scary. Then, Ernst, Erica-ojousan, please enjoy the festival slowly.”


In one sentence accompanied by Ignitia’s joking style, the audience ended.

By the way, Ignitia is a country born from a slave uprising.

Although I was a bit nervous, I felt relieved that the audience was over with a harmless and inoffensive impression.


After we left the castle, I was given some free time by my father.

Since it is the long-awaited visit to Ignitia, he said that I should enjoy the exotic atmosphere.

By the way, my father has a meeting with the minister and other aristocrats about the Advent Festival.

Let’s cheer for good work.


(Yeah~~ I can finally loosen up a little bit……!)


I feel a bit regretful that I couldn’t meet Auguste.

However, it can’t be helped.


I decided to use my precious free time to extend my wings with all my might.





In the cathedral near the royal castle, Ignitia’s guide-like booklets for children were being sold, so I bought it as a test.


The booklet was manufactured by automatic grafting golems and the content is a simple map of the Island of Messenger where the positions of religion-related historical sites are filled in along with a rough explanation about each site.

The commentary was tailor-made for the picture book and it was briefly summarized so that it would be easy for children and foreigners to understand.

The price is one gold coin and it is set for aristocrats and wealthy people.

However, considering the technology and the price of this world, it is quite reasonable.

Since the church is selling these, it might be some kind of volunteer activity.


I had made some preparations for Ignitia beforehand.

However, there are many things that I didn’t know among the local legends written in the booklet.


For example, there seems to be some kind of legend about the Island of Messenger.


Once upon a time, the Island of Messenger was called the Island of the Dead.

The island was dominated by a terrible man-eating giant.

The name of the humanoid giant was Cain.

According to the legend, an angel of God beat Cain alone and freed the island, that was why it came to be called as the Island of Messenger.


By the way, the name of the King of Casketia who fought with the Founder King of Ignitia was also Cain.

Casketia became the Country of Vampires during the generation of King Cain and he came to be known as the Lunatic King.


Perhaps there was a mix up between the story of the Founder King who killed the vampires and the Giant War that lasted for a long time since then.

‘Island of the Dead’, it feels like it would be overflowing with zombies rather than vampires.



But, that name ‘Cain’, I remember seeing it in my previous life.

It was a conversation in the bulletin board of the original game’s capture targets’ information.


According to the character introduction on the homepage, there were seven people to capture in 『Liber Monstrorum』.


The black haired, gloomy and extreme sadist Duke’s son, Klaus who had dead eyes.

Blonde haired, with a smiling poker face and human distrust, the flirty type character at first glance, the First Prince Auguste.

The red haired son of a former Earl with the impression of an outlaw, Harold.

Black haired professor with eyeglasses, a super strict teacher, the young Earl Brad.

My older brother, the blonde haired Duke’s son who was equipped with a monocle, Eduard who had a dark smile.

Elegant hidden noble with glasses and silver hair, the gentle and clumsy teacher, Elric.

Blonde haired Duke’s son with an eyepatch, the wild-type mysterious person, Claude.


It was supposed to be only these seven.

At this point, I remembered the looks of all of the character images, the color of clothes, and their rough profiles.


By the way, the current Eduard-oniisama doesn’t use a monocle yet.

It seems that he would use it in six years.


However, the people who had completed the strategy guide on the bulletin board of the website were excited with ‘Prince Cain of Merry Bad’ or ‘Cain-sama the Final Savage Yandere.’

Merry Bad was a Merry Bad Ending1.

It was similar to the story that got the ending where the prince and the princess kissed on top of many dead bodies2.


I wonder who that is.

Or maybe it is a hidden character?

Because it is impossible to be a giant, I believe he is a vampire.

If possible, to the heroine of this world, I don’t want you to do that kind of route selection.


Now, to the real issue at hand: the tourism.


My real intention is to look at this Island of Messenger once again from the opposite beach.

However, since my father has told me that my range of action right now is only within the island, I will save it for when we return home from this island.

Even inside the island, I can enjoy the exotic atmosphere.


In the city, wherever I went I could see people who brought monstro.

On the contrary, there were only few simple golems such as those seen in Aurelia.

I had disguised Tirnanog as an iron golem, but maybe it only made him more prominent.

Perhaps because golems are unusual, people of Ignitia kept giving us a glancing look as they passed by.

Outside of Aurelia, it is rare to see a fine golem like this.


I spoke with Tirnanog in a low voice so that we wouldn’t be suspected by the people of Ignitia.


“This is a bit similar to an adventure with all the fun and the festive atmosphere, Tir.”

『Me too, everything I see ever since I got resurrected are all unusual and fun.』


My companion seems to be enjoying this as well above all.


According to the booklet and my preparations in advance, the Island of Messenger seems to have a church-related building as the main tourist attraction.

It is a chapel in the cathedral, with such things like an underground crypt and a monastery inside the tower.

Because it is the home of this religion, as expected the full set will be completed if we go there.


“First off, that’s right. Let’s go to the cathedral.”



Anyway, let’s start from the biggest and most famous place.

I took Tirnanog along as we decided to head to the cathedral.

1 Merry Bad is an abbreviation from Merry Bad Ending. Ending in which the interpretation of whether it is a happy ending or bad ending is up to the viewpoint of the readers/players. So in this case, I’m guessing that if you get Cain’s ending, that means that you get the bad end where everyone would die (since he’s the villain). But since he’s (maybe) a handsome character some players are intentionally trying to get that ending, and when they get it, it’s a ‘happy ending’ for them.

2 I don’t know what is this referencing at, but what I get from the google search is the real story of Snow White, where the prince was actually a necrophilia and that’s why he was so excited in kissing the dead body of Snow White.

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Island of Messenger (part three)

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!
    The people look at them and think, “A cute girl with her cute armored pet…”
    So the royalty have their small(?) pets from the beginning or something… then the prince should have one too, right? If not, then he probably really has a problem with companionship and such… he probably also can’t communicate properly with the magical beasts… is what I think since in the game he has issues, right?

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  2. I think the story being referred to is the sort of fantasy/period drama where most of the cast is dead and the hero and heroine are finally together at the end.

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  3. You know what a love about this story… the attention to details that flesh out the world around them and the people from those areas, these history lessons are great 😀 we come to understand much more and can see what shapes them and there culture. TY for the translation 😀

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  4. Yet another fanfic lengthy pov from earlier chapters… I have to say, what this story excels at is creating tension and dread without a single living monster appearing lol, the imagination or anticipation of something dire happening keeps them on edge… of course that death curse didnt help and Ann being missing…

    Klaus pov

    Gasping I saw the carnage ahead as we followed traces of Ann deeper down in the lower layers of the Labyrinth, how horrifying! Ann… how scared must you be to see this! Turning around I immediately wanted to spare Erica this same gory scene, I stopped stunned at her strange expression.

    S… she’s smiling… s.. shes just afraid right? this is a reaction to all this death and destruction… Erica, your mind… it must be compensating… right? she even seemed relieved… what kind of life have you lived till now!! I was used to seeing dead monsters, having helped killed them with Father, but what of you Erica? did you kill monsters as well? is this why you show such a face?

    “Uh……, are you alright, Erica?”

    “I’m not alright, but I will be fine. What about Klaus-sama?”

    Of course, I will be fine! hmmph, who do you think I am, some weak little boy?

    “I’m familiar with this kind of scenery. See, going to the same places with my father, getting rid of monsters……”

    Proudly I recounted my many battles with Father, Ahh Erica if only you saw me then! you would never doubt my strength… yet… since coming to Aurelia… I have suffered nothing but defeat multiple times now, my pride long since forgotten…

    “Your speech is becoming messy, Klaus-sama.”

    She looked at me gratefully, w.. what did I do… looking at Erica in confusion, your mood seems lighter…

    “Let’s hurry. Ann should be there.”

    “Yes. I’m sure she would find it hard to feel fine.”

    Looking at the carnage I could not help but admire Edward, what kind of man is he? will I ever compare one day, I … I can’t even compare to Erica, what hope is there against Edward… feeling depressed I acknowledged him.

    “This is why your older brother accumulated so much money.”

    “These monsters were his opponents, huh.”

    “Although I intended to be armed perfectly when we left the simple base camp……I feel frightened when I think that all these carcasses were living and moving.”

    I would not be able to do anything if these were my opponents… I was tired from simply looking around, imagine if I had to fight through each floor, the simple truth would be I wouldn’t even have gotten this far… I had a great deal to be thankful for. Honestly I respectfully bow in my heart to you Edward, despite all the villainous acts you have committed towards your sister, it is because of you that my mistake in coming here in the first place might be redeemed.

    “‘Do not step on the stars. Otherwise’…huh? It disappears?”

    I shivered, this is definitely a warning, if that guy bothered to write this then it means its either extremely dangerous or very important…

    “It seems that there is a thick cloud right now. The first row was ‘Do not step on the stars’, wasn’t it?”

    “It seems that way, but…”

    “I don’t know what will happen if we step on it, but I haven’t seen the mark of stars yet in this layer, so I think we’re safe for now.”

    We carefully searched the area, making progress slow to a crawl, the tension was thick, that warning clear in our minds, did Ann see the warning? what if she had already fallen prey…

    That’s when I saw it… Ann… this is yours, right? God, please let it be you!!

    “Klaus-sama, is it a mark of a star?”

    “No, it’s not……This is the eastern spell card. Magic of Alarm that narrowed the range and increased accuracy……That’s how this spell works.”

    I looked around and stepped into the room, calling out to Ann… please be alright!

    “……Ann! Are you there!?”

    A small girl was crouching and trembling at the other side, her tear stained face spoke volumes… my heart nearly broke, but … the relief of finding her finally!

    “……Klaus-oniisama? ……Erica-sama!?”

    Ann burst into tears as she saw us, I gathered her into my arms comforting her as her small body trembled, she wailed loudly, the fear and suffering clearly left their mark on her face…

    “Onii-sama……Onii-sama! ……Onii-sama, you idiot!”

    She hiccuped between words, hitting me in anger, then hugging me, sobbing harder.

    “……It was bad. I was bad. Ann, I caused you a bitter hardship.”

    “I was lonely……I was really scared, you know……?”

    Hnng… my heart was taking a battering right now, the burning in the back of my eyes and nose were getting stronger…

    “Aah, I’m really sorry.”

    “I’m glad you’re okay……I was worried all the time.”

    I really was Ann thank you God for protecting her, thank you again, Erica… I let out a loud sigh of relief…

    “Mou……mou……that’s my line. You’re bothering Erica-sama!”

    “Aah, it’s all my fault. Ann, did you come to such dangerous ruins in order to stop me?”


    Surely it wasn’t to join me right? she didn’t want to explore too? I inadvertently implied the same of Erica, I got my head chewed off as a result… but I knew my sister well…


    Why are you so silent… why the long pause? y…you! you wanted to come along, didn’t you!

    “Ah—, yes. That’s right. I tried to bring you back without telling Otou-sama. Please appreciate it.”

    She pouted looking at her brother sternly, aah so cute, yes yes, I am very sorry, in many more ways than you can imagine…

    “I see. You used your mind……”

    Erica was silent all this time, she watched over us with thoughtful gentle eyes… I detected a hint of resentment… aaah… Erica… did you figure it out as well… haah… please forgive us both… we will definitely make amends!

    “Erica-sama, I’m sorry for having caused you trouble.”

    “I’m glad, Ann-sama. You are okay, I’m really glad.”

    This was genuine, through the weariness, I saw relief, concern, and contentment. I really became quite attuned to Erica’s moods… (you will become a fine stalker…)


    She looked at Ann while gently cleaning her face as tears fell once more, holding Ann in her arms patting her back whispering soothing words of comfort, I suddenly thought, she would make a fine Mother one day, she had such an adult like aura around her that it was hard to tell she was only 8 years old, the man who marries her will be incredibly lucky, it was then I remembered one of the reasons we made this trip here… my heart beat rapidly, so much had happened that I had completely overlooked that…

    Despite feeling elated, I could not shake a sense of dread, as though anticipating something disastrous was heading our way… dammit don’t dampen my spirits you rotten labyrinth! the sooner we get out of here the better!

    Erica is thinking the same thing too… great minds think alike! haha, we are so compatible Erica… my shaken pride suddenly surged forth… I will become a man worthy of you Erica, just you wait!

    After drinking the potion I gave Ann she looked much better, my little sister, to have survived down here for this long alone, makes you even better than me… sigh… why did I ever have such foolish notions about women! my stupid self obviously…

    We rested allowing Ann more time to recover properly


    “What’s wrong, Erica?”

    That strange sense of foreboding grew stronger… does she sense something too?

    “No……somehow, I feel like there is something wrong……”

    “By the way, Onii-sama, Erica-sama – I have been worried for a long time, but what is that?”

    The hairs on my arms were raised…


    “Yes. I think that it is Moonlight Gallnut Ink……”

    “Ha!? Erica! Hide the lamp!”

    I could see a faint glow… immediately I put out my lamp as did Erica… looking in that direction, all that I could think of was that warning from Edward… Why did I let us stay here so damn long! I should’ve moved us out of here immediately! whatever that is… again is my responsibility… please let it be nothing… my heart was racing, please let us get out of here safely! I promise never to be so foolish again! (don’t make promises you cant keep brat!)

    A light bluish golden light shone on the whole floor of the room.

    We were standing above the starry sky drawn with Moonlight Gallnut Ink.

    I realized too late as the bluish gold lights shone to expose the starry sky on the floor, Erica looked down at her feet, sighing softly, showing the stars she was warned to avoid… everything fell in on itself.

    “Ann! Erica! Hands–!”

    I looked at Erica desperately trying to reach for her, but I was too late, hugging Ann to me, I projected a shield to protect her from the falling debris, I looked helplessly towards Erica, but I knew she would be alright, pass wall, thankfully was still in effect, I had seen pieces of pillars fall through me harmlessly… seeing her wide green eyes panicking made me want to push out towards her to bring her under this protective barrier.

    “Calm down, Erica! The Pass Wall is still in effect!”

    Thanking that Cheater Edward as I watched with relief her visibly calm down, my eyes never left her, I hoped that the effect would last for as long as it was needed if anything happened to Erica… I didn’t know what I would do…

    It seemed like an eternity before we reached the ground, just how big was this damn place!! who the heck would make such a monstrosity! I had thought it was large enough already, but this was just ridiculous!

    “Klaus-sama! The Wand of Feather Falling!”

    “Oh, I understand.”

    Copying Ericas movements with the wand, I felt our descent slow, the effects of the spell wrapped us in a soft fluffy sensation, as though we were transformed into clouds, I watched the beautiful effect illuminate Erica, she looked like a Goddess surrounded by shimmering feathers, my heart trembled, even in this situation I took time to appreciate Ericas beauty…

    “Ann-sama! Are you alright?”

    “Y-yes! Erica-sama! Thanks to Onii-sama, there are no injuries!”

    “Is Erica still alright?”

    “Yes. Thank you for your patience.”

    It wasn’t the first time I felt helpless, but yet again Erica’s thoughtful preparation allowed us to be reunited once more as a magic rope extended
    tying itself around my arm, with this I could be together once more with Erica, I was so stupidly happy that I became self-conscious…

    “You’re really well prepared.”

    “Because I am an alchemist of Aurelia.”

    With that proud statement, I was overwhelmed with inferiority… for all my accomplishments, it amounted to nothing in this damn place!

    I gently pulled on the rope drawing Erica closer, we had never been apart since we explored the labyrinth, even though I could see her off to the distance, my heart felt cold and unsettled, I wanted her beside me… I felt visibly relieved when she was holding my hand once more, my heart beat rapidly, but I ignored it, enjoying quietly our reunion…

    “What the heck was that? Was that a trap?”

    “A trap…Rather than that, it may be caused by a malfunctioning trap.”

    Erica had some suspicions, if that were the case then wouldn’t that mean something has broken down or broken it? perhaps her Brother did something?


    “Perhaps deep damages accumulated in the mechanism of the trap, the floor of the labyrinth, and the pillar itself, due to the battle of Onii-sama and his friends.”

    That seems likely judging but the carnage left behind… but these ruins have lasted a long time, wouldn’t simple wear and tear also contribute to its decline?

    “Well, there certainly was a place where the broken gears are exposed, the mechanical labyrinth tried to work, but the labyrinth itself couldn’t bear that movement.”

    Erica’s beautiful face had a thoughtful expression, as though piecing together certain things, I wish I could read her mind, what are you thinking Erica… share your thoughts.


    “What is it, Ann?”

    She wore a rather dreamy expression, is she drunk? of course not but she has that appearance!

    “No, somewhat, it’s beautiful……”

    W..what!! did… did she read my mind!

    “Ann, you…”

    It’s not like I can criticize… as beautiful as their surroundings were, they paled in comparison to Erica… w..what did I just say! I’m not a romantic fool! hah!

    “I’m sorry to say that at such a time.”

    “No. It’s alright. I was just thinking about something similar.”

    As we landed the beauty of this place struck me, it contrasted so drastically with the rubble and monster giblets draping beautiful sculptures that I was at a loss, this desecration was caused by me… we… no, I destroyed something irreplaceable, if we ever get out of here the Aurelia nobles will string me up from the gallows in compensation, I gulped, this reunion is rather bitter…

    Erica looks glum as though thinking of the cost of all this devastation, w..well… I’m sure our lives far outweigh some priceless.. historical pieces… Does Father have enough gold? The thought of angry alchemists coming for my head was frightening, for some reason they all looked like Edward, I shuffled about uncomfortably… M..maybe it would be better if I stayed in here…

    “I’m glad that the collapse has subsided, if so many big rocks fall down, my Protective Circle might not be able to repel them.”

    Yes… so glad the devastation was only situated in this area, there were still intact parts elsewhere that I caught glimpses of… so not a total loss, got to look at the positive side right?

    “This seems to be an important place for the people of Aurelia and I feel sorry if it was ruined by the falling rocks.”

    “Yeah. It feels majestic. Erica, is this like a shrine?”

    She nodded looking about in awe and wonder, as though taking in the history this sacred place held.

    “Well, I guess that is probably the case…”

    It most definitely is, the pained expression on her face spoke volumes… gah… I’m not sure how I will fix this but I will do everything I can to do so!

    I looked around carefully when Erica spoke.

    “‘The God of the Visitor, the Altar of Bren’……, it is supposed to be that……”

    I have to admit I was rather clueless in regards to the history of the Aurelias, but after all this destruction I will certainly be respectful and later when I get out of here I will endeavor to learn all I can about this land and its people, it’s got nothing to do with Erica either! it’s out of respect a small consideration for the harm I have caused, its the least I could do after all I had done…

    “‘Crossing the ocean of the faraway star, I will bury you here together with the long journey. Sleep peacefully, our no name friend. I hope that this abundant land will be your eternal cradle–’”

    The words spoken by Erica was quietly solemn, ah… is this a prayer? yes God of the Aurelias, please forgive us our sins, we did not mean to cause ruin… please… don’t curse us… especially Erica… shes already got bad luck and a death curse! Ann and I bowed our heads in prayer…

    “Not an altar, maybe it’s a repository. For Aurelia’s people who died before reaching this Ichthyes continent…”

    “Somehow, it’s a sad inscription.”

    Which is true, as though saying farewell to someone long forgotten but remembered in this engraving while nameless… I wouldn’t want my name forgotten…

    “That’s right. But, I wonder why my ancestors buried this person with the same rites as a god…”

    I watched Erica touch the inscription, those words must hold very special meaning to those Aurelia… (yeah thanks to you vandals it’s mostly rubble now!)

    From far away, I heard a voice. What is that! I was feeling tense…

    Erica, you have an uncanny knack for disturbing things you should not, first the chest… aah.. actually that was my fault and Edwards, then stepping on the stars that started the collapse… actually my fault, not hers, she wouldn’t be here at all if not for me and the same again with that inscription which seems to have triggered something!

    My initial thought was “Oh no what now!” when I felt the building shake, No what kind of calamity will befall us! are the Gods taking their payment now! we are just Children have mercy!

    The music that came out of nowhere was ominious and dark, as though wanting to build up your terror till its climax… what will happen now!

    I immediately pulled Erica towards us casting a protective shell, whatever is happening I can at least do this much…

    The star crystal megalith turned black from the inside and became corrupted. What the heck is that! I felt Ann trembling beside me as eerie sounds emanated all around us…

    The star crystal which was shining blue was now dyed in black. From the cracks on its surface, black water was overflowing. What is that! even I was scared… are the Gods angry! I would be too if such a beautiful place was destroyed! I beg of you have mercy!

    The megalith was shedding tears. Its crying… crying black tears of death! that cant be good its screaming danger! flee! but where too! we have nowhere to go!


    Erica looked surprised, not fearful just surprised, what is wrong with your senses Erica! cant you see this is an obvious warning!

    An ominous wind surrounded us… the lights grew brighter arrgh this dramatic display is making my scalp itch! the overflowing black water covered the floor the sky of stars followed its flowing path of darkness.. hairs on my arms stood up, damn stars! don’t say we will fall into another pit! but somehow I think something worse was coming…

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  5. I was thinking about the stares Erica got, wouldnt it be because she is incredibly beautiful? seriously what was her family thinking letting her roam about alone lol

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  6. Ernst? Now this naming sequence reminds of the game Radiant Historia where there was a pair of royal twins called Ernst and Eruca. I suppose Eruca’s name is similar to Erica here and there is that Ernst as a father instead of a brother this time.


  7. That was definitely a death flag.
    I MEAN..
    (Also, I can’t wait for some… yandere drama. TY for the chapter!)

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