I’m going to take down all the R-18 novels

Yeah, unfortunately. I’m sorry that this is so sudden, but Oedo Umeko-san (the author of all the stories) asked me to take them down. This is also my fault since I translated them without permission, and I had apologized to the author. Before I translated them, I wanted to get her permission, but at that time I didn’t have the mean to contact the author (in novel18 the authors couldn’t be messaged). But now she had a twitter account and I immediately contacted her. And, I promised to take her stories down, so I’m sorry for the readers of MaguToro and Stepbrother’s diary. You can read the rest of the stories from the source here: Lewd Game MaguToro  Stepbrother’s Diary

15 thoughts on “I’m going to take down all the R-18 novels

  1. Unfortunate, but oh well, better that you got the response now rather than later.
    I kind of feel that it’s really a pity, a waste of efforts. sigh~ condolence.
    Good luck with the translations! Looking at the bright side of this, you will get lighter load in translation. ^_^.

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  2. Thats unfortunate, thanks for translating this far.
    At least there’ll be more updates on erica, or will you pick up another novel?


  3. QAQ
    Author-san, you sure? It’s not like you are being published anywhere (even if it was there would still be a difference from the online amateur -that is online even in jp- from the edited version with new scenes and development!) nor that google translator is that good (so the series will be thoroughly dropped by many)…………. is it that they find it too embarrassing? If it is, go thick your face, look at the sky and give a hearty laugh because your work was picked by a foreigner to translate with many followers liking your work (that of course don’t know japanese, if we knew we wouldn’t stalk translators)….. and it’s not like this translator is getting any revenue…. rather, did they actually differentiate this site from the aggregator’s site?
    Well, at least even though I was lured here by the porn my current favorite translation of yours is Erica~
    So I’m happy for getting chapters more often~

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    1. No, we talked on twitter and she said that she just doesn’t like it if she couldn’t delete or edit the chapters herself. And I understand that bit of perfectionism since I am like that myself lol. And yeah there will be another chapter for Erica tomorrow~


      1. …………… wouldn’t it be fine to give permission of editing chapters to her? (if I’m not wrong you can add people as adm to the site wordpress)? Or make a new site for only this purpose of both sharing? (so that she will only get access to her work)………….
        Well, whatever, at least there’s Erica~


      2. Would it still be not okay if you were to write the date of the RAW you’re using to translate (I mean the date of access) and then link to the source so readers can check if the chapter’s been revised?
        Or yeah, let her have control on the edit/delete? :”D
        Still, I respect the author’s decision as it’s her work… Though it’s a waste on your hard work translating them (and damn I haven’t caught up with the translation and now they’re taken down ;___;)

        Nevertheless, thank you for all your hard work!


  4. Oh, no! Just when things were going well for the siblings.

    It is a bit evil of me, but it is for this kind of thing that I am secretly glad for aggregator sites… when a project is taken down, you can always assume there are a dozen copies of the work out there.

    Now to hope author-san changes her mind at some point… And I should start reading erica!

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  5. Thanks for your hardwork till now !
    I find that anticlimactic since I can’t read japanese… so her work will lose its worth to me which is disappointing. I don’t mean ti be insulting but it’s like having your favorite ice cream melted and sprinkles with salt…
    God I just soo disappointed…
    Once again thanks for your work!

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  6. Dang the main problem is i’m a perverted who doesn’t know Japanese 😢😢😢 poor my life
    I want to read
    I Decided to Participate in a Lewd Game in My Dream
    But sigh…


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