Chapter 22: Island of Messenger (part four)

Here is another chapter! And, finally we meet him~

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Ignitia is the only country that brought the faith of God to this Federal Kingdom.

It is not only the home of the dragons but also the home of the church and the cathedral.


However, it can’t be called a religious nation.

Ignitia, which is a former country of the Romulus Empire – the ancient empire of the southern continent Karkinos – learned the open-minded way of religion and freedom from the empire and practiced it when they became the ruler of the Ichthyes continent.


They integrated with the local religions by syncretism of gods or by incorporating their gods as a saint or an angel.

Religious circumstances of the Federal Kingdom were established by a policy not to completely overwrite the local religions.

Thanks to that, the northern Lucanrant continues the faith of wolf god Holle1, the eastern polytheism is still valid and the western faith of Bren is also active.


The god of the northern Lucanrant, Holle, became St. Horatius.

The eastern Hafan practices polytheism, but the Chief God is the only one identified as a God and the rest of the gods are regarded as an angel or a saint.

Bren the god of the western Aurelia, as you know, also became St. Brendan.


Apparently, before Ignitia arrived on Ichthyes they seemed to have a pagan god.

That makes me quite understand the interior of this cathedral.


The cathedral of the royal capital of Ignitia was originally the building for Ignitia’s royal castle.

Therefore, it is especially more complicated compared to the other cathedrals.


In this vast cathedral with complicated structure, many paintings, sculptures and mural paintings are displayed.

But, for the moment there are no figures of God among the exhibits I have seen so far.

Because there is no circumstance like a ban on statues, he seems to be a low-key God.


Instead, the interior of the cathedral is a treasure house of phantom beasts and magical beasts that should be originating from paganism.


A relief of a beast that looks like a centaur whose upper body is that of a person and the lower body is that of a horse.

A religious painting with the drawing of a man with four heads on one torso who has a mouth on his abdomen.

A cup in which a humanoid monstro like the first one is carved.

A statue of a goddess with ten or more breasts.


Just by looking around, I found lots of such things.

Even an angel had been designed with the motif of another god on the southern continent.


I was able to see the familiar story of Kingdom of Ignitia on the scriptures as I proceeded along the way, and if I veered away a little from there I would be able to follow the story of each ethnic derivation.


“Church-related buildings are also huge books for faithful believers who cannot read letters, Tir.”

『So this is an alternative altar, huh. It’s a bit of a mess.』


The scriptures are only transcribed using the language used in Ancient Romulus Empire.

Therefore, I can’t read the scriptures yet.

I only know within the range that father and brother had read aloud.

That is why, these scriptures that have pictures to go along with are very fresh.


Although, due to the deep cultural differences and my curiosity, it is a fact that my eyes were moving about.

I was enjoying myself without a care, choosing the path that was full of monstro.


We went around the complicated cathedral aimlessly while ignoring the regular route.

Somehow, maybe because I struggled for a niche hobby and that there were only Tirnanog and I in the surroundings, I didn’t worry about it.

Even if something happens, there is the reliable Tirnanog.

In the first place, I haven’t raised a death flag yet.


In the meantime, we arrived at an area where there was excessive splendor and seemed to have used a staggering amount of money.

Moreover, the story which was painted on the wall was familiar somehow.


What appeared before our eyes was a mural painting of a saint who was swallowed and drifted away by an enormous sea creature.

No matter how I look at it, it closely resembles the content of this iron golem.

No way, is the huge monstro Zaratan a famous being?


『What’s wrong, Erica?』

“This, what do you think?”

『Oh, ooooohhh! It’s my figure!』

“No matter how you look at this, this is Tir, or Zaratan…”

『Kukukuku! So the barbarians of the South worship me! Of course!』

“Well, I wonder how this happened……”


I feel like I can’t afford to buy this bad taste.

I believe it was made by craftsmen from Aurelia who were brought during the cathedral construction.

There were areas harmoniously crafted by Hafan’s craftsmen, which were rather tasteful and astringent, and the areas made by Lucanrant’s craftsmen had a simple and warm style.


There are many Zaratans in other mural paintings in the surroundings.

A story where a ship carrying a saint mistook Zaratan who was floating in the sea for an island and landed.

A story where the people that rode on the back of a huge creature were hit by great flood caused by a divine punishment.

Etc. etc.

The subject themselves are common stories all over the world, but it is Zaratan, not a whale or turtle, who was drawn.


This beast is surprisingly loved.


“Do you like this mural?”

『Umu. The form of these horns are good. The painters were the ones who understood my coolness well.』

“That’s good.”

『Umu—that’s right, do not worry about me, you can go looking around. I will know where you are by your smell. I will enjoy my mural a little longer.』

“Is that so? Well then, I’ll accept your kind offer.”


While leaving behind Tirnanog who was appreciating the mural painting of Zaratan more than the painting itself, I also continued to follow the works and steadily progressed along the monstro pictures route.


Because it was the aim, I wanted to appreciate what could only be seen in Ignitia.

So, it is the inherent belief-like part of the South that I mainly checked.


I also thought of it while preparing, but the original belief in Ignitia had a sense of ‘not being very holy’ monotheism.

A flock of monstro that look like Hyakki Yagyō2.

History of saints suffering from such things like martyrdom.

Heroes who had helps from angels, dragons and strange-looking monstro.

Except for the saints and heroes, all of them were depicted as monstro with bad aftertaste in elaborate artworks.


“How unusual. No way, I haven’t seen any visitors looking at those artworks except for me.”


I heard someone’s voice.

I looked back towards where the voice was coming from.


From the stained glass, a light shining in seven colors was cast.

A boy was walking in that light.

Looking at him from inside the dim room, it looked as if the light in the back was surrounding him.


ch 22


My eyes gradually got used to the light.

He was a bit older than me, maybe a little bit younger than the eastern young noble Klaus Hafan.


Sparkling sunshine, smooth blonde hair about the shoulder length.

Clear amethyst eyes.

Pure white skin that was not burned on the day.

Rose-colored cheeks.

He looked like a statue – or the neat facial appearance of someone out of a shoujo manga.

Among the people of Ignitia who were already reputed as beautiful, he was pretty beautiful.


A small golden dragon cuddled up on his shoulder.

I also felt that the color of its scales was in harmony with the boy’s golden hair, which was a dark color for those of Ignitia.


Huh? He’s a boy, right? He really looks like a girl, though.

If he is a girl, he would easily place first or second as the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my two lives.

A white shirt, a black ribbon around his neck, black pants, and a pair of knee-high boots—yup, he’s a boy, alright.


“Who are you?”

“Heeh, you don’t know me?”


His statue-like expression broke and he smiled like a mischievous prankster.


Is he a celebrity?

Certainly, he is a beautiful, eye-catching boy.

Maybe a son of a noble?

Or, is he a boy actor from a famous theatrical company in the royal capital?


“Hmm, this is convenient for me.”


He stroked the golden dragon with a gentle gesture.

Oh, this person is beautiful from his head to the tip of his nail.

When he looked down a little, I could see splendid eyelashes that few could match.


“……What do you mean? I wonder what is convenient for you.”

“Oops, about this. Please don’t mind it.”


How suspicious.

However, there are circumstances that people don’t want to be questioned at any rate.

Unless it does extraordinary damage to me, I wonder if I can let him deceive me for a while.

He makes me feel that way.


But, I’d like to hear about his name once.


“I am Erica, you are?”

“Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself. I apologize for my rudeness. I am the son of the clergy here and my baptismal name was ‘Angel’. What are you doing in a place like this, Erica-ojousan?”


He called himself an angel.

Usually, if someone else had said that, I would’ve burst into laughter.

But, I feel like I can forgive him since he is this beautiful.

I don’t know the custom of Ignitia, but it seems likely that the clergy’s son’s name is ‘Angel.’


“I just came from the West……um, I was just sightseeing.”

“Well, if you are an alchemist of Aurelia, then that energetic iron golem that I saw over there is yours, Ojou-san?”


“Heeh, amazing~~! To think that such a small lady can manipulate that thing.”


I kept affirming while diverting my eyes.

If I keep telling lies forever, it seems that I will become surprisingly stressed out.


『What’s wrong, Erica. An enemy?』


While making light footsteps, Tirnanog came closer.

Oh, he is fast.

I should have walked around for quite a while, but he found me already?

As expected of our family’s guardian beast.


“Do not attack. This person is the son of a priest of this cathedral……in other words, he is safe.”

『I see, that’s too bad.』

“Also, please be quiet for a little bit.”

『Umu. Leave it to me. I am always quiet.』


The self-proclaimed Angel-san suddenly held Tirnanog to his chest.

Angel-san was looking inside from the gap between armor.

For some reason, his golden dragon also looked at Tirnanog’s eyes with a somewhat overwhelmingly suspicious expression.

Hii, it would be bad if his identity is exposed.


“Heeh, this is interesting. So golem can move naturally like this……Oh, are you also interested in this, Goldberry?”

“Um, wait—”

“How does it work? Hm? It looks like there is something inside—”


“U-um, I……I may be from Aurelia, but I am not that good at alchemy.”


“I cannot do the conversion of magical power well, so I used a golem creation technique by directly engraving spells on the metal.”

“I see, even within your weak field, you made efforts to do what you can and made it this far. You’re a hard worker, huh~?”

“That’s why, I feel embarrassed if you keep looking at that child so much. My coarse work may be seen.”

“Hm~ I think it’s a good idea. I don’t know much about golems.”


With a mysterious expression, he kept looking at me and Tirnanog alternately.

Uh, it is painful to be seen with those pure eyes.

I feel that the lie in my heart is becoming a burden.

I should change the topic.


“A, ah! Excuse me!”


“Do you have any suggestion on the murals of the cathedral? I would like you to tell me if there is a place that I would regret not seeing!”


I diverted the conversation with a lack of casual topics and recaptured Tirnanog from the arms of Angel-san.

Fuuh, it is better to be slow and steady rather than being hasty.

Especially this time, I feel like the golden dragon named Goldberry is already suspecting something.

I am afraid of the intuition of the wild, so I have to take a precaution.

If Tirnanog is kidnapped, I would have no excuse for my ancestors.


“Alright~ You have shown me interesting things. In return, I also have to show a great thing to you, Ojou-san.”

“Thank you.”

“If you like this kind of slightly disgusting things, then there is only that place. I will show you the place with the rarest and strangest things.”

“Eeh……is it alright?”

“But I will get angry if it leaks out. It’s a special service for you only, Erica-ojousan, a big service of lavish hospitality!”


In a dramatic gesture, he bowed exaggeratedly.

This is a good omen.

I got a beautiful and friendly tourist guide who is familiar with the church here.

Isn’t this quite lucky?


Thus, I decided to ask the boy named ‘Angel’ to be a guide for the cathedral tour.

1 Holle was taken from the German folklore, Frau Holle, who is known as the feminine spirit of woods and plants. (source)

2 Hyakki Yagyō or Night Parade of One Hundred Demons is a concept in Japanese folklore. It is a parade which is composed of a hundred kinds of demons. (source)

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    Ann Pov

    My Brother has been in my eyes for as long as I can remember, the first time I spoke was apparently his name, I remember falling into his arms when I first tried to walk, nearly all of my firsts was shared with Klaus.

    I had been his shadow for a long time, everywhere he went I would follow, it became a cute story that was shared with family, of course, I was dedicated to him, he was my best friend, and the only important existence aside from my Parents in my life.

    I was extremely proud of my Onii sama, he was gifted in so many ways, Handsome, intelligent, talented in magic and highly praised whenever he went out with Father subjugating Monsters, he would come back with stories of how he had defeated them and small trinkets as gifts, to the young me he was my hero.

    “Here Ann, I shall give you this, you were too young at the time when I first killed my first monster, but now that you are 5 this will be your present”

    I looked down at that Horn with amazement, Brother looked rather proud, almost gloating. Praise me is what those eyes said… Don’t worry Onii sama I shall!

    “Wow!! Onii sama is so strong! this came from a monster!! you were the same age as I am now when you killed it!!! My Onii sama is the best hunter in the world!! no one compares to Onii sama!”

    I laid it on thick just like he wanted, his eyes sparkled and I was rewarded with a gentle pat on the head. From then on every worthy trophy from those hunts went to me… some of them were rather disgusting, but it was the thought that counts.

    I was certain that I was an annoyance to Onii sama, yet he always tolerated me shadowing him. From Onii sama I had learned so much, he would even spend time teaching me various things which only cemented my relationship with him, however, I began to notice certain things about Klaus that were not obvious unless you saw him with other people. I realized at the tender age of 5 that Klaus, my perfect Onii sama, was an Idiot…

    It came as quite the shock that this amazing Onii sama of mine was lacking. I was used to his personality and behavior, for me it was normal, I had nothing to compare him too. When notable families in Harvan would visit bringing their children, It became more obvious, when I watched Onii sama interact with them, I noticed how socially retarded and inept he was, I also learned that being tactless and arrogant was an undesirable quality, unfortunately, my Onii sama was overflowing with such traits.

    One forgettable boy approached Onii sama and challenged him to a duel, what a fool, he was older by 3 years, for shame, to pick on someone younger, isn’t that being unfair? but I looked on with a smug expression, this fool didn’t know who he was messing with, the first of many such trash to take on Onii sama and fail.

    “You sure are full of yourself” said the insignificant gnat.

    “Being confident in ones own skills is a given, if you don’t have any then that’s your problem”

    I shivered in delight, that’s right Onii sama step on him! (Aah such S&M tendencies in one so young… just how were you raised?)

    “How about I teach you the meaning of confidence”

    Muttered the gnat, haha! hurry up go charge at Onii sama, I want to taste your defeat!!!

    “Have at it! come at me!”

    My Onii samas fingers gestured to the gnat to come forward, as he charged it was over in the blink of an eye, the gnat was always lying on their backs like some overturned turtle looking up in a daze at the sky above. I restrained the smirk on my face looking suitably shocked with fake concern.

    “Onii sama! that was mean!”

    I stood over the hapless fool and wanted to gloat but I reined it in.

    “Onii sama… you shouldn’t bully the weak! that’s wrong! he can’t help it that you are better than him! Onii sama apologize!”

    Pouring salt on his wounds… how sweet! (Such a dark Imouto… Erica.. are you ok?)

    This made me extremely happy, other children that visited would keep their distance, which of course left me as his sole companion. I would get jealous of how other children would try to monopolise his time, especially those vixens with ulterior motives, I secretly undermined any attempts they made at getting closer to Onii sama, for example one Hapless girl who was 4 years older, tried to seduce him with her blossoming womanly body, I made sure that the seams of her dresses would come apart before she could ever leave her room, being naked was frowned upon obviously, I received a severe reprimand from Mother for my actions.

    “Ann, I understand that your brother means the world to you, but really, this is going too far, curb your activities… or at least make them less obvious alright?”

    Mother… are you approving my actions?
    I was still too young to cover my tracks properly, but that too developed over time, until I became rather skillful in leaving no trace of my sabotage. Sly trash that would smile at my Onii sama might find a front tooth missing, or come down with some other ailment, like explosive diarrhea, or balding, of course, these weren’t permanent, as soon as they left those symptoms magically disappeared… however that tooth never did, Mother was quite angry for that one…

    “Ann, to take her tooth… how spiteful can you be? you know that can’t grow back right? shes too old!”

    In truth that particular woman was rather nasty, from the way she treated her servants to her overall attitude, it was offensive, just being in her presence would sully my Onii sama! I remembered clearly how she kicked her maid, whose only crime was being a second too slow on following through with her instructions.

    There was no way trash like her would get anywhere near my Onii sama! so I took a tooth… that saggy large breasted old woman should not dare offer herself as a potential marriage candidate, stay a spinster or find some other old fellow to join you in wedlock!! she was 10 years older! how ridiculous!

    Because of my hidden activities, skills in refining my magical ability had become almost on par with Onii sama, who knew that using underhanded methods to keep those sly wenches at bay would produce such results, I felt quite pleased.

    Onii sama no matter how others look at you, I, your sister will always love you, you are perfect the way you are, pay them no mind, I will always be by your side, I knew that Onii sama would be mine and mine only, at least that’s what thought…

    You may think badly of me, but I nurtured those traits that others found unpleasant in Onii sama so that they would keep away, I even encouraged that arrogance so he would always be disliked by others, all that mattered was my feelings for him, so long as he had me, there was no need for any other.

    His pride became a tool of mine to keep him always at my side, only I would care for Onii sama, only I would accept him. For the next 2 years, I was his sole companion, it made me very happy. His brilliant mind was disconnected from others, especially with social interactions, while I knew how gentle he was and hardworking, he had a tendency to act arrogant and rude when he was unsure of himself.

    I would often feel guilty about how I manipulated things, I knew that my brother was lonely, but selfishly I thought I could fill that void… As I grew older I would often think about that, but my childish self would always win, isn’t it alright? he has me, he won’t be lonely if I am by his side…

    When we were preparing to visit the Aurelias, I had overheard a conversation between Mother and Father.

    “She is from all accounts very beautiful, Erica Aurelia seems to be highly prized, it would be good if she and Klaus were engaged, her family lineage is quite exceptional”

    Father! what are you planning?

    “Would our family compare to others? there would be others interested in her as well. The Prince of Ignitia is one such example, they are the same age, joining these 2 families would be a powerful union”

    “Which is why I want Klaus to be first on their list of potential candidates, our son is talented, a genius, I think they will recognize his qualities, and given the Prince’s unfortunate status, I feel Klaus would be the more appealing partner for Erica”

    “Hmm… let us see how well they do, our visit should give us a good indication”

    After a short pause Mother seemed to have made up her mind… That’s right! snuff the flames of love between our families! my reliable ally!

    “Dear, I have a good feeling regarding this, so alright, if they are willing, and find Klaus suitable, I will not hinder their union.”

    MOTHER HOW COULD YOU!! the rage I felt… betrayed… for some stupid brat of the Aurelias! I won’t allow it! I won’t! I will destroy this “union” with everything I have! immediate hatred grew for this unknown person… Erica Aurelia… *YANDERE ALERT!!!

    I had fed my brother with all kinds of gossip about Erica Aurelia, how she was overbearing and spoiled, that she was magically deficient, incapable of becoming a top class alchemist, unlike her talented brother. I had done my homework on Erica… all the spiteful musings of jealous brats were my source of information, the only consistent thing said was her beauty…

    So what if she’s beautiful, there were many sly witches with perfect features and were also beautiful, I made short work of them, Erica would be no different! B…but why was Mother so willing? I thought she was my Ally! Betrayer!!

    “Onii sama, even though I mentioned that gossip regarding Erica Aurelias, I.. I was only concerned, it… it might not be true, she could be a perfect lady”
    Speaking demurely aided Onii samas superior attitude, his Alpha male aura was strong, it was obvious my whispers had worked well. He would definitely act out as intended, I also had some delightful “pranks” to gift Erica with as well.

    I grabbed his arm and looked up at him adoringly, a small pout forming.
    “Onii sama, you won’t ignore me while we are there right?” I puffed out my cheeks to emphasize how displeased I would be, surprisingly Onii sama liked this cute spoiled act of mine, I had honed it to perfection, it was irresistible, it even worked on Father, but never on Mother…

    “Of course not, what would I want to do with a spoiled weak woman of the Aurelias, pfft, I would sooner watch grass grow! if even a fraction of what you have heard is true, then she is beneath my notice… hmmph!”

    As soon as we met the Aurelias, I watched in horror as I was betrayed again! my wretched Brother was looking at her with Love clearly in his eyes! what the heck!!… seething inside I stared at Erica… gah… its my loss, she is incredibly beautiful, impossibly green eyes, a cloud of golden hair framing her delicate features… it was as though an angel had descended, they said she was beautiful, I already knew that from the beginning, but this is beyond that! is she even real! ridiculous, what kind of pointless beauty is that! But I couldn’t help staring… and nor could Onii sama…

    Her handsome brother stood behind Erica I hand on her shoulder, he looked us over as though evaluating our worth, I didn’t like that stare, I felt exposed, how could he know what I’m like! I haven’t done anything yet! I felt goosebumps when I walked passed, why is he so intimidating! he’s even smiling gently…

    Erica’s soft voice made my spine shiver… why does that sound so good? what the heck… gah… that’s some powerful weaponry… fine… I recognize you as my Rival! let you be fooled by my cute little sister act… you won’t resist me!
    “Erica sama, you are so beautiful! you are like an Angel!” I spoke the truth, dammit stop looking at her Onii sama!

    “Ann sama… you are also very lovely”
    she gave me a genuinely warm smile, w..what! that wasn’t fake, I immediately put up my guard… do you think an attack of that level will harm me! as if! just why was she so alluring? was it that bewitching scent of flowers? or her beauty, I wasn’t completely sure why Onii sama was so enamored… heck even I was attracted! …… that’s not right! I HATE HER!

    I pretended I wanted to see the garden, in truth I had zero interest, in fact, flowers are rather pointless, but as per this fake cute act, I poured out my insincere love of beautiful flowers… usually 2 things happen when confronting Sly vixens, they either grease up to me, or treat me like a non entity, Erica did none of that, instead, she was overly polite, very gentle and oddly kind, there was sincerity in every action, a genuine desire to get to know me, to be honest, I was completely shocked.

    “Oi, woman. I don’t feel like getting along with you, absolutely no way.”

    Usually, I would be inwardly squealing with delight, take that wench! but her reaction… again it was unexpected… she merely nodded and basically ignored his words, as though it were not worth registering, easily dismissed like an adult would a petulant brat… w..what? shes only a year older than me! where did such maturity come from… gritting my teeth I realized Erica Aurelias was more of a threat than I thought!

    I began to focus all my attention on her, taking in every nuance, every expression, I will find your weakness! I won’t let you have your way!

    “In the first place, I don’t even want to come here! I don’t understand why should my father have to come here, the newcomer of the west.”

    Onii sama was being rather rude, well done!
    “Hmph, I have no interest in such a place. Flowers are crap.”

    Top marks! keep going! show her your terrible side!

    “Onii-sama, please don’t say something childish like that. That is rude to Erica-sama.”

    I must keep up appearances of being cute and kindhearted…

    “That was such a rude thing to say to Erica-sama who will guide us through the gardens of Spring Palace, which is an honor.”

    While I said that I didn’t care about flowers and such, however, the level of beauty and care the Aurelias put into their Gardens were masterclass… seriously from the visuals to the heavenly scents drifting across, it was easy to fall under its spell… they were just like Erica…

    “Aah, I don’t want to be with you, Ann. If I’m together with women I will become weak.”

    The heck you say? well… I did play the weaker younger sister quite a bit with Onii sama… but surely you know I’m not weak!… and nor is Erica, her attack power was strong! as expected of the one I call Rival!!

    If you’re going to say such words Onii sama then mean it! stop looking at her with droopy eyes, like some puppy that wants to be petted… it’s disgusting!

    “That’s alright. Then, Klaus-sama please do whatever you like. I will show Ann-sama this garden.”

    “……Aah, I will do that.”

    I watched my Brother leave, it was time to perform my greatest act, fear me, Erica Aurelia… you will regret seducing my Onii sama… at least… that’s what I thought…

    Erica gave me a clear yet disarming smile, I felt like my stomach had been punched, w..why is she so blessed! its wrong I tell you! and unfair! everything about her was blindingly beautiful, how wretched! she spoke at length about all the flowers surrounding them.

    “These are specially grown Honeysuckle vines, the flowers on these have a higher capacity of storing nectar than any other breed, we have managed to create quite an extensive collection of hybrid varieties, each vine has a different flavor, would you like to try one?”

    “Of course! it sounds interesting!”

    “When plucking the flower try to keep the green part at the end intact” she showed me then pointed to different colored flowers for me to pick, obediently I did so…

    “Now pinch the end, pull gently on the green part then suck the end of the flower like this”

    The taste of the nectar was further heightened by the scent as well, it filled my mouth with warm fragrant flavors, that were delicious and amazing! far better than any sweet treat I had ever had! my eyes popped in surprise…

    “Try them all.” she said smiling,

    Each one had a different scent and taste, it was quite addictive, I was plucking flowers left and right, squirming on the inside at how delightful they were… w.. what is this! you sly woman! hah!… She leaned in close to me, her own scent reminded me of the sun, warm and comforting, I inhaled, my heart beating rapidly, I could see each individual eyelash, so long and thick, which framed her emerald green eyes, m… mesmerizing… reaching behind me she gathered Honeysuckle vines breaking it off, she gentle wove it around my head.

    “I knew you would look beautiful and cute with this, I’m sorry Ann to take such liberties, but I couldn’t help myself, you look like a fairy”

    I blushed, I actually blushed, what was this mood! why am I seeing flowers sparkling around Erica’s head!! why is my heart racing!! snap out of it fool, and yet, I was pulled in by her tender care, soft voice and beautiful appearance…

    Is this what a Onee sama is like? my heart shattered at that moment… B…betrayer!! h.. how could you betray Onii sama like that!.. gah… s.. shes too strong!… I’m not prepared! By the end of the garden tour, I was partly in love with Erica… I..Im sorry Onii sama… at that moment, my goal had changed, a glint in my eyes revealed my intent… “Onee sama Erica… get!” (ok I could’ve used another word I know that, but you understand the intent right?)

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  6. She thought she hasn’t triggered a death flag but the moment they met the death flag has already appeared but just hidden below her feet and the more she walk to that slightly disgusting thingy the more it will resurface!

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      1. And this is why i usually keep reading stuff that i wanted to drop, since it was right before i went to sleep I wasn’t registering everything that was said. Sorry. I was quite sure i read a line where it said something like every royal has their own dragon, considering you also mentioned that there were only 100 dragon riders… I remember reading about every1 having some kind of magical beast, but def not that every1 has a dragon. I will just re-read now to be sure. After re-reading it’s clear that rich ppl have smth like salamander and only nobility and royalty own dragons, not sure where u got all ignitia, unless all of them are rich af.


        1. Not necessarily nthe flying types but small dragons for luggage carrying or stuff like that, normal people also have. Nobility have bodyguard dragons and apparently, it various houses specialize in various types of dragons which hasn’t been mentioned here yet. That also goes for the royalty. As for the royal dragon knights, they have flying types.
          So, since this boy here only has a dragon on his shoulder it doesn’t necessarily mean he is a noble or royalty as even lower ranking nobles like viscounts or barons also have small dragons.


  7. Ofcourse any 10 year old random boy would have his own dragon. They are just pets like cats and dogs which u can find anywhere. Hate reading about dumb MCs. Bye


    1. No description about that, but she was probably someone who was kind to anyone, and the boys misunderstood that kindness, resulting in other people misunderstood her as a ‘slut’, resulting in her being ostracized. And the boys who thought they were ‘betrayed’ turned out to be yanderes and hit her/stabbed her


    1. Well what she remembers is the appearance of the capture targets 6 years later, and (spoiler) but Auguste during this period of time is very different from his figure in the game because of a particular reason which I will not disclose because spoilers.


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