Chapter 23: Island of Messenger (part five)

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ED: clover, eristol

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The self-proclaimed Angel-san with blonde hair smoothly pulled my hand and led me to the back of the cathedral.

The Black Dragon Tirnanog who was disguised as a starsteel golem walked a little behind us with two large bags in his hands.


I had another bag of the same size, but Angel-san now has it.

He is a kind person.

When I looked closely, there were muscles firmly built on his arms even though they looked slender.

Contrary to the indoor image of a clergy’s son, he seems to be quite trained.


He opened the locked doors every time he went and was aiming somewhere straight ahead.

When I looked at his hand, he was opening and closing doors with a single key, not a bunch of keys.

Apparently, he seems to have a Skeleton Key specialized for this cathedral.


“Are we moving to a considerably inner part of this cathedral?”

“Ah, it’s a place which is open for public only several times a year.”

“It’s a rare thing, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. But, I’m special, so I can see it anytime.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!”


Is it like a secret Buddha in Buddhism?

Something like a famous temple or something similar that would only be displayed once in months or years.

I am getting a little excited.


Every time he opened a door, the murals and sculptures of monstro grew even more prominent.

The degree of chaos was reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch and Bruegel.1

Children’s graffiti, nightmare and true monstrosity were mixed in proper balance which made chills run down my spine.

Although they are scary, I think that this is fun.


“This is……it’s pretty good.”

“The actual thing that I want to show you is yet to come, our destination is the innermost room.”

“It’s in the deepest part of the cathedral……”


I remembered the recent incident when I reached the deepest part of the ruins in my hometown and that had been a terrible experience.

It has become a good memory when I think about it now, but I am a little traumatized about being in the deepest part.

I took a glimpse at Tirnanog behind me.

Well, the former source of my trauma has become my friend, so it is alright now.


“Now, it’s waiting ahead of you.”


Angel-san opened the last door where he said the extraordinary artwork was, which was different from the other doors.

It was a simple room, spacious but with little decoration.

In the back of the room, giant limestone walls seemingly to have been cut off from other places were enshrined.

Before I recognized clearly what was drawn there, chills ran down my spine.


“On the other side, that is our Lord, God who is said to be the one pillar of this world.”


On the walls of limestone was drawn the image of the only God, highlighting His aspects as the Sun God.

Brilliant vermilion, black, white and golden.

Humans and other creations were drawn at the lower part, grace and love that was equally given by God were expressed.

This alone, was not particularly unpleasant.


There were countless hands growing from the Sun.

A horrid image of so many elongated, light hands.

Each one of His hands were stretched over the people’s head.


Seven eyes were drawn on the Sun.

There were countless eyes on each hand.


According to the sense of a modern human, it can’t be said to be flattering, graphical or artistic.

However, the murals were painted elaborately with virtuousness that makes one feel something urgent, overwhelming the viewers.

Although it is a tremendous masterpiece, it is not the kind of artwork oozing with holiness.


At first glance it looks like a scrawl, and you would want to burst out laughing.

But, surely once you burst out laughing, you would regret it and feel uncomfortable afterwards.


“It seems that it was cut out from the altar of a sacred place on the continent of Karkinos.”


“It looks gross and makes you want to withdraw, right?”

“It does look gross, but more than that, it looks eerie.”

“Oh well. It is too strange and it will be inconvenient for believers to be disillusioned or frightened, so it seems that it is not normally displayed to the public.”


I couldn’t take my eyes away from God’s figure drawn on the mural.

Though it may be my deviating sensibility, but this appears to have some kind of beauty.


Not only God and humans, but other figures were also drawn there.

A number of angels who obeyed God.

Four angels with high status were drawn largely, while other angels were drawn smaller.

When considering the four archangels, a certain religion of my previous world came to my mind, but their appearances were quite different.

These angels had beasts’ face.


“Are these……angels……?”

“Oh, yes. These guys are pretty deformed, huh?”


Among the religious paintings and statues that I had seen outside this room, the face of an angel was represented by a beautiful human face.

That is why I got puzzled by the discrepancy.

The angels drawn on this wall seem more like an Egyptian god rather than an angel.


The angel drawn in the spot closest to God had a luxurious special treatment.

It was drawn largely using abundant amount of precious gold and cinnabar sands.


The head was that of a lion, with six wings and a strong body.

On its right hand was a sword of fire, and on its left hand was a bottle of medicine.

The lion angel who wore a red clothing and the other three archangels – horse-headed, ox-headed and bird-headed, were followed by other angels whose faces were painted red.

The four archangels had gestures of commanding the flocks of angels respectively.


(Wasn’t there something like this in Christianity? Something like……Seraphim or Cherubim, if I’m not mistaken.)


I was overwhelmed by such a masterpiece painting with such a strange God and angels and lost my words.

I had my mouth half-open while looking up.


I slowly retreated to capture the full view.

Then, I bumped into something unexpectedly soft.


“Oh my, you’re such a bad boy for bringing a girl into a place like this.”


From behind, I heard a saccharine voice of a woman.


“Ah~~ I give up. We’ve been found out by someone annoying……”


The self-proclaimed Angel-san watched the person behind me with a hand on his forehead.

When I turned around following his line of sight, my eyes met with the beautiful woman’s.


ch 23



She had a pair of eyes that gave a strong impression, even though they were lit up in amusement, I could feel their intensity.

Originally tall and wearing high heels on top of that, she was looking down from a considerably high position.


She wore a ponytail of plentiful, glossy volume of blonde hair that gave me the impression of a lion’s mane.

From the expensive red dress with the degree of exposure unique to the South, her voluptuous, sunburnt tanned chest overflowed.

She was gorgeous with golden jewelry on her whole body,


It is regrettable.

If she was ten years younger, then I guess she would be a type who could replace the role of a villain.

Such a gorgeous beauty was there.


“I’m annoying? My, my, the boy who hasn’t grown hair yet, has come to say that.”

“See~ you’re so annoying.”


When Angel-san said that as if sulking, the mysterious beauty laughed throatily.


“Angel-san, do you know this person?”

“Ah, this person is— uh……how should I say this……”

“Angel-san? Heeh? Angel-san, huh? That’s right. You surely are an angel.”

“Geh……Don’t say anything unnecessary.”


Angel-san pulled my hand and drew me away from the mysterious beauty.

Well, is she a troublesome acquaintance?

By the way, he did say that he would get angry if outsiders enter this place.


“Unnecessary? Me? Kufufufu, have I ever said anything unnecessary even just one word?”

“A long time ago, you said something unnecessary.”

“How cold~ As expected, I wonder if young girls are better? Angel-sama?”


The mysterious beauty provoked Angel-san in an amusing way.

I interjected to ask who she was.


“Excuse me……”

“Ah— my bad. This person is my acquaintance……I can’t tell you too much, but she’s someone who lives in this cathedral. I shouldn’t be tattling, but you can feel relieved.”



Somehow, I only understood that she is someone with a delicate position.

I wonder if she is the great master of the cathedral, a daughter of a nobleman with special circumstances or something else.

It seems that it is not a good story to meddle with, so I decide not to talk about it anymore.


“My, my, the totally-not-scary older sister has been exposed. I was wondering if I should make my self-introduction funny.”

“What did you want to say……?”

“If you are Angel-sama, then I am a devil—! ……Something like that.”

“That’s not right and that’s not funny either. That’s just normal.”


The mysterious-beauty, now self-proclaimed-devil raised her hands with a gesture as if threatening a child.

Her nails have a high offensive power as they are very long.

Angel-san shrunk himself as if scared.

It seems that she is a cheerful and funny older sister.


“Was that not scary?”

“Yes, yes, I’m afraid, very frightened. Please stop scaring me.”

“Ah! Yes, I was also scared.”

“Ufu~~ That is excellent. All living beings should fear me like this~~”


Devil-san seems to be in high spirits like a child, a complete turnaround from before.

Angel-san seems to be annoyed, but he looks somewhat smiley.

In any case, they are a close pair of angel and devil.

I wonder what else is hidden behind the closed doors, it is irresistible for a boring person like me.


Then the sound of a bell rang from outside the cathedral.

That would be the bell informing that evening has come.


“It’s already this late. It’s better for you to go home soon, Ojou-san.”

“Oh my, how unfortunate. I thought it was lively and fun.”

“Yes, yes. The good time is over. We can’t hold back such a small child forever, can we?”


Oops, that reminds me that I have been invited to the banquet of the Advent of the royal family, and it is said that it will take place all night long.

It seems that aristocrats from different countries would gather, so I also have to dress appropriately.


“Thank you very much for today, and I will come and visit tomorrow as soon as I have time to move freely.”

“Well, see you next time~ I will also show you the underground cemetery.”

“Underground cemetery…… if you are going sightseeing with a girl, there are many other places more appropriate. Good grief!”

“Eh~? Is this room also appropriate to show to a girl?”

“Well, see you, Erica, I will choose a better place next time!”


While bantering good-naturedly, the self-proclaimed angel and devil were waving their hands.

It seems that religious relations are special after all.

Actually, I wanted to ask for a sightseeing guide in the downtown, but I couldn’t say such a selfish thing.


Leaving the cathedral, I whispered to Tirnanog secretly around the area where the population became scarce.


“Thank you for being quiet for a long time, Tir.”

『Ah. It’s an easy thing to do. You looked like you were having fun too.』

“Yes, I enjoyed it.”


By the time I finished the sightseeing tour of the cathedral with Angel-san, it was already sunset outside.

The red sun was being swallowed by the horizon.


Maybe during the festival, this hour would be crowded with people.

In the air wrapping around the city, there was a scent peculiar to the evening that stimulated my hunger.

Well, if I eat something now, I would be troubled when I have to wear a dress later.


While I was suffering, Tirnanog pulled the hem of my skirt.


『But, Erica. You must not be deceived by them.』

“Hm, what is it?”

『That boy is not an angel, and that woman is not a devil.』

“Well, I understand it as well, so it’s alright.”

『Yes. That’s good. Erica, you are smart.』


What was that?

I felt somewhat uncomfortable as if I was told ‘Santa is not real’ and I carelessly replied ‘Yes, I know that.

I didn’t understand the intention of the advice in the first place, but I decided not to think about it too deeply.

I went through a lively city along with Tirnanog and returned to the temporary residence of the Duke of Aurelia.

1 Hieronymus Bosch was a painter from Netherland that was known for his fantastic illustrations of religious concepts and narratives. Pieter Bruegel the Elder was his best-known follower. (Hieronymus Bosch, Bruegel)

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      Or maybe it was the woman who made him do that contract….. or is she the beast?
      But that was a quite strange and fascinating religion! Truly quite pagan like religion that they have!
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  1. A short fanfic of Anns Pov from earlier chapters

    Ann Pov

    I returned to my room, meeting up with Onii sama later, he seemed rather tense and unusually exhausted… what were you doing Onii sama?

    “Are you alright Onii sama?”

    He seemed rather moody and wouldn’t say much, this got me rather curious, he told me to rest and wait for dinner, he had to go do some extra studying about alchemy. Huh? since when was he interested in that?

    “Really? I thought you had a low opinion of alchemy…”

    “Its always good to expand your knowledge, that guy Edward showed me a few things that were interesting…”

    He coughed slightly, and wore an expression of annoyance, what happened! tell me Onii sama! what did that guy do to you!!!

    “Anyway, just rest, I’ll be away for a short while”

    I had placed a tracker spell card in Onii samas jacket pocket before we left for the Aurelias, learning to disguise it had been rather difficult. Onii sama was very particular about his set of spell cards, I had worked hard to achieve this seemingly simple feat, being able to track him was my way of keeping tabs on Onii sama, I disliked not knowing where he was or what he was doing. (Klaus you are lacking in so many ways compared to your Imouto… she is an elite stalker!)

    The faint trace of Onii sama was incredibly fine, it had to be this way or he would detect it, some might find it praiseworthy that I was able to refine a spell cards original magic to this extent, I wasn’t interested in such things, all of my efforts were purely in my Pursuit of Onii sama. I traced his pathway, as it was moving all around the palace. What is he looking for? My curiosity got the better of me, I couldn’t help but ask when he joined us for Dinner…

    “Onii sama, did you find what you were looking for?”

    If he was up to something I knew I put him on the spot.

    “Ah… no, I grew distracted and went for a walk instead” trying to be evasive.

    Liar Onii sama!…

    “Can you take me with you next time! I want to explore as well”

    I smiled happily. Onii sama looked at me with annoyance muttering a noncommittal “Sure”

    Hmmph, as if you can leave me behind, whatever you’re up too Ill find out Onii sama, keep underestimating me, that’s the reason I’m able to keep an eye on you… he’s being so secretive…

    Erica was sitting across from me, while our Parents chatted, she was looking gorgeous as always, a peculiar light smile on her lips, My Onii sama was struggling to ignore her. Edward had left earlier, I watched Erica eat her meal, small delicate bites, it looked really seductive, I glanced sideways at Onii sama, watching him gulp. There’s no food in your mouth Onii sama! are you that thirsty! it was easy to be overwhelmed by her beauty, just look at my Onii sama, I couldn’t help sneering on the inside, it was because of her perfection that you didn’t notice that something was off…

    She never did anything weird, unlike my Onii sama his strangeness was obvious, she would look up and catch me staring at her, I gave her a brilliant smile and started chatting as though we were best friends.

    “Erica sama, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful home, the garden especially was extravagant and lovely, I’m so glad to have explored it with you!”

    I did my best to look adorable, I was rewarded with a light gentle smile.

    “I’m glad! there are more places Id love to show you if you wish Ann sama”

    We continued to talk about various topics, but nothing personal, a very superficial conversation, there was warmth in her interaction with me, but there was also something else, it was hard to pinpoint. She had a really mature aura about her, it was like we were separated by several years not 1, I had always thought I was rather mature myself, at least compared to my Onii sama, but when I looked at Erica, I felt like a child, it was hard to explain.

    That smile she often gave, was rather… polite? no… distant? arrgh I lacked the words to describe it, while she looked kindly and gentle as though being very welcoming, it also felt like she would be happier if we left… why did I think that way?

    I felt uncomfortable in my heart, did she not want to be friends with us? did my Onii sama ruin that? I glared at Onii sama who was hurriedly eating his dinner, he stood up excusing himself, I couldn’t leave him alone too long or he might escape, putting aside the mysterious Erica Aurelia, I followed Onii sama, making excuses while food still left on my plate as I left retiring for the evening, he didn’t hide his annoyance when he saw me behind him.

    “You didn’t eat much Ann, go back and finish your meal”

    “Onii sama I was full, I’m only a little girl, I can only eat so much”

    “Well… go to bed, get plenty of rest, I will even come to tuck you in if you want.”

    Oh? he really wants me out of the way doesnt he, he only offered that kind of treat on rare occasions, he knew I enjoyed it, he would often tell me of his adventures with Father during those times, much like a bedtime story, but unlike those cute tales, my brother would describe in detail the gruesome end of his defeated foes, such things were not appropriate listening for a young child, but this did not stop him, I had nightmares for a long time because of that, I still wasnt use to it, but because it was a precious time spent alone with him I endured. It wasn’t until he was older that he realized such gory details might be too strong for me. It was a bit late to censor your words now Onii sama…

    I wondered when I had followed him earlier if he was stalking Erica? Uncomfortable images of Onii sama lurking outside her room left a scar in my heart, throughout dinner he would often look at her while trying not to, why did he look so dazed? I wasn’t completely sure if he was aware of it himself, but he seemed totally in denial about that budding attraction towards Erica, I rolled my eyes at my dense Onii sama, I felt sure that Erica would notice, yet she rarely paid any attention to Onii sama other than polite queries occasionally.

    I was incredibly conflicted, on one hand, I wanted to gut Erica for stealing my Onii samas affections and yet I felt a reluctant desire to make her mine, arrgh why did she have to be so bewitching! curse her!… (It’s all innocent she just wants an older sister…)

    Onii sama was acting more suspicious encouraging me to sleep, after telling me a less gory tale of tracking down his wounded prey, he cut out a lot of his embellishing recounts of bravery, so it was rather short and lacked the excitement he usually put into his stories, which was a red flag in my mind,

    “Onii sama… I want to go exploring with you, can we go together?”

    “Sure, I said we would earlier, we can look around tomorrow but you need to sleep, get plenty of rest” He said while patting my head, that was a high-level attack, this was a super rare treat, I wasn’t prepared. My cheeks flushed with happiness. That was unfair Onii sama…

    He was placating me, he knew how sticky I could be. When he didn’t want me to follow him places he would resort to bribes, of course, I took all his gifts, but that didn’t make me compliant to his wishes, he probably realized I was suspicious of his actions, it was then that I noticed the familiar touch of magic, I was prepared for something like this…

    Onii sama, do you think I’m stupid? I felt insulted, was my weak little sister act that misleading? I had already strengthened my magical resistance and waited for Onii sama to cast his spell while pretending to fall asleep. He had done this to me before, I won’t allow a 2nd time, I learn quickly.

    As he left I followed his tracks completely ignoring the illusionary spell he had set up, Onii sama, I’m so glad you underestimated me… he moved quickly, before I knew it I found myself at the Aurelia transfer gates, I sensed traces of magic and noticed one gate that was appeared older was used recently, I could feel traces of magic near it, I moved through without a moment’s hesitation, and found myself in a strange place.

    I immediately felt a peculiar sensation, I shivered, realizing that my magical power was acting strangely was it being absorbed? drained? the tracking spell I had left with Onii sama had vanished when I came through, was he here? did this weird place mask his presence? or did he do something that would prevent anyone following?

    I did not like it here my skin crawled it was the same sensation I felt when I was near Edward (what is with that? poor Edward) … sometimes Onii sama would become overly focused on one thing to the point he ignores everything else. Whatever reason compelled him to come down here, I needed to be with him, this place was horrible, and my senses were screaming to leave, but I also felt my curiosity was also piqued, why are you here Onii sama?

    I began searching for Onii sama, thinking he wouldn’t be far, I even called out his name, I wanted him to find me, its not like he could force me back to the palace, I would simply blackmail him with threats of telling Father, making the maids fall asleep and that illusion was enough material to keep Onii sama grounded for a while. Strange creaking noises would occasionally make me stop, looking around I wondered what made that sound… nothing threatening had appeared, and I was no closer to finding Onii sama, I had used magic to a very minimum, I wish I had prepared more thoroughly, but I had no idea I would be in such a place, as time wore on I grew more worried.

    I… I better go back to the entrance… maybe he is there, these empty rooms don’t hold anything interesting at all, I began walking back the way I came, only to notice that nothing was familiar, I distinctly remembered a doorway behind me… w..what? I searched the room frantically and finally found an exit, only to enter yet a different room, one completely unfamiliar… nor did I find the spell cards I had left along the way, they were my source of returning to the entrance, but they were nowhere to be found, I went back into the other room, and searched for another exit but found none… w..what is going on! panic began to rise, I felt my heart racing…


    I kept calling out until my voice went hoarse, yet not one response to my cries. I huddled in a corner refusing to move, that was when I noticed that the walls had changed … shocked I saw an exit appear right in front of me… what the heck is this! Getting up I walked through calling out to Onii sama, time wore on endless it seemed before I saw something strange ahead, I fell down again feeling something sticky and wet, looking down I screamed in terror…
    Bodies of monsters similar to what Onii sama described surrounded me, crying I scuttled away while looking up at that ominous and strange creature.

    The smell of blood and the gory sight of mangled remains made me vomit, but that creature, that thing was beyond any nightmare, what the heck is that!did it take Onii sama! it was moving towards me I got up and ran not caring which direction, only wanting to escape, I regretted coming here, this place wasn’t meant for us to explore, we should not be here… Please, Onii sama! If you went back to the palace… please realize I’m not there anymore, please figure out that your stu… precious sister followed you down here!

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  2. Don’t tell me that angel with red clothes and a lion’s head is actually the woman with the red dress and hair like a mane? So she is probably the one the prince will make a contract with.

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    1. I fear yeas, verry probably. But she as not try to realy understand her “pet/friend”/guardien” and so, she will dive right in the midle of hazard and death trap ! Like the magnet-to-evil she is.


  3. I like how Tir treats Erica like she’s a child. And he tried to say it so delicately too xDDD

    The mural stuff was kind of creepy. Great job finding words to convey such a interesting atmosphere! And I always get a sense of foreboding whenever a stranger leads me in deeper into a place xD

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