Chapter 25: Island of Messenger (part seven)

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Due to too much embarrassment, I broke away from the table where the royal family members were sitting.


I was in the midst of taking a plate of meat in one hand.

If you have a buddy to eat with as much as you can, you can taste a little bit of everything without having to worry about various dishes.


With such a situation, while I was going around various tables and saying greetings hurriedly, I made some friends before I knew it.

One is Tricia, daughter of Baron Rails from Aurelia.

The other person is Marquia, daughter of Viscount Jonas from Ignitia.


They said they are eight years old just like me.

Tricia attached a wand to the band of her dress for decorative purpose, and Marquia had a dragon as small as a bird on her shoulder.


“Erica-sama, Erica-sama, please use my handkerchief so that your hands will not get dirty.”

“Erica-sama, please enjoy this sweet. This sugar confection is very popular among Ignitia’s noble children.”

“Erica-sama is a princess from Aurelia, from the same place as me. Aristocrat of Ignitia, please leave.”

“What, on the contrary, Baroness lady, this here is Ignitia. Isn’t it natural that people of Ignitia should show her around?”

“Both of you, if you make too much noises, you will disturb everyone.”


Tricia and Marquia, the two cute girls have grabbed me from both sides.

My current situation is like a captured alien.


If it is around this age, they would say ‘He/She will play with me!’ and compete for that friend.

Such aspect of tiny little girls is very charming.


Both Tricia and Marquia were caught up in the struggle and looking at this, Tirnanog came out from under the table.

I quickly exchanged the heap of foods that I brought with the empty dish Tirnanog had finished eating.



『Don’t worry. I ate something other than the dish you brought.』

“Be careful not to be found out, okay?”

『It should be fine. I’m still quick.』


Is the dispute over? The two ladies, Tricia and Marquia came closer.

Tirnanog quickly hid under the tablecloth.


“Thank you for waiting, Erica-sama. Marquia is a terribly indecisive person.”

“Oh my, I wonder if you forgot about the thing just a while ago. It is Tricia who was being stupid, you know?”

“Yes, yes. I will not run away, so please feel at ease.”


However, this might make it difficult for me to move around.

Well, what should I do?


Just when I was in trouble from being caught by two lovely ladies, a girl who stood out from a group of Hafan noblemen appeared.


My eyes met with the girl, I smiled.

I know her well.

She is Ann Hafan, it is a relationship where we were caught in a point between life and death about a month and a half ago.


Ann is dressed in a mature black dress.

At first glance it seems to be somewhat plain, but when I look closely it has elaborate laces and embroidery sewed on it.

She is also wearing a corsage that looks like a light-red flower which suits her well.


Every time Ann moves, the silver thread sparkles with the light of the chandelier.

Her face looks a bit more mature than before and I can see a glimpse of a cool and sharp beauty.


“Long time no see, Erica-oneesama. I have wanted to see you since forever.”

“Well, Ann-sama. I’m happy to meet you too.”


I smiled and welcomed her.

At that time, I felt Tricia and Marquia grab my sleeves tightly from both sides.


“Well, what an impudent little girl. We were talking to Erica-sama first, you know?”

“That’s such a poor dress, you don’t deserve to stand in front of Erica-sama. You should turnover and leave.”


Oops, do they see Ann as a rival?

I tried to open my mouth, but I was unable to interrupt their conversation and couldn’t make out a word.


“By the way, I am the daughter of a Baron of Aurelia, from the same place as Erica-sama. Same as Erica-sama!”

“By the way, I am the daughter of a Viscount of Ignitia. Daughter of a Viscount!”


The two who seem to have set Ann as a common enemy cornered Ann who is one year younger.


While I was looking at the three of them in bewilderment and trying to mediate, my eyes met with Ann’s.

Ann smiled lightly and gestured for them to calm down by raising her hand.


“The crest of three ships sailing on the quadruple wave……You must be the daughter of Baron Rails of Aurelia, right?”

“Uh!? Yes, I am Tricia Rails……why do you know the emblem of our house?”

“Emblem of sword crossing a sleeping white dragon……You must be the daughter of the Viscount Jonas of Ignitia, right?”

“Guh……Certainly, I am Marquia Jonas. But, that’s rude. We introduced ourselves before you.”


Oh~ how amazing!

As expected of the younger sister of that diligent person Klaus, her preparation is perfect.

Ann smiled in full composure, casually removing her hand which was hiding the Hafan’s coat of arms.


“Excuse me for the late introduction. I am Ann from the Ducal House of Hafan. Tricia-sama, Marquia-sama, let’s get along from now on.”


Ann introduced herself with a carrying voice in spite of being a child, and bowed with a perfect manner.

Tricia and Marquia held their half-opened mouths and became rigid for a while.

Unexpectedly, the two of them took a step backward and bowed deeply.


“I didn’t know that you are the princess of the former royal family Hafan, please forgive my impoliteness!”

“Hii……! It’s an honor to meet someone of a high social standing such as you, I am extremely delighted!”

“After all you don’t need to be sorry, it’s not like the two of you were bullying me. Please, raise your heads.”


Ann turned her smile which was full of composure towards them.


“It is a fact that I have disturbed the two of you, we are even with each other now. The three of us like Erica-oneesama, so let bygones be bygones. Let’s get along well on equal terms, alright?”


“Excuse us!”


Although she said ‘on equal terms’, it seems that the rank has been decided firmly.

Both Tricia and Marquia are totally obedient to Ann.


Ann-sama, what an amazing young lady!

I feel like I have been shown the skill of an artisan.


When Ann approached me calmly, Tricia and Marquia moved back one step further.

Ann looked up at me, leaning close to me.


“Erica-oneesama, I have wanted to talk to you all this time. I still cannot forget about that night, my heart will beat faster every time I remember it.”

“……Ann-sama, there are other people here.”

“Oh, yes, that thing is our secret, isn’t it?”

“……Ann-sama, the bad part about having an audience is not just that.”


At a glance, when I looked at Tricia and Marquia, they stealthily averted their eyes away.

Why are their cheeks red?

As expected, is it getting misunderstood in such a way?

‘That is wrong, we were only exploring the underground ruins together and knocked down the evil spirit!’ It is painful that I can’t say that.


“By the way, Erica-oneesama, did you receive the gift properly?”

“Yes, I did. It was very delicious. Thank you very much.”

“Wasn’t it? I knew that you will like it, Erica-oneesama. If you come to Hafan, you can eat delicious meat everyday!”

“That is nice. If I have a business in Hafan, I will certainly take you up on that offer.”


Klaus aside, Ann seems to welcome me properly so I am glad.

I am also interested in Hafan’s delicacies where food culture seems to be progressing.

Let’s expect it when we go to Hafan for some occasion.


Oops, now that we are on that point, I would like to ask about Klaus’ letter.


“Excuse me……about Klaus-sama……”

“Yes! It’s about Onii-sama! Please ask me anything!”

“I got a strange letter……Did I do something to make Klaus-sama angry, did I do something like lighting a fire on his fighting spirit?”

“Strange letter……? That, when did it arrive?”


Ann had a slight wrinkle between her eyebrows.

As usual, her attitude towards her brother seems to be harsh.


“It was a letter enclosed with the gift from you, Ann-sama.”

“Enclosed……eh, no way……no matter how stupid Onii-sama is……by the way, what is the content?”

“‘You are strong. I will become a man who will not lose to you.’”

“No way……Onii-sama……!?”


Ann-sama seemed to collapse backwards as if it caused anemia for a moment.
I tried to support her in a panic, but she picked herself up immediately and breathed in deeply.


“Was it a letter of challenge as I expected?”

“No. That letter was supposed to convey another intention. It may seem like a letter of challenge with only few words, but it wasn’t. So please trust Onii-sama. Give my older brother another chance.”


Well, I don’t know the details, but I guess that letter was a mistake?

That is good, it wasn’t a letter of challenge.

I am really relieved.


“I’m glad. I want to be friends with Klaus-sama. He’s welcome to rewrite it.”

“Thank you very much. Erica-oneesama, you are not only beautiful like a goddess, but also kind like a goddess.”

“You’re exaggerating, Ann-sama……It’s embarrassing……”


Shortly after I said such a thing, high-pitched cheers rose from nearby.

Those were the voices of the two young ladies who were accompanying me just a few moments earlier.


“Kya~! Who is that? That one over there!”

“Kya~! Kya~! He looks like a prince from fairy tales!”


Tricia and Marquia were screaming excitedly.

It seemed that not only them but also a few older sisters were enchanted by one boy.


The black haired boy turned over.

Oh, what? It’s just Klaus, huh.


Klaus, like his sister, seems to have grown during this short period we didn’t see each other.

The refreshing feeling that didn’t have any cloudiness of that time is hidden, his blue eyes that are tinged with sadness are impressive.


At first sight, he is wearing elaborate clothing.

The gray-almost-black robe is not the practical clothing I saw a month ago, but it is a luxurious clothing with silver embroidery on the glossy luxurious woolen fabric.

The chest brooch and cuffs are silver moon, similar to the pattern of Hafan’s coat of arms.

Beside that, refined craftsmanship was applied on various places.


As expected of Klaus, when he comes to the feast organized by the royal family, he is smartly dressed.

Even though it is a fancy costume, it doesn’t feel frivolous.

Rather, the apparel is keeping to a modest color tone while still giving off a fresh feeling, which complements Klaus himself.

If I didn’t know the contents, I might have shouted ‘Kya~!’


“He doesn’t seem to be too far apart from our age, I didn’t think there would be such a beautiful gentleman!”

“Hee……sounds good……”

“W-what should we do now, Erica-sama! That gentleman, he is coming over here!”

“Hee……I see……”

“I am excited, my heart is beating fast! Aah, I wonder if this is a dream!”

“Hee……it might be so……”


Although I could answer in a vague manner appropriately, my heart was beating fast inside of me.

Yet, as Tricia and Marquia were holding down both sides of me, I couldn’t escape.


While I was worrying about it, Klaus came in front of me.

He was a little awkward, but still smiling towards me.


“Lady Erica.”

“Ah, yes. Klaus-sama.”

“While we haven’t seen each other for a while, it looks like you have gotten even more beautiful. It is worth the journey here all the way to Ignitia.”

“Klaus-sama, your character has crumbled……oops, I mean, your personality has changed.”

“That is harsh. Does it not suit me?”


Klaus laughed naturally this time, and I was lured into smiling too.

Yeah, the good vibes from this situation has warmed me up.

As I thought so, Klaus behaved unexpectedly.


Like a knight to a lady, he knelt in front of me and took my hand.


ch 25
ch 25


(W-what are you doing—!)


Instead of my silent scream, Tricia and Marquia’s happy ‘KYA~!!’ echoed in the hall.


“Erica Aurelia. Please, will you do me the honor of having the first dance with you?”



While looking around in confusion, my eyes met with Ann’s proud gaze.


(Ah, I understand. This is a report on the results of Ann’s training. Good job.)


Because the contents are those of a ramping horse, it seems it is dangerous to display it in front of an unknown person.

As how things are, I am supposed to serve as a poison tester.


“Excuse me, Klaus-sama. I will be pleased to accept your offer.”


I took up a lady-like gesture, bowed down while holding my dress’ skirt.

Again, Tricia and Marquia’s high-pitched cheers resounded and entered the ears of the surrounding adults.


Oops, this is embarrassing.

However, if I am to do my society debut, I have to endure this and try hard.


It seems that Klaus also feels embarrassed about being seen, he is looking at me with his ears turning red.


“Let’s go, Erica.”

“Your real character is showing, Klaus-sama.”

“Shut up.”


Klaus quickly pulled my hand and we went into the circle of dancers.

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    After running for some time I found stairs, I paid little attention to my surroundings the littered corpses did not register, I just kept moving, finally exhausted I found myself in a room and collapsed, tears had left their trail all over my face, I curled up in a ball, strangely feeling sleepy, closing my eyes.

    I awoke suddenly, surprised, how did I manage to fall asleep! looking around, I had no clue where I was, and it felt pointless to wonder about it, this room seemed good enough to stay as any, so I waited, all I had to do was hold out here and stop being afraid, believe in Onii sama, he will definitely come look for me… he will!!

    Sometime later, I could hear voices… was that my imagination, it sounded like Onii sama and Erica… that’s impossible, right? how would she be here as well? When I looked up all I could do was sit still looking shocked, and yet there she was with Onii sama, wearing clothing for boys, her slender frame silhouetted against the lamp Onii sama carried, I was confused, was this a dream? wake up Ann!! it wasn’t until Onii sama came forward with arms outstretched then tightly enveloping me that I knew it was real.

    “Onii-sama……Onii-sama! ……Onii-sama, you idiot!”

    Sorry Onii sama you deserve these punches, they might be weak but you better feel the intent behind them!! Thank you Onii sama and Erica sama for finding me… arrgh I started wailing again… how pitiful

    “……It was bad. I was bad. Ann, I caused you a bitter hardship.”

    “I was lonely……I was really scared, you know……?”

    Feel guilty Onii sama!! grovel to me for my forgiveness!

    “Aah, I’m really sorry.”

    Gently Onii sama patted my head and hugged me again. I was delirious with happiness by that stage.

    “I’m glad you’re okay……I was worried all the time.”

    I resented that, you… you!! do you know how worried I was!!! you dummy Onii sama!!! you even dragged her here too!!

    “Mou……mou……that’s my line. You’re bothering Erica-sama!”

    He had the decency to look remorseful, how strange… why do you look so sorry Onii sama! what else did you do!! Why is Erica here!?

    “Aah, it’s all my fault. Ann, did you come to such dangerous ruins in order to stop me?”


    That question caught me off guard, that wasn’t the reason, I just ran after you because I was curious… but I will never admit that! You Onii sama must be punished!


    “Ah—, yes. That’s right. I tried to bring you back without telling Otou-sama. Please appreciate it.”

    Pouting I tried to cover my tracks, please cut me some slack, I went through a trying ordeal!

    “I see. You used your mind……”

    I better apologize quickly to Erica or she will figure out my real reason, arrgh I was too slow to recover!

    “Erica-sama, I’m sorry for having caused you trouble.”

    “I’m glad, Ann-sama. You are okay, I’m really glad.”

    She looked very tired, there was a weird aura around her, I wondered what that was… she looks tired, aah I feel guilty, I truly am sorry!


    So kind… so forgiving… I started wailing as I fell in her arms rubbing my face in her chest, Thank you for being here and helping me!

    After a while I had managed to gather my strength, now that I was with Onii sama I felt safe, I was shocked to learn that it was Erica, not Onii sama who was mostly responsible for my rescue, she also had a terrible curse placed on her by Edward… You! you’re no good! I knew it! my instincts were right! trying to kill your Imouto, how vile!! but in reality that could be laid at my feet, I felt overwhelming guilt, I couldn’t look at Erica at all, I was so remorseful, they would’ve left the ruins if not for me, I am reflecting! please don’t hold this against me!

    After drinking a potion and eating chocolate that Erica gave me, I felt much better, I erased the weak me from memory like it never existed, only these 2 saw that unsightly person, that wasn’t me not at all!

    As I sat watching them both talk, that I realized something was weird, what is that? Onii sama is being deferential towards Erica, remembering how he spoke of her, it was a mixture of awe and admiration, I couldn’t believe it! what the heck really happened? I only got a brief summary, but he kept saying that it was all because of Erica that we got this far…

    Looking at them together I was shocked, are you really my Onii sama? is this a trick!! Erica spoke quietly never forcing the conversation only reacting to Onii sama, but there was a distinct feeling of one-sided respect! Onii sama… have you met your Master? is this 2 years younger girl your Boss?

    Not one sign of resentment, just open admiration, it was making me feel disgusted, I shook that feeling away, I too was grateful to Erica,… I wondered what other surprises she would bring. While not being overly concerned with the content of their discussion, I began noticing something strange on the periphery, What was that? I tilted my head looking closer, I never noticed before till now…

    “By the way, Onii-sama, Erica-sama – I have been worried for a long time, but what is that?”

    Their reaction was incredible, without warning a series of events unfolded, I found myself in Onii samas arms again, on any other day that wouldve sent me to heaven, but right now I was pulled along in a torrent with the room collapsing surrounded by a myriad of images that circled around me, I clung tightly to Onii sama, biting my lip, I felt his spell cast with hundreds of cards spiraling above us protecting me from the debris, I buried my face in Onii samas chest feeling his heart beat rapidly.

    Onii sama spoke out to Erica helping her to remain calm, they had used pass wall… how convenient! I wish I had prepared such a thing before coming here too! but how was I suppose to know this is where Id end up! I was glad the spell did not prevent me from holding Onii sama, If I fell through like the debris then what would happen, I would be a smear on the floor below, I shuddered inwardly.

    Later I learned that spell was prepared by Edward… hmmph! my Onii sama gets credit, not your’s Erica!, sighing I grudgingly gave due thanks to Edward… (Poor Edward, he’s hardly there and he’s blamed for so much :P)
    I looked up at Onii sama, and saw the fear and anxiety he had for Erica, her being so distant caused him pain… so many emotions I was not used to seeing in him, I felt sad and excited to see a different side of him… Have I lost to her completely Onii sama?

    I was quickly becoming concerned, we were falling at a fast rate, eventually, we will reach the bottom, how will we land! I grabbed tightly to Onii samas waist closing my eyes.

    “Klaus-sama! The Wand of Feather Falling!”

    I turned towards Erica and watched her demonstrating how to use the wand, I began to notice she carried a number of wands, she came well prepared… how amazing! I realized that Onii samas admiration of her was understandable, if she was this prepared, then it showed foresight and a willingness to deal with trouble as required… why would she even think to prepare like this? what are you, Erica?

    “Oh, I understand.”

    “Ann-sama! Are you alright?”

    The concern on her face was genuine, I started to feel warm in my heart, why are you so good and perfect Erica! I both love and hate you!

    “Y-yes! Erica-sama! Thanks to Onii-sama, there are no injuries!”

    Onii sama you won’t lose to her ok! you protected me too! stop looking defeated! stop it Onii sama! be that self-assured arrogant and strong Onii sama I look up too!!

    “Is Erica still alright?”

    His voice was tinged with regret, as though carrying a heavy burden, Onii sama, I take responsibility for my own actions! please, don’t let what has happened fall solely on your shoulders! I shall share the blame! please hold up your head Onii sama!

    “Yes. Thank you for your patience.”

    Erica rummaged around in her bag, pulling out a magic rope… just … what the heck is that… why are you that prepared! I look at Onii sama who had a glazed look in his eyes, at first elation, since a vision of beauty was pulling herself towards us, and desolation, because that beauty was doing that herself rather than he bringing her to us…

    Is… is that how it has been with her as your companion Onii sama? her capable common sense and quick thinking surpassed your magical ability and experience in hunting monsters?

    “You’re really well prepared.”

    “Because I am an alchemist of Aurelia.”

    I felt Onii sama stiffen, (that sounds wrong) a rueful expression on his face… You’re not inferior to her Onii sama!! you’re not!! arrgh I wanted to curse Erica for showing up Onii sama… I grit my teeth, but how can I stay angry to the one responsible for our lives remaining intact! I … I was beginning to idolize her myself… she was rather handsome and beautiful in that outfit… looking rugged and dashing… arrgh…

    As we landed I couldn’t take my eyes off the surroundings, the Aurelia ancestors sure knew how to make beautiful places… I absently looked around, making the odd comment about how pretty everything looked, was that a monster limb? … bleh… gross, I looked at Onii sama whose eyes were glued to Erica…sighing I didnt pay much attention to their conversation, I felt Onii sama nudge me with his head bowed in prayer as Erica spoke some words written on the statue… not long after I felt the building shake again, instantly I grabbed Onii sama burying my face in his chest wanting to block out all the horrible sounds, looking down the floor turned into watery night with stars reflected in its mirrored surface, a chilled sensation coursing down my back.

    A sad song echoed from far away, turning my mind into a deep feeling of sorrow, pain, rage, and hatred… overwhelming emotional surges within me left me trembling, if Onii sama was killed by someone, I can imagine this feeling consuming me in a never-ending wave of grief and anger, I felt my body weaken, clinging to Onii sama I felt hopeless despair….

    “Klaus-sama! Ann-sama! It’s kind of dangerous, escape now…”

    I could barely hear Erica’s pleas, I was drowning…

    “Sad, sad, sad……Aah, Onii-sama, Erica-sama……please help……my head…”

    Onii sama and I clung to each other he was struggling as much as I… feeling fear, I did not want to succumb, nor did Onii sama, through gritted teeth, he encouraged me to stay strong.

    “Kuh……Keep your mind firmly, Ann……! Concentrate on the circulation of magical power, keep up your Magic Resist!”

    Gasping I struggled to resist, forcing out these horrible feelings, casting them away, I could barely focus at all, this crushing sensation, this overwhelming pain of betrayal…

    Klaus Pov

    I could see Ann failing to maintain her waning magic resistance, out of desperation I cast a protective magic circle holding her close to me, providing a temporary haven from the effects of the black water, both Ann and I raised our magic resistance, Ann trembled gasping, looking up she stared at me with grateful eyes. Hugging her to me the effects were less severe, but we could not afford to stay here much longer, we would soon lose magical energy in such an environment, these potions really saved us, the debt owed to the Aurelias, Edward and Erica kept mounting, I looked at Erica who seemed to suffer no ill effects… shes really dense to magic… normally that would be something to be ashamed of but in this case it was a serious advantage. I realized I needed to review my opinions on various matters, this damn place highlighted all my shortcomings…

    “Both of you! Are you okay?”

    Gently she rubbed Anns back, her eyes filled with concern, I felt my heart grow warm shaking off the residual effects of that damn emotional barrage.

    “Erica, you weren’t affected!?”

    Something so crippling… had little effect on her… aaahh… sighing inwardly, I shrugged thoughts of inadequacy away.

    “Eh, yeah……Rather, I want you to tell me what happened……”

    “Ah–…I see Aurelia was dense against such magic.”

    She obviously thought it was an advantage, it was and it wasn’t, but regardless I was grateful that she didn’t suffer as we did…

    “I received a tremendously strong mental interference. It pushed back nostalgia and loneliness, and finally, it seemed like it was going to capture my soul itself.”

    “I thought that my heart will be hijacked and I will disappear…”

    I felt Ann shiver, Erica continued to rub Anns back, gently comforting her.

    “That was really dangerous.”

    “You’re really dense……I didn’t think the day would come when I would feel envious of Aurelia.”

    Erica gave me a deadpan expression… w..what? th..that is good right? I’m complimenting you Erica!

    Ann looked up at me, her eyes watering slightly she turned her face away… w…wait… Ann? w.. why do I feel like I said something stupid?

    “Huh? Klaus-sama, if we are in this liquid as we are right now, aren’t we also in danger?”

    Because shes dense to magic, she can’t see what we can, seeing bodies dissolving would certainly cause distress if you didn’t understand what was happening, because of glam sight we could deconstruct the magic process happening to the structures and bodies absorbed by the black water.

    “Don’t panic. It seems like a kind of magical effect that doesn’t work for intelligent creatures.”

    “It would have been dangerous if my mind was destroyed with the mental interference ability just now.”

    Ericas expression seemed to be one of envy… hah! finally, something I have that you might want!… well… if … if we had.. had… children…t..then.. you could! hah!!!!! shaking my head I looked away feeling embarrassed… is this the time to be thinking such things!

    Waah… what the heck! it’s moving again! w…what is that? my skin was crawling, unconsciously I reached for Ann ready to protect her again, we all stood transfixed to our spot staring at this writhing mass of black transform before our eyes…

    “Eeeh–? Well, after all, is this the evil spirit—-!?”

    Ann Pov

    I was absolutely getting ready to run away, since meeting Onii sama and Erica a chain reaction began with the collapse to this monstrosity… I thought I would be safe with Onii sama! instead its death trap after death trap!! Waaah! my legs had turned to Jelly when it began to move in a sickeningly mesmerizing dance… there were no words to express the horror I felt..

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    1. I just had to find your fanfic, because I don’t get enough of Klaus’ POV otherwise. You’ve captured not just Klaus’ but also Anna’s voice very well that I always laugh at their antics. Great work!


    1. Well, Erica is originally the would-be villainous alpha b*tch character despite having a huge drawback of being a magical anti-talent. Being a nasty piece of work with no talent and still managing to gather enough “social power” to be in a position to bully the heroine of the game – Erica is a person gifted with tremendous charisma. Suddenly remembering her past life to the point of overwriting most of her personality shouldn’t completely invalidate that gift, no matter how socially inept her past self was.
      …not to mention that this past self had lots of nasty rumors circling around her but wasn’t actually unpopular. To the contrary – she had a problem with yandere guys and finally got killed by one. She must’ve been a natural in attracting (unwanted) attention of (the wrong kinds of) men at the very least.

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    Well, dunno about it. He still needs improvement, well Ann is training him so he’ll be a quite nice host— I mean gentleman.
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  5. >(Ah, I understand. This is a report on the results of Ann’s training. Good job.)
    >Because the contents are those of a ramping horse, it seems it is dangerous to display it in front of an unknown person.
    >As how things are, I am supposed to serve as a poison tester.

    Report? Ramping horse? Wat???


    1. Erica saw Ann’s proud face, and thought that Klaus current attitude (him saying Lady Erica etc) was the result of Ann’s training. Klaus’ actual content (means his personality) is like a ramping horse and might be risky to be exposed to other girls (unknown person). Erica thought that Klaus asked her to dance was only as a way to show the result of his training with Ann (as a poison tester) before he can ask other girls (when actually he asked Erica because he wanted to)


      1. Ah, you mean a rearing horse! I get it now. If you stand in front of him when he’s acting up, you’re just asking to be trampled.


    1. Author: There are seven main male characters in this story around Erica
      Ann: Well, that means I just need to find four more ladies for onee-sama to keep up. Piece of cake.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ridiculous illustration as ever.. it seems like they r the two dwarves.. upper body and lower body doesnt match in scale..


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