Chapter 27: Island of Messenger (part nine)

Aah, this chapter was so hard to translate. There are few sentences I’m not sure about. Oh, oh, but the next chapter is my favorite of this mini-arc!

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I looked at the distant scenery, where the absentminded Klaus was swarmed by the girls.

This was similar to something.


While thinking a pretty rude thing, I escaped the area gracefully.


It seems that Tricia and Marquia who I made friends with some time ago are in the group that is currently surrounding Klaus.

What should I do?


Will Ann take care of it?

Just as I thought so, I saw Ann heading towards that direction to rescue Klaus.

She wasn’t afraid of a group of ten or more ladies who are older than herself.

So strong, huh~

I also have to emulate Ann a little.


Well, I am going to have a relaxing meal with Tirnanog.

When I thought so, I was spoken to by another person.


“You are Erica-sama, daughter of the Duke of Aurelia, huh.”


It is a boy who has dark violet eyes with long platinum blonde hair which I recognized as the characteristics of Ignitia’s people at a glance, along with a small purple dragon.

He seems to be around 12 or 14 years old.

By the way, he resembles one of the royal aristocrats of Ignitia who were surrounding the King, Queen Consort and Prince Auguste some time ago.


“Will you dance a single song with me?”

“……Yes, thank you for your consideration. How should I call you?”


It is pretty distracting to dance with such a stranger for the first time.

But I guess he can’t be refused carelessly, as he is someone from Ignitia.


“Oya? Do you not know about me? You can never do that, as someone who is a duke’s daughter.”

“Pardon me. This is my first time coming to the Kingdom, so I am unfamiliar with Ignitia’s aristocrats.”

“There is no choice, I’ll forgive you, Duke of Aurelia’s daughter. My fame is not enough to reach the end of this continent’s western region.”


I desperately soothed my cheeks that seemed to cramp.

Isn’t the introduction too long?

Somehow it feels like the self-proclaimed angel prince, when I met him in an unofficial place.

What is this person thinking, he didn’t even give his name to someone who he invited to dance at the banquet hall of the Royal Castle.


“Fufufu. Remember this. If you remember, it should be useful in the future. I am Louis Ode-Ignitia1. I am the younger stepbrother of Margrave Charles Ode-Ignitia, who governs the Ignitia’s territory in Karkinos, the City of Reconquest.”


Louis Ode-Ignitia.

I may have gained the attention of another troublesome person.

He is from the Ode-Ignitia family, in other words, the branch family of Ignitia royal family.

Both Louis and Charles are cousins of Prince Auguste, and they also have the right to succeed the throne.


This person named Louis Ode-Ignitia was not posted on the website of 『Liber Monstrorum』 or the character booklet.

He didn’t appear in the second scenario that I had played.

He is a man of Karkinos continent and wouldn’t go to the magic academy at the same time as me.

My death flag probably has nothing to do with this person……but he is from the royal family, even if it is just the branch family.


I feel troubled, but since he is from the royal family I can’t possibly ignore him.

I wore the mask of a duke’s daughter as tightly as possible.


I took the hand presented by Louis and started dancing while being led by him.

He put his face closer to my ear and muttered.


“You are an interesting girl. I heard of it. According to that, Auguste is an angel, huh?”


Uh……after all, just who was around at that time?

My black history was exposed quickly.

I felt the muscles of my face stiffen.

However, outwardly I smiled back with a piece of thick skin.


“That’s right. But Prince Auguste was so beautiful that I mistook him for an angel.”


I don’t know what might lead to me being eaten alive, what I cannot say, or to what extent people are listening to this.

Since it would be troublesome if something ironically happens, I shall force myself to push through this.

Louis then twirled a few strands of my hair twice, kept the angle of his face slanted and gave a sidelong glance.


“‘Beautiful’ is usually said to someone like me, Milady.”

“……Is that so, Louis-sama.”


I was about to draw away from him, but I managed to bear it somehow.

I wonder if this person is a narcissist.

Certainly Louis is also a beauty, but I think he is inconspicuous among the members of Ignitia royal family that consists entirely of beautiful people.


“Hahaha, but, Duke Aurelia’s daughter. No matter how beautiful he is, you shouldn’t approach that prince.”

“Is that so, Louis-sama.”

“Prince Auguste is, how should I put this……he is a thorny rose. Even if it is beautiful, if you touch it, it will hurt your hand and make you bleed. Have you heard of one or two of his rumors?”

“No, I do not like such rumors—”

“No, no! Wait a moment! The prince’s rumors, they are not rumors that can be talked about in a place like this! You do not know who might be listening!”


The one who brought up the topic was Louis himself.

Besides, in such a loud voice, I had the impression that the surrounding people might make strange rumors about me.

Perhaps he thought that he could easily deceive an 8-years-old girl into believing the rumors.

I wonder if the original Erica didn’t question the rumors about Auguste.


“I think I want to get along with Prince Auguste, but the prince seems to hate me. I was going to train the poor boy who cannot ride a dragon yet, but he will not come along with me at all. It is a pitiful story, even though we are cousins.”

“That’s unbelievable, Louis-sama.”


Louis seems to positively hate Auguste.

Or, does he think that Auguste is in the way as a rival over the succession of the throne?

Either way, he would like to take advantage of the bad rumors and make Auguste’s position worse.


This is troubling.

If I agree then it is likely to be spread around that the Duke of Aurelia’s daughter is a friend of Louis by the surroundings, and if I disagree then he will loudly speak of the opposite things to manipulate a different impression.

I would do my utmost to make it clear properly.


“Prince Auguste has been totally distorted in the past few years. I am anxious and can’t help worrying. I want to be friends with that poor friendless child. I am a gentle person so I want to be friends with everyone.”

“Me too, Prince Auguste is not a person like the rumor. If you are going to become friends with him, I also—”

“You had better quit it! Prince Auguste is rough, I do not know what to do if a defenseless little girl like you approach him.”

“Is that so, Louis-sama.”


It is becoming painful to keep wearing the mask of a duke’s daughter.

How long will his evil mouth continue while pretending to care about Prince Auguste?

With this kind of people surrounding him, I feel that it is understandable for Prince Auguste to become similar to an alabaster statue.


While going through such a conversation that seemed to hurt my stomach, Louis held my hand and I was about to make a turn……at that time.


“Who are you! To steal the dance partner of another person……!”


Louis’ voice was heard from behind, not from in front of me.

Looking back, Louis is a little far away, frozen with his hand out in the air while sporting a strange expression.

Then, who is this person taking my hand?


The one in front of me is a tall person who is hiding his face with a mask that usually can be seen in a masquerade ball.

He is wearing Ignitia’s nobility costume, a hat with feathers, golden mantle embroidered with golden thread and boots with high heels.

Blond hair is spilling out from under his hat.


Who is this?

I feel like we have met somewhere.


“Pardon me. I was wondering whether or not the princess was bored because it was such a tedious step that I felt like yawning.”

“What did you say!? That statement, do you know that I am Louis Ode-Ignitia!”

“Hmm~? Ode-Ignitia? Never heard of that name. Is that a name of a rural nobility somewhere in the country?”

“This……this plebeian! There was no need to say that!!”


Louis became indignant by the insulting words and provocations.

Beyond the mask, eyes similar to those of a mischievous child were laughing.


“Perhaps, you are……”

“Then, I will take the princess away.”


The person took off his mantle lightly and held it over us as if to obstruct Louis’ line of sight.

In the short period of time while the mantle was slowly falling down from the air, the masked person moved quickly like a lightning bolt.


He put a black hair wig on my head and hid the characteristic golden hair.

Hung a gray robe on my shoulders and hid the luxurious blue dress.

With the quick work of the masked person, my figure quickly turned into that of a Hafan’s aristocrat.


The masked person himself took off his hat and mask and freed his covered hair.

When he wrapped a mantle around his waist like a wraparound skirt and wore a veil with a plain color, that person’s figure quickly turned into that of a woman in a dress.


Those changes only took a few seconds.

The surrounding people who were watching the series of movements were surprised and opened their mouths blankly.

To Louis whose line of sight was blocked by the falling mantle, it would seem as if we have disappeared.


“You are……Devil-san?”

“Shh, please be quiet.”


That person who took off the mask is the self-proclaimed Devil-san who I met in the depths of the cathedral.

Right now she has lowered her skin’s exposure and is wearing a dress with modest hues like a maid.

I only saw a man until a while ago, it is like magic.


She pulled me, who now has a completely plain appearance, as she moved away from the circle of dancers.





Brought by Devil-san, I reached an unpopular terrace.


There seemed to be only one patch of cloud in the sky, the starry night sky spread out.

The sea around Island of Messenger seemed calm, and the light of the stars was reflected on the calm water surface like a mirror, shining brightly.

It looked as if the castle was floating in outer space.


With such a fantastic sight, Prince Auguste who had a lonely smile was standing there.

1 オドイグニシア (Odoignitia) but it is spelled as Ode-Ignitia. The author said she had the image of ‘the land where the song of the dragons echoes’ when she named it that.

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    1. I didn’t tag this story with Harem tag, but someone else changed it. But I will say that there will be only 2 love interests for Erica (so far as I read up to the current chapter 138). And it’s pretty one sided. So I don’t know whether to say this story is a harem or not *shrug*

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  1. Ehehe I binge read all 27 chapters in one night xD
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  2. A continuation from earlier chapters a fanfic with Ann and Klaus POVs, I can’t be too harsh on a 10-year-old kid right heh… Ty for the translation! I decided to break it into 2 parts because for some reasont he spacing got messed up…

    Ann Pov

    “Evil spirit? Isn’t that the altar of a god? But, is there even a liquid evil spirit? Onii-sama, Erica-sama?”
    I amazed myself that I could even ask that question, I was thinking its impossible to do anything except being mindlessly scared!

    “I have never heard of it either. It is true that it’s similar to a kind of spirit body – similar to the magical structure of a wraith……”

    Onii sama! hold me! I’m so scared! I looked at Erica who looked surprisingly calm… I was shaking from head to toe! why was she so unaffected! that’s a HUGE monster you know!


    Nearly filling my underwear I just about leaped into Onii samas arms! my heart raced as that loud roar nearly toppled me over!

    “What the heck is that!? You said it was an evil spirit, I can’t judge whether that is alive or dead, but it’s a dragon or another monster.”

    I was too scared to raise my head I kept burying my face in Onii samas chest.

    “It was supposed to be an evil spirit…He was the legendary alchemist named Zaratan who created the Philosopher’s Stone, who led the Visitor’s Clan to this continent and found the gold lodes.”

    Zaratan? who cares! let’s go… goooo! arrrgh stop having a conversation!!! MOVE!!

    “Why has such a great man become an evil spirit?”

    I wanted to kick them both! if only I could move my legs…

    “That was a human – however, because he was betrayed by my ancestors, that grudge…”

    『This me……this, me, a human? An alchemist? Kukukuku……everything is wrong……You……』

    Onii sama move! it… it spoke… a talking monster or evil spirit who cares! let’s go!

    『Did you forget, Aurelia!
    I always remember……There have never been any forgotten even after hundreds of years of being frozen…!
    Your smell and the pain you gave to me!!』

    “Pain……? Then, after all, you are…”

    Why are you talking to it! let’s go!! move!! aarrgh, I want to slap you both! are you stupid! why can’t I speak!

    『Oh, how nostalgic……
    That face, that golden hair, those green eyes……
    —But yet, you……about me…after just a few hundred years, did you forget!
    This me!
    ……You guys killed, this me!!!』

    Klaus Pov

    Erica! the beast… monster had managed to her pin her under its foot! I was just admiring how calm she was before facing that Horror, even I trembled a little… very little… in fact not at all… Why didn’t you run Erica! why did you stand so still so it could capture you! I watched her gasp painfully… why was I so frozen, why can’t I move?

    『Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha–!
    This is just by stroking gently…this is how weak a creature humans are!
    It seems that this has not changed even after as long as hundreds of years has passed.』

    “Guh……, tsu……, Kah, haah……”

    I felt Ann elbow me sharply, reaching for Erica’s rope, while pointing at the wands I carried… Ahh… yes… we must save her! My opportunity has finally come! I watched Erica’s eyes dim, as though seeing her end, there was no fear… just acceptance, I felt burning rage enter my heart, how can she just give up like that! did we go through this damned place for nothing? are you giving up without letting me prove myself to you! I won’t let it happen!!

    『Kukukukuku, don’t worry, golden madness.
    This degree won’t kill you……I won’t kill you, this easily……!
    I will have you dead after letting you taste it……My pain, my regret, my loneliness, my, my……
    I believed in you guys! I thought you were my true friends!
    Well……well, you betrayed me!!』

    Until the fire of your life disappears, just carve it in that soul……Praise the devilish golden madness!
    Zaratan is not my name.
    As you are a human race, I am a race called Zaratan.
    I am the only one Zaratan.
    The rich Zaratan.
    I am the one who lost the opportunity to carve my name in the future for eternity……by you, the Aurelia traitors!!!』

    While that monstrosity was babbling I attacked distracting it from Erica, I watched my trembling but capable Imouto use the rope wrapping it around Erica pulling her to safety…

    I felt intense sensations of relief and happiness, I was surprisingly anxious, I watched Erica gasping for air, the anger and fear that was steadily growing suddenly left… all I could think of at that moment was to hold her…
    shaking myself I focused on that Monster… I had to protect them… I can not fail here!

    Be honored monster! you will be my stepping stone to Ericas heart!… w.. what did I just think… I almost said that out loud… I felt my face flame red… it… it’s from the exertion! (what exertion! you’re using a wand!)

    Ann Pov

    I focused my attention on Erica, using the rope as she had done earlier, feeling relieved I pulled her closer to us, I felt so anxious and scared, yet when I saw her expression, it was one of contemplation… while she was experiencing discomfort and breathing heavily, there was no fear in her eyes… just sorrow… w..what is that? are you pitying that creature? why are you so calm! you’re a freak, Erica Aurelia!

    “I don’t know……I don’t know anything, Monster. Ignore us, and don’t make up a story without permission.”

    I looked up at Onii sama, who stood fearlessly before that Monster, I felt my eyes grow hot, and my nose sour… Onii sama! so brave! I knew he was concerned about Erica… His eyes never left her for a moment, Onii sama… I am so attuned to your emotions… your heart is open for all to see… With resignation, I knew Erica had claimed him completely…

    “Erica-sama! Do you have an injury!?”

    She is just a girl… her soft body in my arms, her beauty undiminished even covered in sweat and dirt, I was reluctant to let her go… ( … )

    “Nn……I’m alright. Thank you for your help, Ann-sama, Klaus-sama.”

    She struggled to get up, her expression apologetic…

    “I’m not okay.” Onii sama stood staring at me and then Erica…

    Onii sama?? what are you saying! are you hurt! I quickly scanned his body… I saw no signs of injury, my racing heart calmed a little… stop scaring me Onii sama! I looked into his eyes…

    “Y-yes? What’s wrong, Klaus-sama?”

    Erica looks so confused, I was as well…

    “If you die as you please, I’m not okay. Carve it deep into your soul more than the words of that monster. Harvan’s men will protect women in front of anything! So, don’t make a gaze as if resigning yourself to such a thing!”

    O…Onii sama… you…you just declared yourself to her… you! … I felt complex emotions, looking at this silly boy, focus on the Monster idiot! I couldn’t help but berate Onii sama…

    “Onii-sama……Be more honest……”

    “Ann! Don’t give unnecessary retort! Untie the rope as soon as possible!”

    Despite our current situation, I felt an urge to kick Onii sama…

    『Nostalgic……I miss everything……
    I remember. The magic of a crafty alchemist.
    I was surprised because it was a long time ago, but such magic tricks will never pass.』

    “I see. If that’s the case, next time you will be surprised by Harvan’s exquisite skills. Don’t think that you will have the opportunity to live and see my magic twice.”

    Onii sama… th… that was cool! I looked at Erica… she seemed impressed! Look Onii sama! shes giving you some recognition! turn around look!

    『Ha–! What a proud little boy!
    You do not seem to be an Aurelia. The smell is different.
    Were you lured by a small sum of money, or have you been misled by the girl’s charm–
    It is not something I knew either way, but in the end you will be betrayed by Aurelia just like me.
    I reject it. I have no grudge nor interest in you.』

    “Are you going to retreat? Move aside, Monster. Sooner or later, if I don’t bring along this showy lady and my sister, you will receive a good scolding from my father who is 100 times more frightening than you.”

    Onii sama! I had almost forgotten, but I had to give this particular wand to Erica, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but you gave me express instructions, she will know what to do with it… but… Onii sama… I’m scared… you are facing that huge monster! I was so concerned I forgot to give her your full instructions.

    Klaus Pov

    I charged Zaratan yelling a war cry! my spell cards forming a huge fist… I intended to thrash that monster with it!
    Do I look Heroic Erica? … w.. what am I saying! focus on fighting!… but I couldn’t help but cast a sidelong glance at Erica… gulping s..she’s watching me with amazement in her eyes! yes! yes!

    Waah! I almost got hit… I only put up a shield just in time… stop looking at her! however as I skidded across the floor after taking the brunt of that attack, I looked at Erica and grinned, she looked shocked and worried…. oh!! my heart feels really warm!!

    “What are you doing, Erica! Use the wand!”

    “Yes! Klaus-sama!”

    Hurry Erica! with this, you will see how awesome I really am! (such modesty)

    But she was hesitating… Erica!! Hurry up! I know I was glaring but come on Erica! stop delaying your attack!
    I knew my magic power would soon drain, all I could do was fend off his attacks, please Erica! incredulously I watched her open her bag and take out a different wand! wah!! Erica what are you doing!?

    She seemed to be thinking about something? till finally, she adjusted her wands then confronted Zaratan… w…wait!

    “Over here, Monster!”

    Ann Pov

    Oh my God Onii sama!! my heart was racing in terror, he had the gall to be cocky! I usually loved that overly confident attitude of his, but right now isn’t the time to do that Idiot! look at your surroundings!!

    I kept hiding by the pillar taking occasional peeks at my Onii sama battling Zaratan… seriously, how amazing is he! was this what he was like out hunting with Father? Onii sama… your stories were lacking finer details… but each time that monster attacked I could feel my stomach drop and my heart rate elevate… I couldn’t stand it, I kept hiding not wanting to see…

    When I heard Onii sama calling for the wand to be used, I remembered what I had forgotten to tell Erica… oh no…Onii sama! she doesn’t know what to do!

    『A, A, A, A, A, Aurelia!!!』
    Klaus pov
    Aah finally I couldn’t stop grinning… but whats this? Erica your stealing focus from me! you were meant to attack from behind! nooo!
    I was preparing to use the last charge of fire bolt when I noticed that wasn’t Grease she cast, the ominous purple black circle giving birth to disgusting tentacles of shadowy arms and hands reaching out towards Zaratan there touch looked so gentle, but his reaction was pure rage and fury…
    『I remember……I remember this magic, you cowardly dwarf!
    Stupid child.
    Bigger creature than this me, such being doesn’t exist anywhere in this world!
    I am this land……I carried you vagabond dwarfs crossed the ocean, I am this city itself!』

    She listened to his words and realized her mistake, reaching for another she was prepared to attack but she was too slow! NO! at that moment I charged and flung myself forward, I will make it! please let me make it! I watched her curl into a ball closing her eyes… aah… you won’t see me save you, Erica! look! look! I deflected Zaratans attack, but it was getting harder to maintain my defensive stance


    She got up standing behind me, aah.. why does protecting her feel so good!!!

    “Erica! You, why did you attack……aah, no, was my explanation insufficient?”

    She looked confused, while I admired her tenacity and preparedness, she needs to learn to take instructions!

    “Eeh? I apologize, was that not good?”

    “If you attack that beast, then my attack to distract him would be wasted, right?”

    She seemed to immediately grasp my meaning, now do as I say next time Erica! prepare yourself, I’ll show you how great I am!

    “I still have Hold and Lightning Bolt. It would be impossible to defeat him, but let’s make a gap and run away.”

    We will win with this! believe in me, Erica! just listen to me damn it!

    “I appreciate your thought but keep the offensive wands. The moment when simultaneous attack is required, when that time comes……”

    My power was draining, but I won’t use that potion yet, if this doesn’t work I will need it for later, but I am confident it will!

    『Ku, ku, ku, ku, have you finished the cheap play?』

    “Erica! Grease!”

    I watched that slow bubble of grease wobble its way towards Zaratan… gah! I didn’t know it would be that damn slow! Erica was right to question, rethinking the plan I decided to soak my remaining spell cards in the grease bubble with this it will be even more effective, feeling rather smug and pleased with myself, wait for my grand show Erica!

    “Yes, Klaus-sama.”

    “Hit it!”


    Again… there was no fear in her eyes… just thoughtful contemplation… it really aggravated me! I wanted her to cling and be useless so I can look good! … aah, I am so pitiful… but with this, I will definitely shine!


    『It was a useless small workmanship, dwarf.
    That’s right, you are always, always nothing but tricks.
    Everything is nostalgic……Even when I killed you.
    That night when we reached this continent, to me who was exhausted and sleeping, you guys…!
    Shameless golden madness! Even though I beat and killed countless number of offenders, you still wanted the Philosopher’s Stone that much!?』

    “Is it the Philosopher’s Stone?”

    That was the greatest desire of the Aurelias, to possess that stone, I had heard of it from Father and did some research, but it seemed too far-fetched, it would make the Aurelias not only extremely rich but incredibly powerful as well.. But… that monster sure loves to talk, maybe they killed him to shut him up?!

    『Do you care about the Philosopher’s Stone?
    Indeed, you are also a descendant of Aurelia the Greedy. No wonder.
    However, it is useless.
    Those shallow thoughts of yours, everything, is useless!
    The Philosopher’s Stone, my soul itself—whether you rip open my belly, gouge my entrails, you won’t find it!』
    I stared at Erica who had that damn look in her eyes again! Erica! I won’t fail you! look at me not him!

    『Throw away the wand, daughter of Aurelia.
    I know all of your magic. You cannot kill me even if you dropped stars2.
    Well, what will you do?
    You look like that girl who grew up with me.
    If you are the only one, I am willing to give you mercy.
    However……that is only if you betrayed the other two and kill them with your hands!
    Like what your ancestors did to me!!』

    You bastard! how dare you! I won’t allow it I won’t! my anger was steadily rising…
    “I will not do such a thing!!”

    Aahh… you had given up moments ago, but now you stand resolute Erica… so… so beautiful… magnificent…

    『Isn’t that riiiiiiiiiiight!?
    You are just a liar who talks big, you said you will not kill other humans, huuuuuuhhhh!?
    So, this is my first choice.
    The girl hiding theeeeere!
    If you left the daughter of Aurelia and ran away, I will save you and the boy!
    Anyway this girl, just like her ancestors, she’s just a cute low-life woman.
    Either way, even if you abandon her, your heart won’t feel pain, right?』

    Clenching my fists I glared at Zaratan…

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    1. Part 2 of Povs from Klaus and Ann

      Klaus Pov

      You… get away from Ann you fiend and stop trying to tempt Erica! it won’t work! she is noble and not a weak coward like you!!!

      “Don’t seduce other people’s sister without permission.”

      I bound him with my spell cards focused on his feet, I couldn’t let Erica steal the limelight! not this time! (brat!)
      “Anything you said, you have to defeat me first.”

      『Brat, so you can still move. Don’t throw away the life that I generously overlooked.』

      “Rather than throwing away my pride, I would rather throw away my life. I will not abandon those I had decided to protect.”

      Are you looking at me, Erica? do I look amazing? hah! those words I spoke… hah! I’m great right!! I ignored my minor injuries and walked towards Zaratan, assured of my victory…

      “…But this guy really has an intolerably gaudy face.”

      Erica looked at me with her mouth open as though I said something unnecessary… was intentional! he will get mad at me not you or Ann!

      『It’s useless, brat. You cannot penetrate my armor with your magic. It is the same with that Aurelia’s Fire Bolt wand.』

      But what if its 2 wands combined with my own magic you rotten Freak! I’ll dance on your ruined corpse!
      “Don’t underestimate the magic of Harvan, Monster.”

      『No matter how different the blood flowing in each human is, everyone is equally stupid.
      Will you defend Aurelia three times and hinder my revenge?
      Besides, you will probably fasten a constraint on me.
      Please realize how charitable I was, after I turn you into a second lump of meat that couldn’t see!』

      I didn’t want to use this attack just yet, I wanted to combine it with other wand attacks with Erica… but there was no time, that creature was getting bigger and stronger before my very eyes…

      I launched my attack, my cards stuck to his large body, as I let loose my final charge of firebolt, I increased the magical effect, the explosion was massive, surely with this the battle is ended…

      “……Did we do it?”

      Zaratans laughter signaled my failure, clenching my fist I looked towards Ann and Erica… we need to run, I felt as though these ruins were designed to humble me! I won’t succumb to defeat!

      『What, brat. Saying something with that kind of boldness, but it was only to this degree?
      With such pitiful fire, you cannot even kill bugs.』

      That terrible burning visage smiling while remaining completely unaffected by the fiery effects, I saw all our attacks as meaningless before this beast…

      He showed me how pitiful my attacks really were quenching those flames so easily… I will find your weakness monster! be certain of that!

      “Damn it! Bind him again……”

      『I won’t receive the same technique twiceeee!』

      The futility of my actions was destroying my confidence… all that hard-won effort… was nothing to him.
      My weakened state I could barely put up any resistance at all, Erica fired lightning at Zaratan, this was also ineffective…

      “Magic? Why……”

      Was he able to absorb our attacks and then use them against us? how fiendishly difficult to counter! how would we be able to with wands? it would be impossible!

      “What……his ability, perhaps……”

      『It is no use noticing that now!
      Both of you, get crushed and dieeee!!!』

      In desperation, as I saw his intent, I tried to protect Erica my spell failed… but as a last resort I used my body as a shield instead, I knew it was pointless, but I couldn’t stand by and do nothing!

      —-A beam of light crossed my field of vision. A..Ann?

      Ann Pov

      I could hear their desperation, fear clutched my heart as I hid, summoning my courage, I stepped out… looking at that monster brush off Onii samas attacks, I couldn’t stand it any longer! my ability in magic is highly refined, while others would use flashy powerful magic, my ability could be delicate, yet highly focused, if I could compare it would be like a broadsword vs a rapier, because it is so thin and light, it needs to be more precise in where it hits, they were both being cornered, I had to do something.. anything…

      I realized that Zaratans weak point would be the joints in his legs… as he grew in size so did his vulnerability to my magic… throwing caution to the winds I struck, I stumbled backwards surprised that this combination of attacks worked so effectively, I had managed to cripple him! this is a chance that those 2 needed to escape! I did it!!! Onii sama be proud of me!

      “Onii-sama! Erica-sama! Please escape!”

      “Ann, well done!”

      Praise me more Onii sama!!!

      Throwing down obscuring mist we were momentarily hidden from Zaratan, we ran quickly escaping from certain death mere moments ago…

      “Ann, you’re late. We were nearly dead.”

      Onii sama, you….I saved your life! you owe me!! hmph! don’t you see how tired and frightened I am! I almost snapped at him, but I was grateful that he was alive.

      “I don’t even have the experience of combat training. Even if it was only that kind of attack, it was a good performance, wasn’t it?”

      Praise me you stupid Onii sama! I worked hard! I did very well! you’re alive, aren’t you?

      “I consumed too much magical power. A bit later and I would have died.”

      Tch… I will pay you back for that Onii sama look forward to it! you should be kissing my feet for saving you back there! instead, you complain!

      “Mou! Onii-sama, please move your legs and not your mouth!”

      My anger was reaching critical point, you just hate the fact you keep being saved by girls isn’t it Onii sama! those “weak” girls are showing you up and you can’t stand it!

      “Onii-sama. At least give an explanation, was it not good?”

      I was pouting while running for my life, I was exhausted where did this energy to quarrel with Onii sama come from? he didn’t even tell me the full plan, this is all he said “Give this to Erica tell her to use it on my signal ok?”
      what.. you damn idiot! be thankful your wonderful quick thinking and skillful Imouto saved your neck!

      “Eeh!? You didn’t say anything to Ann-sama!?”

      Erica gave Onii sama a complicated look, sure he’s an idiot Erica! I know that very well, but he has his good points too you know!

      “Aah, my bad. But, I didn’t have time to do that…”

      That was one of his weaknesses, his half-hearted explanations, I remember when he would tell stories, that if I didn’t stoke his ego enough he wouldn’t be able to go into deeper detail about his battles with various monsters.

      We continued bickering, it was strangely calming, however a loud roar shook me to my core I almost fell down, I could feel it impacting with the surrounding structures, how much bigger did it get I thought fearfully looking back I saw it pierce the cloud of mist running at us with great speed! my attack did nothing! it still chased us!
      Won’t I be a focus now? it was bad enough that it wanted to use me as live bait to tempt Erica with, now it will definitely crush me! I’m the one that seriously injured it! I have no regrets we will escape we must!

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        1. I wish wordpress allowed editing 😦 some stuff in there I wanna re write like typos and sentences that were written in a hurry a bit messy

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