Chapter 30: Tournament (part one)

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It is the day of the tournament using a dragon.


Before the tournament began, I decided to walk while looking at the wide variety of dragons from all over the world with my father.

A wide variety of dragons, from the orthodox colored dragons of red, blue, white, black, etc. to dragons with beautiful spots and streaks and severe faced dragons covered with thorns, were having a brush with people who came as spectators.


『There are an amazing amount of people and dragons, huh.』

“Yes, no matter what people say, this tournament is one of the most prosperous competitions of the Federal Kingdom.”


Tirnanog is carrying my bags, disguising as a steel golem as usual.

However, when we arrive at the venue we plan on taking another action.

I still can’t predict at what timing Auguste would get in touch with the contract beast.

Perhaps it might be just after this tournament.


“Tir, as I thought……in case of an emergency, please do it.”

『Leave it to me. If I do it seriously, there is nobody who can run away from me.』


Auguste is not going to participate, but other problems might occur.

Therefore, instead of me who can’t easily go out from the audience seating, Tirnanog who is inconspicuous and fast would track the beast.

By the way, I asked him to be quiet when I am with father.


The audience and the dragon knights are not the only ones touching the dragons.

People with doctorate degree dispatched from Lindis Magic Academy are quietly doing an investigation of the dragons here.

The students are wearing a mark of crested ibis, so I could recognize them at a glance.


“Honorable Duke of Aurelia. It has been a long time!”

“Ah, Elric-kun.”


That voice came from a clumsy glasses-wearing man who is scheduled to appear in the magic academy six years later as a teacher, Elric Actorius.


(Wow……I was able to confirm the face of the fourth capture target! ……Is this lucky?)


Perhaps they are already familiar with each other, Elric started talking with my father.


Elric is Eduard-oniisama’s best friend from the same year.

He is still a student, but he seems to have come along as a professor’s assistant.


He has ruffled gray hair, troubled eyebrows and gray eyes.

He looks like an honest, gentle young man.

His smiling face which has a feeling of bashfulness and awkwardness is impressive, and if I look closely, he is a beauty who wouldn’t lose even if he is standing in line with my older brother.


If I say it in a good way, he looks like an academic student, but if I say it in a bad way, he looks like an otaku with his casual and sloppy clothing.

However, only special scholars from the magic academy are allowed to wear the King’s Scholar mark.

His slightly refined movements and smart atmosphere were shown through, is it because of his hidden origin?


But, as soon as he appeared his glasses were already crooked.

I squirmed a bit, I wanted to fix it.


By the way, he disguised himself as a commoner, but he is supposedly born in nobility.

Yes, it is the information that was on the character introduction.

If I had played his individual scenario, I would have understood more about his detailed circumstances.

It is very regrettable.


It is completely unknown why a flashy person like Eduard-oniisama is good friends with the pure Elric.

Do they have a common hobby?

Ah, speaking of which, Elric has majored in magical beast research, so he might be getting along well with my older brother who is investigating Zaratan.


Elric’s line of sight was directed this way.

When he noticed, my father introduced me.


“Oops, is this your first time meeting each other? This is my daughter Erica.”

“Pleased to meet you, Elric-sama.”


I gave a light greeting while pinching the skirt.

I put on an innocent smile on my face as much as possible.


“Ah no, please stop with the formalities, Erica-sama. Because I am just a lowly commoner student.”


Elric’s cheeks were dyed from shyness and he tried to correct the crooked glasses with a trembling hand.

Such an ordinary person, he already feels familiar and it is fresh in this world.


“Then, how about Actorius-sensei?”

“No, no, I’m still a research student, no way!”

“I heard from Eduard, but it seems that he is publishing papers one after another at such a young age.”

“Well, how amazing.”


He truly is an unmatched talented and earnest young man, huh.


“N-no, I’m not that great……even that research was something that went well thanks to Eduard.”


He became flustered.

My father also seemed to enjoy teasing about the future prospects of the young man.

Aside from indulging himself in alchemy and ruins investigation, it seems Eduard-oniisama is also striving in other academic pursuits.


“Elric-kun, are you going to help out in the tournament today?”

“Y-yes. I am checking the dragons in today’s tournament. It is because of the rampant cheating, such as doping with magical potions or using dangerous equipment.”


It is surprising that this country’s dragon knights would do such a thing.

Does that mean the participants are serious?


“Ah! By the way, did Eduard not come along today?”

“Aah, my son is a bit……there is a business that he has to take care of.”


My father looked around before saying so.

Oh, he is in a secret duty at the direct order of the Ignitia royal family.

From his reaction, my father seems to know the content.


“Perhaps, it is an investigation of the grave robbery case? Since the previous incident in Lindis, recently there have been too many similar cases.”

“No, I cannot tell you the details right now, but it’s another matter.”

“I see……I understand.”


Previous incident in Lindis.

Is that the story of the night when we went to the Ruins of Visitor?

Because there was an emergency situation, my older brother went to the magic academy hurriedly.

If the grave robbery incident happened at that time, I can understand why he went in a hurry.


My father and Actorius-sensei stared at me who was straining my ears to listen.

Immediately, I tried smiling as if I didn’t know anything.


“Hm. We should end this conversation.”

“T-that’s right!”


Obviously, I had the face of ‘I heard something unpleasant.’

No, no, I didn’t understand what you were talking about, so it is alright to leak more information, you know?


“Elric-kun. Then, let’s talk another time.”

“Yes, Your Honor. Thank you for your continued support.”


After saying goodbye to Actorius-sensei, my father and I headed towards the tournament venue.


The VIP seats for the royal family of Ignitia and the three former royal families had been prepared.

In other words, it was including the seats for the King, the Queen and Auguste.

Duchess of Hafan and Ann.

The empty seats for Lucanrant Ducal House.

And then, my father the Duke of Aurelia and I.


Will Auguste sit properly at the VIP seat?

I was a little worried.

No way, he wouldn’t ride on a dragon without telling me……would he?


While becoming a little anxious, I came through the gate of the venue.





The venue for the tournament was decorated with the symbolic images that represent each former kingdoms.

Ignitia of the South is symbolized by a red flame and a golden dragon.

Lucanrant of the North is symbolized by a white snow flower and a silver wolf.

Hafan of the East is symbolized by a silver moon and a black forest.

Aurelia of the West is symbolized by a golden star and aquamarine sea.


However, we are heading for the seats with red and gold, not the gold and aquamarine ones.

The noble guests’ seat for Ignitia was made slightly higher than the others.


“H-huh? Where is Prince Auguste?”


That was the first thing that came out of my mouth.

Without greeting first, I said such a thing.

Ah, this is bad.

The King Ignitia and his wife were surprised to hear this.


“Auguste, huh……that child said he was not feeling well and went back to his room. In the past he was always looking forward to seeing the tournament……it can’t be helped.”

“Erica-sama, thank you for caring about our son. If he knew that you were worried, he will surely be delighted.”


Somehow, the eyes of the Ignitia couple who were looking at me were very kind.

But I didn’t come up here to raise their good will towards me, I came to strike my death flags.


“I am sorry for the disturbance. I said something rude to the prince at the banquet, so I wanted to apologize in person……unfortunately, it seems that I have to do it in another occasion. Thank you for inviting me to the tournament today.”


I lowered my head and backed down so as to be hidden behind my father’s shadow.

I was too impatient.

Alright. The wound is shallow. Probably shallow.

I don’t think the accumulated mistakes would be a laughing matter, but this much is alright.


Anyway, I wonder if Auguste really is in his room.

It seems to be progressing like the original work, I am worried.

I want to get out and check his condition, but I wonder if that will also be difficult.


I made an eye contact with Tirnanog at my feet, but for now I decided to wait at the noble guests’ seat.

It would be bad if I move too early and can’t respond to unforeseen circumstances.


When I thought such, King Ignitia and my father started talking cheerfully.


“Blackcurrant will also participate this year, Your Majesty.”

“Let’s see. Ooh, you’re right! Ernst’s eyes are as enviable as ever. What kind of rider is he?”

“His face is covered with a helmet, a black armor, and no crest……there is a blue ribbon on his left arm.”

“A mysterious black knight whose identity is unknown! Moreover, he seems to have an oath with a lady. I remember that. I used to hide my face and participate when I was young. About Auguste, it is regretful that he can’t participate because of the age restrictions.”


King Ignitia looked at the youthful dragon knight with a joyful expression.

He really liked dragons.


Huh, but, he said somewhat disturbing words.

Unknown black knight? A blue ribbon?

Somehow, the dialog of King Ignitia about ‘I used to hide my face and participate when I was young’ caught my attention.

No way, right?


“Otou-sama, which one is Blackcurrant?”

“That big black dragon, Erica. She is a general purpose dragon of 20-meter class.”

“This tournament is also a way of picking up competent knight candidates hidden in the city, Erica-ojousan. However, when it comes to the 20-meter class, it is hard to find a rider for them. I guess this is the first time in five years that she is flying with a rider on her.”


When I asked for an explanation, an unexpectedly detailed information came back.

King Ignitia seemed to be especially excited.

When people talk about their favorite subject, it unintentionally results in rapid-talking, they resemble each other in this way.


“I wonder if that black knight belongs to the Order, but he is an excellent rider, huh.”

“Blackcurrant has a docile nature, but she is a 20-meter class. It is wonderful just being able to get on her. Certainly, that is a person I’d love to have in our Order.”

“I see.”


Anyway, my suspicion has grown more and more as I heard the explanation.

Is that Auguste riding on Blackcurrant the Black Dragon?

Oh, I hope it is an unrelated unknown genius.

Even if it is Auguste, I hope that nothing would go wrong.


Outside my prayers, the horn marking the opening of the tournament resounded loudly.

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  5. I posted the previous parts of this on the wrong chapter… lol rather than annoy our wonderful translator sama clover I won’t repost lol … anyway another fanfic from Klaus and Ann pov from earlier chapters

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    I couldnt believe my eyes.. Erica was alive! Joy radiated from my heart leaving a warm feeling… Tears pricked my eyes… overwhelming relief made me sob with happiness… I ran to her and collapsed in her arms…

    I glared at Onii sama… how dare you be mad!! reflect Baka Nii! Reflect! (she dropped the sama… )

    “Erica-sama! I’m glad, you are okay!”

    “Yes……, it’s alright now, Ann-sama……”

    I felt cold, yet that warmth continued to radiate till Ericas embrace chased away the cold… I felt her stroking my back, comforting me… why?… just why are you so kind?… I felt like sobbing again… aah I’m making a mess…

    “You……, how come you are alive!”

    Why does that sound like an accusation Baka Nii? seriously… just be happy she is with us!

    “……How indeed?”

    She seemed none the wiser, I was at a loss as well, but the way Onii sama was reacting made me feel angry… I wanted to kick him!

    “If you are alive, then say that you are alive! You made me misunderstood!”

    That’s it… be prepared Baka Nii!

    “Erica-sama was taken into the barrier of Onii-sama’s time manipulation, right?”

    Tch… Baka! (oh no she dropped the are falling so low Klaus…)


    “I live safely at great pains, so could you feel more pleased?”

    Erica’s words had an amazing effect on Baka… he was a loss for words… what are you thinking! be happy idiot!!!

    “Ha!? Klaus-sama, no way!”


    “Truthfully, do you dislike me being alive…?”

    Onii sama looked like he was taking serious damage… he flinched, clenching his fists and trembling trying to glare at us… with a confused and desperate expression…

    “Uwah……, Onii-sama……the lowest…”

    Take that Baka!!! If I were you I would’ve held her in my arms and confessed sincerely, instead this jerk complains!

    “No! That’s not the case!”

    He looked like a flustered idiot drowning in water too deep for him… that’s right flounder around like that! you deserve it!


    “What’s next!”

    Onii sama was on the defensive… I want to kick you… bend over so I can give you a swift one!

    “Thank you for your help.”

    “A, ah……”

    If he was drowning before, he was literally at the bottom of the ocean accepting his fate… Erica… that was a devastating attack… so mature… so elegant… what a fantastic move… I will remember that for later use.

    Onii sama, your burial at sea will be a glorious one… farewell… I chuckled, relief and happiness wrapped me in a warm embrace… these 2 people will be special for the rest of my life… Onii sama… do your best snaring Erica as my future Onee sama alright? I won’t accept failure… I’ll make sure you don’t mess it up!!

    “Also, thank you for being angry as a friend.”

    Ahh… Erica… Onii sama died just now… rest in peace… I prayed for him.
    Watching him fumble about was so funny… how inept… how pathetic… will you secure Erica’s heart on your own? IMPOSSIBLE!! just leave it to me Onii sama… all will be well.

    “Well, good……I, if you’re okay, that, that’s good……I’m, about you Erica……”

    My eyes glaze over watching this pathetic display… I couldn’t allow this to continue… that’s enough Onii sama!


    We both jumped at Erica’s exclamation, my heart was racing… what now!

    “W-what is it suddenly!”

    “What’s wrong, Erica-sama?”

    “Maybe, the Curse of Death conflicted with the Onii-sama’s Curse of Merciful Death?”

    Onii sama had a stunned expression, what kind of conversation is going on in your head?

    Klaus Pov

    Arrgh… I’m going crazy!! my whole body felt itchy, like an uncomfortable sensation relentlessly scouring my body… Shes alive be happy! I was… deliriously so, seeing her chest rise and fall, (perve) that warm glow to her cheeks, those eyes sparkling… why would I connect that with a ghost or undead… am I an idiot? (do you need to ask that question?)

    In reality… the warmth in my chest was practically exploding, I felt so high with happiness and relief I thought I might float without the need of levitate… I was overwhelmed by a desire to hold Erica… I was envious of Ann who managed to fill Erica’s arms… I want that too… uwu… I was teetering on rampant emotions that yearned for more… I could barely contain myself… (what are you restraining lil boy? you’re only 10!)

    While my anger felt justified… it was an excuse to hide the feelings I had for her… this wasn’t the place nor the time to reveal such things… I was so impatient… so restless…

    When she accused me of not being happy she was alive I just about died, what the heck! of course I’m happy!!! I’m so happy I want to scream out that I’m happy!! I’m just flustered!…. I’m mumbling like an Idiot… God have mercy on me! stop making me look like a fool! I was cool back then fighting Zaratan… give that back to me!!!

    When she figured out why she didn’t die… I felt defeated… not only did I not save her… but it was that damn brother of hers that had protected her all this time!!!, worse she only realized now, which meant she had no plans on surviving that encounter with Zaratan before using the wand of Castling… I was about to explode with anger again!!!

    “You……Didn’t you cast it aiming at that?”

    “No, not at all. I completely forgot.”

    I nearly choked… what did she say!! just how reckless are you!!!

    “If so, why?”

    “……Why indeed?”

    I looked at Ann who gave me a sad look… Erica… she had me completely confused, to go so far for someone you barely knew… to offer yourself as a sacrifice… you take heroism to far Erica… I lost… I cant win against you…

    “Don’t ask me……”

    “Like this, I was swept by the mood, so I carelessly did it?”

    “You! Don’t throw away your life irresponsibly!”

    I gave her a stern look filled with disapproval… in reality I wanted to pull her to me… stop doing unnecessary things… I will become a man you can rely on… I’m determined!… honestly… don’t make me feel that kind of loss and despair again… I won’t survive that Erica…

    “Klaus-oniisama! If you say more rude things toward Erica-sama, I will not forgive you!!”

    I felt Ann kick me again this time on the shin… really this violent child!! just how did she turn out this way!! I was about to scold her when I felt a sharp pain on my foot… someone wants a spanking!!

    When we returned to the palace, I was ready to take responsibility, any punishment that was given I was sure to take all of it… Ann and Erica were completely blameless… I just hoped that I could eventually see Erica again… t..they wouldn’t bar me from seeing her right?… I began to falter…

    No! I must man up, I will prove myself and earn back the right to be part of her life!… this was my fault to begin with… I … w..wait… just what kind of punishment will I get… I looked around feeling hesitant… I felt a gentle hand nudge me, a soft voice calling my name…

    “Klaus sama?”

    Ericas face loomed in front of me… aaah… speak of the devil… I gulped turning my face away… too close…

    “What are you doing here?”

    I managed to ask a question… well done…

    “I felt you needed me here to help and be supportive, besides… they will want a full account of everything, and will question me later regardless… I think it would be best if we both go together”

    I couldn’t believe that only 4 hours had passed since we went down there… in such a short period of time we had explored the ruins and defeated Zaratan… incredible… I looked at Erica glad for her presence… t..this might be the last time I see her… I felt my heart tighten painfully… I’ll find a way to see you again… I promise!

    Standing in front of Ericas Father I was fidgeting restlessly…

    I was about to confess my sins when Erica interrupted me and told a different story, she only mentioned up to the cursed trap, she did not speak of what happened after that… I was shocked… Erica! what are you doing!

    “Erica?… W..”

    “Had Klaus sama not followed me, I may have been in grave danger… because I foolishly wanted to explore the ruins… I was caught in a bad situation, I was fortunate that Klaus sama had seen where I went, Father, I am so sorry… I was wrong, irresponsible, and…” she sobbed, running to her Father “Now I have this curse… what will I do Otou sama!!”

    “So there was something like that happened, Erica.”

    Her Father looked so worried, my voice stuck in my throat… I was about to interrupt when she stopped me by squeezing my arm, digging her nails in my tender soft arm, what is it with these women! so violent! I resisted the urge to rub my arm… Erica.. why are you being so deceptive and lying… I don’t need you to cover for my mistakes!… determined I stepped forward…Erica was humble and willing to take the blame… that did not sit well with me at all… (a slight change the original translation) She even praised me for saving her… I was stunned…

    “……I apologize, Otou-sama.”

    “That was my fault. I got her involved. Erica did nothing wrong.” I needed to clarify and tell the truth…

    “Klaus-kun……thank you for protecting Erica. Did she go into that ruins and have returned unscathed because you guarded her?”

    No no no… all wrong it was Erica who saved me and Ann!…

    “No, that wasn’t it. Rather, I was—”

    “Yes, that’s right, Otou-sama. Klaus-sama guarded me.”

    Waah! Erica you liar! how can you say that! if not for you we would’ve died down there! who guarded who? it was you that did that not me!! Stop interrupting me! the more you lie the harder it will be to honestly tell him what happened… tch…

    “I see……Klaus-kun, for me, Erica is a treasure that can’t be replaced by anything. As a father, as the Duke of Aurelia, I promise that I will pay you back.”

    With great embarrassment I watched as Ericas Father bowed to me in gratitude, I couldn’t say anything after that… dammit Erica!! I felt like a fraud… You… (so bad at clearing up misunderstandings… but a fabricated lie is something else…. such a child…)

    As I left I watched Father and Daughter embrace, the guilt I felt was overwhelming, I wanted to desperately confess… it was me who put your precious daughter at risk… but it was far too late for that admission… I felt wretched, my honor as a Harvan was tainted…

    After escorting Ann back to her room, I waited around hoping to see Erica, I wanted to confirm that she was free of that wretched curse, I couldn’t stay calm till I knew it was gone…

    I kept walking in circles wondering if it was done yet… it had been over an hour, how amazing… it was a curse that needed such lengthy preparations… Edward… even though I should be thanking you, just what kind of curse was that damn thing!!! I had an overwhelming urge to learn more, I really wanted to see the whole process from start to finish… but I was an outsider… and I wasn’t brave enough to ask… I slapped my forehead… fool!… I couldn’t help but poke my head in the door, I saw Erica sitting on a sofa a blanket draped around her shoulders, she looked very tired.. she still wore the same clothing she had in the Labyrinth, she saw me and smiled waving gently… she gestured for me to come in…

    I was reluctant, but I walked in without any hesitation… Her Father was in another room, I could hear him busily preparing, she patted the sofa inviting me to sit… suddenly I felt extremely nervous, sitting down I decided to act nochalant.. looking around the room curiously, but I wanted to confront her about those lies she told her Father… I was still irate.. I finally spoke in a low voice…

    “You… that lie…that was wrong… you should’ve been honest!”

    She just gave me a wan smile, sighing softly.

    “We came out safely Klaus sama… please let’s leave it at that”

    “I am a man who takes responsibility for my actions, I didn’t need you to lie for me… rather it’s uncomfortable, even now I am unsettled, how can I look your Father in the eye after that?… impossible!”

    “Klaus sama, I apologise for putting you in a difficult position, but there are many reasons why I chose not to reveal everything, right now is not the time or place to discuss this… alright Klaus sama?”

    I grudgingly held my tongue on the matter… in truth, I did not want her Fathers praise, that left me feeling sour, I hated being some fraudulent hero… but what could I do about it… her lies have put an uncomfortable gag in my mouth…

    “This cure is taking a long time,”

    “Yes apparently it will take another hour before its ready, Father will have to do a special ceremony to remove it… rather amazing isn’t it Klaus sama?”

    I simply nodded, yeah it’s amazing alright… that curse was so strong it overpowered another death spell and takes 2 hrs to remove! Damn Edward! Erica stop being impressed with something like that!!

    Considering she had a powerful death curse on her, she was rather calm, was that an act? surely you want to be comforted? I wanted to put my arms around her… the urge was strong… instead I placed my hand on hers… feeling how icy cold they were…
    (so bold brat!)

    “Hmph… look how cold your hands are… ” I pulled the blankets more tightly, bundling her like a cocoon, she gave me a complicated look…

    “Are you hungry? do you want me to get you anything to eat?” I was fumbling about not really knowing what to do…

    “No Klaus sama, I ate a little bit, but I didn’t have much of an appetite..”

    I rolled my eyes…

    “Hmph! this is probably why you’re so thin, you should eat more! I’ll be back shortly”

    “Klaus sama… there’s no need…”

    I Ignored her words, leaving to find the kitchen looking for food, I found some fruit, cheese, and dried meats, I placed them on a plate with a glass of water sweetened with honey and lemon, satisfied I brought it back to Erica…

    She ate a small portion thanking me sincerely, I could tell I was being a nuisance, that all this fussing was really for my own benefit, but it was restless, the sooner that damned curse was removed the better…

    “Erica… I… in that place… I’m… sorry Erica… I…”

    “Klaus sama… its fine… I’m fine… we all are…we returned safely that’s all that matters, so please… let’s leave it at that alright?”

    She reached out and patted my back gently, her kind beautiful eyes warm and comforting… we sat like that for a little while, I was enjoying this too much! I didn’t deserve it! feeling flustered, my eyes darted around the room, I noticed there were no cushions, I decided to go get my pillow from my room, she can rest on that while she’s waiting…

    “You look tired you have bags under your eyes… ” She gave me a deadpanned look… “I’ll get you a cushion or something… I won’t be long”

    Quickly I left running to my room pulling out my Pillow… I chose the most fluffiest one I had, bringing it with me… I shoved it at Erica… who gratefully accepted it.

    “Now lay down and rest!” I pulled the blanket over her looking at her obediently follow my instructions, taking off her shoes she laid down resting her head on my pillow… so adorable… she looked at me and smiled…

    “Thank you Klaus sama for taking care of me”

    My heart beat rapidly, closing her eyes I listened to her soft breathing… I suddenly felt very awkward… is it alright to look at a sleeping girl? my heart shook sharply… I looked away…You… is this how a lady acts with a man in the room! tch!… I could feel my face burning… (you brat! just who told her to sleep you dork… who do you think Erica is! so sly…) I couldn’t stay while she was asleep that was improper… b… but I want to stay… fool! leave!!

    Another hour passed, I would come in and out of the room checking on her… sometimes I would simply stare at her sleeping face…. wanting to touch that soft cheek… embarrassed I left the room and paced the corridor, staying in there was bad for my heart…

    I could hear her Father call to Erica… finally it was done… I still needed to confirm with my own eyes

    “Erica… with this you are free… ” I could imagine him giving Erica a warm hug… I wasn’t jealous or anything…
    “Go to your room, I will come later to check on you alright? I need to do something important, now please go rest”

    “Yes Otou sama”

    Erica popped out of the room the blanket and pillow in hand, she looked at me in surprise… What… did you think I wouldn’t wait? Idiot… of course I would! how could I not!

    “Klaus sama… you’re still here?”

    “Hmph… what do you think? of course I would… you’re still my responsibility till that damn thing is removed you know!”

    Smiling she handed me back the Pillow while folding the blanket carefully as she walked beside me. We continued in silence.

    “You should go wash… you smell of sweat…”

    Erica flinched… then looked at me with a blank look… sighing she looked away…

    I bid her goodnight and waited till she closed the door, walking back to my room I was suddenly ambushed by Ann…

    “Onii sama is Erica alright? is that curse removed?”

    “Yes its gone… with that my task is finally complete, we are all safe now”

    Ann breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against me.

    “Onii sama… we owe Erica a lot”


    “Onii sama… how are you going to capture Erica?”


    “Tch… useless… oh… and this” she said while punching me in the stomach “Is for saying such a thing to a lady!!!”


    She gave me a disgusted look before closing the door to her bedroom.

    “What the heck… Ann! hey!” I knocked on her door gasping in pain… You little… open the damn door!! violent brat!! shes really changed… what the hell… argh… you know I have injuries right? tsk… (totally deserved brat)

    “Go away Onii sama! go to sleep!”

    So temperamental! tsk… this brat! hmph!… I returned to my room going over the past few hours, it really felt like a lifetime ago, so much had happened… finally feeling tired and sore thanks to Ann, I placed the pillow on the bed I had already washed, so I changed out of my clothes, falling into bed, I lay on my side wondering what I will do tomorrow…

    Suddenly I remembered Ericas sleeping face, her small lips pressed against my pillow as she nuzzled it… my mind went blank… this… this pillow… she used it… hah… my pulse was racing wildly, I sat up looking at my pillow…I grabbed it and threw it away… I hesitated only a moment, before I gathered that pillow back into my arms, pressing my face against it… I could smell Erica on it… feeling embarrassed I slept well that night. (Perve!)

    The maid came to change my bedsheets later the next day…I quickly grabbed the pillow, informing the maid that this must never be touched, not to be cleaned or changed… she looked at me like I was strange… tch do as I say woman! as I left with the pillow held close to my chest… (blank look)

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    1. I’m torn between sincerely wishing that Klaus would improve so he doesn’t always screw up his own plans, but then I’d have less entertainment that way…dilemma, dilemma.
      But yeah, I definitely love your depiction of him.


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