Chapter 33: Tournament (part four)

I’m hoping to finish this mini-arc this week, so there will be one more chapter either tomorrow or in two days. Also…my heart hurts translating this chapter :”(  and it will probably the same when I translate the next one….

TL: clover

ED: clover, eristol

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Camellia put Louis on her back.

Louis raised his helmet and was shouting something with an angry expression, but I couldn’t hear the content.

Auguste who was dressed in black armor was preparing for the next match and it seemed that he didn’t view Louis as his opponent.


Next is the match of heavyweight weapons.

According to the setup, they are supposed to return to their starting position, throw away their spear, pull out the heavyweight weapons such as mace and flail, and bow to each other.

The match is supposed to start after that.


Louis didn’t even try to return to his starting position, instead as soon as he removed his own axe from the saddle, he struck the Black Knight who had turned his back.


However, as if Auguste knew about it, he turned the body of his dragon around suddenly and knocked down the axe.

He threw away his spear at the same time and pulled out his mace, but he didn’t immediately move to attack.

When Auguste took a bowing posture while performing an acrobatic flight, the booing of the audience towards Louis turned into cheers for the Black Knight all at once.


“As expected, that Black Knight is similar to a flower that attracts people’s attention. It is a shame that he cannot be announced as victorious even if he wins this match.”

“Since it is the magic of Intoxication rather than illegal enhancement, isn’t it likely that the audience will forgive his circumstances?”

“Even if the audience and I are fine with it, those noisy elders won’t tolerate it. Good grief. I didn’t think the day would come when dictatorship would become attractive.”


King Ignitia shrugged his shoulders jokingly.

I know that feeling.

Whether Auguste wins or loses in this match, I want to give him a wreath in honor of his good fight.

At the moment, only I know the identity of that Black Knight.


The flow of this match was leaning favorably to Louis again.

Camellia always flew as if anticipating Blackcurrant, she kept making a descent obstructing her path.

Every time Blackcurrant tried to rise she would be held down, and if she tried to go down, she would be kicked further away.

Like that, at last Blackcurrant was staggering as she landed.


In fact, Auguste couldn’t avoid Louis’ attack, he was forced to ward off his attacks with his mace.

It was an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation against Louis and Camellia who were still in the air.

But still, Auguste defended tenaciously.


Louis who lost his temper, was starting his rough play once again.

He attacked the ground with Camellia’s tail and began to make a cloud of dust.


“Hm, a smokescreen, huh.”

“So he’s going to do it again, that Louis.”


Father and the King seemed to be able to read the next move.

I recalled the previous match that Louis was in.


At that time, Louis dropped his opponent to the ground, set up dirt and smoke, then aimed for the helmet of the rider.

The rider who had lost his helmet to protect his face and was deprived of his sight by dust couldn’t avoid the following attack, and Louis broke his shield without mercy.

Louis repeated those attacks that could almost be labelled as unfair three times before the semi-finals.


(Aah! If his helmet is taken off, not only he’s in danger of being blindsided, his identity will also be revealed!)


Auguste also knew that.

However, Auguste couldn’t do anything about it.

If he could fly again before his helmet was stolen, he might have been able to do something.

But before that could happen, the tail of Camellia who moved unexpectedly hit Auguste’s helmet.


ch 33


A partially crushed figure of a black helmet rolled to the ground.

Long blonde hair contained in the helmet was gently blowing in the wind.

White skin like an alabaster statue.

A pretty boy who looked like a girl, who looked disproportionate with the boorish black armor, appeared from underneath the helmet.


When Auguste, who had been dressed as a black knight, revealed his identity, Louis stopped attacking.

Louis lifted his lips sadistically and said something to Auguste.

Auguste clenched his teeth and endured the words of Louis which was probably a verbal abuse.


The audience seemed to be unable to decide their reaction regarding the identity of the Black Knight.

Did they think Auguste was an excellent dragon knight different from the rumors, or did they think that the actions of the Black Knight were all deception?

I couldn’t predict which way people’s thoughts would fall over.


“No way, that is……Auguste? That Black Knight is my son?”

“Yes, there is no mistake. Dear……that is our Auguste.”


The Queen who had kept her silence and quietly smiled beside the King until now, clearly asserted.

She held the hand of King Ignitia with a trembling hand.


“Ooh……that Auguste……finally, he can ride……moreover, with such gallantry, dancing in the sky brilliantly……”

“Of course. That child is the son of you and me……he is the legitimate successor of King Ignitia.”

“I have always believed in you. Of course I believe you. However, to actually see the proof, I didn’t think that my heart would tremble like this.”

“Yes……I feel the same.”

“But, God, what a cruel thing you are……to my child who is to be praised for this kind of rare capability, I must announce his violation of rule and his defeat……”


While talking, King Ignitia hung his head.


“If that child didn’t fly in this sacred tournament venue……or if the dragon with that child was not Blackcurrant with the magical stirrup……”


The Queen put a handkerchief on the cheek of the King and wiped away the tear that would have flowed there.

But, some tears were running down the cheeks of the Queen.


That is good.

Auguste’s parents believe that he is riding a dragon with his own ability.

Surely, that would be more valuable to Auguste than being believed by anyone else.


But those who were familiar with Auguste, which was far from the true Auguste and believed the scandals, chose the opposite response.

The crowd talked about Auguste from one’s mouth to others, casting a gaze of contempt at him.


Louis raised the axe he was holding as if boosted by the audience’s voice.

Turning around, the audience seemed to overflow with cheers calling for Louis.


Louis laughed and with a grin, he ordered Camellia to close in on Auguste.

At the same time as she was approaching, Camellia’s tail swept the ground and bombarded Auguste and Blackcurrant with sands.

The pair of a person and a dragon closed their eyes and diverted their faces.

Without missing that chance, Louis swung the axe he had.

Auguste who couldn’t avoid the attack, received the attack physically.

The shield hung on the chest of the dragon was destroyed with a blow from Louis’ axe and rolled to the ground of the match arena.


At the same time, it was the last fight of the tournament finale – the beginning of the match of swords.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 33: Tournament (part four)

  1. I don’t usually comment but I am so impressed by your update speed!! Love this novel, only recently discovered. Thanks for the chapter, you are incredible!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. If you ask me… he has his validation… who cares if those assholes don’t acknowledge him… he has flown… he has proven he can, imagine all this time that his Father may have had doubts… how horrible for that kid right? that wife of his… how long did she have to endure the shitty rumors… Anyway… those assholes deserve a serious slap down

    I love this story a lot heh… the characters are rich very vibrant, not background noise like other stories would have them, it reminds me of Silver spoon and Barakamon… those characters are all interesting, you have a fleshed out world that isnt only centered around the MC but have other people that have lives outside of the main arc and you can feel that… btw I recommend reading or watching Silver spoon and Barakamon if you havent lol… fun manga and anime 🙂 Even though we dont really see much of the siblings Mother and Father, I kind of imagine them to be very much like Handas Parents on Barakamon lol
    Another pov of our cute sibling’s fanfic from earlier chapters… I always thought it was strange that Klaus would agree with hiding the truth, he seems like a stoic and honest kind of guy, always saying what he thought like the brainless fool he is, but underlying with his personality, lying about what happened was something I didn’t think he would do… so when Ann was threatening him with a tattle tale like threat, it didn’t sit well that it was about their adventure in the ruins so I made up something else entirely… lol.
    Ann Pov
    “You should go wash, you smell of sweat”
    My Onii sama needs a lot of help, his stupid mouth says things that can be taken the wrong way… watching him leave Erica with words like that made my clenched fists itchy…. I want to punch him… in fact I did.. it felt so good, reflect Onii sama!… lately I have been rather violent towards him… Im not sure what has awakened in me…
    No matter… the task at hand is to ensure Onii sama doesnt mess up and tell our Parents everything… knowing him he will reveal every death trap we came across… I had no intention of becoming grounded for the rest of my life… hmmph… baka!… I absolutely had to follow him when our Parents find out about his adventure…
    The next day I confronted Onii sama… I went into his room listening to his conversation with the maid…
    “Do you see this pillow?” the maid nodded… “Do not change, clean or touch this pillow… its forbidden ensure the rest of our servants are aware”
    He walked off into the bedroom with that pillow hugged to his chest… my eyes narrowed…
    Hmm? Pillow? I do remember him carrying one… my interest was piqued… I watched him carefully place the pillow in the drawer… is that Ericas? did this baka steal her pillow? omg… Onii sama… you pervert!!! I covered my eyes… is this how you show your resolve? stealing things from your precious love? at least its just a pillow… but what if its clothing items next? ugh… I need to deal with this quickly!
    “Good morning Onii sama..”
    “Ah… Ann… hey… why did you punch me last night!”
    Hmph this is why I dub you Baka Nii!
    “Onii sama… your words to Erica last night were very ungentlemanly, in fact it was rude…”
    He looked clueless… I just might need to punch him again…
    “Erica is a refined lady… you should address her as such… and not comment about her sweat!”
    “Shutup! Do you want her to hate you?”
    “w… wh….?”
    “Since you have absolutely no clue about a womens heart, I your dear sister will educate you, so the chances at failure will be greatly reduced… honestly Onii sama if it were left to you, I fear you will be single for the rest of your life… ”
    “Now listen up!… I shall do a lot of work on your behalf… so I wont have you interfering at all? just be good and let me handle everything!”
    Onii samas eyes were bulging… but seriously I did not care one bit…
    “By the way… is that Pillow Erica samas?”
    “W.. how… what!”
    “Well I cant imagine you being possessive over an ordinary pillow… its hers isnt it!”
    “… what do you take me for!”
    Looking indignant he very firmly denied it was hers… hmmm
    “This is my pillow!!”
    Suddenly terrible thoughts arose in my mind… no wait that makes no sense… shaking my head I looked at Onii sama…
    “She looked tired when I went to see her! so I offered to get her a cushion, because I couldnt find one I got her a pillow instead!”
    “Oh… ”
    I went to the draw and looked at the pillow… picking it up, aah… I see a fine golden hair strand… before Onii sama snatched it from my hands….
    I looked at Onii sama.. then imagined the rest… the way he held that pillow, how careful he was, and the order given to the maid spoke volumes… I covered my eyes… despair stabbing at my heart… I peeked at Onii sama…
    “Never reveal what you do to that Pillow… I dont want to know either”
    (Ann why do you know such mature content…you are 7 right? not a reincarnator are you? :P)
    “t..kuh… wah!!”
    Onii sama I have never seen that shade of red before… breathe… youre looking purple Onii sama…. breathe…
    “Fear not… I have erased it from my memory… anyway, what did you tell Ericas Father about what happened in the ruins?”
    It took some time before Onii sama replied, his color had returned, although his bewildered shocked expression remained… Sorry for changing topics so abruptly Onii sama, but surely you realize that Im in shock too you know!
    “You! I did nothing improper!!!” his face a bright red (liar…hugging that pillow might not be improper… sif fool!)
    I just scowled at him…
    “I didnt!!!” he started to sulk…
    “Fine, lets not dwell on that anymore, my young mind cant take it… now tell me what you said!!”
    “Hmph.. actually… Erica said it… she lied… only revealing the cursed chest…she…” sighing heavily he continued “She took the blame, said it was her that went into the ruins… and that I followed to protect her…”
    “Not bad Erica sama, although…”
    After the shock and feelings of relief subside, they will no doubt notice some holes in that story…
    “We will need to back her up… so Onii sama… you must not mention my part in all this… like Erica you need to follow through… if they find out what really happened… ”
    “It is better to accept punishment… its wrong that I am considered the hero when its Erica who saved us… my honor and pride can’t accept this! at least our Parents should know the truth!”
    “Your pride and honor be damned! Death is what almost happened!… this wasnt a childish escapade… you put me and Erica at risk!… if you revealed it all, ask yourself what would happen? do you think it will be a simple slap on the wrist?”
    I slapped his wrist for good measure.. Onii sama flinched… hmm why does it feel so good to hit Onii sama…
    “Erica would forever be denied you, and you would be seen as an incompetent foolish child. If Ericas parents found out, they would never want you anywhere near her! For you, she lied, for you, she took the blame…for us she hid the truth… rather than being selfish… you should be humbly thanking Erica!”
    I stared Onii sama down… this baka… he needs more motivation… hes still not completely willing.
    “Fine… Ill also tell them you are a pervert, that you have been doing improper things to that pillow that Erica slept on… ”
    I heard Onii sama shout… “THERE WAS NOTHING….”
    “Afterwards Ill tell her brother… and then Erica sama… I wonder what kind of expression she will make…Im sure Edward sama will have plenty to say on that… hmmm… I suddenly want to know!” I interrupted smiling…
    “I will do as you say…” His head bowed low… gritting his teeth…
    I was sitting with our Parents when Onii sama came in to give them a detailed account of his adventure, he did not speak of what happened after the cursed chest… I was smiling at him the whole time, Onii sama admited it was his fault that they were there… it was the only thing I would allow when we discussed what would be said…
    Onii sama didnt lie, he just didnt reveal everything… this was his only concession…Father was not amused and lectured him for quite sometime… Okaa sama was looking at me the whole time… I felt an uncomfortable shiver down my spine…
    “Ann” She gently stroked my hair “You know we came here for a reason yes?”
    I nodded… my eyes level with her waist. Trembling I didnt try to say anything more, Mother had already Acknowledged Erica… I too wanted Erica in our family…
    “Very good… and Ann… Im glad you are safe” She walked away leaving me feeling cold with sweat…
    I needed a sweet treat after that… Onii sama had finally been released by Father, he looked drained and tired… he scowled when he saw me…
    “Onii sama… please do your best, now lets get ready to meet with Erica Onee sama”
    Erica, who was waiting for us to arrive… looked rather exhausted, this did not diminish her beauty at all, I was rather envious, but Onii sama as per usual was glued to her as though fascinated.
    “You… did you even sleep? those ba.. Arrh”
    I pinched his arm with all my might… I gave him an icy cold stare… go on… I dare you… say one more word…
    “Oh Onii sama! did you get stung by a bee?”
    I patted the area I pinched then scowled at him, censor that stupid mouth of yours! We began happily gathering flowers… at least I did… fu fu fu, Onii sama had become very useful as our attendant, I was quite pleased.
    “Now, Klaus-sama, please hold this flower properly.”
    She picked a faint thin pink rose with pruning shears, handing it to Onii sama who turned into a bouquet-creation machine.
    “Ufufu, Klaus-oniisama. Today you will listen to what I say, right?”
    Klaus Pov
    Like I have any choice brat! I scowled at Ann… what happened to her! she use to be so cute and sweet, now shes demanding and violent!… and t…that threat… what the heck!
    Today we were walking through the Knot Garden of Spring Palace as promised, I cant stand flowers of any kind, I am a scholarly warrior, a defender of the weak… unfortunately none can be found here glaring at Ann and Erica… gah… stop giving me that look Ann!
    I feel imasculated… yes, my wretched sister is thoroughly enjoying this, who knew she was this twisted! hmph!
    “Erica, did you stay up all night?”
    I ignored Anns stare… d..dammit I saw her mouth moving silently… is she cursing me?gah! But seriously Erica… you need more sleep, dark circles under your eyes are unbecoming, although you are still beautiful, I am concerned… the only sleep you got was when I gave you my pillow…puhhha! I gave myself an internal shake, calm down!
    “Yes, I was cleaning up a little……Klaus-sama, good work on enduring the scoldings.”
    Scoldings you say? Father wouldnt stop… it became repetitive after a while… I completely zoned out, it wasnt difficult to endure, I wasnt sure how long he would keep that up but even he tired of it… Mother was watching me the whole entire time with a slight smile on her lips, that unnerved me more than Fathers ranting…
    Argh! Women are troublesome! especially my Mother… the way she acts towards me is quite smothering, whenever we would go out Monster hunting She would be there constantly fussing, I remember the first time I left with Father she was practically using him as a Punching bag, to my immature eyes it looked playful, but now that I look back on it, he was in real pain…
    “It’s not ‘good work.’”
    Ever since the Ruins, I did not view Women the same way again, how could I? I discovered rather than being frail and weak, theyre rather tenacious, brave, and strong, capable of taking on anything, I had to re evaluate my opinion and most of it stemmed from those insipid girls that visited our residence from my early childhood, of course my wretched sister seemed to cement my earlier opinion, when she acted so flimsy and weak, always praising me… argh! all lies, I also discovered how damned deceptive they can be, how dastardly cunning!
    Ive been put through the ringer (do they even have that? shrugs itll do) first from Ann then Father and later Mother… tch… I cant imagine the torture I wouldve been put through if all was revealed, I grudgingly acknowledged the good sense in deception. But part of me still wanted retribution (S&M) I felt deserving of punishment.
    “……The preaching, ……no, my father’s teaching, it’s not over yet. I just had a momentary break.”
    “After that, it seems to be my mother’s turn……”
    I saw Ann flinch… Hah! not immune to your own species either! (women and girls are the same species as you fool) wait… something was hovering on the edge of my perception, one of warning colors that screamed danger…
    “Hii……Klaus-sama, please live.”
    We wandered endlessly among colors of every kind, drowned in the gentle perfume of flowers, I hated it completely, however their natural beauty paled in comparison to Erica, overwhelmed by a sense of relief I was incredibly happy that she was alive with us… tch… damn random thoughts!!
    “There is a very beautiful rose over there!”
    For a moment I thought she meant Erica…
    “I guess we have no choice. There are only two or three more.”
    “Onii-sama! If you don’t reflect properly, I would like to let Otou-sama and Okaa-sama know……”
    My God! insidious creature! shutup!!
    “Kuh…! Let’s go, Erica! If we let her be, she will reap all the roses in this garden!”
    “I won’t do that!”
    My sister takes all that she wants without regard… including my indentured slavery! gah!
    “Yes, yes. Ann-sama, you can cut as much as you like.”
    Please stop encouraging her!
    “Erica-oneesama, what is that yellow flower over there?”
    Onee sama? tsk.. is that a hint? like I need that!… but part of me got warm inside… s..she could really become Anns real… o..onee sama…. heh… dammit! why do I feel so giddy!
    Staring at Erica I noticed she wasnt unhappy at being called that… d..dont tell me s..she also wants to be.. w..with me? my heart raced rapidly (dream on fool!)
    I looked on at Ann the enslaver, the reaper, the cunning, (did she unlock several achievements lol are you her mount Klaus?) mow down the sea of flowers like there was no tommorrow… seriously dont you have enough? I can only hold so much! and some of these damn flowers have thorns! are you cutting them properly? its on purpose isnt it! I shake my fist at Ann internally… gah!
    “Good grief……, I don’t know where she gets her inability to stay calm, that girl.”
    “She’s exactly like Klaus-sama. She’s very curious. Aah but, Klaus-sama lacks Ann-sama’s courteousness.”
    What the hell did you say?… just what do you think of me!!
    “Oi, Erica……no, Lady Erica. Just now, what did you say?”
    I could feel a cold aura descend when I called Erica by name… gah… why do we need to be so formal! tsk… Ann was relentlessly schooling me about my laxed attitude towards Erica… how I was not paying proper respect, how my actions and words reflect badly… All I could hear was “Do you want her to hate you?” “Do you want me to share your dirty secret?” Oh my god! is she even my sister?
    “Oh my, Klaus-sama. Please, have a look. It’s a lovely large-flowered rose.”
    I felt the stem of a rose slide behind my ear… w..wait… what! my arms filled with flowers couldnt move to block her! No! Ann gave me a dark look, “Drop those flowers and your dead” gah! shaking my head furiously I tried in vain to dislodge that evil rose.
    “Oh, it really suits you, Klaus-sama.”
    You!! take it out! this damn joke has gone far enough! remove it damn you! I could feel my cheeks burning… argh! women are not to be trusted!!
    “Wait a minute! Stop that!”
    Ericas eyes were filled with delight her smile widening as I struggled to get it out… the damn thorns were scratching my ear… damn violent women!!
    “Oya, Klaus-kun, you’re surprisingly pretty cute.”
    I just about threw the flowers in the air when I saw one of my evil nemesis appear, my heart dropped to the floor, this… why!! just why must I be subjected to this humiliation! (punishments a bitch, besides I thought you wanted it :P)
    “Well! Edward-oniisama, welcome back!”
    “Geh, Edward!?”
    No… no… anyone but him… NOO!! I was dancing around flustered my face red and fuming… I wanted to dig a hole and dive in! you evil doer! why must you be here to witness my shame!! I lost! I lost again!
    “Damn……! Stop it! Don’t look at me like this!”
    Ann gave me a complicated look as she stared at me in a vulnerable state… my enemies draw ever closer! flee! I must retreat! retreat! (Megatron from transformers is being channeled here today)
    “You don’t have to hide. Isn’t it pretty?” (was it Erica or Edward that said this heh if it was Edward, well… rip brat lol)
    “Guh……Remember this, Edward Aurelia! This shame, I will definitely get rid of it!”
    Ann Pov
    Before Edward made his appearance I saw an amazing sight, Onee sama was being playful putting a beautiful rose in Onii samas hair… his antics following that left me speechless….
    I have seen sly hags try to be cute and weak for Onii sama, they would pretend an innocent bee sitting on a flower was trying to get them, hoping he would rescue them from being stung… since Onii sama is dense he hardly ever reacted… but right now he was looking just like that… prancing around like a bee was trying to sting him… he looked rather cute and adorable shaking his head vigorously…
    My heart went cold with fury… just what are you doing Onii sama… Give me back my childhood memories! give me back my cool Onii sama! I did not think it would get any worse… but it did… when Edward appeared, that last bastion of hope I held in my heart for my Amazing Onii sama shattered…
    I beat a hasty retreat pulling that baka with me… once we were alone I looked at Onii sama with an emotionless expression…
    Klaus Pov
    I wanted to roll on the ground and pound it in fury! argh… I didnt notice the mood had changed drastically, Ann was looking at me a coldly empty expression, I started to tremble…
    “Should I be calling you Onee sama instead?”
    That cold voice sent shivers down my spine
    “Onee sama… you are so beautiful… so adorable… Oi..just which Aurelia sibling are you in love with? ”
    Her voice got colder, her eyes narrowed piercing my soul…what are you saying Ann!! I was taking serious damage..
    “W…wait… what!!?”
    “A delicate blushing bride, hoping your Prince would notice you?”
    Every word stabbed at my pride, I felt I lost on so many levels that day that I will never recover… w.. was I really like that? NOOO! NOOO!!!! I wanted to claw at my face! Just how much more must I suffer! I have no such feelings towards that evil doer! I would never! (denial… so greedy for Aurelia attention)
    “Cheat on Erica Onee sama and find out what will happen, just try me…”
    No emotion in her voice just that Cold empty stare… aah… I felt years shave off my life… I had never been so frightened in my life…

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    1. Right? My heart hurts when translating the King and Queen’s parts…ugh, that Louis *grumble grumble*

      And lol ‘Ann the Enslaver’, seems about right XD
      I think Klaus didn’t say anything about Erica’s lies to respect her will, and the Duke already bowed his head so he must feel very awkward.

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