Chapter 38: Burial Chamber of Angels (part four)

We’re already more than halfway through this arc. And now we finally meet the contract beast! Also, you will love the next chapter~

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“Tell me, am I father’s……King Henri Ignitia’s son?”


Auguste’s question echoed in the hidden room.

I was going to answer him in reflex, but stopped.

I thought it was a question for me, but his line of sight was directed at another place.

It sounded like an invisible conversation partner was there.


“So, I am a human? This power, what the heck is this?”


With a serious tone of voice, Auguste’s question continued.

I couldn’t see his expression, he was turned away from me.


“……You always use gentle words for my ears. Always say something that is convenient for me. You are a liar, you twist the truth as much as you like.

Aah, I know. Really, because my heart is weak, I cannot believe your words.

I shouldn’t run away……from the truth, from myself, and from you.”


Auguste cut off his words and looked back slowly.


“……You followed me to a place like this, Erica.”


Auguste’s expression was covered with a calm smile, even though he was appealing to someone with sorrow as if coughing up blood until just now.


Auguste wouldn’t even show his sorrowful expression, because then his heart would terribly hurt.

In a few days of friendship, I couldn’t step on the other side of the smiling mask.


But, it doesn’t matter.

What I want right now is not caring for Auguste’s heart.

After we escape from the fate of destruction, we can slowly heal the wounds of his heart.


“Auguste-sama, let’s go home. It will still be in time.”

“Be in time? What is? What do you mean ‘in time’?”

“That is……”


Unintentionally, I was lost for words.

Auguste’s amethyst colored eyes shook.


“Everything, it’s all too late. Things that once get into the heart of a person cannot be wiped away easily. To reverse the suspicions that have entered, I need great power……that is, the power that can cause miracles.”


Auguste said with sharp words.


“My mother has always believed in me. My father also tried to believe in me, no matter how doubtful it was.

I want to give my parents the results they wanted.

I want to be the Auguste they wanted.”


I can’t possibly understand his feelings.

I don’t know about Auguste’s three years of suffering that began at the age of seven.

What kind of experience did he have, that he had to resort to this forbidden magic?

We had been together for the last few days, but I didn’t try to understand him.


But, it shouldn’t be a thing that cannot stop his ruin.

Even if someone else who knows nothing interferes unnecessarily, it should be fine.


“Even so! Auguste-sama, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice yourself!”

“Sacrifice……Erica has seen through everything, huh.”


To my plead, Auguste laughed thinly in a self-depreciating manner.


“You knew about the magic, you knew and hid it.”

“Sorry. I lied to you.”

“I don’t want you to apologize. I want you to give this up……”

“I have already decided, Erica.”


Blocking my words, Auguste said so with a lost voice.

I wonder why he had a fragile smile on his face that seemed like he would disappear somewhere.


“Thank you for being my friend, Erica.”

“Why are you saying that now? It’s as if we won’t be friends from now on.”


It was almost like a last farewell.

Since he is one of my few friends, I would be troubled if he quits being my friend.

As I quickly told him that, Auguste seemed to close off.

Rather, he can forcibly stop his emotion when someone draws near, I wonder whether it is good.


“If my wish comes true, I will surely disappear.”

“……No way.”

“So, I’m glad I could meet you again in the end.”


Silvery light flared in Auguste’s hand.

It was a knife with a strange design.

It seems that there was something like that in the cathedral exhibit.

The problem is what he is going to do with that.


“Don’t do it!”


Auguste made a small slash on his palm quickly before Tirnanog and I could rush over to him.


“If only one miracle can happen, I wish for the ‘me’ that I should have been.

Not the ‘me’ who is right here, but the ‘me’ who is confident and never doubt myself.

The ‘me’ who can ride the dragons freely and dance in the sky, and make my father and mother proud.

If I can get it, I don’t need my heart—”


Drops of blood were dripping from his hand.

But before that dripping blood touched the floor, the blood disappeared as if it had been licked by something invisible.

The purple eyes of Auguste quietly closed.



“According to the old pact, as a price for my wish, I will give my guardian my blood, flesh, and soul, —I dedicate everything.”



Strength faded from Auguste’s body, he looked up to the sky and fell down.

At the same time, flame flared up behind him.


The flame burned red and reached about twice the height of an average person’s height.

A person-like shadow flickered in the flame.

Two arms emerged from between the tongues of the raging flame and hugged Auguste.


ch 38



『Foolish child……you make my heart worn-out with worries.

Ah, even so, what irony is this?

Because of the scars carved in your heart, in your eyes, your soul that cannot be compared reflects so beautifully.』


The flame gradually became smaller and the person hidden in the fire revealed their appearance.

Voluminous blonde hair of the color of the sun, reminiscent of the lion’s mane.

Tanned skin reminiscent of the burning desert.

The heat of the flame turned into threads and weaved a red dress of the South and the light condensed and turned into golden accessories.


It was a beautiful yet terrifying woman who seemed wild and ferocious to me.


She looked young, but she also seemed to be old.

She looked immature, but also appeared to be well-developed.


I couldn’t guess her age from her appearance, but it is no wonder.

Because, this woman, no matter how I look she is not a human being.

She can’t be measured by human scale.


Above all, it was her eyes that cemented the thought that she is not a human.

Golden pupils with vertically elongated iris, reminiscent of a cat-family carnivorous beast.

Slightly lifted, big pair of eyes.


Sense of intimidation and dread that seemed to clog my breath just by looking.

Attraction and sense of security that seemed to melt my heart just by looking.

Just by looking at the pair of eyes that gave off conflicting impressions, my instinct understood that she was a foreign being in the human world.


“Palug-san……? No way, you are the contract beast……?”


The person, who no matter how I looked was the self-proclaimed devil Palug, only smiled while narrowing her eyes.

I received that smile as affirmative.


I couldn’t mistake that face.

But, even though I got the confirmation, I can’t believe that she is that self-proclaimed devil.

The impression is different from the time when we met in the God’s mural painting room or on the terrace of the royal castle.

Right now the obvious indications of a monstro is coiling around her, I would even be convinced if I am told that she is not truly the self-proclaimed devil.


Palug laid Auguste down on the floor with a gesture as if treating a precious treasure.

It was a compassionate gesture like a mother.


『Well, I never expected to you to come to a place like this……Erica-ojouchan?』

“Palug-san, if you are the contract beast, then this conversation will be easier. I beg you, do not sign a contract with Auguste, please.”


Why is she the contract beast?

I wonder why she didn’t grant Auguste’s wish so far even though she is the contract beast.

I pushed back all those doubts and decided to convince Palug.

Because if the contract is to be fulfilled it would become the contract of destruction, I need to stop the contract beast no matter what.


Truly, I am even prepared to battle if needed.

However, since the contract beast is Palug, I might be able to get rid of the contract without needing to fight.


“If you fuse with Auguste-sama for the contract, six years in the future you will be in a rampaging state.”

『I know.』

“I do not know the reason, but the contract beast……you cannot withstand the fusion with Auguste-sama.”

『I know.』

“If you are in a rampaging state, there is a risk of killing people. Besides, by separating from Auguste once again, he will lose the ability to ride a dragon. This time, forever.”

『That’s why I said, I know.』


After Palug laid down Auguste, she looked backward slowly.

Unlike the gentle eyes that were directed towards Auguste before, listless eyes stared at me.


『Wait, Erica! Do not get any closer to her!』


『Be careful, just because her body looks humanoid, that doesn’t necessarily mean her heart is the same as human’s.』

“But, Palug-san is……”


Light flashed in front of my eyes.

At the same time, a black shadow appeared before my eyes.


The gauntlet of the left forearm of Tirnanog was scratched.

Palug’s pose was different from a few seconds ago, she was in a posture as if brandishing her right hand.

It was only these two ‘results’ that I could confirm.


In a split of second, it seems that some battle has begun between these two people……no, two beings.


『Oh my~ such a smart snake. I thought I’d give you a gentle end in a moment before you could figure out what happened.』

『You finally show your true identity, female fox! I thought you were suspicious since the beginning!』


Tirnanog stood in front of Palug as if to protect me.

No matter how I look at this, fighting is unlikely to be avoided.

But, I don’t know why Palug would try to kill me.


I mean, did I raise a death flag without noticing?

Please forgive me for being surprised.


“Tir, ‘since the beginning’, but you didn’t……”

『I told you. Do not be deceived, this is not a devil. Probably, that guy is not a devil, but a kind of a phantom beast. If we ignore the definition’s correctness, it may be intuitively easier to understand if we call her a divine beast.』

“A divine beast……? Palug-san is……?”


Palug-san shook her head.

The golden hair that looked like a lion’s mane was shaking like a kabuki play in my previous life.

From her head, ears resembling that of a lion’s came out, both of her arms became covered with short golden fur, and her sharp nails grew even longer.

From the gap of her dress which was opened from the back to the waist, a lion-like tail stretched out and swayed.

Golden eyes stared at us between the turbulent hair.


『Before it was a fox and now a divine beast, you keep calling me as you like. Snake, do you have bad eyes?』

『Nuuuuu……! Woman, you bastard, you dare call me a snake!?』


Tirnanog kicked the floor and shot towards Palug.

The moment his black claws tried to reach Palug, that flash of light clashed again with his claws.

Tirnanog, who was wearing a heavy armor, was blown off and he came back in front of me after somersaulting in the air.


『I am at disadvantage with this body……Erica, release all my restraint.』

“Y-yes, I understand!”


I cast an order for Tirnanog’s armor so that it can be shed mid-air.


Starsteel brings out malleability equal to gold by absorbing magical power and gains hardness comparable to steel.

Fortunately magical power exist abundantly, so another hidden function was built in Tirnanog’s armor.


“Open the cage, release the constraints, tear the chains to pieces, all prohibitions shall shatter and turn into stardust.

My technique is a furnace unseen. My principles a mould invisible.

My spells an anvil out of sight. My curse a hammer unperceived.

Memories sealed in black steel, be restored!

Regain your true form and cover my friend – Armor of stardust!”


As if hearing the command words that I spoke, magic letters of ancient Aurelia emerged faintly on the armor that covered Tirnanog.

From the Philosopher’s Stone which had integrated with Tirnanog’s soul, lots of magical power flowed into the starsteel armor.

The starsteel armor that covered Tirnanog broke in the form of letters and fluttered in the wind like petals.


Tirnanog who exposed his liquid body expanded more and more.

He was as big as an elephant and his figure was like a dragon.


Starsteel, which dissembled in the form of letters, adhered to the liquid epidermis shaping the figure of the time when we met at the megalithic altar.

The fragments that once again covered Tirnanog like fish scales were giving off a strong light all the time.

When the light dimmed, the starsteel which looked like scales merged into the huge armor of the black dragon.


『My, my, you think you’re going to win just by growing bigger?』

『You should know that it’s not just my size that has changed!』


Tirnanog, who completed the transformation in a split second, shot all the way towards Palug.

The claws of Tirnanog which were brandished as he moved first with all his power, struck the golden divine beast.

A thunderous roar shook the whole hidden room as if the air itself exploded.

Right. This is something I had always want to write but can’t because of spoilers.

The name of Palug herself came from Cath Palug, a monstrous cat from Welsh legend. (source). And in this story, all the cat monsters in various legends are one and the same. That including the legend about Sphinx. So don’t be confused that the story behind Palug is a mix of everything.

And about the beasts classification. Humans only divide them into two classification, which are magical beasts and phantom beasts. Contract beast is not a classification, it’s just that: a beast that performs a contract.

I guess divine beast is a beast that is stronger than phantom beast, but it’s still in the classification of a phantom beast. Since the characteristics of phantom beasts are: can understand and speak human language, stronger and harder to elucidate than magical beasts, can manipulate systematized magic, and only few sightings and encounters.

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    I had learned too late what had happened to Erica… my heart dropped thinking of how terrified she must’ve been, Father had just finished removing my curse, when I arrived, I can honestly say, my Father is thoroughly terrifying, just his expression alone was enough to make shake…

    “Erica could’ve died, what if she had gotten lost in there? why did you give her your keys to Wunderkammer?”

    His eyes were glaring at me with such intensity I had to turn away.

    “She greatly admires you, Edward, while she has never been a willful child, we don’t know what kinds of burdens shes endured since your Mother passed away…”

    “I am truly sorry Father, I… I never thought… this oversight will never happen again”

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    Sighing he looked at me with a sorrowful expression.

    “I cant afford to lose either of you…”

    I felt a lump at the back of my throat, I knew how precious we both were to Father, we are all that remains of Mother.

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    I had learned that Erica had become curious, and decided to go explore the ruins, that Harvan brat had accompanied her, I smelled a rat.

    Erica never showed any signs of such curiosity, rather than being a reckless child she was very reserved, almost to the point of being introverted. Suddenly deciding on her own to enter that place was highly unlikely, but rather than cause further issues I left things as it is.

    Father was now aware of my exploration of the Ruins, the lecture I was given was rather painful, thinking of Erica in that place filled me with guilt.

    After leaving Father I immediately went to the ruins, using my modified wand of urd sight I followed the path of my Little sister, only to discover all was not as it seemed…

    So that’s what happened… I clenched my fist, as a dark aura arose around me, Oh ho ho… I had used up an absurd amount of charges on my wands to investigate this happy duo as they explored the ruins, I realized that my sister had lied to Father, taking the blame for that brat when it was all his doing, it was you Klaus that caused this, hah! I’m going to make you pay dearly for this!!… I was both horrified and fascinated by the adventure that was unfolding before my very eyes… Erica… you… my heart nearly stopped several times, however, I was so very proud of my brave, gentle and kind Little sister… my eyes felt itchy, I wanted to give her a hug right now… silly child, to do something so dangerous!… my heart won’t be able to stand this much excitement, I decided to turn my chaotic emotions into revenge… a clear image of Klaus was ingrained in my mind, you… I will make you mine for the remainder of your pathetic life! (BL path unlocked hehe just kidding it opened long ago… mwahaha… joking)

    If Father knew of this my life would not be enough to repay this debt… I had inadvertently saved my little sister with that curse… how ridiculous… watching this unfold shaved years off my lifespan, I might die young at this rate… standing in the Cathedral I watched in amazement that incredible battle, aah… I had wanted to unlock the secrets of this labyrinth, to think that these immature brats would be the first… my pride is wounded…

    My eyes locked on to that brat who was looking at Erica with deep fascination, Oh ho ho brat! did you awaken to something while down here with my little sister? as if I will allow it! not on my watch! I paid careful attention to all the wands used, I fully intended to make that bastard my slave for the rest of his pathetic life in payment, the wands are just the tip of a large pile of what you owe the Aurelias, punishment is due for your recklessness brat, I will collect it.

    I watched with amusement Klaus being used as a vase, Erica was having fun putting flowers in his hair, but what is with that girlish response? he almost looks like a blushing bride who received a gift from her beloved… how disgustingly adorable…

    “Oya, Klaus-kun, you’re surprisingly pretty cute.”

    “Well! Edward-oniisama, welcome back!”

    I looked at Erica relieved that she was recovering from her ordeal, although those dark circles under her eyes was painful to look at… I really wanted to embrace her…

    “Geh, Edward!?”

    Really this brat is turning into a shy flustered maiden the longer I look, I couldn’t help but be amused, is your pride hurt being a flower container? hmph… I start imagining a flower pot called Klaus on my window sill,

    “Damn……! Stop it! Don’t look at me like this!”

    I felt rather delighted, this young brat was being so cute that I couldn’t stand it any longer… time to crush this fool…

    “You don’t have to hide. Isn’t it pretty?”

    I watched him stagger dramatically, seriously… was this the same boy that faced off against Zaratan? how ridiculous!… which reminds me, you have accumulated quite a substantial debt, be prepared for further payback, especially for dragging my sister into that mess!

    “Guh……Remember this, Edward Aurelia! This shame, I will definitely get rid of it!”

    I smirked inwardly watching him flee, that’s right… get lost brat! I’ll be seeing you later…

    “Because the news reached me by owl delivery, I came home in a hurry, but……I’m sorry, Erica. Did you almost die because of the trap I set up?”

    “No, I was able to dispel it safely, so it’s alright.”

    I gently patted her on the head wanting to embrace her tightly… sighing inwardly I looked down at this small girl looking up at me with a hint of guilt in her green eyes.

    “Rather than that, I’m sorry I devastated your supplies for exploration.”

    “It’s okay. I heard the story from father yesterday. To think that the leftover of my supplies had helped my lovely little sister to survive. I rather feel proud.”


    I wanted to reassure her that she did wonderfully to escape from that maze, outside of those 3 only I knew about her adventure… I crouched down looking at her gently, I am very glad you are safe Erica… I could see tears well up in her eyes… aah… so cute… too cute for that brat that’s for sure! Gently I enfolded her in my arms, we stayed like that for a short while, she looked much brighter. (yeah he didn’t do that in the story, but wouldn’t you if Erica was your cute imouto?)

    “Oh, but for the time being, please tell me later, as much as you remember about the details of who used it and how much they used it.”

    “……What are you going to do?”

    Hush Erica… be not concerned, your Onii sama will take care of everything, I’ll make sure this brat pays in full everything that was used and of course for making you suffer down there… mwahaha! this might be a sliver lining! I needed a good slave, if he tries to be petulant I’ll beat it out of him, the image of a whip beating a blushing flower vase was rather disturbing, I shook myself inwardly.

    “It’s a secret. Erica doesn’t need to be bothered by that, so please be relieved.”

    “I also went to the ruins secretly a few times, but I could hardly reach the place I wanted.”

    I watched her carefully, she looked a little restless… yes I know it was you and those 2 brats that went there instead of me, you stole my thunder! but noone will know, its a secret for us only, this still does not eliminate the burn of being beaten by mere children to uncover the secret I worked so hard for…

    “What is the destination place?”

    “My friend investigated through literatures, but in the deep part of that ruins, the remains of an unknown gigantic creature seem to be sealed.”

    “O-oh……, is that so–. I don’t believe it–”

    Ah, dear little sister… don’t lie to your Onii sama… but I’ll forgive you because you are precious

    “In relation to the surrounding soil and the distribution of star crystals and the distribution of veins, with Ruins of Visitor as the center, even if it is a small estimation, it is likely that a diameter of at least 5 kilometers is formed on the base of the remains of that creature.”

    “Hii……5 kilometers, huh……?”

    Her eyes are so wide with surprise… Erica… your ability to lie is weak…

    “It’s an impossible dream, isn’t it?”

    Impossible you say? but I just saw you fight it you little glory hog… patting her head I gently smile…

    “That’s right. I don’t think you will go to the ruins anymore, but if you get lost for some reason, don’t go deeper than the seventh layer.”

    Father will certainly seal that place now…

    “Uu……why is that?”

    Feigning ignorance? have you no shame? but you are precious… so I will forgive you

    “A group of tough monsters was living in the eighth layer. The good thing is that they were barely wiped out, but if you used a few big magic, you would, unfortunately, deal a fatal damage to the labyrinth. Worst, the layer might collapse.”

    “T-that is dangerous……”

    Yes… isn’t it good that your Onii sama cleared it all for you? I doubt you would’ve gotten as far otherwise… a dark aura almost leaked out as I recall that brat…

    “I was consulting with a collaborating researcher whether we should reinforce the labyrinth or dig a tunnel to repair it. Either way, since it is beyond the scope that can be investigated secretly from father, I must arrange a way to send an official investigation team through Leandez Magic Academy.”

    I watched those emerald eyes start to water, are you afraid they will unravel your adventure? Poor Erica, you look very troubled… don’t worry, your Onii sama will take care of everything…

    “That reminds me, yesterday, when we were inside, we heard a loud noise that felt like the ground was breaking downstairs.”

    Well done Erica that almost looked like you had no clue what happened… My dearest Imouto, I don’t want you to learn how to be deceptive… I have more to punish that brat for…

    “Ah, maybe it has collapsed already. Is digging a tunnel the right choice? Even so……what was the trigger, there should have been no mechanical linked with other layers……maybe I missed it……”

    Ahh, Erica, you are squirming so uncomfortably… Your Onii sama is being mean, I apologize.

    “By the way, Onii-sama! It’s amazing that there was such a big creature!”

    As if you didn’t know already… still trying to pull one over your Onii sama?… but that’s alright you are precious so all is forgiven. My smile deepens as I pat her head again, well you should know it almost killed you!

    “Oya, are you also interested in the giant creature, Erica?”

    Her eyes were dancing everywhere without looking me in the eyes, ah she really looks troubled, should I stop? I’m sorry Erica, this is your Onii sama getting some payback, you did bring expensive tools for that brat to use after all.

    “Alchemist Jaconius, commonly known as Zaratan, Erica also knew about that, right? There is a theory that the person called Zaratan was possibly the name of that gigantic creature.”

    Ah, how I envy your encounter, Erica… I watched her swallow repeatedly, trying unsuccessfully to keep a neutral expression…

    “There are people in Leandez who noticed such a great thing, huh…”

    “There are also other theories, such as that theory, the secret organization theory, and the alien theory, that it was an ancient super-energy generator facility with a built-in space control mechanism.”

    I watched her face twitch at my comment… hmmm…

    “Onii-sama, the giant creature theory……”

    Erica looked like she wanted to know more and yet didn’t, while it was amusing to see her squirm about with conflicting emotions running chaotically on her face, I wanted her to understand what I knew of the ruins, I had decided to give her all the information that I believed were closer to the truth of the events all those years ago.

    “Oh, there are several folklores that supports it.”

    I had always found the story of Zaratan and Jaconius to be a sad one, especially when my own investigations and theories were applied to what I thought really happened, watching those children fight that beast only confirmed it.

    “Alchemist Jaconius, as what recorded in Aurelia’s family’s official history – there were differences between the story of the Philosopher’s Stone and the solitary Zaratan, and the story that was circulated in the ancient Aurelia’s family.”

    “I only knew the story of Zaratan that appeared in the fairy tale.”

    “Yes. Actually, it is a hidden legend that is conveyed to the dukes of Aurelia. In the legend of our family, Zaratan was killed by the magic that drops a star, but in the official history that Erica has yet to learn, in the end, he was killed with a knife while he was sleeping.”

    I had begun to notice a rather peculiar Golem walking our way… I narrowed my eyes staring at the star armor it wore… how curious? Is this Ericas? did Father make it for her? its movement was rather fluid, how impressive, I became fascinated as I told her the story of my curiosity about our origins and that of the Ruins.

    “I have a friend who loved that story first. At first, I was helping him, but before I noticed, I was completely absorbed in the story more than him……Our taciturn ancestors wanted to leave something for their distant descendants……somehow, isn’t that kind of story fascinating?”

    How interesting… it moves without hesitation, completely natural as though a living creature, whose golem is that?… I looked at Erica, and then at the Golem… hmmm, it came closer as though wanting to listen to my tale…

    “Onii-sama, do you know what happened to Zaratan?”

    Both Erica and the golem tilted their heads while she questioned me, aah… that was unexpectedly adorable…

    “It is not perfect because the folklore was being scattered and ultimately lost, but–”

    While I told the tale my eyes were locked on the Golem.

    “Our ancestors lived beyond the shining and distant seas of the stars.

    But, due to a disaster or some other reason, they were driven out from their homeland.

    An ancient alchemist reported as Jaconius created one artificial organism at sea.

    The name of the creature was Zaratan.”

    At the mention of that name it looked down at its hands as though imagining Jaconius giving it life, how curious… it stood like that for sometime, I continued my tale.

    “Zaratan grew to the size of a huge island after a long period of time and carried our ancestors in place of an aging ship.

    A city was built on the shell of Zaratan and the bones of Zaratan became precious ores, including star crystals and star steels.” (Are the aurelias from space lol?)

    I watched its arms wrap around its body, as it looked up as though seeing a memory… the animated movements were too fluid, seriously this is masterclass workmanship… but that armor…what is that…

    “After a long voyage, in which leadership had changed, they arrived at Ichthyes.

    However, the alchemist who was the leader at that time killed Zaratan who was a meritorious creature and the person who was the son or daughter of Jaconius.”

    The Golems head hung low once more both fists clenched, it trembled slightly… really? is it sad? how curious… what are you?

    “It was said that they did it to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone which was thought to be hidden in the body of Zaratan.

    But no matter how much they dissected the body of Zaratan, they couldn’t find the Philosopher’s Stone.”

    The Golem kept trembling, its head slowly looking up at the sky, it turned moving closer to Erica. What a marvelous design, yet that armor is so roughly made…

    “The alchemist opposed their own deeds and regretted their sins.

    They buried the child of Jaconius carefully in the depths of the body of Zaratan.”

    I watched as it leaned against Erica who seemed oblivious to its actions, she was too engrossed in my story, its head resting against her, is that a gift from Father Erica? I really want to know.

    “The alchemists made a deep labyrinth that nobody could approach its deep, while still being a tomb.

    Do not let anyone interfere with the sleep of Zaratan along with the child of Jaconius.”

    It stood still as though contemplating the story that I told. Was it imagining what happened? impossible.

    The youngest brother of Jaconius who survived and the daughter of the leader got married and became the new head of the Visitor’s Clan.

    That was the beginning of the Duchy of Aurelia.

    “The alchemists seemed to have broken one contract when killing Zaratan, an artificial creature, but I don’t know yet what that contract was.”

    Erica would often look sad, I could see her understand something that seemed to resonate with her, as her older brother I would try to make her happy, but her responses were a little forced, as though pleasing me was her focus rather than enjoying it for her own sake, my cute precious princess needs to escape these self-imposed shackles but imagining her blossoming like a flower for all to see gave me mixed feelings.

    “It’s a sad story……”

    “I don’t know if everything was true, but I think that the truth is hidden somewhere in this story and it may be the role of us who are the descendants of Jaconius to unravel it……that’s how it is.”

    I smiled brightly to cheer her up, she appeared really invested in this tale, When I first became fixated on this tale, in particular, I had wondered what the truth really was, I wish there was a wand that would allow visions of the past so I could know, but unfortunately nothing like that existed..

    “In my hypothesis, I think that they were not only buried, but they were enshrined as gods. I believe that the faith of the god Bren was made by combining the clan of Jaconius and Zaratan.”

    “Zaratan, a god……”

    “If the altar of Bren faith was found at that ruins, it will support my hypothesis……If the labyrinth collapsed, I wonder how many years it will take for a full-scale investigation…”

    I watched Erica as she stared off into space, she had a rather strange and complicated expression, as though remembering something painful, reaching out I caressed her hair, she would often drift off somewhere, her mind was rather complex, Father once said sometimes talking to Erica is like having a conversation with an Adult, he worried that she was repressing herself too much, being childlike was not a word used when describing Erica.

    While I was away most of the time, I did keep updated about how she was doing, our interaction with each other was perhaps a little distant at times, she would keep to herself making it difficult to get close with her, however, I was very proud of Erica, her studies were impeccable, her manners and attitude was exemplary.

    We both doted on Erica as she looked so much like Mother, if she became a spoiled brat then that would be expected, yet she didn’t, rather than indulging in her position, she tended to shun it, preferring to hide away from such things, this only made us love and worry about her more. Sometimes I wished she would act like a brat, her excursion in the Ruins was the first time she was so impulsive, usually she was very polite and inobtrusive with a gentle smile while warm and welcoming was distant, are you holding back Erica?

    I continued to look at that Golem, while I was initially very impressed with it, I noticed the armor it wore was rather amateurish, Father would not craft something so poorly made, while it was securely fitted, it was held together in a rather messy way, Erica definitely built this, but how? She had no talent, some might think it was unfortunate, but she never dwelled on it, nor was she envious, she simply accepted it and moved on, for her to have crafted this was rather amazing. Lets fish for information.

    “By the way, Erica, that golem……made of star steel, huh? When did you make it?”

    Her startled reaction was cute.

    “Ah……that, yesterday, I reused Onii-sama’s acid hydrogel golem’s core……”

    “Haha…I don’t mind, since I can make as many acid hydrogel golem as I want.”

    “I will appreciate it if you say so.”

    “But, I thought that it was a golem made of star steel. Because it will deform to some extent with magical powers, it could do living organism’s natural movements.”

    “Y-yes! That’s right!”

    Liar… but that is forgiven as you are precious, but I really want to know the construction of that Golem, it is so peculiar that I can’t stand not knowing.

    “It’s quite interesting–……Oya? Perhaps, this is a two-layer structure?”

    “Hii! It’s a top secret technology that is still under experiment right now!”

    “I see–, too bad……Oops, it’s already this time……”

    My dear sister, your relief in escaping my interrogation only stimulates my curiosity more, I’m glad you are an open book Erica, I would hate to monitor your actions… (stalker Onii sama alert!)

    “I will return to my room at once. Erica seemed to have completely devastated my supplies.”

    Brat I will be milking you for every single material needed to replace my supplies with interest look forward to it.


    Too cute Erica… did you do that to that stupid boy in the Ruins? is that way he is starry eyed when looking at you? please go back to that wallflower you tried to be, lets not give that brat an opportunity to snatch you away, dont worry your Onii sama will keep him busy for the rest of his life…

    “Let’s talk about that necklace when you have calmed down. I found out something interesting about it. Then, later, Erica.”

    That said, I left. Sometime later I found myself in the room of that Brat waiting patiently, when the door opened and Klaus’s suprised scream fueled my amusement further, haha… this brat can be cute! this will be fun… slave acquisition commenced

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  6. Really? Now I’m looking at the arches, and it’s basically 30% story and 70% fill, if it continues like this in the end it will be like Naruto. Well I haven’t finished the story yet, but looking at the index …


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