Chapter 42: Burial Chamber of Angels (part eight)

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“……W-what is it~?”



The silence was very awkward.

In addition, it was difficult to read Palug’s expression whose smile disappeared, it was hard to circle around it.

Please give some reaction.


Why did I say such a thing, I was embarrassed about my self-satisfied look.

No, it is fine even if it is embarrassing.

I decided to settle this not with battle but with wisdom, it is my last ray of hope.

If this was a wrong information, my survival after this is in danger.

After all, it is a straight line towards me being eaten alive.




Unexpectedly, there was a strange voice coming out of Palug.

Gradually, her face twitched and finally her face broke into a smile as if to say she couldn’t hold it back anymore.


『Ufu, ufufufu. Why do you know about it?

Oh no, ufufufufu. That was a secret between my King and I~

Eh~ hundreds of years have passed, how did you find out?

Ufufuh, aah~ how embarrassing~』


Palug covered her face while looking over here from the gap between her fingers, her tail was swishing back and forth as if troubled.

You look like you are having fun, Divine Beast-san.

Where is the serious person from just a few moments ago?

Ah, no, if that serious person is busy, she doesn’t have to force herself to come back.

This person who has advanced to the gag route by her own will should increase my survival rate.


Anyway, is it really fine to win by a riddle match?

I was supposed to be cornered and about to die, I wonder if this person loves telling a riddle that much.


『I can’t believe it, there is actually someone who challenges me to a riddle match in this era!

Prepare yourself, daughter of an alchemist.

Here is the match that will decide your fate. This is the beginning of hardships beyond imagination.

Once the match starts, not even God can stop it. If you want to withdraw, this is your last chance, you know?』


“I am the one who challenged you, and I will not run away now! Bring it on, Messenger of God!”


There is no way I will withdraw, I miraculously succeeded in saving myself from being eaten alive by a cat.

Whether it is a tough match or not, it is better than sitting around and waiting for my death.


『Aah! The annoying Curse from my God!

I cannot escape from this constraint granted to me by my God who dotes on the diminutive human beings.

I cannot help it, I really don’t want it, I really, really don’t want it!

But alas, I have to accept this riddle match.』


Palug was exaggeratingly lamenting in a tone of voice as if acting on a play, as she hugged herself in anguish.

No matter how I look at this angel, she is in high spirits.


『If this is a normal match, it will be my complete victory.

Then it will be boring and become a breach of contract with my God.

So, I will give you, who is just a human being, a chance to win.

If I make a mistake even once, it will be my defeat. You lose when you make three mistakes.』


Palug thrust three fingers before me as she said that.

She seems to have given me a handicap.

In this case, let’s get as much as I can get.


“I understand. I guess I can make two mistakes, right?”

『Yes, furthermore, every time you make a mistake, you will give me one third ownership of your body.』

“Um……Palug-san, human beings will die if you pluck out one third of their body.”

『Wait……don’t say such scary things. I’ll only mark you a little bit.』


『Don’t worry. I will return it to normal if you win.』


I said that word many times without voicing it while nodding in agreement.

What did she mean by ‘mark’?

I feel uneasy, I wonder if she really can return it to normal.


『Then, I will answer you.

Walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening……

An infant walks with their limbs, an adult walks with two feet for a long time, an old man who walks with a stick.

In other words, the answer is human?』




The first question was easily answered.

Perhaps in the southern continent, there is the famous riddle of Sphinx that was said in my previous world?


There is no use in regretting, let’s think positively.

Because I thought of that riddle, I pulled myself into this advantageous situation, this is the most satisfactory outcome.

It was unexpected that the riddle was solved easily, but I succeeded in earning myself time.


I was barely keeping myself from thinking negatively.

In contrast, Palug was so pleased with herself that she was spontaneously jumping up and down.


『I did it~~! Yay~!

As expected of me! I’m so smart!

Now then~ this time it’s my turn to ask, okay?』


Palug assumed a mysterious pose that looked like some kind of martial art, somehow she seemed very excited as she was saying that.

Unlike her appearance, she was as childish as a little child.

By the way, until this monstro was found by Auguste, she had been living for a long time.


『He dies every night and revives every morning.

He runs all the way in a day and he will not stop walking no matter how tired he is.

Who is he?』


Incomprehensible words came suddenly.

Dies and revives every night, is it a zombie?

Or, is it a magical beast or a phantom beast of some continent that I don’t know?


No, there won’t be such a problem like that.

Palug said that it would breach the contract with God if it doesn’t favor human beings.

So, problems that human beings can never solve should also be a breach of contract.


Something that disappears every evening, and revives as the sun rises.


But shadows don’t walk thousands of miles.

Is there anything else linked to sunrise and sunset?

No, wait.

Rather than being linked—


“Sets in the evening, rises in the morning, and from our standpoint, this star goes around us—the answer is the sun!”

『Ufufufufu, correct. Perhaps that was too easy?』

“No, it was very difficult.”

『My, my, how splendid. Next time, let me give you a problem that you cannot afford to be humble, okay?』


Palug answered with a large smile.

Oh no, should I have pretended to struggle a bit?


『But before that, Erica Aurelia, it’s time for you to ask.』


As if she couldn’t wait, Palug was beckoning me to start.

Well, what kind of riddle should I make?

Since I didn’t particularly like riddles, I haven’t prepared anything.


Palug seems to really love riddles.

She must have already covered the basic riddles of this world.

Then, now is the time for my so-called modern knowledge cheat.

Even a common riddle in my previous world will be a riddle that nobody knows in this world.


After hesitating for a while, I asked Palug.

I chose a simple problem that even children in my previous world would know.


“A big flood on the top, a big fire at the bottom, what is it?”


A smile appeared at the mouth of Palug.

It seems that a riddle that doesn’t exist in this world has drawn the interest of the divine beast.

Yosh, if she is thinking about it carefully as she is, I can spend the time to think about the next riddle, I was thinking about silly things.


『Hmm~ to say a big flood, if it’s a pot, it is an exaggeration.

The submarine volcano should not be known by people yet.

Oh, I remember. Long ago, I have seen it on the southern continent.

—The answer is a bath.

You have an extensive knowledge, daughter of an alchemist. However, unfortunately my knowledge seems to have surpassed yours.』


“Uu……that’s correct.”


In the meantime, my modern knowledge cheat was defeated.

No, rather, it was not even a cheat if it got insta-killed.

It was just modern knowledge.


If I think about it carefully, it might be a good thing that there is a bath in this world as well.

Without it, the problem would’ve failed.

It makes me shiver when I think of the penalty for cheating made with the sensibility of a monstro.

I secretly thanked the ancient technology in my mind.


Without knowing my internal conflict, Palug cheerfully pointed at me with an exaggerating gesture.


『Well then, now it’s my turn!

It is sometimes a serious illness leading to death.

No matter how powerful their magic is, no healer can heal it.

But this disease will make people and beasts happy.

Is this problem too easy for little girls?』


What should I do, I didn’t understand it at all.

Is it not ‘despair’, if we are talking about deadly disease?

But it is uncertain whether ‘despair’ makes people and beasts happy.

Besides, ‘easy for little girls’?

It is becoming more and more mismatched with the answer ‘despair’.


This is troubling……

No matter how many times I think about it, my thoughts return to ‘answer: despair’.

My modern knowledge is interfering with my ability to solve this riddle.


Eventually, I couldn’t think of any other answer after going around in circles.

This is not good, well, it is better than not answering at all.

I opened my mouth after thinking so.




『Oh my~ you finally made a mistake! Too bad!

The answer is ‘love’.

I thought it was too easy~』


Palug expressed her joy exaggeratedly.

However, her face suddenly became clouded.


『Hm? Wait a minute, ‘despair’? Huh? Why did such an answer come out?』

“Eh……is ‘love’ something you can be happy with?”


“While I am happy if I see people falling in love in a fiction—a drama……”


Palug widened her eyes, her mouth was half-way opened and with an expression that looked like a goldfish.

She took several steps back with that expression.

Eh? By any chance, did Palug just move away from me?


“Can falling in love really make you happy? It seems to be troublesome, and it will be painful if the other person doesn’t love you back, right?”


Palug stepped even further away.

Somehow she had an expression as if seeing a pitiful child.


『I do not deny that there is such a dark side.

It is because the death of loved ones can also lead people to death.

But, nevertheless, don’t you feel happy when you fall in love?

Look, what I’m trying to say is, that your heart would tighten with a ‘kyuuun~’ when you are around that person, and when you think about them, you become excited.

Since I was born, I have fallen in love about thousands of times, but I was happy each time.』




It is in four digits number, what amazing love affairs.

I would be happy if it was in a game, manga, or novel, but my real experiences with love were all unpleasant.

I am seriously scared of love.

Most of all, my feeling of refusal for such things is terrible because I had been caught up in such feelings of other people.


『……I wonder if you are too young to talk about love……you are not even a ten years old.

But, what do you mean?

To feel that ‘despair’ is a happy thing, just what the heck happened……what kind of life are you living even though you are not even a ten years old?』


No, I don’t think ‘despair’ is a happy thing, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

I tried to correct her, but when I heard the following words, I withdrew the words that had come up to the tip of my tongue.


『……This is my mistake in making the question. I will think of an alternative problem.』


Somehow I got through it and even got an advantage.

However, I appreciate Palug’s condolences.


『Cannot do anything, but can do anything.

Does not help with anything, but more precious than anything else.

The existence itself is a blessing, bringing salvation and happiness to those in contact.

However, not everyone wants it.

Who is it?』


I examined the second problem of Palug.

This time I only thought about it a little and quickly arrived at the answer.


The scripture stated that He was omniscient and a supreme being.

But, in reality He did not do anything.

The existence Himself was said to be a blessing, bringing salvation and happiness.

But the choice of whether to believe or not was left to each person.


The answer is surely ‘God’.

It is a problem that seems to match perfectly with ‘God’.


“The answer is God, isn’t it?”


Palug made a face.



That was pretty good, but it’s not the answer.

If it is God, He will help people even just a little.

The correct answer of this riddle, is a baby.』



This is bad.

Because there is a God’s messenger, God has to exist.

If even one of the miracles conveyed in the folklore or scripture is true, it would not match the condition that ‘cannot do anything’ and ‘does not help with anything’.

Besides, ‘baby’ is a perfect match for these conditions.


『Ufufufu. You finally made a mistake. Then, as promised, I will get one third of your body.』

“W-wait a minute.”

『Nope~ Because I have been kept waiting for a while.』


Palug’s arm lit up in light crimson.

It was lighter than the nails of flame, but I couldn’t feel at ease even by saying that.

She brandished her lit up arm and aimed it at me.

Due to the bright light, I closed my eyes.


『Yep, nice work.』


After a while, with the pleased sound of Palug as the signal, I opened my eyes.

There was no pain.

It seems that I was not broken, gouged, scratched, or bitten.


(That’s good, I’m not being eaten yet……truly, I don’t want to be eaten alive!)


Just to be sure, I touched all over my body and checked.

Yup, I am fine.

I have all my fingers and my legs, there is no place that I can’t move.

There is nothing bleeding.

I can feel both eyes, my nose, and my ears too—




(Eh? ‘Fluff’……?)


As I was touching my head, I realized there was something out of place.

Something was attached on somewhat above the place where my ears should have been originally.

I hurriedly took out a small hand mirror from my bag.


ch 42
ch 42


Nothing was lost.

However, there were extra things added.


They were in a golden color similar to that of Palug in front of me.

However, mine were in a sharp triangle shape while Palug’s were a round lion-type.

On my head, they were moving with a twitch.



There were cat ears growing on top of my head.

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    A rather lengthy Ann pov from that infamous letter chapter… I just praised Klaus and here I go tearing him down hehe….

    Ann Pov

    I looked over Onii samas shoulder, he was so engrossed in what he was writing that he didnt notice me at all, what a suspicious looking Letter, staring at it dumbfounded I read its contents… what the heck Onii sama…

    Klaus Harvan’s letter.

    “Dear Erica Aurelia,

    A month has passed since we returned to Harvan’s Gineda Castle.

    Even now I still remember the case at the Spring Palace as if it was yesterday.

    I finally settled down, so I decided to send a letter to you.

    To tell the truth, I didn’t think much about the visit to Aurelia at that time.”

    Idiot Onii sama! what are you writing! with a deep sense of dread, I continued reading.

    “I think that I remembered that father and Duke Aurelia’s conversation face to face were about mine development and forest resources.

    However, you may not have noticed, but it seems that they were consulting about an engagement between you and me secretly behind the scenes.

    When we were gathered together, our parents’ arrangement about the political marriage had already taken part.

    I have never thought that I would get into a political marriage with you like this.

    ‘The Aurelia’s daughter would be a spoiled and an intolerable girl anyway.’

    ‘Why should I be a couple with someone who is a showy, ill-natured girl?’

    I was thinking about such prejudiced things.”

    Gah!! did you even read what you wrote Onii sama? can’t you see that it looks like the proposal of marriage was something you hated? The urge to tear up this letter was strong… can I punch Onii sama? I want to punch him… I clenched my fist tightly.

    “But the truth is different.

    You are much stronger than I am.


    No, your merit cannot be measured by a strong-weak criterion.

    You have been more than me……

    I wonder what.

    I cannot express it well.

    The only thing that I can say is that it was the first time I saw a woman like you.”

    I paled as I kept reading, what the heck is this Onii sama! why are you writing such unnecessary things and please stop rambling!! First, you say the thought of marriage with her was horrible, now you are saying she’s strong? what kind of message are you trying to convey Baka!! She is a delicate beauty! while she is strong that isn’t what you should be complimenting fool!

    “Well, let’s get back to the story.

    I was…At the bottom of that place, I couldn’t do anything.

    Even when I was stuck with being blocked by the traps of the labyrinth.

    Even when my younger sister was likely to be killed by a strange monster.

    It was you that saved us all the time.

    You thanked me for it, but it is not so. It is the opposite.

    It is I who is thankful.

    Thank you for protecting my sister, Ann.

    If I couldn’t make it in time, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

    I cringed… Onii sama… now you are saying you are a weak blind fool… I already knew that but why are you clarifying that with this letter to Erica! the urge to slap the back of his head was strong, but those words of his play around in my heart for quite some time… Onii sama… you care for me that much? “I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself” a surge of warmth flowed through me, perhaps I should stop hitting Onii sama so much…

    “I want to be a person that balances you.

    I am weak now.

    So, someday I want to apply for an engagement with you if I gained enough strength to suit you.

    Of course, if you don’t like it, you may decide not to follow through with this engagement.


    You do not need to be mine, but remember that I am yours.”

    Onii sama… I wanted to bury my head in the ground and scrub my eyes of what I just read… while it was incredibly romantic in a disgustingly sweet, it missed the mark completely! it offered Erica the opportunity to refuse, foolish Onii sama! Fish don’t want to be caught! you have to lure them! but you just ruined the bait!!

    “When something happens to you, I will rush to you earlier than anyone else.

    And even if I have to throw my life away, I will protect you.

    From your eternal shield, Klaus Harvan.”

    Throwing away his life… Eternal Shield… gah! Onii sama are you trying to seduce her with this declaration?!! part of me wanted to squeal like an airheaded fool, but the other part was cringing and full of dread, I needed to correct this and fast… Onii sama you are lucky you have me!!!

    I drew near and snatched away the letter he had just completed, and he became terribly flustered.

    “Ann!!! Why are you reading other people’s letter without permission!? Give it back!!”

    “This is not good, Klaus-oniisama! Absolutely not good!”

    I completely disregarded Onii sama who was becoming agitated.

    “Onii-sama. Why are you writing a sultry letter?

    As soon as I take my eyes off, you immediately wrote incomprehensible things that were just an exercise in futility.”

    I really wanted to slap this piece of paper against his face repeatedly

    “Who said it’s sultry!?”

    “It’s definitely a declaration that you will become a yandere stalker anyway!

    If she received this, Erica-oneesama will definitely become annoyed!!”

    I remembered earlier when I was looking for Erica, that I found her in the garden deep in thought, she looked breathtaking surrounded by flowers, I understood why Onii sama would often stop and stare at her, it was almost a compulsion to do so, sighing inwardly I gently called out to her.

    “Erica Onee sama… ”

    As though waking from a dream she blinked rapidly turning to look at me with a slightly dazed expression.

    “Ann!… ah… do you want more flowers cut?”

    She seemed a bit confused, either way, I wanted to sit down and chat with her, I needed to learn more about the girl my Onii sama fancied.

    “Erica Onee sama… no… I have plenty, I am very grateful for the kindness you have shown me, and for saving my life”

    Erica blushed prettily, I questioned those rumors once again, thinking how ridiculous they were, there was a person that was the complete opposite of malicious gossip spread by jealous, petty minded people.

    “Please Ann sama, you and Klaus sama saved me as well, let’s call it even”

    After witnessing first hand this girls determination and strength, her bravery and willingness to sacrifice herself for another, left me confused and speechless, I was in awe of Erica Aurelia, while those rumors were wrong, I was glad, if they kept others away then good, she will become mine, I will claim her as family, being a greedy person I won’t lose to anyone!

    “I… I was hoping to spend some time alone with you, …so we could chat about getting to know each other and deepening our friendship”

    I felt a little flustered, which was unlike me, didn’t I just declare I would make her mine? yet now I feel so awkward…

    “Of course! I’ve always wanted to have a little girls talk with someone, that would be splendid Ann sama, let’s do that, I will arrange some tea and snacks so we can be comfortable”

    Girls talk? how novel… I smiled looking at Erica with greedy feelings building up inside of me…She guided me to an area that overlooked the garden, servants provided cushions for us to sit on comfortably, we sat down enjoying the cool breeze, which carried the lovely scent of flowers below, it really was a beautiful place, I looked at Erica smiling warmly. I had never met another girl that I liked, they were all enemies that I hated, even Erica, but such feelings have disappeared, now all I want is for us to become closer.

    “I was hoping to get to know you better Erica Onee sama, I.. I am very grateful to you for what you did for me, I was so scared, but because you and Onii sama was by my side I was saved”

    “Please Ann sama, your efforts injured Karatan allowing us to escape, I too am grateful”

    Sipping our tea we both smiled each at other.

    “I wonder… does Erica Onee sama have someone special she cares for?”

    Erica jumped, totally surprised by my question, I didn’t believe in taking things slow, I wanted results quickly.

    “W.. well… My family…”

    “That’s not what I mean, is there anyone special in your heart?”

    Blinking in such a cute and dazed manner, cheeks flushed those soft lips open with surprise, beautiful emerald eyes wide open and staring into mine… Erica do you know how devastating that is? I’m a girl and it’s making me tremble, if Onii sama saw this he would be a puddle at your feet.

    “I … well… there isn’t anyone”


    “Yes… I’m only eight after all, and till now only Ann and Klaus sama have visited me, so I don’t get many chances to socialize with others often…”

    I could see her getting defensive, her smile was still very warm but distant as always…

    “I’m sure Erica Onee sama dreams of marrying a good man”

    “W…well…yes, that would be nice”

    Why did that sound so forced and why do you sound like I’m pulling your teeth when asking these questions? she obviously doesn’t like this topic… how curious…

    “Forgive me, but you don’t sound very enthusiastic? most girls I know always dream of marrying my Onii sama, that’s all they talk about, is there a reason you seem so reluctant?”

    She squirmed uncomfortably, giving a forced smile.

    “I’m just shy… and only eight years old… I haven’t really thought that far ahead…”

    “I’m surprised, Erica Onee sama is so beautiful, I was sure that you would have many suitors vying for your hand in marriage, for myself I have many letters of proposal, so I had thought that you would also be in a similar situation as me”

    She grimaced and quickly tried to hide her expression, too late Erica!

    “W.. would it be so strange if I didn’t want to be married?”

    She laughed as though joking but her eyes were serious.

    “How novel Erica Onee sama! I have not heard of such a thing, becoming a spinster is an undesirable outcome, is that really what you want?”

    “I… I wouldn’t mind”

    Again she laughed half-jokingly, but the underlying feeling I got was truth, she would prefer not to get married. Why? what exactly turned her away from such a prospect, while I too was afraid to marry, I knew it was my fate, it was something I could not change even if I wanted too.

    I would do my best to marry a man I could control, one who would do as I wanted not the other way around, a person who would not harm me but allow me freedom to do as I pleased. I was under no delusions of my position in life, Women were needed to produce heirs, look pretty and influence those within their close circle, but beyond that, there was little else to achieve.

    What Erica wanted goes against Convention, I was intrigued, how did she plan to live out her life? when I saw her fight in the Ruins, I realized that she was very capable of living her own life if needed, did she need to depend on a man to get her through? suddenly my restricted life seemed even less appealing, I almost wanted to follow suit.

    “But what if Erica Onee sama found a man who made your heart beat and yearns for him? would you consider marriage then?”

    Eh… she grimaced again, she looked at me with deeply pained eyes, turning away she gave a noncommittal reply


    “Is there perhaps the type of man you prefer? perhaps someone like your Father or Brother?”

    She jumped startled, eh… I’m not saying you fancy either of them, Erica! just that qualities they have might appeal to you, perhaps men like them might find a place in your heart. For myself I looked up to my Onii sama, of course, that has changed since the ruins, but he still has traits I admire, if the man I marry shares some of those qualities I would be content.


    “Perhaps a better question would be to ask what kind of personality or qualities do you like in a man?”


    She seemed to be struggling for an answer…What kind of backwater existence have you lived Erica! do you have no preference at all?

    “Then perhaps… are there traits that you dislike?”

    Almost immediately she gave a thoughtful expression answering quickly.

    “Yandere Stalker that tries to stab me”

    She put her hand over her mouth looking embarrassed… again that pained expression, Yandere? stalker? stabs her? what?

    “What do you mean Erica Onee sama? I don’t know that word Yandere… and the way you say Stalker… exactly what kind of context is that used?”

    “Ah… haha… that… well… Yandere is a … word I made up hehe… ”

    Stop grimacing if you are joking!

    “But what does it mean?”

    “Ah!…it means… a person who appears normal even kind, but is… completely insane and violent, they are manipulative, liars, cunning and deceptive, driven by an obsessive compulsion for another… stalking that person by following them day and night like a hunter… being stabbed or killed by a Yandere is highly likely”

    Eh… what kind of life have you lead Erica! what kind of man did that to you! an assassin? a kidnapper? while she had a beauty that would make men weak, even crazy, would they dare attack such a person from a powerful noble family? but neither of these situations fit what she was describing… it was as though someone actually did this to her… my god Erica… who the heck became so obsessed with you!! But am I one to talk?… aren’t I trying to manipulate her into becoming my Onii samas bride?… I can almost understand that kind of obsession… gah… no! I’m not like that Yandere! I wouldn’t stab or kill Erica or Onii sama! nonsense!…

    “So… someone who isn’t crazy is your ideal?”

    What kind of standard is that Erica!! no one wants a crazy partner!!

    “Yes… and not forceful, oppressive, cruel or manipulative, I don’t like fierce men, nor those that spread false rumors, I don’t want to be treated badly in any way… and … of course won’t stab me from behind would be a bonus…”

    Erica grimaced again, and looked away, seemingly embarrassed with her outburst… Erica… I felt my heart twist uncomfortably.

    I looked at her with despair… you must leave the Aurelias quickly Erica! Come to Harvan! we will protect you from such things! marry my Onii sama right now!! now I say!!

    The urgency I felt was growing stronger the more I listened to Erica’s endless dislikes… seriously no one wants such a man! why do you have this kind of list, to begin with! who was this creep!

    I had a profound awareness of the kind of life she must’ve lived. An overwhelming protective feeling emerged, I saw first hand her ability to attract death…

    I suddenly realized that face and personality of hers will have a lethal effect!… how many men would fall in love with her in the way she described? the older she got the more beautiful she will become… Jealous women would also become obstacles, how diabolical… such a horrible fate! I felt restless, looking at Erica like she was a cursed object… Onii sama… you must protect her!

    “So… perhaps, you would like someone… like Onii sama?”


    “I mean… While he is forceful it’s in a good way like he’s confident in what he is doing, and… while he was fierce, it was towards that Monster…”

    I look at her earnestly, trying to praise my Onii sama by giving her a more balanced view of men in general.

    “He’s honest about how he speaks, although blunt, there is no deception in him, I think lying is very difficult for Onii sama… while he is direct, his words can be tactless, he means well but it isn’t intended to hurt.”

    He’s just a thoughtless arrogant jerk! don’t think too badly of Onii sama… When I look at Erica, I know she acts in a manner that isn’t hateful, but nor is it truly welcoming, she was able to talk to us normally, very polite, smiling appropriately and appearing very open and friendly, there was an illusion of warmth, that was real, yet wasn’t, isn’t that confusing? It makes you believe she cares about you, yet it’s obvious she’s keeping you at arm’s length, argh!! these mixed signals can drive one crazy! perhaps because its Erica, it’s understandable this concept of Yandere exists…

    Erica is really a warm, gentle and kind person, her beauty might lure you at first, but in itself is intimidating which can scare away people, however, mixed with that personality its a lethal combination! Erica, you really are a troublesome person!

    She’s obviously aware of the rumors, which must hurt considerably, that bastard probably spread it or his stupid bitch fans did, either way, I began to pity Erica…I wonder how much of her experiences created that gloomy expression I sometimes saw… she looked so resigned at times in the Ruins, especially when she almost died, it gave me chills, why are you so accepting of death? its almost like she had experienced it before… what the heck is that!

    “I think that if you look at Onii sama as an example, men can have many flaws that can be a positive trait, not all are as horrible as the one you experienced Erica…”

    Please see that… Don’t just give up on romance because of your experiences… how can someone so young go through something like that! but then she isn’t normal… what eight year old would risk her life for 2 strangers!! argh my scalp felt itchy! I was feeling frustrated.

    Erica had a very broken view of the world, one that won’t be easily overcome, Onii sama! fight! don’t give up on her! I know how stubborn you can be, so don’t let go of her!!

    “Erica… what do you think of Onii sama?”

    “I think of him as a good friend”

    Rest in peace brother… no scratch that, we can resurrect you from this burial mound! I must! Erica, I will do my utmost so that your heart beats only for Onii sama!

    “What do you think of Love?”


    She looked as though I said something distasteful… Erica… don’t you have any hopes for Love? not even a little? gah! what dark place do you dwell to not even dream of it!!

    “Haha… it sounds really troublesome..”


    I looked at Onii sama with determination in my eyes.

    “What! What did you say!”

    “Your feelings are too heavy!!”

    I wanted to shake Onii sama… you have no idea what you are up against, this girl is broken in terms of Love… while I too am no less broken, she is far beyond me in this regard!

    “Before that, about the ‘yandere stalker’, I don’t understand the meaning!!”

    I don’t want you to know Onii sama! it’s a dark place where people like that dwell, avoid them at all costs! but that isn’t important right now! you must understand that the person you need to be is far from that… Erica needs to see you as a person who is trustworthy, reliable, dependable and above all else safe to be with, your past actions don’t match up with her preferences! so conform to her ideal! become the man she needs!

    “When I had a girl talk with Erica-oneesama……”

    “‘Girl talk’?”

    Gah! why are you focusing on inconsequential words Onii sama! dammit just listen!!

    “I heard the type of Onee-sama’s favorite gentleman.

    That is, she has no favorite type, but there are the types she disliked.”

    Onii samas eyes widened with interest

    “……Then we can guess her preferences by elimination method.”

    Stop looking so eager… no wait… be eager for my wisdom Onii sama! learn, change, and shape yourself into a man Erica won’t flee from!

    “That’s right.”

    “This is important information, please continue.”

    I could literally see him making mental notes ready to burn everything I said into his memory, Onii samas study mode, that eagerness, and dedication can be rather overwhelming… don’t look at Erica like that alright Onii sama? it scares even me!

    “A man who shoved his feelings without permission.

    Also, a man who at first glance seemingly favourable, but in fact, he has no interest in communicating.”

    “Certainly, that’s a man with a bad quality.”

    Then why are you writing like that in that letter fool!!!

    “Worst of all, she doesn’t even want to breathe the same air with them, you know?”

    “Kuh doesn’t even want to breathe the same air……!?”

    That dazed and confused expression was growing the more I spoke… dammit! realize Onii sama this is so important!

    “This is serious, you know?”

    “This is serious……”

    Take it seriously dammit! don’t just say the word mean it!! just change to fit her ideal! don’t be crazy don’t be a Yandere!

    “After that, a man who suddenly hit her from behind, and she also refused any type of stabbing……”

    “That……, isn’t that a matter of course?”

    Onii sama looks thoroughly confused and shocked, yes you look just like me after hearing Erica… that deceptively carefree looking girl had a huge weight on her shoulders!

    I could see Onii sama internalizing something important, his expression at first conflicted resolved into determination, his mouth set firmly, that frown showed he was ready for the task, well done Onii sama! I knew you would be up for the challenge… but you have no idea yet… the mountain is still too high for you to climb just yet… you need radical changes!

    “There are many things that I don’t understand in this world…”

    “Erica-oneesama is friendly to everyone at first glance, but in fact, she hates a fierce man……

    No, there is even the likelihood of human dislikes.”


    “Oh, Onii-sama is insensitive so you don’t understand.

    Erica-oneesama has a smiling poker face, right?”

    He seemed to realize something, are you feeling ashamed about something? what else did you do Onii sama! I need to seal that pillow forever don’t I!

    “It is a smile that everyone will accept gently, or rather it is a smile that doesn’t let anyone come near—.

    No way, did you not think about that at all?”


    This idiot, he basically insults her in the letter about marriage then wants to become engaged! idiot baka!! do you think she is friendly enough to overlook that? did her deceptively warm personality give you hope that this letter will provide an opening for your love? pfft! foolish brother! as if… she has already labelled you as a friend! when a girl doesn’t even see you as a man then distance to her heart is even further!!

    “That it was a smile that absolutely doesn’t allow people to shrink their distance beyond a certain point?”

    “That……that is……”

    I can see your brain working, she was so amicable in the Ruins… but consider the situation Onii sama!! think!! we were desperate! of course, people will support each other! it’s for our very survival! that feeling of reliance vanished once we left the Ruins! that barrier she has erected is up again! you need to wear it down… but quickly for there are others that won’t wait…

    “Even when she was surrounded by a lot of people, did you notice that she sometimes turned her lonely sight towards far away?”

    “……Ah, I noticed that.”

    So you’re not that dense after all! well done Onii sama!!

    “Good! Just barely above the safe line, Klaus-oniisama!”

    My eyes widened, I forcefully glared at Onii sama, the intensity of my stare made him step back…

    “As far as I’m concerned as a younger sister, it is nice for Erica-oneesama to become my sister-in-law.”


    You have my blessing and support Onii sama… go get Erica! be brave! be strong…. get serious!

    “Klaus-oniisama, you can work harder, right? You haven’t gotten serious yet, have you?”

    This letter is important, you need to show what you are made of… especially how reliable and strong you are, someone she can count on… do you understand Onii sama!?


    Such a lackluster response… tch… where is your fighting spirit!

    “Let’s forgive such a weak attitude for now.”

    “Forgive, me?”

    Where did my amazingly intelligent Onii sama go… tch

    “Yes, you’re still fine now. Klaus-oniisama still has the advantage of time.”

    “What are you fighting against?”

    “What are you talking about! Seriously, Klaus-oniisama is the one that must take the initiative and fight!”

    Love is a battleground Onii sama… a battleground! even more so regarding Erica…


    He looked troubled, but there was no fire in his response… no clear determination for making Erica his goal… tch

    “In other words, what do you mean?”

    Why must I spell this out for you Onii sama! why are you being so dumb!

    “It’s because Erica-oneesama is beautiful.”

    “Nn……well, that’s right……that girl is somewhat beautiful, I guess……”

    Oh … feigning ignorance! being nonchalant! I’ll kick you! I really will you dumb jerk!!! don’t pretend you don’t notice!! every time she’s within sight, your damn eyes are glued to her! this damn love letter, how eager you are to gain better insight into her character!! gah… I will kick you be prepared!

    “Haa!? Look into my eyes, and say that once again, please?”

    “Aa, I thought that she is beautiful for a child……Stop it, I can see your eyes……”

    Deny it all you want Onii sama… I have lost to her in your heart only she moves it like I never could… I felt bitter… but this was now my new goal… I feel refreshed.

    “In a few years Erica-oneesama will surely become as gorgeous and bewitching as a large-flowered rose, she will become a peerless beautiful woman.

    With that indecisive attitude, it will be too late by then, you know?

    Do you understand, Klaus-oniisama?”

    I really have to stamp this into your brain dont I Onii sama? why are you so damn clueless!

    “What do you mean by ‘too late’?”

    “Onii-sama. Erica-oneesama will inherit the vast territory of her deceased mother when she reached adulthood.

    Aurelia’s abundant silver ore……What do you think will happen if there is a rare beauty there?”

    “What’s wrong with that?”

    Tch… maybe Erica deserves someone better! if only I were born a boy!

    “It would be a property that exceeded excellent quality! It would be very popular! Full of rivals all over the continent!”


    Oh did it finally dawn on you Onii sama? did you think you had exclusive rights to Erica? are you a moron?

    “For example, Urus of Lucanrant, the Margrave of Harlan, will almost certainly aim for her.”

    “W-what……!? He’s 26 years older than Erica, right!?”

    Really the thoughts of boys are so far from us… they consider nothing outside of their own selfish thoughts! I was getting angrier by the minute…

    The 34-years-old Urus of Lucanrant, the Margrave of Harlan was rumored to be reeking of blood.

    Moreover, they said that he slaughtered the husbands of the female population of the fief to monopolize them.

    Deliberately murdered his subordinates and such things as young girls of the fief by having everybody enclosing on them.

    A maid who appeared in the service, who was found pregnant by the passing of the second month, regretted her circumstances and threw away her life.

    Etc. etc.

    In vague places where the boundary between law and humanity was ambiguous, plundering of women in barbarous degree by nobility was a normal business.

    But, even so, Harlan was killing too much people.

    We all know the story about that pig… I mentioned him because he’s so disgusting, it should light the fire under your rear to get moving and prevent such a union from happening!

    “The infamous First Prince of Ignitia, His Highness Auguste-sama.

    He is 10-years-old, the same age as Onii-sama. He might be the biggest competitor.”

    “What! That Auguste! That’s unforgivable!”

    Auguste, First Prince of Ignitia, was also a person who only had bad rumors surrounding him.

    Born from the queen’s unfaithfulness, he grew up without affection.

    Because the blood of the royal family didn’t flow, he wasn’t blessed by the dragons which were the guardians of Ignitia and he was unable to ride on their backs.

    He was doing improper conducts self-indulgently, exactly like a foolish ruler.

    The bishops unanimously predicted that the age of darkness would come if he succeeded the throne.

    However, concerning Prince Auguste, I didn’t hear that there was a clear victim, believing rumors was folly, take Erica for example, she is nothing like the villainess she was claimed to be, rather the complete opposite.. so if you rely on rumors you will become stuck in an uncertain situation that may end up backfiring on you, take the intiative Onii sama! don’t leave any openings for another to claim her! I will use any method to make push even harder in pursuing her if these rumors fuel your determination then so be it!.

    “If His Highness Auguste-sama was her partner, she will never be happy even if she became a queen consort. Especially if she became a concubine.”

    “Concubine!? That Erica!?”

    “But, His Highness Auguste-sama is the one who will be the king of the Union Kingdom.

    In the unlikely event that Klaus-oniisama tried to save Erica-oneesama after the marriage was already decided, do you know what would happen?”

    Klaus furrowed his eyebrows.

    If that happened, it would be a crisis of civil war.

    It had to be avoided.

    Because the old royal family would never endure humiliation by their own vassal.

    “But why are you familiar with the circumstances of aristocrats other than Harvan?”

    “Because it’s not an unrelated matter.”

    “How so?”

    “If the political circumstances of Harvan became worse, I could also get married to the aforementioned Margrave or the First Prince.”

    “I will not allow that to happen.”

    “Onii-sama should never do that.”

    “Whatever happens, I will never allow that, especially you, do you have an ideal man—”

    “Mou! Enough about me!”

    My ideal is you Onii sama… suddenly I felt pathetic and laughable… I wanted a man just like Onii sama, someone I would want to treasure and love as much as I do for you… I might be rather tough at times… but that is because I know you are 100 x better than anyone else out there if I could marry a man with a fraction of your ability I will be content…

    I have done so much to meddle in your affairs Onii sama, potential engagements I have wrecked without a care, in fact, I planned to do the same with Erica, that all changed when she entered my heart, how could I not care for her after all she has done? so this time… this time I know your heart beats only for Erica… and… I want you to be happy… so please Onii sama, please fight for her! You have my blessings as a sister for her beloved Onii sama…

    “As long as the relationship between Harvan and Aurelia is strengthened, my marriage will also be fine.”

    “Yes. Certainly, as far as you are concerned, this is not somebody else’s problem.”

    “That’s why, communicate properly with Erica-oneesama! In moderation! Please convey your favor to her!”

    “O, ou…….”

    I looked at that lukewarm expression and feel an urge to kick him…

    “……You’re making an embarrassed and unwilling look on your face.”


    “……You look like you find it difficult and troublesome.”

    “No. There is no such thing. Don’t worry.”

    “Then, a little bit more mild and light, yet it is rewritten to ensure that Onii-sama’s love is transmitted!”


    “That’s not it?”

    “N-no, absolutely, absolutely, that’s not it!!!”

    Whatever Bakanii!! so frustrating, hes so in love hes blind to it… fool… idiot!!

    “Aah mou! You’re so stubborn……!”

    I couldnt help it, I scolded Onii sama till he screamed and my foot went numb… kicking Onii sama felt good…

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    1. Well Klaus saves her rather due to luck lol. He thought Ann was in danger, and as a siscon, Eduart let him go immediately since he knew that feeling of wanting to protect his sister. Thank God both of them are siscons lol.

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  3. Well to be honest a really good riddle would be what is particle, but not particle. It is also wave while it isn‘t a wave.

    the answer is of course photons which is light. Since this is quantum physics i doubt any people of the past can guess it. Palug would be defeat by light …. the irony

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  4. LOL I also thought of God in that third riddle from Palug…. I am not an atheist, well I might as well be since I am not christian or catholic, but I do believe in Father God and Mother Goddess 😀 since they are too, I think it’s different from the monotheist religions xD

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