Chapter 44: Burial Chamber of Angels (part ten)

Surprise~ After this will be the last mini-arc! Wow this arc is almost over~

TL: clover

ED: clover, eristol

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Confirming that Palug had lost her intention to fight, Auguste appeared to have released the mental interference ability.

The moment Palug’s stiff body loosened, Auguste’s body tilted forward.

Palug caught Auguste’s falling body gently.



Why did you do such a reckless thing!

Because you shared the power of your soul with me, normally you shouldn’t be able to move until the completion of the contract!』


“Aah, I was sound asleep. But……there’s no way I can sleep with such a loud voice nagging at me.”


Auguste glanced at Klaus who was asleep.

I see, so Auguste was the partner of the conversation just before Klaus fainted, huh.


“‘If you can’t move, I will lend you my body. So you can protect Erica in my stead. I don’t mind losing my life’……that’s what he said, so there’s no way I can sit still and do nothing.”


“Because of his aid, I heard everything from the mid part, and managed to put everything together.”


Indeed, that is something Klaus would say.

Auguste rose to his feet while staggering.


“I’m sorry, Erica. I have let you encounter danger. I never thought you would follow me to a place like this.”

“No, because I did it of my own volition.”

“Still, thank you for stopping me. Somehow, I managed to stop before I could make the worst mistake.”


Auguste smiled softly.

Fatigue was shown through that facial expression, but he seemed to be somewhat cheerful.


Auguste refused support and stood in a place away from me and Palug.

Our position was exactly like an equilateral triangle if you connected a line between the three of us.

Because of his attitude, I felt that he insisted on a neutral position that would favor neither me nor Palug.


“The question from just before, it should not count as cheating if I tell you the correct answer. Palug, is there such a precedent as well?”


To the question of Auguste, Palug quietly nodded.

As for Palug, as if her belligerent attitude some time ago was a lie, she had become totally meek.

She seemed like a prisoner waiting for her conviction.


“Who is the most important to me……wasn’t it?  Answer it once more, Palug.”


After hesitating for a while, she told us the answer once again.


『The most important person to you—

It is the girl who came from a distant land.

It is the girl who healed your loneliness.

She entered your heart in the fraction of a moment.

And then, she became an indispensable person for you.』


“Aah, that’s right.”


『She is a descendant of an alchemist who came from the distant sea.

A girl with beautiful, translucent golden hair and eyes the color of the sea.

The name of the one you love is Erica Aurelia—right?』


Auguste laughed as if troubled and slowly shook his head.


“Palug, that’s a mistake.”


『You cannot fool me, Auguste.

Who do you want from the bottom of your heart?』


“That is probably a feeling that is not yet love or romantic love.

Yes, for example, it is the feeling when a child who was walking in the darkness without light for a while, looked up at the night sky.

He found the glow of a single star in the dark night sky.

Even though he couldn’t reach it, he thought that he wanted that star – it is that kind of story.”


Auguste looked up at the ceiling and gestured as if reaching the invisible star.

With those words, I felt a little relieved.

Maybe, I am still afraid that I will get involved in such matters.


“This feeling is more of a childish desire.

So, speaking of important things, she is important, but Erica is not yet my most important person.”


Auguste lowered his eyes and looked at Palug.

Palug looked back at him while still looking unconvinced.


“She came from a distant land and healed my loneliness. She entered my heart in a short amount of time and became indispensable for me. That is correct.”

『Then, who do you mean? I have been with you forever, but there is no such woman!』

“There is. You cannot tell other people.”


Auguste smiled the same smile as the day when we first met and pointed his index finger to Palug.


“My most important person, that is, Palug……it’s you.”


I see, Palug is a friend of Auguste.

It is no wonder that she is the most important person.


Palug took several steps backward with a startled expression.

As tears gradually gathered in her eyes, her face turned red.

I understood well that anger and various other emotions were overflowing from the facial expression of Palug.


『W-what are you saying?

Saying something like that, you only said that to deceive me.

I will not be deceived.

No matter how much you want to help Erica, such a foul play is not allowed in the contract ritual.』


Auguste shook his head, looked Palug in the eyes and answered.


“Palug, you have been by my side forever.

When the legitimacy of my blood was suspected and I couldn’t talk with my mother properly, you cuddled me all the time in my mother’s place.

Even when I was isolated due to the irresponsible slanders or rumors, you were by my side.”


『Auguste……Such a thing……』


“I could walk to the place where the stars could be seen, it was because I wasn’t alone.

Because the warmth of your hands were pulling my hand.

Otherwise, I would have just been crouching in the darkness without light.

—I have answered you like this, are you still not convinced?”


Palug slumped onto her knees after hearing Auguste’s words.

The nails of flame that were lit up for a long time were also retracted indefinitely.


『I would be fine with losing this life if it is for you.

No, I would rather have used this life for you.』


“I do not want to fly in the sky if I have to sacrifice you.

I wouldn’t have made a wish if I knew that the cost of a miracle would be your life.

If I sacrificed you without knowing, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”


Palug smiled a lonely smile on hearing those words.


『……Such a kind prince.

I didn’t want to tell you that the time I have left is short.

In this way, you have given up your dream, your wish.』


“No. It is you who are kind.”


Auguste walked over to Palug and held her fur-covered hands.

Palug raised her face and stared at Auguste.

Auguste smiled somewhat apologetically.


“There are things I have to apologize to you about.

I always thought that you are too kind and that you kept on telling me white lies.

Because of that, I couldn’t believe in myself…… that you only said such things to me because of my heritage and ran away.

That’s not it, I was scared.

Perhaps, the blood of my father really doesn’t flow within me. I do not have the talent to ride a dragon.”




“But, now it’s different.

Next time I will also believe in myself with all my heart, because you have always believed in me.

Even if everything you said is a lie, I will turn them into a reality.

I will not make you a liar.”


Palug hugged Auguste and buried her face in his shoulder.

Although I couldn’t see her expression, her shoulders were trembling and I heard a small groan similar to a sob.

Auguste stroked Palug’s head gently.


“I promise, Palug.

I will overcome my weak self and this time I will reach that sky with my own power.”


After a while, Palug raised her face and drew back from Auguste.

She looked somewhat cheerful, so I didn’t know whether she was crying or not.

Palug sighed deeply and looked at Auguste.


『Good grief, what a selfish prince……even though you are the one who asked me to do this, you are the worst.』

“Sorry, sorry.”


In contrast to her words, Palug’s tone was gentle.

I felt relieved to see that.


『Hey, Auguste. I have something to apologize to you too.』

“It’s fine, you don’t have to tell me. I will forgive everything.”

『I haven’t told you something about the contract. If I am to have a new Lord through a re-contract, memories about me will disappear from the people who have been involved with me.』

“……What did you say!?”

“W-wait, Palug-san!”


I just don’t want to die, I don’t want to wish for a miracle.

I don’t intend to take her away from Auguste.

Before we could stop her, Palug declared loudly:


『I, Angel Pestilence, admit my defeat to the wise human.

With this, Lady Erica Aurelia will be my Master.

I swear to my God that I will grant her wish with all my power.』


Along with those words, the color of the light on the wall that decorated the room changed

From blood red to sunshine gold.


Like golden petals, particles of light were slowly falling down from the ceiling.


『Goodbye, Auguste. May your life after this be full of light.』


Palug said so and kissed Auguste’s forehead.

At the same time, Auguste’s eyelids dropped heavily and his body tilted forward.


“Wait, Palug, I’m still……you……”


Auguste reached for Palug, but his hand immediately dropped.

After catching the falling Auguste, Palug gently laid his body down on the floor.


ch 44
ch 44


The particles of the falling light passed through the unconscious body of Auguste and Klaus.

Particles of light came close to the bag containing Tirnanog, but it seems that it was being repelled by some mysterious power.


『Oya, it doesn’t work on that serpent, huh. I see, it seems that Aurelia really refuses the power of my God.』

“Wait a minute, what are those lights?”

『Didn’t I say it? Because of the restrictions of my God, things concerning me are erased from the memory of those who know me.』

“There is no need to do so, please do not erase Auguste’s memory.”


Palug shook her head while smiling with a mixed expression.


『This is what God has set, so I cannot do anything about it.

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, or that water flows down from a higher place.

There is no one who can escape from this forced oblivion, except for you Aurelias who apparently seem to be outside of my God’s principle.

The only thing I can do is to slightly modify this phenomenon, by leaving only a small part for the basis of the folklore.』


“Palug-san……you, you have been forgotten by people for a long time, haven’t you?”


The lore of Angel Pestilence is fragmented and differentiated as the stories of multiple monstro.

The reason for that is this oblivion principle.

There were probably a lot of events in those contracts that weren’t shown in the folklore.

How many encounters and farewells has she repeatedly have ever since she descended to this world?


Palug smiled at me with a gentle expression.

It was as if she wasn’t suffering from loneliness.

It felt like she was an angel for sure.


『Do not make such a sad face.

Even if everyone forgets me, I remember everything.

Only my loving memories that have been with me all this time.

I was always happy.

In addition……you are Aurelia who refuses God’s principle.

Even if the last oblivion principle works, you will remember me, won’t you?』


“Perhaps, you deliberately lost to me, didn’t you?”


She didn’t want to betray Auguste’s feelings, but she also didn’t want to break her contract with God.

And there were only few ways to keep Auguste from carrying such a heavy burden.

Through being knocked down by someone, or through a re-contract.


She was able to kill us any time, but she postponed it with various reasons.

Perhaps she thought that she wanted someone to stop her.


『Well, who knows~?』


Palug said jokingly while turning her back towards me.

As if gently refusing to answer further questions.

In the end, the truth remained unknown.


『So? Erica Aurelia, what do you want?

Unfortunately, even if I am an angel, I am almost like a wreckage.

So you cannot wish for eternal life, ultimate beauty, or enormous wealth.

It will certainly be the last wish that I can grant, so if you can, I want you to wish for something that is worthy of me risking my life over.』


While turning back, Palug asked me.

Even though she said so, I don’t think I have a wish that I want to realize.

Maybe to return the cat ears and tail to normal?

No, no, that is set in the stone, so I don’t need to wish for it.


After thinking for a while, I suddenly think of something.


“Palug-san, what do you wish for?”



Palug faltered and looked at me stupidly.


It is unthinkable to extort a miracle from a dying angel.

Since that is the case, there is only one thing I should do.

It should be fine to pitch in and help my precious friend and this depressed friend.


“Hey, Palug-san the Dying Angel, I will give you a miracle.

You can wish for the miracle you want.

Whether it’s for your own life extension, or even for Auguste, it’s fine.

This is what I want you to do the most right now.

I wonder if such a wish can be granted?”


『You……you don’t want to use it for yourself, are you stupid?

It’s a real miracle.

Anyone would kill for this, you know?

Even though I’m just a wreckage of an angel, the miracle that I can grant cannot be measured by ordinary humans, you know?

You must have one or two wishes, right!?』


“No, not really.”


Sorry, but I have already received enough miracles.

After reincarnating, I have had a sufficiently happy life—an affectionate family and good friends with a non-human mixed in, my life is complete and I can’t wish for more.


For a moment, I thought of the remaining death flags.

There are five more heavy events like this.

—No, it is fine for now.

I will do something about that with my own effort and my friends’ help.


“You can use the miracle as you desire, as much as you want, and for your own sake.”


I smiled sweetly while assuming the air of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Since I am tempting an angel, I have to try to play the devil as much as I can.

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  1. Hahaha Erica’s last line was really skmething. A wold in sheep’s clothing playing the part of the devil? Really I think Erica has the potential to grow up into a hostess material if she wanted to.

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  2. Oh my God! That is… erm… a scary offer. Let’s hope she is actually kind at heart and not going to wish to slaughter all who doesn’t believe in her.


  3. Huhh….. so the Aurelia from distant land aren’t natural followers of the Sun god? Maybe another god? Or is it the fact that they go against the natural order set by the Sun god and as such are excluded?
    I wonder what is the wish she will wish? Be remembered by all or become a human girl? Or maybe even become Auguste’s dragon so she can accompany him until the end and be able to show the sky to him?
    Thanks for your hard work!!!


  4. Perhaps Palug will want to be human? but can she do that? it might be beyond her own powers… I think she would like that, since her end is near, wouldnt it be more fitting that she who was always part of humanity now becomes one of them? She could pursue Auguste, although her status would not be equal to his, perhaps that might not be possible, unless she is adopted, who better than the Aurelias 😛 not that this would happen tho lol, how would it even be explained…

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    1. That’s a plausible wish – but it seems like Palug is much older than Auguste and is like a mother-figure? I can see Palug as a human falling in love with Ed-sama 😅


      1. Naw Palug has said shes fallen in love before many times and has been happy, age is meaningless to someone like her. She loves Auguste very much, when he becomes older it isnt outside of the realms of possibility that she will fall for him even deeper, it might be at the level of a mother right now, but that can change.

        As for Ed sama lol I think shes really wary of the Aurelias lol quite frankly I think all of them are wary of the Aurelias… they have very low magical ability compared to the others, and are basically very dense to magical effects, they are new comers, and yet managed to secure there place in that world… dont you think its weird that they can do that? Personally I think the Aurelias are from an alien humanoid culture that is compatible with those on that planet lol. They seem to be the weirdest group out of all of them.

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        1. I’m ok with that lol… in fact I’m happily shipping Auguste with Palug 😛 that leaves that stupid brat as Ericas current potential love interest ho ho ho!


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  6. I thought this before with the descriptions of Tyr but…the “new comers” are literally aliens aren’t they? XD

    Also, I really hope Palug chooses to become the soul of the sleeping red dragon.


    1. You mean actual humans. But yes, they would be actual aliens. Zaratan was their spaceship.
      The people on the planet however are all monstro even if they resemble real humans.


  7. Prediction:

    Aurilians are ACTUAL humans that traveled from Earth and arrived on this monster world.

    The other humans living there are not actual humans but a form of humanoid monstro that are created by that son God.

    The magicians are actually witches/warlocks. The lupins are all werewolves (yes the heroine is a werewolf as well and might actually be the culprit that killed her own family.

    The slaves that fought against the vampires and Giants are a sort elves…

    The people of the gigant kingdom are descendants of actual Giants and the vampires were and are just another race. The giants and the vampires enslaved the witches, werewolves and elves and we’re their masters.


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