Chapter 47: Sky Throne (part three)

Ehm, I have an apology to make to some of you lol. I thought I knew Palug’s wish, but apparently not XD

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I saw Auguste being hugged by the Queen in the distance.

The people around them were watching the happy family with moist eyes.


I was also stroking my chest in relief.

Auguste seems to have fully acquired the ability to connect with the dragons.

And everyone even recognized his ability without a hitch.


In the corner of my heart, I feel a bit of a bad feeling.

Perhaps because I have been over-exposed to life-threatening danger many times, I may have become hypersensitive.

But still, it is probably safe to say that it is over.


“Auguste will be fine even if you don’t help him anymore.”

『Yes, he is as excellent as I thought. We both narrowly escaped from death.』


The kitten on my shoulder—Palug answered me in a loud voice.

It seems that the appearance of a kitten is the most power-efficient.


Due to the battle in the burial chamber, the power that Palug had stored was exhausted entirely.

What kept her alive was the power gained from a drop of blood she ingested during her contract with me.

Through economizing her power, somehow she was able to keep her form without dying.

Therefore, the current Palug can only exercise as much power as a kitten.


Palug stretched out her forelegs languidly on top of my shoulder.

Although she was exhausted, her expression as she was looking at Auguste seemed somewhat satisfied.


“In the end, what did Auguste lack?”

『It is unlucky that this child has too much talent. Sparrows can teach the child of a sparrow how to fly, but they cannot teach the child of an eagle.』


Palug shrugged her shoulders in her kitten form.

Summarizing her words, it is something like this.


Auguste’s ability to perceive is too strong.

Toward his might, the dragons who were perceived by his power were scared.

The fear of the dragons flowed back to Auguste and was further amplified in conjunction with his own anxiety.

This vicious circle obstructed his telepathy with the dragons.


The only exception are the dedicated dragons who have been influenced by his power since they were eggs.

So it seems that Palug initially thought of waiting for them to hatch.

But the only one who hatched is the small dragon Goldberry.

The remaining two dragons who are supposed to be suitable for riding are still eggs.


It was a matter of time before Auguste tried to ride using a general purpose dragon.

The problem here was his too powerful telepathic ability.


Even if Palug advised him to moderate himself because he had too much talent, she didn’t know how much Auguste should weaken himself in practice.

Since only failures happened, Auguste began to doubt his own talent.

Did Palug lie about his talent to comfort him out of kindness?

It wasn’t unreasonable for Auguste to think so.

Even if he asked someone or read historical literatures, he couldn’t find a case about someone with too much talent that they had to weaken their telepathic power.


“Aah, that’s why he could ride the dragon that was spelled with Intoxication magic.”

『Correct. Although I didn’t expect that the fear would diminish if you make the dragon drunk and that he would be able to ride on it.』


Palug pressed her cheek on my shoulder and stared at Auguste with a faraway look.

When she did such human-like behavior, she seemed mysterious.


『That child challenged the general purpose dragons many times like he usually does, I thought that he would eventually be worn out and come home. I was surprised when I saw his flying figure.』

“Huh? Then, that cursed stirrup was not something you had prepared, Palug?”

『Of course not. If I knew that the dragon was wearing such a dangerous thing, I would have stopped him before he went to the match in the first place.』


Certainly, it is as she said.

After all, it caused the runaway of his telepathic power and became a big incident involving all of the Island of Messenger.


『Actually, I didn’t want to fulfill his wish.』

“What do you mean?”

『In our contract as an angel, we cannot remove the possibility of failure. So in order to ensure that he could ride, I only had to weaken the power of that child.』

“You had to put your life on the line to suppress it. Because his power is naturally strong.”

『Even if it is strong it is not impossible, but Auguste’s ability is a blessing. That is the proof that he is loved by God. I didn’t want to take away such a wonderful thing from that child.』


Palug gazed at Auguste and the people surrounding him as if the sight was dazzling.


『Erica Aurelia. I am grateful to you. Thanks to what you did, I am not afraid of failures and I could bet on the potential of that child. I can’t believe that I am seeing such a nice sight while I am alive.』

“You’re welcome.”


Palug leaned against me and rubbed her fur on my cheek.

As expected, as a former divine beast, she is soft and has nice fur.

Well, it doesn’t feel bad.

I got involved in the circumstances of Auguste, but the results were all good.


“Ah, but, there is something I don’t get.”

『What is it?』

“I understand why he couldn’t ride on the dragons, but how did you change it so that he could?”

『Aah, speaking of which, I didn’t have time to explain that in detail. Well, how should I explain this?』

“Please tell me without putting on airs.”

『No. It’s not that, but……I only helped a little bit, I almost didn’t do anything.』

“……Eh? What do you mean?”


I thought that she used a miracle for that.

So I was following her instructions with confidence.

To me who was rigid with surprise, Palug gave back a small smile.


『In short, rather than weakening Auguste’s ability now, it was easier to weaken Auguste’s ability in the past.』

“Please explain it in a bit more detail.”

『If Auguste can learn how to adjust his power, there is no need to forcibly deprive him of his ability. I interfered with the oblivion principle at the time of re-contract, and planted a fake memory that his power was weak until he signed the contract with me.』

“Then, that really is not the power of the miracle?”

『Exactly. Because the power that we can also call a miracle is what that child already has originally. Afterwards, he only needs to use that power carefully by moderating it.』


I understood, but not really.

If so, is it like this?

Lied to a child who couldn’t ride a bicycle that ‘I will support you from behind’.

Then, gently released your hand from the bicycle carrier that started running.

It is similar to that, but mixed together with supernatural ability, huh.


“What were you planning to do if you failed?”

『At that time, I was going to manage the situation using my whole being or the soul of my contractor.』

“You’re going to use my soul without permission for such a haphazard strategy?”

『Just be glad that it has been successful. When that silver dragon went out of control, I thought that it was over though.』


I narrowly escaped my death again.

Without knowing, it seems that several death flags have been avoided.

I shuddered when I imagined the scenario where Auguste failed somehow.


“What about the miracle?”

『I used it for the liberation from the constraints of my God who bound me.』


『I am no longer a miracle-giving beast. I have stepped down from my role of fulfilling people’s wishes. There is no convenient contract beast anymore.』


I felt that Auguste turned towards me at the distance.

He was waving his hand my way.

I also waved my hand toward him.


“……Well, I guess you cannot make anyone forget from now on.”

『Oh well.』

“From now on since your power won’t be squeezed to realize the miracle, you wouldn’t weaken or disappear, right?”

『Yes. But I probably will not have such a long life. People’s faith in me is diluting.

“Is that okay?”

『Ufufufu. I would like to see the wedding ceremony of that child if I can, but I don’t know.』

“If you are so worried about him, it would be nice if you marry Auguste, Palug.”


I recalled her lines at the scene and teased her.

But the kitten shook her head.

I thought that Palug was obsessed with Auguste, but it seems to be different.


『After all, no matter how much I love him, he is something like a son to me.』


At that time, Palug was trying to help Auguste even if she lost her own soul.

I guess it is different from the feelings of a lover, more like the wish of a foster parent.


『If a mother binds her son and makes him do something he doesn’t want……wouldn’t that be a curse?』

“……Maybe so.”

『That child does not need me anymore. The wings of that child will surely be aimed towards the sky properly.』

“……Is that okay?”

『It’s fine. If I do not declare that it’s fine, I won’t be able to leave, right?』


I heard a voice calling me.

Auguste, the King and the Queen were beckoning me over.

Behind the King, father stood by himself unnoticed, looking at me with a severe expression.


Ah, oh no, I have a bad feeling about this.

It was dangerous, so I was told not to go out.

My expression stiffened.

When Auguste looked behind him in question, father immediately showed a smile.


He is definitely angry.

But that is fine.

If I died, I couldn’t be scolded.

Besides, until the state of the festive atmosphere surrounding Auguste settles down, the scolding seems to be put on hold.


I exchanged looks with Palug and tried to head toward Auguste.

Apparently, everything seems to have finished safely—well, that was what I thought.


“This is stupid! What a terrible farce!”


A familiar cry sounded as if betraying my optimistic thoughts.

Pushing his way through the crowds of people was the figure of Louis Ode-Ignitia who had a red face in apparent fury and distress.

So, I thought that the fake memory planted in Auguste was the wish, but apparently not XD and when I was already boasting in the comment section of chapter 45 too. Sorry about that!

And there is an edit in chapter 32, so the thing that was cursed with Intoxication magic was a stirrup. I think I forgot to translate that bit so I added it in ><

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  1. I forgot to translate that bit so I added it in… I wouldn’t want you to translate any contracts, that’s for sure… You’d probably forget to translate the “in addition, with this contract you are selling your soul and the souls of all your descendants to a smelly old ossan that calls himself the Maou”

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  2. I think her wish is to be able to be free from being a divine beast, then used Erica’s blood to instill a boost of confidence in August by modifying his memory a bit


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