Chapter 50: Sky Throne (part six)

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Pure white petals continued to fall down on the white city.

It looked as if angels’ feathers were falling and fluttering about.


In the sky above the city, dozens of dragons and dragon knights were taking turns in circling and scattering the petals.

It is one of the important events of the Advent Festival which gives an image as if angels are swooping down upon the city.

Under the sky which is watched over by the angels, this year too, people are making sure that they convey their unchangeable gratitude towards the angels.



It seems that the Lucanrant healer is good at what he does.

The wound on my cheek disappeared in about an hour without a trace.

After finishing the treatment, I went out to the city which had become festive.


A few meters away from me, father was escorting and watching over me.

I have used up the magic tool to prevent kidnapping, so it is reasonable.

Rather, I should thank him for allowing me to go out even though such a thing happened to me.

I wanted to look around freely, but I would keep quiet so as to not worry him.


『Even so, to stop the movement of that villain without any regard for injuries.

Having such a courageous friend, I am proud.』

『What are you saying.

Erica is a woman, so her face is very important.

Rather, it’s good because there is no trace left……』


At my feet, Tirnanog and Palug were quarreling.

I guess father didn’t hear them thanks to the bustle, but I don’t want to risk it.


The current Tirnanog’s equipment was made with several sheets of armor that barely escaped from damage.

I re-used the alchemy characters that I had originally carved and reconstructed him while I was undergoing the medical treatment.

Since the time and material were not enough, I somehow managed to make a simple version of his original armor.


The two phantom beasts who have become my companions have had their combat strength cut drastically.

I have no choice but to pray that nothing happens until we return to the Aurelia territory.


『GRRAAH! Shut up, cat!

What’s wrong with giving praise for my friend’s hard struggle!』

『Ahahaha! Such a slow punch will never hit me!

Such a slow serpent, you must not think that you can defeat me, the King of Beasts!』


Circling around me over and over, the two started chasing each other.

Tirnanog swung his claw and Palug dodged it when it was within a hair’s breadth distance.

Although I was sure that it didn’t hit her, when I saw that she kept provoking him, I felt anxious.

His current armor is small, but if it hits the body of a kitten, it would be deadly.


“Both of you, father is nearby, so please be quiet.”

『Umu. I understand.』

『Ye~s. I will be careful not to be found out.』


With reluctant looks, the two stopped their battle completely.

Their breathing became synchronized.

Yup, I guess they are on good terms with each other.


I put both of them on my shoulders and started walking again.

Drinks such as alcohol and fruit juice were being distributed around the city.

Together with the words ‘Thanks be to Angel’, people were clinking their cups together.

Adults, children, nobles, and commoners as well.

Everyone was smiling and raising a toast.

Unlike the aristocratic feast held in the royal castle, the difference in status seems to have nothing to do with the banquet of the day.


It is a festival that seems to make the gap between nobles and commoners thinner.

In this country, under the One True God, equality is deeply ingrained into the very fabric of the society.


I also received a cup of fruit juice and decided to participate in the event.

In the cup I received, a piece of petal was lightly floating.


(Ah, how beautiful.)


I was fascinated by the beautiful image that somehow seemed to be a sign of luck.

Someone clinked against my cup in a surprise toast.


“Thanks be to Angel. It seems that your wound has completely healed, I’m glad, Erica.”

“Hyah!? O……Onii-sama, when did you–!?”

“Just now, I saw you playing with the cat and the golem.”



If I was late in stopping the phantom beasts, they would have been caught by my brother.


Brother appeared to make an eye contact with father.

Father nodded and left with some escort alchemists.

That was the way to the square in front of the cathedral.


“The report to His Majesty has finally been completed.

Finally, I can walk around the festival slowly together with my cute Erica.”

“What about Otou-sama?”

“Father seems to have some business with His Majesty. From here on, I will be the one to escort you.”

“Thank you very much.”


In contrast to father who has the tendency to leave me to my own device, brother seems to be escorting me at a close range.

I have to be more careful so that the identities of Tirnanog and Palug won’t be exposed.

Especially the cat whose eyes have become hearts.


“When you said ‘reporting’, it was about the investigation with Klaus-sama, right?”

“That’s right. With the exception of when they were explaining the situation, Louis’ faction was dramatic in various places.

Along with the report, I handed him over to a reliable person of the Ignitia royal family.”

“Aah, I see.”

“After this, while assuming the role as Louis’ escort, I’m going to investigate Ignitia’s territory in Karkinos.

It really hurts my head.

I need some fresh air for a while, or the frail me is going to collapse.”

“That is……thank you for your hard work.”


When I looked at him, brother who was full of energy turned around and smiled sweetly at me.

Even though he himself is lively, there is no doubt that the investigation is serious.

I would like for him to maintain his vigor during this short break.


“Speaking of which, why did you undertake the top secret investigation, Onii-sama?”

“Aah, it was by chance, that’s right……do you remember the collapse accident of the Ruins of Visitor from two months ago?

After that, I asked for an estimation on how much money will be needed to drill the surrounding rocks.

It turned out that even if we estimate the minimum, it will take ten times as much as my pocket money.”

“I-it takes that much money, huh……”


It is a fact that my careless mistake at that time has caused such a serious damage.

I put a smile on my face hurriedly so that my upset wouldn’t appear on my expression.


“It was impossible to continue the investment alone.

I had just gotten the cooperation agreement from the researchers of Lindis Magic Academy, so it was a shame.”

“That’s truly regrettable.”

“But at such a time, His Majesty Henri talked to me about the top secret audit.

Under the condition that His Majesty will become a sponsor of the excavation project, I undertook the audit.”

“I see……if the King joins, other Ignitian aristocrats are likely to contribute together.”

“That’s right.”


As expected of my brother. It was a wonderful work.

He turns anything into profit.


If I think about it, unless the case at the Ruins of Visitor happened, the events on the Island of Messenger would have been different.

Eduard-oniisama wouldn’t have audited Louis and continue the ruins excavation.

Tirnanog/Zaratan who was sealed at the deepest part of the ruins and was going to fuse with the dead Ann, would have remained unknown.

Klaus who would’ve been in a shock after losing his sister, wouldn’t have showed up for a while. Naturally, he wouldn’t have been a part of the audit.

No matter how hard I tried, I wouldn’t have been able to stop Auguste’s contract ritual without their power, nor could I have cleared the suspicion held against Auguste.


The fact that I stepped over the trap of the ruins is going around and solving the problems in Ignitia.

It is said that fortune is unpredictable and changeable, and that disaster and happiness are two sides of a rope.


“Good grief, for the time being, it seems that I will have my hands full with Louis’ investigation.

When this work is over, I’d like to think about phantom beasts in leisure.”

“It would be nice if you could enter the Ruins of Visitor.”

“That’s absolutely right.

But instead of that, I’d like to investigate about the beloved cat of the Founder King, Cath Palug.”

“Ehh!? Palug!?”


I was surprised when the name of the phantom beast came out from an unexpected person.

I almost dropped my cup in surprise.

Palug herself, who was on my shoulder, also moved her ears with a twitch and watched my brother intently.


“The truth is, I heard interesting stories between the audit of Louis.”

“What kind of stories?”

“It seems that there are also folklore of some monstro in Ignitia.

Variation are rich with lions, leopards and cats, but they all seem to be monstro with the appearance of a feline.”


“For some reason I was interested and searched for the remains of the scattered lore while doing some light investigation on one hand. Then, I found something interesting.”

“Something interesting?”

“The group of monstro recorded as countless figures and names may actually be one phantom beast.”

“No way……”

“A young King and a phantom beast who guides the Hero always appeared in the turning point of Ignitia’s history……thinking from an outsider’s point of view, they seem like completely different folklore and it’s interesting.

Aah, perhaps the powerful awakening of His Highness Auguste’s ability was also because that phantom beast was involved.”

“Onii-sama’s ideas never fail to surprise me.”


It roughly matched.

What an incredible reasoning power.

It is understandable that Louis, who has been involved in the collusion for a long time, couldn’t escape.


“It’s not a bad idea to have a track record of investigating Ignitia’s phantom beast first.

Fund procurement seems to be going smoothly from the royal aristocracy as well, and researchers who understand about phantom beasts can also be increased.

It’s a good thing.”

“About the cat monstro, Auguste-sama knows about the details.”

“Oya, His Highness Auguste?

I see, then I have to talk to him about this.

—Also, about the reason why you are very familiar with him.”



I see, it is certainly a concerning point.

From the viewpoint of others, it should look like we have gotten along too quickly and that is very surprising.

From the viewpoint of a guardian, it would be very worrisome.

My contact with Auguste in the public place was when I said that poem about angel the day before yesterday.


“Don’t worry. There is nothing to be worried about.

Auguste-sama is a friend of mine.

When I happened to meet him in the cathedral, we hit it off when we were talking about the old paintings.”

“……Friend? Are you just friends?”

“Of course—”

“Of course, we’re not just friends!”



Suddenly someone’s arm caught my arm, and my heart was about to jump out.

When I turned around, my eyes met the familiar purple eyes.

Ah, that was surprising. So it was Auguste, huh.

He changed his clothes from the riding outfit to the formal wear of a prince in the middle of the incident.

But this prince, to suddenly appear and cut in on our conversation.


“Heeh……Your Highness, if you’re not ‘just friends’, then what is your relationship with Erica?”

“Um, you mean that you’re my good friend, right, Auguste-sama?”

“Yes, yes, Erica and I, we are good friends.

Only for the moment though, Onii-sama.”

“Is that so. That’s good.

By all means, please be good friends with Erica forever.”


Brother and Auguste smiled sweetly at each other.

Both of them should be smiling, but the atmosphere between them is unsettling.

And Auguste too, why did he say something that can be misunderstood?

Combined with brother’s siscon tendency, it has become an explosive situation.


For a while, the two of them were staring at each other silently.

In the end, Auguste seemed to have lost and took his hand off of me.


“You are a shrewd person, Sir Eduard.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment, Your Highness Auguste.”


After saying such words, the tense atmosphere slightly loosened.


Goldberry appeared somewhat late to her owner and landed on Auguste’s shoulder.

She threw the piece of meat she was holding right above her, snapped into it and filled her mouth with it.


“Alright, alright, you have already eaten enough, Goldberry.”


“Yeah, it can’t be helped. Today is special but from tomorrow you have to moderate yourself so that you don’t gain weight.”



Goldberry rubbed her cheek against Auguste’s, narrowed her eyes and swished her tail back and forth.

Tirnanog is cute, but the dragons of Ignitia are also cute with their cat-like gestures.


When I was thinking such things, Goldberry caught my eyes and stopped moving around.

Palug who was on my shoulder stiffened.

Apparently, Goldberry seems to be staring at her kitten form.


『Oh no……I forgot to erase the memory of that child……』


Palug muttered in a quiet voice that could only be heard by me.

She jumped to the ground and hid behind my skirt to escape Goldberry’s line of sight.


『Cat……what a foolish guy.』

“Kyu……? Kyurururu!”


Tirnanog muttered in a low voice and shrugged his shoulders.

Goldberry is staring at Tirnanog this time.

Somehow, it seems to resemble the atmosphere of Palug when she encounters handsome men.

She quickly flew over to my shoulder and put her forelegs on Tirnanog’s visor.

Speaking of which, this child was curious about the content of Tirnanog since the start.




『Stop it! I-I am a golem! There is nothing inside!』


Tirnanog whose visor was almost opened, twisted himself away and clambered down to escape.

When Tirnanog reached the ground, Goldberry immediately descended to the ground and followed him.

As they started chasing each other, soon Palug also joined in.

The three of them went about circling around me, then passed under the table and kept running.


“Oi~ don’t tease them, Goldberry.”

“Don’t go too far, alright?”


When we called out to them, those small beasts had already disappeared.

Oh well.

Goldberry is strong, and she is clever even though Tirnanog and Palug are also weakened.

Rather, it is more dangerous for the identity of Palug to be exposed to Auguste through the sense of Goldberry.

I hope that it would work out fine.


“That girl, she really likes Erica’s golem.”

“It looks like it.”

“I’m also interested in the construction of Erica’s golem.”

“No way, it’s embarrassing to show the internal structure to Onii-sama.”

“I see, that’s too bad.”


This is troubling……brother has become interested.

But, if brother observes it carefully, it will surely be exposed that the content is a living being.

In addition, it can also be said that Tirnanog is a homunculus.

It will be difficult, but I have to gloss over it somehow.


“Huh? That’s Eduard, right? Ooi~”


While I was suffering, I heard a familiar voice.

Brother turned towards the source of the voice.

I stroked my chest in relief at the lifeboat that had fallen down.


The person approaching was a student of Lindis Magic Academy who was holding a big bundle under his arm.

Messy silver hair, the uniform of King’s Scholar and a gentle and naïve smile.

It was Actorius-sensei.

What should I do, his glasses are crooked again.

While I was wondering whether I should point it out or not, brother fixed Actorius-sensei’s glasses position in a moment.

It was a quick work that only took a blink of an eye.


ch 50-1



“You haven’t changed, Elric.”

“Oya, I didn’t notice. My glasses have been crooked all this time, huh. Sorry for always troubling you, Eduard.”


Both of them looked somewhat accustomed to this.

I wonder if this kind of exchange has been repeated from long ago.


“Aah, excuse me, Erica-san is also here, huh.

Uum……do I know the other boy too?

Ah that’s right, you’re the rider of Blackcurrant.

Congratulation for your victory.”

“I am King Henri Ignitia’s son, Auguste.

Thank you for taking care of me during the tournament.”

“Eehh~~!? You are the prince?

I also thank you, I apologize for not recognizing you……I am a person named Elric Actorius.

I am Eduard’s school friend.”


Actorius-sensei hurriedly bowed towards Auguste.

As expected, Auguste turns out to be the winner of the tournament.

I guess that is natural.

Louis who committed wrongdoing using the enemy’s technology can’t be treated as the winner forever.


“You recognized him as Blackcurrant’s rider, but you didn’t notice that he was His Highness Auguste, Elric.”

“I was busy with the investigation of the violation committed by Louis, so I didn’t hear the name of the winner~”

“I’m sorry. Because of what my family member did, the school people faced some hardships.”

“No, no, don’t mind it.

This is the extension of our original work.

Even though it’s regrettable for the two dragons, I got some valuable data from them.”


When the topic of the two dragons—the White Dragon Camellia and the Purple Dragon Silvetica was brought up, Auguste’s expression became clouded.


“What happened to Camellia and Silvetica?”

“I’m sorry. Right now, we have no way to save those two dragons.

We have removed most of the Nails, but we couldn’t remove those stuck in some important organs.

It is regrettable that we cannot fully understand the biological structure of the dragons.

Besides, the embedded curse was an unknown kind specially manufactured for the dragons.”

“I see……”

“But, I will never let such tragedy repeat again.

For the two victims, we will certainly find a remedy.”

“……Aah, I will expect your success.”


To cheer him up, Actorius-sensei who always seems so weak, strongly guaranteed it.

With that, a smile finally returned to Auguste’s face.


“Even so, Louis Ode-Ignitia……

I didn’t expect him to do something so terrible.

Even though I don’t have a dragon, I would’ve never done such a heartless thing.

Do you want to see the inspection results, Eduard?

All in all, centered on the spine, there are more than a hundred Cursed Nails—”

“Elric, talking about that in the main street during daylight is a bit……”

“Ah, that’s right, sorry.”


Actorius-sensei hurriedly covered his mouth.

Auguste was pale when I looked at him.

Even I felt goose bumps along my spine, it would be even more painful for the people of Ignitia who cherish the dragons.


“Louis wasn’t supposed to be a person who could do such a thing in the past.

At least, every participant could equip the cursed stirrup, so why did he use the Cursed Nails instead?”

“No, Your Highness, I personally think that Louis didn’t have a part in the stirrup case.”

“Is that so?

If that is true, that makes me feel a little relieved.

Certainly he and I have a bad relationship, but I don’t want to think that I was so hated that he wanted to kill me.”


Auguste said in a somewhat lonesome way while looking down and concealing his eyes.

By the way, the King seemed to be trying to believe in Louis until the very end.

From my point of view, Louis is just a bad person.

But for Auguste and the King, he might not be just that.


“Anyway, it’s surprising. Eduard, you’re supporting Louis.

Did you find evidence that is favorable in some sort for Louis?”

“As of now, there is still no physical evidence found other than the stirrup.

I have no intention of supporting him.

But, Louis didn’t get any merit in placing the stirrup.”

“Wasn’t it because he felt that a person closer to the throne other than himself was an obstacle, he tried to murder His Highness Auguste while pretending that it was an accident?”

“If he knew beforehand that His Highness would participate using the general purpose dragons, that line of thinking might have worked.”


To the words of Eduard-oniisama, Actorius-sensei tilted his head with a smiling expression.

It didn’t make any sense at all.


As a matter of fact, Palug thought that he would fail to ride right until the match started.

Even though Auguste could have been expected to challenge the general purpose dragons, they wouldn’t have thought that he would compete in the main battle and end up crossing swords in a decisive battle.


“Among the participants in the 20-meter class, there were many dragon knights who were regarded as winner candidates.

Nevertheless, it is strange to use a one-of-a-kind magical tool on a general purpose dragon that you don’t know who would be riding it.”

“Onii-sama. At the very least, do you know the origin of the cursed stirrup?”

“Since there was a miniscule amount of some soil in the gaps of the decoration of the stirrup, if we analyze this soil, we might know the source.

I’m sending a fast horse to Hafan right now and I’m collecting the samples of the soil at certain places.”

“Speaking of Hafan, do you think that this case is related to the grave robbery case, Sir Eduard?”


Auguste lowered his voice and asked around.


The grave robbery case of Hafan.

Indeed, it was supposed to have been a cemetery during the era of the Vampire Kingdom Casketia.

If the damaged graves are the source of the cursed stirrup, I wonder if this incident was also caused by a spell of Casketia.

It is too much to think of it as just a coincidence.


“I don’t know. But, assuming the worst situation, my actions could never been faster, right?”

“That would make no difference.

If the fact that vampires were involved is widespread, the people of Hafan and Lucanrant will be uneasy.

They are our important allies. I want to make them feel relieved as soon as possible.”

“His Majesty Henri also seems to think so. As expected, you guys are alike. Why didn’t I notice it until now, I wonder.”


To brother’s words, a pale rose color showed on the cheeks of Auguste.

While he smiled bitterly, he still had a proud atmosphere around him.


Actorius-sensei nodded many times over the interaction between the two people and unpacked the package which he was holding.

From inside, a pair of stirrups with a heavy atmosphere around them showed up.


“Since these are very important, I have to be careful not to get robbed by someone.”

“So you’re the the one who is carrying them huh, Elric.

I did hear that a mage from the school was carrying them, but……

At least, let me guard them with you, or I won’t feel relieved.”

“I had no choice, because I couldn’t catch any other alumnus from school.

And since I don’t have too many acquaintances from Ignitia, I didn’t know who to ask.”

“Although I’m sure that is true—”


Eduard-oniisama’s line of sight wandered several times between me and Auguste.

He sighed a little and said:


“Elric, you are very lucky. You know one skilled alchemist.

Your Highness Auguste, I will return soon, but please take care of my younger sister until then.

Because there is a possibility that someone hostile may still be hiding in this island.”

“I agree. I swear that only death shall keep me apart from her.”

“Hahaha, you jest.

I will be back soon.

Now, let’s run. Hurry up, Elric.”

“Eehh!? Wait, Eduard!”


Towards Auguste who was telling a joke with a serious look, brother gave a sharp smile and left.

Behind him, Actorius-sensei who was holding the big package went on to chase him while tripping on air many times.


I became worried about whether or not my older brother could get married properly.

He should be popular with noble women, but he is a severe siscon.

I hope there is a good woman of marriageable age in Aurelia who wouldn’t be perturbed with my brother who has such a personality.


“That person seems to be in a hurry to go there……”

“That’s true.”

“Oops, I forgot. Thanks be to Angel.”

“Yes. Thanks be to Angel.”


Auguste took the cup which was served nearby and held it up lightly.

I brought my cup to knock with Auguste’s and said the thankful words to the kitten who ran away earlier.


“And also……thanks to my goddess of fortune.”

“Yes? Aah, you’re welcome.”


For a moment, I didn’t know what he meant by that.

Speaking of which, he did say something like that before.

Auguste reached for my cheek with the hand that wasnt holding a cup.


“Your wound, I’m glad it has healed.”

“The healer was skillful so I’m saved. I almost became a damaged good.”

“Hahaha. If that happened, I would’ve taken responsibility.”

“Auguste-sama, please be careful with what you say.

If you keep talking carelessly like that, the crown princess candidates will surge forward in great numbers.”

“You don’t need to worry, I will only say that to Erica.

In that case, it’s fine, right?”


Auguste widened his large and bright eyes, tilted his head and stared at me imploringly.

That gesture somehow made him feel like a cat.


By the way, this person is the same as the one in the original game.

He has the bad habit of drawing close to someone on a whim, but when that someone carelessly approaches him, he would run away and avoid them without delay.

He seems like a cat who wants to distance himself from other people, from his strong wariness to the bad habit of behaving for his own self-interest.


But, honestly speaking, Auguste’s careless way of talking can be a source of future troubles.

I have to admonish him as a friend somehow.


“That’s not what I mean, it is a matter of not being able to decline the marriage.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“If I refuse, Auguste-sama’s dignity will be tarnished.

Like now, even if it was originally tarnished to begin with.”

“I didn’t say……”

“Even if it is just a verbal promise, I can’t possibly say no. And yet, you still wanted to propose marriage?”


I took Auguste’s gaze head on and stared right back with a smile.

After a few seconds of stalemate, Auguste shrugged his shoulders with a bitter smile.


“……I lost. Forget about what I said just now.

I won’t talk about making important friends.”

“From now on you will have more and more friends, so be careful.

Also, if you are seriously looking for a marriage partner, you also have to think about the national interests of Ignitia.”

“Aah, I don’t want to think about politics, no way. It’s troublesome~”


Auguste behaved as if he was sulking jokingly.

This Crown Prince, his jokes are a little bit too risky.


A sudden burst of sea breeze blew our hair.

Trying to suppress the golden hair covering my vision, my hand touched someone else’s hand.

It was Auguste’s hand.

While tangling his fingers on my curly hair, he had an expression as if seeing something dazzling.

His mouth curled into a reserved smile, as if his mischievous heart was taken away by the breeze.


“Erica, if……”


“If I were still covered with malicious rumors, you……”

“Wait a minute, you guys! What are you doing!”


For some reason, Klaus came between me and Auguste.

At that moment, Auguste’s expression was already covered with the mask of a deep smile.

The words he wanted to say disappeared beyond those lips that are smiling a challenging smile right now.


“What are we doing……I was talking with my good friend, is there something wrong?”

“I mean, Klaus-sama, what are you doing?”

“No, really, what are you doing, Klaus-oniisama.”


Looking closely, Ann was standing behind him.

Ann bowed lightly to us and let a servant clear up the cup that Klaus had thrown away.

Klaus grimaced, retreated several steps back and stared at his hand.


“……I, what am I doing?”

“How deplorable. Please get a grip, Onii-sama.”


Both siblings seem to be at their wits’ end.

As usual, they seem to be on good terms and in high spirits even though various things happened.


“It seems that Klaus-sama has given a lot of efforts, thank you for your hard work.”

“Aah, you too, thanks for your hard work…….I’m glad that your wound has healed.”

“You don’t need to worry, it was just a scratch.”

“No, I just don’t want you to feel pain. It’s for my own sake. I’m not worried for you.”


Saying so, Klaus looked away.

As usual he seems to be upset about something I don’t understand well.

As someone who has been stabbed to death, it really is just a scratch.


Klaus accepted a new cup from his attendant.

I knocked my cup against Klaus’ cup who was offering it to me.


“Thanks be to Angel. Anyway, that is one case closed.”

“Aah, thanks be to Angel.

Since Eduard and I will keep tracking the investigation on the continent of Karkinos, this is a short break.”

“That’s too bad, huh……”

“Aah, that’s why, at least this time, you—”

“Thanks Be To Angels!

You’re a terrible guy, huh, Klaus Hafan.

You didn’t care that I am in front of you.”


ch 50


This time Auguste cut in between me and Klaus as he presented his cup.

What was that.

I wonder if cutting in on people’s conversation is popular.

I felt like an invisible spark flashed between the blatantly unpleasant expression of Klaus and the beaming Auguste.


“Auguste Ignitia, huh.

I’m glad that the malicious rumors about you are gone.”

“Thank you very much.”

“For me, whether the rumors were true or not, no matter what kind of person you are, it doesn’t matter.”


Klaus didn’t seem to worry that he was being rude, he put power into his eyes and glared at Auguste.

Auguste too, although he appeared to dismiss it coolly at first glance, his eyes weren’t smiling.


“What is your relationship with Erica?”

“She is my friend. My important friend.”

“For me, Erica is an important……friend.”

“Hmm. The enemy of my enemy is called my friend, but what should I call a friend of my friend?”

“I don’t know.”


Klaus and Auguste shook hands firmly.

It seems that the power both of them put into their back teeth was unnatural.


“Auguste. It seems that you and I will be associating with each other for a long time. Unwillingly.”

“Aah, nice to meet you, Klaus. I will not hold anything back.”


One way or another, it seems to have settled amicably, I gently stroked my chest in relief.

It was slightly dangerous, is this the friendship between boys?

If Palug hears that Auguste has made a new friend, she would definitely be happy.


“I’m glad that you have made more friends, Auguste-sama.”

“I guess you see it like that, huh……”

“I’m glad that you have made a rival that you desired so much, Klaus-sama.”

“Just what the heck do you think of me!”


How weird. Both of them have even matched their breathing properly.

No matter how I see it, they get along well.

Perhaps they are both tsundere.


“Oops, I am sorry that my greeting was delayed. Little lady.

I am the son of King Henri Ignitia, Auguste Ignitia. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“You are an unexpectedly formidable opponent. I understand well. I will face you with everything I have.”


Ann smiled sweetly while replying in a dangerous manner of speaking.

Auguste stiffened while maintaining his smile.


“I am Ann from the Ducal House of Hafan. I apologize for my older brother’s rudeness. Thanks be to Angel.”

“Thanks be to Angel……you two are brother and sister, but how should I say this, you guys don’t look alike.”

“Don’t say that.”


While giving a backward glance to Auguste who shrunk back, Ann came closer to me as if gliding.


“Erica-oneesama. Above all, I’m glad that you are safe. Thanks be to Angel.”

“Yes, thanks be to Angel. I have been indebted to you this time too, Ann.

I guess you surely will not remember.”

“If it’s about the guardian of Erica-oneesama, I remember it though?”


I thought I heard it wrong.

In spite of myself, I looked at Ann twice.


Perhaps, she wasn’t covered by Palug’s memory alteration.

Ann met Tirnanog, but it was irrelevant to Palug.

Since Palug only made memory alteration by modifying the contract-related scripture, it was not surprising that Ann’s memory was left intact.


“Apparently, as promised he seems to have protected Erica-oneesama, that guy must have worked hard.

I hope that he will be pleased with a handicraft brought from Hafan.”

“U-um, Ann-sama, please don’t tell anybody about that child.”

“Fufufu, of course. Since it is inconvenient to show such a trump card easily.”


While saying such disturbing things, Ann held her skirt and bowed elegantly.


“Lady and gentlemen, I have some people to greet, it’s regrettable, but I’ll be going now.

Onii-sama, I will borrow all the escorts.”

“Aah, it’s fine. Even if you say ‘escorts’, they are weaker than me.”


Slowly, with a small devilish smile, Ann left accompanied by her escorts.

Far from being a devil, she seemed to be a Great Demon, I became worried about the future.


“By the way, what was that conversation? Do you have a guardian or something?”

“That is……”

“That’s not good, Klaus. It seems that it was a secret between ladies.”

“She is hiding a secret in front of you, aren’t you worried even a bit?”


Auguste flashed a provocative smile and tangled his fingers within my hair.

He played with my curly hair as if showing off to Klaus and tied his finger into my ringlets.

I was very surprised when the cup in Klaus’ hand broke.


“I don’t know about that. Secrets are more attractive if they are kept secrets.”

“I know that. Also, stop touching her with that hand. Somehow that makes me feel irritated.”

“Oops, how short-tempered, Klaus.

But unfortunately, I think that your punch will not hit me.”

“I dare you to try saying the same thing after you roll on the ground.”

“Both of you, you will bother the people around, so please do it in moderation.”


I felt a sense of déjà vu as I saw Klaus chasing after Auguste who was running around.

Auguste looked whole-heartedly happy, and Klaus also showed a faint smile before he knew it.

The people of the Kingdom were also watching the prince and his new friend with smiling faces.


Auguste could laugh naturally like this in front of everyone.

While I felt a little proud of my own hard work, I secretly made a toast to all the people who had worked hard for this.


In this way, the evening feast of the Advent Festival advanced in peace.

The phrase ‘Thanks be to Angel’ is derived from an archaic way of saying thank you to God often found in the bible: ‘Thanks Be To God’.

So the last question is still: who put up the cursed stirrup? This will be answered in a few chapters.

What’s your favorite part in this chapter? Mine is when Eduard said that he hopes Auguste became good friends with Erica forever XD Eduard’s siscon tendency was showing~

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