Chapter 63: City of Canals (part ten)

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TL: clover

ED: clover, eristol

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While being carried by Tirnanog, I climbed the wall behind the Water Palace.

Tirnanog was walking on four legs without attracting attention.

It was a bit awkward because he was not completely in his dragon form, but the mobility couldn’t compare to upright walking.


(He’s working too hard after all……)


I forgot about it since he seemed fine, but Tirnanog is in his convalescence period after his restoration.

When this matter is over, it would be nice for him to have a relaxing rest.


While thinking so, we arrived on the balcony of my assigned room.

Apparently, Palug hadn’t returned yet, so we entered the room and waited for her.


After we entered the room, Tirnanog shrugged off his mantle.

The stuffed toy-sized Tirnanog jumped out from inside the crack on the back of his armor which looked like a cicada’s husk.

He made a turn mid-air and landed brilliantly on the carpet.


『Good grief, finally I got my solid body back.』

“Sorry for troubling you today.”

『Don’t worry. It was quite fresh and fun.

Aah, leave the armor as it is. So it will be easier tomorrow since I don’t have to stretch it again when I wear it.』


After saying so, Tirnanog dragged out a large washbasin from one of the large luggage and poured water in it.

It seems that he is going to relax by bathing.

I put a sheet over the armor which was thrown away before someone else saw it.


Now then, I should look over the materials before Palug returns.

I sat on a chaise lounge and spread out the books I bought on the table.

First off, let’s read the book I purchased.


The pilgrimage story is a book that summarizes anecdotes from the surrounding area told by monks.

It is a collection of stories about various folklore that the seven horse-riding pilgrims gathered to kill time.

It has many stories about magical beasts and phantom beasts which makes it the perfect book for my purpose.


The story of the first weir and the kraken.

The tragic love story of the Silver Alchemist who married the Northern Princess.

A story of an old monk who carried out serial killings by smearing poison on banned books.

A story of a navigator who got shipwrecked in seven voyages by seven kinds of monstro.

A story of an alchemist who made the Cursed Sword of Fire and fought against the Prince of Sword.

The tragic love story of the Eastern Princess who loved the Golden-haired Werewolf Prince.

The story of a goblin and the cursed silver.


Somehow this region has many materials about the magical beast Kraken.

Yeah, is this the death flag for six years in the future?

While it is worrisome, but the seven kinds of monstro, magical swords, goblins and werewolves are also worrisome.


As I wrote a summary in a notebook with a simple illustration, Tirnanog peered into it.


『There is no problem if it’s just an octopus. I will devour all of them.』

“Yeah, I will leave it to you then.”


Next, I turned over the manuscript of a diary written by a merchant some hundreds of years ago.

In addition to the notes about the fluctuating price of wheat and eggs, worrisome descriptions were mixed in.


For example, the poisoning incident that occurred in the monastery two hundred years ago was described as a warning against greed.

This is probably the story of the old monk who carried out a serial killing by poisoning the banned books in the previous pilgrimage story.

I see, I should compare these two books to know what era the folklore was based on.



While reading the book and taking notes, I heard the door open.

From there, another me appeared while grinning broadly.

It was Palug who had finished dinner.

When I looked over my shoulder, Tirnanog was asleep while bathing inside the washbasin.


“Welcome back, Palug.”

“I’m back. Oh my, this guy, he’s sleeping already?”

“It’s because he has worked hard today.”

“Hmm. Then it can’t be helped.”


When Palug returned to her former state and crept closer to Tirnanog, she touched the water inside the washbasin with the tip of her nail.

After a short time, the water began to boil and steam came out of it.


『Mu!? Aah, what, it’s the cat, huh.

It seems that I fell asleep.』

Good morning. Isn’t it a good hot water?

『Umu. I don’t really care about it.』

If you didn’t wake up, I would have just kept it boiling as it was, you know~?


Tirnanog stretched pleasantly inside the hot water.

Palug chuckled and sat beside me and looked into the spread materials.


Oh my, my master is very diligent.

“If there is something I can do during my stay, I want to do it.”

This is also useful for me. Tonight I will go to the pilgrimage points mentioned in this book.


Palug brought a wagon with silver dishes.


The two of you haven’t eaten yet, have you? Eat these properly, okay?


That said, Palug opened the silver dish covers.

Steamed chicken, steamed cabbage with warm carrot salad and cheese appeared from inside.

While eating, we shared information on our first day in Knot Reed.


“First, let me hear about what happened today in the Water Palace, Palug.”

After switching, I didn’t see Earl Nibelheim.

Aah, that’s right. In order for you to be able to match the talk with Ernst and the others, I need to keep you updated about the launching ceremony.


I cut a steamed chicken with a knife and fork and thrust it into Tirnanog’s mouth as I listened to Palug.

The sauce on the chicken and the warm vegetables used cheese and they were very rich in flavor and delicious.


“I see, for example?”

As the new aircraft carries golems inside, it seems that the Golem Guild is also supporting it in general.


The Golem Guild here is not the guild where golems gather but the guild of golem creators.

It is a powerful group as factories use golems in many areas.


“Is there anything else?”

As for maritime insurance bidding, it seems that there was a dispute before we arrived.

As expected, it seems that Turm decided to take over.


As expected of the successful merchant Turm.

They are going to take over the maritime which is a big insurance essential for shipping.


Another thing. There are rumors that the alchemist who got caught by an aristocrat from Ignitia to make white porcelain has escaped.

“Oh, that is some progress from the rumor I heard before.

So it’s not ‘went missing’ but ‘ran away’, huh?”

It seems that he escaped in the middle of the incident in the Island of Messenger.


So such a thing happened during the shade of panic due to Auguste’s super-wide area mental interference, huh.

If he was someone with the blood of the Visitor’s Clan who aren’t easily influenced by the mental interference, that incident was probably a great opportunity.

It would be nice if he successfully runs away, that white porcelain alchemist.


It seems that the arrival of the previous aircraft carrier of Ignitia is delayed, and it is likely to arrive around tomorrow.

If there is nothing wrong, it seems that the launching ceremony will be held on the day after tomorrow.

“That means Auguste will also arrive on the day after tomorrow.”


When I said so, Palug smiled ambiguously.

Oh, didn’t she want to meet him soon?


“Are you a little disappointed?”

Fufu, as long as I can meet him, I don’t mind even if it is a little late.


I returned the slightly off topic to the information collection result of today once again.


“Is there any rumor about the fraud?”

Six months ago, it seems that a large-scale scam of antique art was exposed.

Most of the scammers were caught and it seems that the punishment had also been executed.

“So there was a scam of antique arts. But if they were caught then this may be a separate case.”

Since the main criminal of this case seems to have escaped, isn’t there a possibility that he will do something similar again?


There is also a possibility that the content and target of the fraud have changed from the original game.

Perhaps it might have become different as the result of the previous two incidents have changed.


I tried to explore the stories related to the silver vein, but there wasn’t any particular result.

“Yeah, nevertheless, we have to tell Earl Nibelheim to be cautious of fraud.”

That’s true, but how do we tell Earl Nibelheim about the situation, that’s the problem……

If I get close and go to see him, I will look like the con artist.


Even if I tell him with a letter, depending on the content it can be seen as a threatening sentence.

And I can’t advise him with the appearance of Erica.

While murmuring such things, Palug had a thoughtful expression.

Certainly, an advice like ‘Be careful as you are destined to be deceived’ is exactly what a con artist would likely say.


“Ah, that’s right! There is a good news on that matter.”


I told her about Harold Nibelheim who we encountered in the city.

At the same time, I also added the stories about when we were at the back of the Turm Wand Store and about the young man Gilbert.


“It would be good to be friends with him and check the situation frequently through correspondence.”

Not bad, the situation will look somewhat suspicious but I think we can get through it somehow.


Tirnanog who almost finished eating the steamed chicken pitched in the conversation.


『When I was in the wand store, I heard something similar about the red-haired brat.』

“About my constitution and Harold’s constitution, Gilbert explained it in detail for us.”


I told the two of them about the matter of constitution measurement using the Rainbow Strap.

About the recoil of the wands and our encounter with Gilbert.

The fact that Harold didn’t inhibit external magical power at all while I inhibited the external magical power.


Hohou, isn’t that a wonderful power?

Um, yeah, I don’t know anything since it’s a different culture, but is that advantageous?

“I also don’t really get it.”


Tirnanog started to argue with sparkling eyes.


『It means that you won’t die, no matter how much you drop a star. This is the power that deserves gold!』

Eeh~~ what is that! You mean the Alchemist’s Star? Uwah, isn’t that too dangerous?

『Prostrate yourself before the power of the Star of Aurelia, cat.』

Eeeeh~~~ humans are too powerful~~!!


Although it was the cause of Tirnanog’s death, it seems that he has a special feeling towards the Alchemist’s Star.

No, maybe it is because it was his cause of death.


The Wand of Sailor’s Song which creates a star in the sky is beyond the common sense of this world.

I don’t think there would be that many opportunities to use such a dangerous wand in my life.


Ah— that’s right, is Gilbert handsome?


Palug changed the topic to good-looking men.

It probably became troublesome to talk about the Alchemist’s Star with Tirnanog.


“He’s not a great beauty, but he feels like a good young man with a sense of freshness. He looks a bit nasty, but he is kind and seems to be good at taking care of people.”

『Is the face that important to you?』

It’s very important, you know~ I will not hesitate to repeat this over and over again, it’s important~

『How vulgar……』


I started eating the warm carrot salad and cheese during the gap when the two of them started quarreling as usual.


『But that young man Gilbert. I was hoping that he would go to see the shop owner, but it seems to be difficult.』

“Tir, did you talk about that with the shop owner?”

『Umu, he said that he kicked his son out because he was mad, but he couldn’t help but worry.』

“Come to think of it, Harold did say something like that.”

『Since his son also has something that he wants to make, it seems that he went out of this city to learn the technique.』

“I see……”


Well, Gilbert was lurking in that store even though he returned home.

It reminds me that he said there were special circumstances.


“Well, with this, we have finished sharing each of our information.”


“So, we will take action tomorrow, but we will receive the completed wands first. With this, 70% of the wands will be available.”

Hm, oh my. There is still 30% left?

“There are wands that are a little expensive.”


The price of those wands were incredible.

For example, among the wands that were used before, Urd Sight is too expensive so it is impossible.

Since he used a lot of this wand, Klaus’s debt to my brother is ridiculously high.


“I think I will also make contact with Harold and Gilbert.

I also want to hear the continuation of the lecture course.”

Hmm, meanwhile I think that it is good to stay with Ernst again.



After the three of us were done planning, what remained was the nightly survey of Palug.


Well then, now is a good time to do my own job.

“I will leave it to you, Palug.”


Palug turned herself into the Hero with somewhat short blonde hair and white skin

This bold and charming young man was the Severe King Jean.


“It’s a bit exciting to go for a night trip. Ufufu.”

『Do not go overboard. You don’t have enough power right now.』

“Oh my, are you worried?”

『Hmph, if you don’t get accustomed to your power quickly, our plan will be delayed!』

“Yes, yes, well, I’m going~!”


After bickering with Tirnanog, she turned around in somewhat high-spirits to survey the surrounding area.

Jumping out of the window, she flew across the canal.


After I saw her off, I finally sunk into the soft bed.

First of all, yes, apparently Zaratan (Tir) died by Alchemists Star, and Jaconius died by knife. I mixed it up, Japanese is really hard since sometimes they got no subject >< I have fixed the corresponding chapters.

Also, Palugs former state mentioned here is her voluptuous beauty form.

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37 thoughts on “Chapter 63: City of Canals (part ten)

  1. 『Since his son also has something that he wants to make, it seems that he went out of this city to learn the technique.』

    I guess he wants to learn how to make white porcelain, that could be why there is so much porcelain in the shop and the dad doesn’t his son to be arrested or killed for knowing how to make it

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Gilbert may in fact be the alchemist who had escaped captivity from that ignitia noble. Great guess you have there as it didn’t cross my mind to connect the porcelain and him (though he would be safe if he published his findings when successful as his value, and thus people after him, will decrease if many know and the technique will have a higher chance of not being lost).
      On another note, I believe the phantom beast MC is going to have to deal with (and maybe join her little merry band of colorful characters) is the goblin and cursed silver. After all, there is a con artist trying to scam using bad silver (cursed with bad liuk or otherwise useless), there was a goblin statue in the city and the lore, and the book is called Erica and the false silver vein. It has to be a goblin, but maybe some kind of goblin like a kappa that can swim and drowns people, while also being able to live underground with its cursed silver, so it is flexible with its environment. In any case, I doubt it has the same kind of raw power and destructive potential Palug and Tir have (especially at their peak), but it likely has stealth, trickery (maybe a minor disguise ability, but not as comprehensive as Palug’s and it would likely be basic things like changing color and height a bit) and at least equal strength to an adult man (in any case, it will be less than true bruisers) or maybe a bit more. So it is a different kind of danger, but a very real one regardless.

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  2. I really love this story 😀 Cloveeer sama thank you very much for translating this story, I can’t tell you how much I adore these characters 😀

    There are 3 LNs I can’t wait to read when its posted… Ascendance of the Bookworm, Kenkyo Kenjitsu and this one… I also love Power in the shadows but that’s a story I can wait to read till it accumulates more chapters. I can’t do that with this story 😛 I immediately pounce on it and gorge myself on the chapter… Thank you for adding to my reading gluttony 😀

    Often times when the Author writes certain things… it might seem vague or not important… but the stories, written seemed to be something of note… and again the number 7 shows up 7 horse riding pilgrims… 7 voyages 7 kinds of beasts… I’m calling it now… she’s gonna have 7 pokemon! shes got 2 so there’s 5 left gotta catch ’em all amirite?

    Serial killing monk… totally hints at that serial killer that left our precious mc floating with the fishes… now we have alchemists being kidnapped to create porcelain for an Ignitian?

    The Aurelia star is mentioned again, confirming that it was used to kill Tir… so… questions about the star… hmmm what is it, who created it… and does her Mother have anything to do with it? There were some hints about it but it seemed rather vague… so how exactly did the star kill Tir?

    I’ve not heard mention that alchemists can do other things besides wands and golems… creating a sword sounds pretty neat… I wonder if Erica or Harold could make other interesting things that can be enchanted enhanced with alchemy… it seems that wands are the main pick for an alchemist, its small and a convenient size for carrying multiple types… but then so would rings, gemmed Gauntlets etc (Thanos infinity gauntlet Herpa derpa) I’m curious why wands and not something else that might give more varied uses.

    So is there a Northern and Eastern kingdom that isn’t under Ignitia?

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    1. I think the alchemist star drops a meteor on the target. Considering that they can be planet killers at their most destructive, than even a “small” one should be enough to kill most individual (or group) targets.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. That sounds more dangerous than Tir…to kill cancer we must first kill the patient lol, Im guessing its not a dino killing type of meteor then… the sort to cause an ice age…

        The next question… would be why did Onii sama think it would be a good idea to give that to Erica? perhaps he thought it was a pretty bauble?… hmmm


        1. Erica doesn’t have the Wand of Sailor’s Song with her. It’s just Tir thought that Erica will be pretty much OP when equippd with the wand. I don’t think Eduart will give the wand to Erica in his right mind, and it’s impossible that he doesn’t know about the wand because he does have the wand in his Wunderkammer and we have established that Eduart pretty much knows everything.


          1. I really want Eduart to show more of his cards, he’s sneaking around in the background doing so many things, its easy to get your imagination fueled with the types of encounters he might be having, his ability with making wands is rather interesting, Erica has some high-quality goods, as expected, but still it seems to be on a level that’s not normal at all… Harold seems even more adept than Onii sama, I foresee a battle of wills between the 2 in terms of creative skills with their wands etc 😛 hehe… yet more brats for Onii sama to fend off! he’s got his plate full already 😛 he’s managed to make 2 of the brats back down 😛 how will he do it with this wand otaku lol perhaps he will make him a part of his squad 😛 somehow it seems like Onii sama is trying to snatch Ericas Harem 😛

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          2. Well, Harold is actually the only one (I don’t think Eduart has any either, though he is very protective) so far who has no romantic intentions for her and only sees her as a “partner” in the sense of testing and using his wands. But then again, he hasn’t been “helped” by her fully yet (averting the death flag which in turn makes the capture target’s life better) unlike Klaus who Erica helped save Ann and even was willing to sacrifice herself and August where she helped resolve his issue (even though his exact memories of the incident are edited to exclude the details of Palug and such).


          3. Well she is there to prevent the fraudster from taking his family down into ruin, this will definitely make him see her as something more than just a wand partner, you can’t not react to that, it saves his family from harm.


        2. Well, it did kill Tir, albeit when he was sleeping and exhausted, the first time around when he was several kilometers (was it 5 or 10?) large. But it wouldn’t work on Tir normally as he is able to absorb the effects of wands and then use it himself (like when he took in the wand of death and then used it on Erica). But you are mixing up the Wand of Sailor’s Song (not sure why they chose that name for something that drops a meteor… but it was firmly locked up in Eduart’s workshop, and Erica decided it was too dangerous to use anyway back then) which drops “the Alchemist Star” (which is a term used to describe the effect of the wand) with the star crystal necklace (unknowingly tampered by Cain to cause certain events) that Eduart gave her (a pretty bauble good luck charm).


          1. Yeah I think Im mixed up about the Aurelia star Alchemist star and the Wand of sailor song, what was she wearing that made Klaus so messed up?


      1. That sounds right I was wondering if it meant another continent elsewhere further east and north not under ignitia, makes me wonder how Hafan Lucanrant and Aurelia came under Ignitia… If they were freed from the previous rulers… then it makes me even more curious about the Princesses of the North and East… who were they… stories were written of them so they might have been people of note… historical figures..


        1. Hafan and Lucanrant came under Ignitia because they were freed from Cascadia’s oppression and slavery. There are actually other continents in the north and east, but since the pilgrimage story is about the local folklores, it’s safe to say that the northern and eastern talked about here are Lucanrant and Hafan.


          1. So much to think about, that’s partly why I enjoy this story so much, it opens up more to your imagination even though it isn’t shown, you can just deviate off the main story and think of other things…

            I like this world feels lived in vibe… its like there’s more than just the main story that makes this world more tangible than other stories, there’s an effort to make the people part of the supporting cast without being overwhelmed by too many characters… they all get enough fleshing out to give them presence in the mind of the reader.

            I’m really looking forward to the next chapters especially any more info on places like Lucanrant, Cascadia, Hafan, and Aurelia… I’m rather invested in the interaction between the Visitor clan and the natives, it seems to be very amicable, but was it always that way?


          2. I probably still need some clarity, Hafan Lucanrant, Ignitia were under Cascadia, so is Gigantia part of Cascadia or entirely different? and did Cascadia try to take the Aurelias at all?


          3. So at first there are only Hafan, Lucanrant and Cascadia in Ichthyes. During this time, Hafan and Lucanrant were enslaved by Cascadia. And then, a soldier from Ignitia in Karkinos, Guillaume, was given the power to control dragons by Palug. He then flew to Ichthyes and together destroyed Cascadia. After this, the place where Cascadia was became the royal territory of Ignitia. And then, Aurelia came to Ichthyes. Between Aurelia coming to Ichthyes and now, the war against Gigantia (a country in Karkinos) happened and Aurelia came under Ignitia to help destroy Gigantia.


          4. Nice… so are Gigantia remnants of the previous rule? or are they totally different? Im wondering why Aurelia decided to get involved?


          5. No no, Gigantia is seperated from Cascadia or any Ichthyes countries. I think Gigantia is a part of the Ancient Romulus Empire (see glossary about this) in Karkinos. I forgot the chapter, but it said that the current union consisted of Aurelia, Hafan, Lucanrant, and Ignitia was formed to destroy Gigantia who trampled on humans dignity by enslaving them and turned them into giants. So I guess (this is just a theory) that Aurelia decided to get involved because they think Gigantia’s actions are unforgivable and maybe there are other political or economical reasons we don’t know lol.


          6. Each country seems to be so very very different from each other… how did that happen lol I think about our own history… we had different humanoid like offshoots that rose up to become more intelligent tool users, Humans became the dominant sole survivor, that didnt seem to happen here… Ive always wondered how different intelligent species can co exist, Humans are so rotten to simple color variances lol, imagine if they had pointy ears or hoofs, horns and animal ears. I can imagine the purging that wouldve gone on for Human supremacy… (if we were strong enough to overcome, the exact opposite couldve happened)


    2. It used to be that the continent the story takes place on (I forgot the name but it was mentioned) were 4 individual kingdoms (Lucanrant in the North with their “strong and brutal swordsmen” which I assume to mean their unique magic is body enhancement/strengthening; Hafan in the east with their clever mages; Ignitia in the South with their dragon riders; and Aurelia in the west with their alchemists and ingenious alchemists) before they united into one kingdom under Ignitia (I assume it was a more or less peaceful merging as the respective ruling families of the North, East and West remained in power as before except they became Dukes which afforded them a decent amount of autonomy from the royal family of Ignitia).

      But there is another kingdom/empire called Gigantia which lies on another continent (I believe it is to the South?) that is hostile with the Union country under Ignitia.

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      1. See whats so interesting, is that the origins of the visitor clan is not clearly defined… they just said they came from somewhere else, I find it so interesting that Cascadia did not do anything to the natives that were there before the visitor clan came…
        I find the history of this world so interesting and compelling, normally Im not that keen to find out about such things but this story makes me want to know, its great it seems to be very much woven into the story and as important as the plot that drives it… so good loving it very much.
        I cant wait to read more about these other lands, how awesome, they seem so real to me and just as interesting as Aurelia, but I must say I am so curious about the visitor clan now… how convenient that the natives of the Aurelias were also talented in Alchemy, or is this something that was gifted to them by the visitor clan? perhaps making the merging of the 2 less volatile?


        1. Well since the Visitor (Aurelians) landed in the western part of the continent, they should have come from a land in the west. But because the reason wasn’t passed down, it must have either been that they left in such a hurry (meaning it was some kind of disaster but they didn’t know what it was, how to classify it, or how to explain it) or they purposefully forgot it (like if they were the cause of needing to migrate from an Alchemy experiment gone wrong or something).
          I also believe that Cascadia did enslave several people (I think it was mentioned somewhere) and kept them like cattle to feed their literal bloodthirst but they ended up being wiped out when Ignitia moved from the north of Gigantia to the South of the continent (they don’t like slavery, and I doubt things would have ended well as the vampires likely weren’t very welcoming). But it is indeed interesting lore.


          1. So very interesting! I cant want to know more, every tidbit is very compelling, any more insight is welcome 😀


  3. remember the Rain of Stone in the previous chapter?
    Now let replace stones with stars & imagine Erica drop that into the poor Phantom Beast.
    No Phantom Beast would dream of go near her ever again >:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Since other people have already mentioned my guess about Gilbert, I won’t mention it again, but… how many people think that Palug was found out and her family decided to pretend they were deceived? Raise your hands! *raises hand*


  5. ….I can’t pinpoint exactly what but I really love this novel’s writing style. How it was all serious in one moment then a sudden little comedic conversation pops out of nowhere. Like that con artist part…lol Erica. This has to be the best novel I’ve read in this site, refreshing and mysterious and lively characters at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey, don’t tell me that Gilbert was the one trying to make porcelain?
    As for the 3º beast….. maybe that being in the porcelain….. maybe it sleeps on the porcelain?…………. or will Harold find it on that obscure beast material shop, as they thought that that thing was dead but it wasn’t?
    I wonder if Palug was really able to deceiver her father?


  7. [Another thing. There are rumors that the alchemist who got caught by an aristocrat from Ignitia to make white porcelain had escaped.] The porcelain alchemist is definitely the son of the wand maker.
    Remember how he wore those ignitia shoes? And how is on the run. Yup almost guaranteed


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