Chapter 65: Crucible Street (part two)

Can you guess who the other guy is?

TL: clover

ED: clover, xtostos, eristol

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Tirnanog and I were invited by Auguste and boarded the gorgeous horse-drawn carriage of the royal warrant.

In addition to Auguste, there was a single guest.

No, should I say a single animal?


It was a black dragon almost as big as a human being.

Is it a new dragon for Auguste’s protection, or is it someone else’s dragon?

At first I thought so, but I noticed that the black dragon was reading a thick book while holding it deftly.


The black dragon raised its eyes from the book and looked at us and then at Auguste in annoyance.

It had chrysoberyl-colored eyes with vertically elongated pupils that reminded me of cat’s eyes.

The dragon sighed wearily and closed the book with a somewhat human-like gesture.


“Auguste. Supervising your behavior shouldn’t be included in my work this time.”


H-huh? That voice, just now, where did it come from?

I felt like I heard it from the black dragon in front of me.

Dragons of this world understand human speech but they shouldn’t be able to talk in our language.


“No, no, don’t get me wrong, Professor.

She is a lady with a proper background.”

“It is said that an unmarried royalty should not invite an unmarried opposite gender into a closed room.

You are not at the age to have a suspicious affair, so I will overlook it this time, but hereafter please be more careful.

The problem is not about whether her background is proper or not.

Or did you think that I don’t know about the identity of that girl?”

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry, Professor.”

“I apologize for inconveniencing you with my inconsiderate behavior.”


When I apologized, the black dragon who spoke human speech looked at me coldly.

The stare was somewhat sharp.

It seemed to be subtly disgusted, it felt like that.


“Professor, she is……”

“Daughter of Ernst, the Duke of Aurelia. I know.

In any case, this girl is also going out in secret.

I think that neither introduction nor greeting is necessary if we are not here to meet each other.”


My true identity was exposed in one shot.

There shouldn’t be anything distinctive in today’s clothes and belongings.

Or is there something I haven’t notice yet?


“Pleased to make your acquaintance, I am called Erica Aurelia.”


I bowed and smiled softly.

The other side refused to greet, but it shouldn’t be a problem if I do it.

It would be safer to respond politely even if the other party is not favorable.


However, after I said that, as if he didn’t hear me, the dragon who was called ‘Professor’ turned away from us.

As Professor opened the book he was reading before, it seemed that he began to devote himself to the content again.

From the cover, it looks like a magic dictionary or something like that, but why would a dragon read such a thing?


“Ah……sorry, Erica. He is that kind of person.”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

“That’s right, Erica. This is a slightly more complicated person.”

“I understand. Is he a mutant dragon who speaks human speech or an experimental body?”


Auguste said that he came here from Lindis, was it about this person?

Indeed, this certainly is interesting.


“She is a girl who is rich in delusion and whose ideas tend to leap. She closely resembles Eduard.”

“Are you acquainted with Onii-sama?”

“No, never mind. Auguste, please continue.”


This black dragon seems to know Eduard-oniisama.

I wonder if everyone involved with Lindis Magic Academy knows him.

My older brother seems to be conspicuous, be it in a good way or a bad way.


“This is my other cousin. He is a professor at Lindis.”

“Did someone from the royal family get married to a dragon?”


I was surprised that humans and dragons could get married.

It is shocking that they would be able to mate.

Will the Federal Kingdom become a country governed by a King with a dragon’s figure someday?


“No, no, in Ignitia, someone with the talent to harmonize with the consciousness of the dragons rarely appears.

Professor is that kind of person, well, that is, he is a special dragon-user.”

“What do you mean by ‘harmonize’……?”

“Because he completely unified his consciousness with the dragon’s, he can move it like his own body as you can see right now.

His body is currently in the far distance Lindis, you know?

It’s a bit extraordinary, isn’t it?”


Auguste’s ultra-wide dragon control can’t be done easily, but this person is also special.

If Auguste’s control is far and wide but shallow, the black dragon seems to be narrow but deeply controlled.


“I see. The inside of this black dragon is a proper person and is currently in Lindis?”

“I don’t want to reveal my name right now, so I would like you to call me ‘Professor’ for the time being.

I will introduce myself officially when we meet in Lindis, Aurelia.”


The dragon called Professor certainly has a more human-like look than a dragon.

He is a human smelling of sorrow and pessimism.


“That’s why I’m moving by a carriage, because I stand out with Professor.”

“I see……”


Huh, then I wonder why Auguste went to Lindis.


“So, what business do you have in Lindis, Auguste-sama?”

“Part of it was because my eggs were hatching……the rest, I want you to keep it a secret, is that fine?”

“Yes, if I betray Auguste, you can do an equally terrible thing to me.”

“Why would I do such a thing? Anyway, it’s about the incubator to hatch eggs.”


Auguste continued speaking.

Dragon eggs managed by the Ignitia royalty are to be preserved and hatched on an incubator called Chalice.

Only a royalty can enter the strictly controlled room with the Chalice in it.

Yet, he said that unexpected things had happened.


“To tell you the truth, it was said that the Chalice was tinkered with.”

“That is……”

“Magic that blocked off telepathic power was performed by means of an ancient magic. It seems to be a magic to see dreams forever.”

“That’s why the eggs didn’t hatch……!”


This is certainly a valuable information that I can’t say to anyone.

Not only is it a blasphemous act against the dragons related to the royalty of Ignitia, but also a treason?

The traitor is supposed to be in the depths of the royal family.


“Um, is that what Louis did as well?”


Louis Ode-Ignitia.

He is the son of the Second Prince of the former King and a dragon knight who hates the Crown Prince Auguste and tried to usurp him.


“I got a high-ranking mage to screen Louis’ thoughts from the surface to the deepest part, but it seems that he couldn’t find anything.”

“How creepy. Are Briar and Blumbell who were exposed to such magic okay?”

“The dragons weren’t altered by that magic, so they are fine.”

“What a relief……truly.”


I extended my hand and stroked the two hatchlings who were lying in a heap on Tirnanog’s knees.

Soft and warm.

Someone’s malice obstructed these children from being born into this world.

I dislike such abnormal malice from the bottom of my heart.


“Officially, the eggs hatching was delayed because of my problem, but we decided to investigate strictly behind the scenes.”

“Auguste-sama’s problem……are you fine with that?”

“I’m completely fine with that.”


Auguste still laughed as cool as ever, but I couldn’t read his emotion.

He has a poker face because he has lived by being exposed to the malice and enmity of many people from a very young age.


“First off, the royal family and the aristocrats around the royal family are suspicious.

Next, since the Chalice was created together with Lindis, people related to the magic academy are also suspicious.

But, if we make a big fuss in our investigation, people might die like cutting off a lizard’s tail.”


It is a scary story.

I would like to avoid poking a bush and find a dead body.


“That’s why, just like Erica’s brother’s investigation, this time Professor is planning to investigate.”

“Professor’s ability to hide himself is perfect for this investigation, huh.”

“We have to hide this from the Lindis as well~”

“Perhaps this is also a secret from Eduard-oniisama?”

“Aah, that’s right.”


I guess it can’t be helped as it is for precaution.

It will be safe to ask Professor who is a royalty and a Lindis-related official.


“Also, I was told since I was going to meet Professor anyway, I should try and train to become a Theurge.”


“It’s the person who is able to perform the secret arts of spiritual harmonization that I was talking about just now.”

“Are you also trying to harmonize your consciousness with Goldberry, Auguste-sama?”

“I tried to do it but it was useless. Apparently, I don’t seem to have an aptitude for possession technique like that.”

“No, Auguste. You are jumping to a hasty conclusion.”


Professor who was looking out of the window seemingly uninterested in our conversation until just now looked back and said so slowly.


“It is because of your spiritual problem that you cannot use the full possession technique.

There’s no need for you to hold so much fear, the soul of a dragon is not so vulnerable that it can be crushed by the soul of a man.

Your ingenuity and training are more than sufficient……it is deplorable.”

“I will take it as a compliment, Professor.”

“Hm……Auguste, be aware that optimism is both good and bad.”


The black dragon shook his head in a human-like manner and returned to his original posture once again.

Auguste looked at the state of Professor and shrugged his shoulders.


“Well, because the technique of Theurge is not just possession.

I am learning from what I can do.

If there is a chance, I’ll even demonstrate it the next time we meet.”


The carriage stopped at the timing when Auguste said that and winked.

It seems that we have arrived at the Crucible Street where the usual alchemy-related stores are lined up.


“Oops, we seem to have arrived.”


Goldberry left Tirnanog while looking unhappy.

Tirnanog looked exhausted when I glanced at him.

Meanwhile, Professor was turning pages of the book unconcerned.


“Well then, let’s meet again later, Auguste-sama.”

“When the launching ceremony is over, let’s walk the streets together this time!”

“Yes, I’m looking forward for that.”


We separated from the Ignitia party and headed for Turm Wand Store.

Auguste called the black dragon as ‘kyoujuu’ which means ‘professor’, whereas Erica called Actorius with ‘sensei’ which means ‘teacher’.

So, can you guess who the black dragon is?

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25 thoughts on “Chapter 65: Crucible Street (part two)

          1. The silver-haired-glasses-wearing person (a good portion of the time the glasses end up crooked) is called Elric Actorious. It is his full name. Not to mention he is Eduart’s best friend (or at least pretty close) and is not yet a teacher (he may still be in school or otherwise still under training at this time, but he is destined to become one by the time the “otome game time line” starts in six years) now. point is that Elric is one of the capture targets and is not the dragon or the princesses secret kid (according to clover the translator, but since he exchanged a knowing look with Eduart, they both likely know who it is and such at the very least). Earl Brad is another capture target (see chapter 21 for a brief description of the targets) and who I guess is the dragon (or more like is controlling/sharing the dragons body) as it seems most likely as Earl Brad is a professor and a rather cold person from
            what little is known of him so I guess it is him.

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      1. No, Actorius isn’t even a Dragon user, he is an Eastern mage and it was made clear he wasn’t the hidden prince later.


        1. Well, from Gilbert-aniki classes we learned that it’s possible to those that are not from Harvan to use eastern magic. I still think he isn’t the dragon though, as their personalities don’t match and he is not a professor yet.


  1. Yes I was thinking this also lol the Princesses child… such an arrogant shit lol, if Onii sama heard him talking to Erica that way, I’m sure he would have words and do something to pay him back, no doubt Onii sama got up his nose at some point haha… his dislike of the Aurelias seem to be related to him 😛 what the hell have you been doing while investigating everything Onii sama! the fact they want to keep this secret from him is highly curious, I’m betting Onii sama already knows lol hahaha… Since this guy uses dragons to investigate, whats a bet that Onii sama made him do some investigating for him? “I know who you are 😀 maybe Ill let that slip :P?” I’m sure Onii sama would never sink to blackmail to get what he wants, done… or would he…
    So Theurge… hmmm how interesting, you would think that Auguste would be pro at that ability… and yet he’s struggling, if Erica could use that ability, she could look through Palug and Tirs eyes or control their actions or maybe not since they are Eidolon, but how convenient would that be!… I wonder if he recognizes Tir but why should he? how does he know that Erica is sneaking out and who Erica is? Perhaps the familial likeness is too strong? Perhaps as soon as he sees her he’s like “Ugh its an Aurelia brat related to that guy, definitely his sister… bleh”
    As for this Professor’s personality, he’s a bit of an asshole lol, if he’s still a student then that’s some ego he has to be called that and yet he seems to have some inferiority issues with Auguste “Your ingenuity and training are more than sufficient……it is deplorable” sounds snotty and jealous to me lol… since Auguste’s talent is rather strong, if he is the Princesses child then I guess Auguste being able to manipulate so many dragons must seem unfair and OP, doesn’t the Onii sama age range of fellows seem rather interesting 😀 I can’t wait to meet them all 😀 seriously many books don’t handle a lot of characters well, but this story keeps them in various arcs where they are neatly introduced without overburdening the reader to remember everyone, their personalities are very distinct, its easy to become invested in them without losing track of other characters 😀 nicely done Author sama!
    I suddenly have an urge for a prequel story to be made, centered around Onii sama lol… this guy is far too intriguing 😛

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    1. August and Professor sounds like Kalus and Ann. Klaus and August both specializes in Wide area moderate powered magic while the Professor and Ann specializes in a narrow range high powered magic.

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  2. My guess is that the black dragon professor person is Earl Brad. Chapter 21 has a complete list of the 7 capture targets, and when MC first mentioned Cain of the merry bad:
    ‘The black haired, gloomy, and extremely sadist Duke’s son, Klaus who had dead eyes.
    Blonde haired, with smiling poker face and human distrust, the flirty type character at first glance, the First Prince Auguste.
    The red haired son of a former Earl with an impression of an outlaw, Harold.
    Black haired professor with eyeglasses, a super strict teacher, the young Earl Brad.
    My older brother, the blonde hair Duke’s son who was equipped with a monocle, Eduart who had a dark smile.
    Elegant hidden noble with glasses and silver hair, the gentle and clumsy teacher, Elric.
    Blonde haired Duke’s son with an eyepatch, the wild-type mysterious person, Claude.’

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      1. Perhaps Earl Brad is both the dragon and the secret son. But it seems strange that Erica will be meeting a new capture target so soon


  3. “Also, if you meet with a professor, just say that you’re also training to become a Theurge.”
    –> Also, I was told since I was going to meet him (the Professor) anyway, I should try and learn/train to become a Theurge.
    Auguste was talking about himself here, I believe.

    Even without so much fear, the soul of a dragon is not so vulnerable that it can be crushed by the soul of a man.
    –> There’s no need for your fear/to hold so much fear, the soul of a …
    Possible rephrasing to make it clearer that it’s Auguste’s own hesitation what’s holding him back from succeeding.

    Thanks for the chapter. I always love how subtle Erica’s expressions are hinted at. We see her thoughts which are always anything but still, but for other people her facial expressions must appear much finer and less extreme.

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