I will take a break from translating for a while

So, bad news.

Right now I am still a college student who is making a paper for my final assignment. My harddisk where I saved all my data, from my research, photos, games, videos, journals, translations, and other things fell and dead and now all the data are gone. That’s why, I will be taking a break from translating to write my paper from the beginning “OTL

This is why you should backup your data in other places “OTL don’t be like me, okay folks? So, yeah. Wish me luck! If I have the time, I will do some translations, but it wouldn’t be 3 chapters per week like before. Hopefully, I will be done in one or two months.

BUT I will not drop Duke’s Daughter who is Liable to Die and the Seven Nobles. I will translate it until the end! See you later!

31 thoughts on “I will take a break from translating for a while

  1. Ahh I know that feeling of losing all your data. Don’t stress yourself out with translating and focus on your work, but take proper breaks!
    I will patiently wait for your translations, take your time ^^


  2. Is there no way for you to restore the data? Like in a shop where they help you with pc related problems?
    Anyways, I wish you tons of luck with your final exam! You can do it >w


    1. I went there today and they said that since the disk inside was hit, the drive is dead and the data can’t be restored. I went to three other stores to compare but they all said the same thing :”(


  3. Are your previous translations gone or the ones you prepared in advance? I mean I actually saved up your translations of the first and a portion of the 2nd arc in my onenote so that i could read them offline in case my dad decides to cut my net off, as I am also a college student.


    1. Well, I’m not top worried about the ones I have posted, since I can just copied them again. And I can just translate again for the ones I have prepared in advance. But my previous translations (the R-18) ones are gone, and of course my research paper and other things “OTL


      1. It sucks so bad when important data goes missing, my condolences about your research paper. My luck with laptops for some reason are extremely bad so I usually save all my documents in google drive or multiple places to protect them. The first time dad gave me his old lapi which was so weak that after a month of use that one physically broke on me, the next one disappeared and was never returned after giving it for servicing…ah and the current one has a rampant virus so I’m keeping it closed for a bit…


  4. But if it’s your advance translations that can’t be helped. I know being a student is hard, I haven’t even gotten time to sleep this week due to writing lab reports, best of luck.


  5. Why don’t you use cloud like Google drive, Onedrive or Mega… I put almost all my files on them after I got the same crash like you several times. It’s very convenient. You never get worry that your files get lost and you can get access to them by either computer or phone.


  6. Aaw, that sure is depressing to lose your data. If your hard disk is on a laptop, I believe there is a way to retrieve your files there but you have to pick apart your laptop and remove the entire drive. If you’re from the Philippines, there are freelance technicians who can retrieve files from drives that broke down


  7. Unfortunate.!!! Well, I also experienced it previously, I got really exhausted at that time trying to find ways to recover the data but oh well, in the end I have to start from scratch again.! I cried for my hard disk, haha.
    Good luck with your paper ^_^


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