Chapter 73: A False Silver Vein (part two)

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“Good morning, Harold. Have I kept you waiting?”

“No, I also just got here.”

“Gilbert-san hasn’t arrived yet?”

“Well, he should be arriving any minute now……but, is that person also your escort?”


Harold noticed Actorius-sensei and asked.

Actorius-sensei responded with a gentle smile.


“No, he is a friend of my older brother, not my escort. I met him by chance.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Elric Actorius.

I belong to Lindis as a King’s Scholar.”

“Oh~~ Magic Academy City Lindis! King’s Scholar!

Amazing! That means you are a scholarship student!

I am called Harold, nice to meet you!”


Harold offered his hand to shake and Actorius-sensei responded in a very friendly way.


“Due to some circumstances, I’d like to borrow your wisdom, is it okay, Harold?

I would like you to tell Actorius-sensei about the material store which is open at this time.

I have damaged an important magical key that he uses at work so he must repair it as soon as possible.”

“Magical key, huh……that, unless you are a high-ranking mage you cannot make it, right?

To be able to repair that kind of thing by yourself……awesome!”


Receiving Harold’s full of reverence gaze, Actorius-sensei smiled shyly.

Harold opened his mouth after thinking about it for a while.


“Well, instead of going to an ordinary material store, you should go to the Turm Magic Store in the Crescent Moon Street.

Since it’s a store with many connections in Hafan, they have the most rare materials.

They should still be in preparations, but if you say that you were introduced by Harry from the Wand Store, they should let you in.”

“Ooh, it seems like a nice store. Thank you very much!”


I felt that Harold clearly recommended affiliated stores.

But if it is a mage with a connection to Turm, it should be a store where trust can be placed.


“First off, please cross the canal from this Goblin Street and go out to the Crucible Street.

After that, head towards east and cross over about three bridges, and you will arrive at the 〈Crescent Moon Street〉, Student-san.”

“Cross the canal and three bridges in the east, right.”

“Right! And then, a signboard with a scroll on a tower is the landmark.”

“I see, I see, so it’s a scroll on a tower.”


Towards Harold’s explanation and hand gestures, Actorius-sensei was nodding while smiling nicely.


“Thank you very much! Erica-san, Harold-kun!”


On the boat to cross over to the other side, Actorius-sensei was waving his hand.

We watched nervously in case he fell into the river.


Tirnanog who was observing Actorius-sensei’s situation just now muttered.


『He is a busy man……』

“Yeah……even though he seems to be of good birth and upbringing, he also seems to have a good head on his shoulder.”

“Harold, you can also see such things from your perspective?”

“Ah, the color of his skin and hair is similar to the exiled nobility from Gigantia that I have seen before.”


I was surprised that Harold’s observation was on point.

Although it is a knowledge from the original game, Actorius-sensei is of noble birth.

If he is an exiled noble, it is a reasonable deduction.

However, to be exiled from the enemy country Gigantia, Actorius-sensei also has a difficult circumstance, huh.


“I see……you know a lot.”

“Hehehe, this is nothing.”

『Hm, he seems to have arrived. Isn’t it that carriage?』


I turned my eyes towards the direction pointed by Tirnanog.

A carriage drawn by two horses approached our location from the direction of the Barker Street.

When I looked closely, the horses’ legs were fitted with golem prostheses.


When the carriage stopped in front of us, Gilbert came down from the passenger seat.


“Alright, it seems that everyone is here. Everyone please get on.”

“Uwaah. A golem-type horse-drawn carriage, it’s a splurge, Aniki.”

『Gilbert. Can we trust that coachman?』

“Aah, he is a person who is favored by the Turm family.

At the very least, he won’t be tattling to my old man if something happens, he is tight-lipped.”


When Gilbert said so, the elderly coachman gave a frivolous reply.


“In exchange, this is the last time, Young Master Gilbert.”

“Hahaha, sorry.”


When the atmosphere became more relaxed, we got on the carriage.

Along with the horses’ neighs, the horse-drawn carriage began to run.


Then we proceeded towards the transition magic circle outside the County of Argene where the evidence of the Sorcery Tag remained.





At that time, I was watching the beautiful nature of the north-west part while being shaken by the horse carriage.

Harold, who was sitting across me, suddenly gave out a loud voice.


“What’s wrong, Harold?”

“Okay. I think I might have understood.”

『What do you say you understood?』

“It’s about wands. I have been thinking about the mass-filling wands that Aniki told me about.”


Apparently, all this time Harold seems to have been thinking about wands.

Is this better than being uselessly negative?

On the contrary, it is admirable that he is being positive.


Gilbert, who was sitting next to Harold, had an exasperated expression as he placed the biscuit that was on the way to his mouth back to the handkerchief spread out on his lap.


“Botchan, are you still half asleep?

There’s still time until we reach our destination, so you better sleep now.”

“No, no, my consciousness is clear.

I was sleepy until a while ago, but my drowsiness has been blown away at once.”


While saying that, Harold looked at our faces.

Somehow his dark green eyes were shining brilliantly.


“Last night I was bored since I had finished my preparations, so I was closely observing the mass-filling wands that Master had.

No matter how much I looked at them, I had no idea what kind of structure they had.

But, just now, the answer came to me as if a fog cleared up at once.”


Harold explained that the answer was grabbed by him with a gesture as if turning a potter’s wheel.


“It’s not the time for this, but can I try it before I forget it, everyone?”

『Umu, that’s fine.』

“Yes, I also want to see it.”

“Botchan, don’t push yourself, okay?”


After getting our permission, Harold suddenly dragged out a small leather bag from his feet and opened it.

It was an ultra-compact and lightweight mobile storage.

The amount of expansion seemed to be small, but it was made to have a good maneuverability.


It is a memento from two generations ago, he said and withdrew a wand from there.

When the spell building and charging were done, a magic circle expanded and shone.

From the spell that was turned out, it was the magic of Gust.


“Yosh……this seems to be possible.”


Harold never dropped parts nor failed to build the spell inside the shaking carriage.

With deft hands like a magician, he created a wand.

The spell building would accelerate with each turn, and the delicate magic would be finished in an astonishing speed.


As Harold began to concentrate on the creation of the wand, Gilbert and Tirnanog began to talk about another story quietly.

The topic I heard when I eavesdropped on them seemed to be the story of Gilbert’s father, the store owner of the Turm Wand Store.


『It seems that he misses you very much, he feels regretful. Go back home.』

“Haha, that self-assured old man is……I don’t believe it……”

『You should return home while you have a place to return. You won’t always have a place to return forever.』

“I know that, mister.”


Gilbert was rubbing around his eyes with a lot of effort.

Was he glossing over the fact that he was moved to tears, or were his eyes simply tired?

Unlike children, adults can’t cry that easily.


“We have almost reached the County of Argene.”


I heard the voice of the elderly coachman.

Glancing around, the scenery had completely changed while we were observing the wand’s spell construction.

Harold was also finished with his wand.

Gilbert and Tirnanog also stopped talking about the story and was looking at the situation seriously.


“This is……the last one.”


Harold exhaled a sigh and finished charging the wand.


“Good work, Botchan. No way, you succeeded it in one shot the next day after hearing about it.”

『Each one was finished in terribly short time, this might be my first time seeing an alchemist like you.』

“Hehehe, that’s just how it is.”


Harold seems to be very embarrassed, seems like he isn’t accustomed to being praised.

Avoiding everyone’s line of sights, he started to put away his tools in haste.


“Oops, we seem to have arrived. Everyone, are you ready?”


Gilbert looked outside the window and said so.

Almost at the same time, the horse-drawn carriage stopped with the horses’ fierce neighs.


I checked the time.

It has been an hour and a half since we left the Goblin Street.

Since we have arrived without spending too much time in the road, I can say that using the golem-type horse-drawn carriage had been the correct decision.

We thanked the coachman and got off the carriage.


Foot of the mine of the County of Argene.

From here on, it is a race against time.

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  1. Gilbert, who was sitting next to Harold, had an exasperated expression and put the biscuit that had been brought to his mouth on a handkerchief spread out on her lap.

    I think you mean his lap right? And that on a handkerchief part…is it like he put the biscuit in his mouth with the handkerchief that was spread out on his lap?
    And “We’re almost reached the country of Argene” it should be “we’ve almost reached….”

    Anyways, I’m excited to see what lies in wait for Erica, Harold and the rest. Will there be a clue of the culprit or will something more insidious come out? But hearing there is an ancient weapon ruins in the city, I assume the root of evil this time is this ancient weapon rather than a phantom beast? If it’s a phantom beast I guess it will be a Kracken (from the books Erica read), if not then this ancient weapon is likely to be the threat. And Actorius…be careful not to drop your staff in the river this time…poor guy. Clumsy flags everywhere.

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    1. Isn’t it that Gilbert is sitting with a handkerchief on his lap (with several biscuits lying on it, I imagine) and he simply puts back onto it the one he held in his hand?


  2. These 2 are meant to be together its just a fact… sorry Klaus… Auguste… Harry the wand maker will have her heart haha jk… no one will have it!

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  3. So… a question…
    Alchemists can be from any country? at first I thought it was a quirk of the aurelias, but now that does not appear to be so… Gigantia and the natives of Aurelia are proficient in alchemy? I knew that magic tools crafted by alchemists could be used by others but still, I thought at least the manufacturing of these tools would be a specific trait of those from Aurelia… but that doesnt seem to be the case…
    So how mixed is magic uses in this world?


    1. I think you misread it. You can’t make the key unless you are a high-ranking mage. Being a mage is something that everyone can learn, that’s why even Elric who was from Gigantia can learn it. It is something that will be taught in Lindis.


      1. ok I was a bit confuzzled about some of the magic there… there seemed to be different ways of using it that seemed specific to certain areas… but if anyone can learn hafan and ignitia magic that is something I want Erica to learn if she is able… hopefully, does her handicap make her unable to access any of that kind of magic as well?


        1. About the ignitia part, it cannot be learned by others. I mistranslated it lol. I have changed it now. The Ignitia’s telepathic power can only be learned by people with Ignitia blood.
          She can learn Hafan’s magic though, but whether she will or not, we will see in the later arcs.


  4. “Well……he seems to have a good head on his shoulder, and seems to be a well-raised and well-bred student.”
    –> “Yeah …… even though he seems to be of good birth and upbringing and to have a good head on his shoulders.”
    Harold does say Student-san, but this is basically equivalent to English pronoun ‘he’ in this case. Basically, he isn’t modifying Actorius status of being a student, but rather the perso Actorius himself (whom he happens to call Student-san).
    When I looked around, the scenery had completely changed while I was planning to build a spell of a wand.
    –> Glancing around, the scenery had completely changed while we had been observing the wand’s spell construction.
    Erica wasn’t planning to build a wand herself, though it would have been admirable for her to try given her disposition.
    Short chapter, but were there any parts you were unsure of?
    Hah~ I’m enjoying this arc. It’s so simple and down to earth so far, unlike the previous ones. It creates a good balance. I don’t expect this to last all the way until the end of the arc but I do hope it will be a bit more subdued compared to the previous two. With that we could start into the fourth arc at full force again.

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  5. Hang on! I only noticed this now but isn’t the naming style of this novel’s books similar to Harry Potter? Like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Erica Aurelia and the Ruins of Visitor. All 3 arcs so far had similar name like that.


  6. As always thanks for your hard work.

    I read this series again from the beginning and noticed that there’s something strange in first Arc (Klaus’s Letter).
    Ann said “yandere stalker” when she was talking about the content of Klaus’s Letter.
    Is it just me that feel this is strange? I mean only Japanese or human from previous life of Erica that would understand it means, right?
    Could it be Ann is reincarnated to other world like Erica?


    1. No, Ann is not a reincarnator. It was explained in that chapter that Ann learned many strange words after talking with Erica. So those words, like ‘yandere stalker’, ‘girl talk’ are words she knew from Erica.

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