Chapter 87: Hometown of Prodigal Sons (part four)

Some of you already have the right idea and almost got it! Also as a reminder, a seven-rainbows inhibitory value doesn’t mean she won’t get any recoil at all, it’s just that her threshold is much higher than other people.

TL: clover

ED: xtostos, eristol

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With a side glance at the ultra-wide area magic Cursed Swords of Fire, I decided to start with the confirmation of the prerequisites concerning our future task.

If something is off the point, everything might be ruined.

From here on, I can’t afford to make any mistakes.


“First off, Harold. May I confirm something?”

“……What is it?”


I asked Harold who replied after staring at me carefully.


“Substances created from nothing by alchemy materialize only for a short time in this world.

Can this be applied to our current situation as well?”

“Aa, precious metals and precious stones, especially those with big masses, last for about five minutes at most.”

“Five minutes. So it’s five minutes after all.”

“Lava remains for about five minutes, but the flames created from them will remain in this world for a longer time and will cause a vicious calamity.”

“Right. I understand.”


That is good.

I felt relieved after hearing Harold’s answer.

If this is the case, I will be able to do it in the way I planned.


Next, I asked Tirnanog.


“Then, when do you think that Cursed Sword of Fire will fall?”

『It is such a huge magical construction spell, but the composition speed is fast.

Based on the description of the literature, that’s right……it will be around forty minutes from now to its completion.』


It will be difficult to evacuate the citizens within that time.

Even if they escape from the range of one cursed sword, they will get caught in the falling zone of another one.

So, that is the reason Tirnanog unusually hesitated in front of Harold before, huh?


“……I mean, why are you asking such a thing now!”


Harold hounded me with a frustrated appearance.

Alright, I feel glad that he seems to be healthy enough to get angry.

Harold is going to have plenty of works from now on, so it is really good that he is not in a lethargic condition.


“Harold, you, no, we might be able to save this town.”

“……What……do you mean?”

“That Cursed Sword of Fire cannot be touched, dismantled or dispelled, but there is one way.”

“W-what is it. Don’t put on airs, just say it quickly!”


Harold, who was impatient, urged me.

Auguste and Tirnanog were staring at me quietly, waiting for my words.


“We cannot prevent the completion of the cursed swords, but we can prevent the finished cursed swords from falling on the city as lava with a wide-area magic.”

“That’s absurd! In order to deploy a city-wide scale magic, we will need dozens of Hafan’s mages.

Such a great number of people, where can we get them from!”

“What if I say that the three of us……Harold, I and Auguste-sama are enough?”


Harold became silent as if he had forgotten his words.

Auguste and Tirnanog were staring at me, looking as if they were taken aback.


“Harold, you will have to do mass filling right now.

The spell you need to charge is Levitation. The number of charges is 990 times.”


Harold’s facial expression changed slowly from astonishment to calmness.

It seems that his technician brain has been stimulated.

I saw Harold’s change and my lips formed a smile.


“Can you do it?”

“……I can. I will do it. I have never made it, but I know the composition of that spell.

But, by Levitation, what do you……ah!”


Harold’s eyes widened.

It seems that Harold who is familiar with magic and wands from an early age already understood.


“I see, the duration of lava’s materialization time is five minutes, and the effect time of the normal Levitation is about the same.

Levitation is also characterized by a rise in efficiency as its amplification increases.

If we extend the range of the effect with Wand Alteration and wrap it around……!!”

“Correct. As it will need to be used 66 times per cursed sword, we will need 990 for all 15 cursed swords.”

『I see, that is a method which is unique to you who can alter the power of wands without limits.』

“Extension……it’s like the signature move of Duke Aurelia……yeah, I think it’s a good idea.”


Tirnanog and Auguste also nodded.

But actually this alone is not enough.

And it was Harold who was the first one to notice.


“Wait……how are you going to aim at them? Simultaneous aiming at 15 places, and around the entire Knot Reed no less.

It’s impossible for us to just aim at them in the regular way, so maybe Raptor Sight……no, that’d be impossible.

I don’t have time to charge two wands in large quantities.”

“That’s why we need another person.”


I nodded slowly and gazed at Auguste.


“I see, aiming……that’s my role, huh?”

“I’m saved that this conversation will be quick. Of course you will participate in this plan.”

“You don’t even consider that I will refuse, huh? That’s fine. I will place my bet on you as well.”


I smiled at Auguste who understood the entire strategy.

We are ready now.

From here on, we only have to believe in Harold.


“Then, I will monitor whether there is any change in that magic.

When the magic is ready, Erica, I will share the eyes of the dragon with you.”


Auguste said so and stared at the sky.


I took out a wand from my bag that Tirnanog brought for me.

The Wand of Levitation already has 100 charges in it.

I held the wand and presented it to Harold.


“I think you can do it, no, you are the only one who can do it, hey, partner. Isn’t that right?”

“……What the heck, that kind of irresponsible and sloppy trust as if leaving it all to me.”


Haah~~, Harold exhaled a long sigh, looking at me with serious eyes.


“But, I will not let you down.”


Harold’s eyes became slightly moist with tears.

He wiped them so as to conceal it, then he accepted the wand.

Harold squatted down on the stone floor of the tower and spread out his work tools.


“Let’s get started with my work!”


Harold rolled his sleeves up and wore his black leather gloves.

He put on his goggles with a smack as the finishing touch.


“If we charge 1000 shots in a wand that can originally contain only 100 shots, the burden on the wand will be way more than ten folds.

First of all, let’s release all the magical powers inside and change the magical powers compression format from scratch.”


Harold loosened the ferrule and aimed the wand towards the ground.

He confirmed that everyone except himself had taken a distance from the wand, then he released the magical powers charged inside the wand.

A strong flash of light like a camera’s flash.

The magical powers that were released all at once gouged the ground.




A runaway spark of magical power bounced back to Harold’s right cheek.

From the wound where the pale spark hit, fresh blood dripped down.


“Harold, are you okay?”

“Haha, that helped shorten the time. This level of injury, it’s nothing.”


As Harold gave a frivolous reply, he reconfigured the wand with precise movements like a machine.


“Heeh, this is……”

『What’s wrong, Harold?』

“Well, to think that I can see the wonderful work of Visitor’s Clan in a place like this.”

『You…… unexpectedly, it seems you still have the composure to say something like that.』


As Tirnanog said so in amazement, Harold laughed unreservedly while baring his teeth.


“It’s because I rarely tinker with such an amazing wand.

Both durability and precision are different from ready-made items.

But, as expected, ten times as much content amplification is an unprecedented way of using this wand that hadn’t been taken into consideration when it was made.

I will also take the other wands apart. I have to use everything usable in our arsenal.”


As he said, Harold began to take apart the Wand of Leap and Feather Falling.

He broke off one third of Feather Falling wand’s shaft’s Griffin bone and cut it into a hook shape.

Then scraped off one end of the wyvern bone from Levitation wand’s shaft material into the same shape and combined them by gluing them together without gaps.

Next he took out vellum paper and cut them into thin bands.


“I’m pretty sure that Long-Armed Ernst’s wands are carved with old poetry of Visitor’s Clan, right?

As you’d expect not even I remember the poetry of Visitor’s Clan, but the poems of my hometown are supposed to have the same effect.”


He soaked a pen in a special ink mixed with several kinds of chemicals.

He wrote the poems on the vellum paper, smeared it with glue and wrapped it around the shaft.

Certainly, this is quicker than engraving it.


He reattached Levitation’s amber wand head and yellow brass handle to the newly assembled wand shaft.

As it made use of the same core material as the Levitation wand, he appended just enough of the Feather Falling core material to match the elongated shaft.

Finally, he sealed the end with the magnetite ferrule used as head for the wand of Leap.


“It has become boorish, but its durability is guaranteed. I will only have to believe in and charge this guy, now it’s a race against time.”


Harold looked at the wand with a serious expression and built the spells to charge it.

One, two, three—

As he built the spells with unparalleled accuracy, I forgot to breath before I knew it.


One hundred.

The magical structure was disturbed and the released magical power grazed Harold’s right cheek.

The torrent of magical power burned his cheek in a way which crossed his still fresh wound.


“Are you okay, Harold!?”


However, rather than groaning in pain, Harold was immersed in charging the wand without blinking.

What an amazing concentration!

I applied a handkerchief to his cheek softly.


“That town is the place where I grew up, I absolutely won’t forgive anyone hurting the people in my city.”


While muttering, he kept on working quietly.

It was a high-speed spell construction and charging that didn’t stop even for a moment.

Spells were built and the wand was charged at such a rate that it is now a picture burned into my memory.


200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900.


The old wound in his right arm became visible as it was stained red.

That scar was like a torrent of a burning flame.


“Erica, Harold. Changes have begun to appear in the sky’s appearance!”


Auguste who was observing the Cursed Sword of Fire from the sky viewpoint raised his voice.

After checking the time, there were about three minutes remaining.


“Please wait, Your Highness. I will finish this in a minute.”


Listening to Harold’s words, I lined up next to Auguste and joined hands with him.


“Isn’t it painful?”

“I have become a little used to it. Auguste-sama, I would like to know the situation of the magic if possible, is it alright with you?”

“Aah, it’s fine.”


I applied Glam Sight on the currently borrowed dragon’s eyes.

It will probably be a heavy burden on my brain, but it can’t be helped right now.

I used the Wand of Glam Sight.


Before my eyes, a group of huge flames illuminated the twilight town with abnormal brightness.

The sky of Knot Reed city, which had started to be covered with fog at night, was dyed with the fantasy flames and seemed to be stained bright red.

Looking from the sky, the Cursed Swords of Fire’s large magic circles were composed like a ribbon made of brightly burning flames.


While exercising Glam Sight for the dual visual information of human and dragon, a fierce headache hit me.


It is terribly painful.


Ah, but.


This is the town where these people live.

I can see the geometric city composed of circular canal rings.

Buildings with vermilion roofs on top of white walls were lined up properly in the large City of Canals.


Even at this time the city of Knot Reed is greeting the lively afternoon as usual.


The engraver who had finished his work was warming his eyes.

A hostess of a standing bar who was in the height of business was carrying the beers.

The shopkeeper whose face was sweaty as he cooked the processed meat at the storefront.

Worn out people who were heading towards the bar after buying anti-travel sickness potions.


I could see the sidewalk where the perfumer Bell was chasing the barrel.

A girl who seems to work at the studio across the sidewalk entered the perfume store where a signboard with a lady on it was hanging down.


A little boy who was lost was finally found by his mother.

His mother gently lifted the boy up and threw a honey-colored candy into his mouth.

The boy smiled happily.


The notary who got off from the carriage was staring at the sky in front of the guild hall.


I can see the Turm Wand Store.

I wonder what kind of conversation Gilbert who finally went to see his father is having.

I wonder how Elder Turm greeted his son who finally came home.

I hope they are happy.


The Water Palace is shining very beautifully in the dusk.

Inside, Earl Nibelheim is using Gilbert’s porcelain to advance negotiations to his advantage.


The view of a beautiful city that looks like a miniature model.

Many people are living here.


And then, the Cursed Sword of Fire which is floating above all of them, seems like a beautiful art of flame.

Yet, that is only the outside appearance of the detestable weapon.


“Alriiiiight!!! I did it, partner!!”


Harold’s squeezed out shouts reached my ears.

At the same time as he ran up to me, I held out my right hand quietly and the wand was passed to me vigorously.


I clenched my hand over it.

This is our ace.


『Erica, I’m sure you will save this town.』

“……Thank you, Tir.”


Tirnanog’s words were like a good luck charm; they relieved me of my worries.


Now then, I have to do my job this time.


This is the Wand of Levitation which Harold has worked hard to build and charge its magic.

With nervous and cold fingertips, I directed the wand towards the sky.


I pointed the tip of the wand towards the center of the Cursed Swords of Fire.

I know what I have to do.

The rest is to do it quickly and accurately.


While imagining what happened when I touched the Rainbow Strap, I brought up the magical power sleeping inside the wand.

At first it was pulled out as I wanted it to, but I was immediately hit with a strong resistance.

While paying attention so as to not let it go, slowly but surely, I spun the magical power and unfastened it finely.


I picked a few of the selected threads and weaved them into another shape.

The same shape as the range specifying part in Feather Falling.


Is this really okay?

There has to be a better way, I was driven by such anxiety.

For an instant, my hand hesitated to wave the wand.


“Don’t worry, Erica, you can do it.”


Auguste whispered, gripping my hand tighter.

I nodded, hardened my resolve and waved the wand.




A golden magic circle similar to that of the Feather Falling was formed above the place near the center of the city.

It seems that the range extension and shape change has succeeded.

Anyway, I felt relieved.

Since the path of magical power is still connected, all that is left was to expand the scope of the spell .


I poured the magical power left inside the wand towards the magic circle.

I enlarged the magic circle proportionally to the amount of magical power poured and continued to draw out magical power from the wand at the same time.

If I rush I will distort the spell and destroy it.

As if swelling a two-dimensional bubble, I carefully and slowly inflated it.


Golden light covered the city.

Through the eyes of the dragon, I could see the people in the city becoming noisy.


『Erica, it has started.』


Pointed out by Tirnanog, I focused on the Cursed Sword of Fire.

The materialization of lava is starting.

Is it earlier than we thought?

No, I concentrated too much and didn’t notice the passage of time, huh?


“It’s alright, partner. Believe in my wand. I also believe in you.”


I nodded to Harold’s brief words and pulled the magical power a little bit stronger.

As if screaming, the wand caused violent vibrations.

However, the wand managed to withstand the burden.


The completely materialized Cursed Swords of Fire started falling.

Almost at the same time, the magic circle reached the predicted falling point of the last cursed sword.

While forcibly suppressing the recoil which had increased to it’s limit even for my own inhibitory constitution, I completed the magic.




The moment the tips of the Cursed Swords of Fire came into contact with the golden magic circle, the magic circle shattered and turned into golden feather-like fragments.

At that moment, all the lava that were falling down stopped mid-air as if time had stopped.

From stop motion it turned into slow motion.

Lava began to flow upward as if it was going back in time.


The Cursed Swords of Fire which shone in the burning heat became countless drops and rose to the indigo sky.


Like sky lanterns, those drops of lava scattered in the indigo sky were illuminating the city of Knot Reed.

Their light was shed on all the waterways.


Everyone was watching that sight.

I was not an exception, but I snapped out of it at once and immediately confirmed detailed information using Glam Sight.


“Levitation started normally……duration, ten minutes……it’s a success.”

“We did it……we did it……we did it……”


Harold crouched down on the spot as if his waist gave out and burst into tears.


『Erica, you have worked hard. It was a wonderful magic.』


Tirnanog caressed my head with a big palm.

Auguste whose forehead was drenched in sweat, winked jokingly.


Somewhat unexpectedly, I felt as if the ground beneath my feet had disappeared.

I had no strength left at all in my feet, knees, waist or my back.

I felt as if I had become a mollusk.

As I toppled over, Auguste supported me in a hurry and embraced me.



“Huh……somehow……my strength……?”


I can’t gather any strength, but at this time, Auguste is supposed to be tired too, sorry about this.

I meant to say such a thing.

However, only mutterings that didn’t make any sense came out of my mouth.

Everyone was looking anxiously at my face.


I am fine.

More importantly, shouldn’t you be wiping that runny nose of yours, Harold?


I wanted to say so, but I was already at my limit to even keep my consciousness.

My eyelids became heavy and my sight was enveloped in darkness.


I fell into a deep sleep through the comfortable fatigue of having carried through with something.

Burden of seeing through the eyes of the dragon + Glam Sight (which is a burden on the brain because of the dual vision) + using wand alteration in a city-wide scale = exhausted-as-hell Erica.

Also, it’s only 15 because one of the cursed swords already dispelled by Ernst.

If you don’t get it: lava formed by magic can only materializes for 5 minutes at most, and Levitation effect time is 10 minutes. So when the lava gets levitated, before Levitation effect time limit is reached, the lava will already be gone. A simple solution that can only be done by someone with seven-rainbows inhibitory value, a genius wandmaker, and a powerful esper.

The crisis has been averted, but does this mean her death flag is destroyed? Let’s see.

xtostos: 66 charges per Sword. 66*15=990. (clover: sorry about that! ><)

Turns out, according to raw Erica didn’t reach the limit of her inhibition trait. The limit she was hitting was that of the wand. .. She’s tough.

Many small edits, most importantly the assembly description of the wand. I have added pictures to help visualize what happened. It’s concept visuals only, actual wands look better =)

Lastly, there was some confusion about Harold’s and Erica’s roles in this super sized spell. Harold created a robust wand that can withstand much pressure, and enabled the greater range (i.e. how far away from the caster the spell can be placed – in our case several kilometres from the top of the Tower to the center of the town) and charged it, while Erica modified the nature of the spell (to resemble the Feather Fall activation), controlled it and balanced it against the limits of the wand and took care of the scope of (i.e. the area covered by) the spell.

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Regular Wand Structure. 25-30cm long, roughly cylindrical. Core material is clad in shaft material, one end of these is stopped by the wand head, the other may be stopped by a ferrule. On end opposite of the wand head there is a handle/grip clad around part of the shaft. Diametre of wand at grip probably around 2-5cm.
Regular Wand Structure. 25-30cm long, roughly cylindrical. Core material is clad in shaft material, one end of these is stopped by the wand head, the other may be stopped by a ferrule. On end opposite of the wand head there is a handle/grip clad around part of the shaft. Diametre of wand at grip probably around 2-5cm.
Step by step construction of Harold's on the spot Wand of Levitation. In summary, combine the shafts and cores of original Wand of Levitation and Wand of Feather Falling, add vellum around now elongated shaft. Poems on that vellum enable spell to be aimed further away from caster later on. Then add head and handle of Wand of Levitation and ferrule of Wand of Leap. Then charge with 990 Levitation spells. Done.
Step by step construction of Harold’s on the spot Wand of Levitation. In summary, combine the shafts and cores of original Wand of Levitation and Wand of Feather Falling, add vellum around now elongated shaft. Poems on that vellum enable spell to be aimed further away from caster later on. Then add head and handle of Wand of Levitation and ferrule of Wand of Leap. Then charge with 990 Levitation spells. Done.

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      1. Turm elder had a problem because some of the wands are rare kinds of wands and hard to analyze the composition of. While Levitation is the generic / common kind of wand, so it’s not that hard. Plus, in this chapter Harold disassembled the wand and made his own composition (by combining the Levitation, Feather Falling, and Leap wand materials) so it’s easier for him to charge the wand.
      2. will be answered in the next chapter.
      3. transmigration is different from reincarnation. Transmigration is when another person’s soul get sent into another’s dead body. While reincarnation is when you actually born and live as another person. In this case, Erica was reincarnated. She just remembered her old life when she was 8, not that her soul transmigrated into Erica’s body when she was 8. As I explained in that side story, children’s memory is actually really great and Erica’s mother took advantage of that to teach her many things. So, I think all of those are not her past-self’s capabilities, but due to her mother’s teaching. (read the footnote on that chapter for the wiki reference).
      4. I don’t know about this lol.

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    1. As a friend of Eduart-oniisama, he is probably a fellow sadist? Well being an exile noble from enemy country, he surround himself with wall of easy smiles, not too different with Erica.

      Which prompt us to the question, why he was exiled? He is not a child of defeated prince of Gigantia’s throne game, is he?


  9. I just have to say – who rule da world? Erica! She just slayed that cursed flaming sword spell, no wonder fate has it out for her! Now, where’s Eduart onii-san and Klaus? They gotta know how awesome she is!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this update!

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    But oh wow, the last thing she thought about was Harold!! My shipper heart can't help but notice such small details even though they don't mean anything at all X'DDD

    This chapter was honestly exciting! The three child geniuses working together to prevent catastrophic events, I held my breath while reading this.
    Thanks for your translation & sharing this awesome novel with us readers unable to read japanese. I can barely keep up with all these updates XDD

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  11. Clover sama… will there be a Harold and Auguste pov? I find Auguste really hard to gauge, he’s really good at closing himself off… he’s obviously burdened but he really doesn’t share anything of himself that I can latch on to, Harold and Klaus are easy… but not so much Auguste, so I’m really hoping there’s more to him that is revealed.

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    You’re amazing human being dear Clover-sama & xtostos-sama. If there is an english-LN for this, I’m sure you’ll be perfect to become the translator 🙂
    Ahh how I wish they translate this book to english! 😦

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  13. first off who is making these graphics, this is some real 3d high level stuff. Next reading stories like these makes me sympathise with the parents when they go, my son / daughter the hero…harold’s character development is great!


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