Chapter 94: Snowsilver Swordsman (part one)

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Magic Academy City Lindis is located in the center part of the Ichthyes continent.

It is a free city not belonging to any of the four royal houses, but culturally, it is also an old magic city strongly influenced by Hafan.


The Kullat-Nunu1 River, which is flowing while meandering in the southern half of the city, made a confluence with the southern Alleska River.

The County of Wynt is also located where the Varnalis River flows, which is about an hour travel by a horse-drawn carriage to the North.

Due to these navigability conditions of the rivers, it is also a land where trade has been prosperous since the olden days.


Its name during the time under Casketia’s rule seems to have been the Fourth Corpse City, Annwn2.

Even to this day, it seems that this city still seals the spell for resuscitating the dead deep underground.

A monastery was built to seal this dirty land and monastic dragon knights-in-training as well as mages were gathered here.


This monastery was the foundation of Lindis’ educational institution that continues to this day.

Originally, Lindis Magic Academy was an educational institution for Ignitia’s monastic dragon knights and Hafan’s mages.

For the monastic dragon knights, first the dormitory, the chapel, the large auditorium, and the large stables for their dragons were made.

In accordance with the demand of the mages, facilities such as magic library, phantom beast museum, magic botanical garden, and historical museum were added.


As time passed, Lindis became not only an educational institution for magic, but also for excellent talents in each field.

As for the subjects, healing arts, alchemy, fighting techniques, etc. were incorporated and young influential nobles gathered.

Eventually, the number of students could no longer fit into the Central Dormitory where the monastery’s old school dormitory was refurbished, hence four dormitories were added.


Due to the abundance of human resources and the navigability of the rivers, other academic institutions began to build their headquarters and branches on the school premises.

Omnia Fluunt3 Alchemy Research Institute.

Lifthrasir4 Medical Association.

Essentia Magical Association.

Ignitia Royal Dragon Species Research Institute, etc.


Furthermore, companies from various places who wanted to be business partners with the above-mentioned organizations gathered, resulting in the present situation.

It was the completion of a huge city that covers a great deal of the livelihood of not only the academy staff but also officials and other people of the academic pursuits facilities.


In Hafan cultural sphere, which was originally exclusivistic, it is an exceptionally multi-ethnic and multi-cultural city.

That is the city called Lindis.



From the window of the carriage, I could see the cityscape of warm colors continue.

The stone walls were in beeswax color, and the stone tiles were gray.

Both stones were high-quality limestone found around Lindis.

Most of the buildings in the city, including the school buildings, were made of the same material stone.


There are figures of boys and girls of the same age as me purchasing class materials.

Surely, they are freshmen of Lindis as well.


Our carriage entered from the road along the Kullat-Nunu River to the streets where the workshops were lined in a row.

When we turned at the corner, a conspicuously enormous golem workshop drew our attention.

Here is the place of interest, the alchemy street at Lindis, 〈Flask Street〉.


『Fumu. It has a different atmosphere from both Aurelia and Knot Reed. But, it still has a nostalgic smell.』

『So, Erica, which store sells an athanor?』

“Wait, I’m sure the shop recommended by Onii-sama was……”


Checking the signboards hanging at the stores, I entered the store where a golden athanor was drawn in a green tract of land.

Inside the tasteful shop which was small but clean, there was a shopkeeper who was a well-dressed gentleman.

He looked at me and seemed to know the gist of what I needed.


“Welcome. For students, we have exactly what you need.”


The shopkeeper arranged five kinds of small athanors on the counter with hands that appeared familiar with the task.

They were all about the size of a small water bottle.

While listening to the explanation of each kind, I picked each one up with my hand as I chose.

In the end, I decided to purchase the one made by the same workshop which made my large athanor.


“Can I have this wrapped?”

“Certainly. Oh yeah, for freshmen, I will add three free crystal flasks.”

“Thank you very much.”


I received the purchased athanor and flasks and placed them inside the leather bag that Tirnanog is holding.

It is a portable Wunderkammer with space expansion.

When a lot of money was rolling in from the sea serpents subjugation, I thought it was a good opportunity to buy it.

It is different from the space expansion/weight reduction combined type that Eduard-oniisama has, so there is a limit to the amount that can be put inside.


Looking at my leather bag, the shopkeeper raised a brief voice of exclamation.


“Space expansion magic, huh? Moreover, it’s the one with wonderful durability made by the Twr family.”

“Yes. There happened to be an opportunity to buy it……”


Spatially expanded magic tools are expensive without exception.

Those who personally own them are either a wealthy person, a distinguished noble house, or a fortunate successor who inherited it from his ancestors.


Since it is too expensive, it is even said that it would be better to substitute with another magic of similar effect than to use space expansion magic.

In my possession, for example, the glove of storing.

It is one of the new equipment developed by Harold.

This glove uses compression magic, not expansion, and one can store wands inside which have been flattened through compression.

And so it enables me to take out the wands stored in the hidden pocket of each finger by focusing my thoughts on it.


“Please come again.”


As we went out of the store, the shopkeeper bowed deeply and saw us off.

It is a nice store.

I might as well come again if I need something necessary.


I thought so and went back to Flask Street.

Our carriage from before has left, so we need to stop a new horse carriage on the way home.


Just as I raised my hand to stop the approaching carriage, a roar reverberated as if something exploded from behind.

Tirnanog took a stance to protect me quickly.




Looking back, part of the golem workshop building had collapsed and was emitting white smoke.

An accident?

When I looked closely beyond the white smoke, I saw a shadow of something huge, grey and beeswax colored wriggling out.

Something huge with a humanoid figure appeared from the emptied out hole of the building.

Ah, I feel like I understand what happened.


『Umu, is that a golem?』

『No way~ that huge thing? It looks like a gia~nt!』

“They made an error in writing the size configuration by adding an extra digit while creating it, huh? It’s a rare yet common accident.”

『It’s common but rare……?』


A size configuration mistake can easily occur due to trivial reasons such as the creator having poor handwriting or the creator not getting any sleep for a few days.

It is a common mistake that even an experienced person sometimes makes.

It would be good if that is the case as it does not cause the golem to move, but sometimes unfortunate coincidences overlap.

If the power output is high or there is a mechanism that generates high heat in its surroundings, the size mistake will develop into the accidental destruction of the studio by the gigantic golem.


It is an accident that can be laughed off if it only ends there.

Things can be settled peacefully by making the person who made the mistake pay for the ceiling reparation from their wage.

That is, if no troublesome behavior patterns were incorporated into the golem.


Just as I thought so, the golem moved.

When the golem stood up, the walls of the workshop were absorbed in, and when it took a step forward, the stone pavement was peeled off and the exposed ground appeared.

After absorbing more stones, the golem became more enlarged.


Its gait is slow but firm and it seems to have some purpose.

Beyond the direction of its path, there is the harbor of the Kullat-Nunu River.

If it takes the shortest route, it would pass through several buildings on Flask Street.


My bad feeling was confirmed.

Apparently, it seems that detailed behavior patterns were already built-in.


The golem slowly walked.

The carriages that were running on the Flask Street changed their directions rapidly and escaped at full speed, away from the golem.


The unfortunate carriage that was parked was trampled down and the owner and his horses who were miraculously safe rushed away without dallying around.

Another step.

The streetlight made a loud noise as it was stepped on and turned into a crushed iron scrap.


Every time it walked, the golem absorbed more stones and got bigger.

People were trying to escape from the runaway golem so the street was already in chaos.

I couldn’t catch a carriage.

This might be more troublesome than I thought.


『Erica, what should we do?』

『Although we do not mind stopping it……』


Certainly, if I ask Tirnanog, it would be easy to stop the golem with his body and strength.

If I ask Palug, its core and power source can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

However, the two of them will be too conspicuous if they show all their power in this busy street during daytime.


Even so, if I wait for the city guards to come, the city will get wrecked.

The shop which gave me flasks a little while ago will be destroyed.

This is troubling. Even though I intended to be a regular patron of that store.


Then, I should do a simple but effective maneuver.


“I will stop it. Is it okay if I ask both of you to protect the carriages and the crowds?”


As I said so, both of them nodded readily without complaint.

I feel a little happy when I think that I am trusted by them.

Rather, if I can’t manage a situation of this degree alone, I will need to worry about my school life from here onward.


I checked my wands that I put inside the glove of storing and looked up at the golem.

1 Kullat-Nunu, also known as Eta Piscium,  is a binary star and the brightest point of light in the constellation of Pisces. (source)

2 Annwn (アンヌン) is the Otherworld in Welsh mythology. It was essentially a world of delights and eternal youth, where disease was absent and food was ever-abundant. (source)

3 Omnia Fluunt (latin) means all things flow.

4 Lifthrasir is one of the two humans foretold to survive the events of Ragnarok. (source)

Glove of Storing came from DnD (thanks Ultimatecalibur!), although how it function is a bit different. (source)

There are a few changes made this past week:

The series name became Shini Yasui Koshaku Reijo to Shichi-nin no Kikoshi.

Tour family became Twr family. Twr means tower in Welsh, same as Turm which means tower in German.

We changed the word ‘monster’ to ‘monstro’, since it is the term that was used by the author to describe both magical beasts and phantom beasts.

Also, I made a discord server for this series! Join the chat if you want, but please no spoilers since not everyone has read the raw ^^

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  1. [Its name during the time of Casketia’s ruling]
    Its name during the time of Casketia’s rule. Ruling is a decision made by a judge or king on a court case.

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    1. So, from Erica we knew that the game is the kind that will unlock the scenarios after the previous scenarios are finished. I imagine that the game is the one where we can actually choose the route.

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      Getting herself in trouble AND getting pulled into trouble just because she went shopping or on a stroll are basically something like the standard varnish on typical protagonist’s plot armor, not something opposite to it 😉


      1. I disagree with your disagreement. While plot armor is certainly not about not getting into trouble (double negative, I know, but that’s how it works), it still doesn’t work that well for her. Plot armor is about having a random value of coincidences overlapped with each other which ultimately would benefit the character. Easiest example: MC found a cent under the vending machine when he was broke and thirsty.

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            Now why I said Erica is an anti-plot armor? Because she is! The author makes it so anything that can go wrong to go wrong. The worst case scenario is the guaranteed-to-happen scenario. Is she the perpretator? No. Is she the cause? Except the first arc, which apparently *IS* her own arc, no. Is she the one who destined to solve everything? No. Is she the victim? Yes, in every cases.

            Getting cursed to death before getting killed is no-plot armor. It’s just a simple magic trick where you diverse the reader’s attention from one hand (the death curse) with the showy cards (action scenes), then reveal the oh-so shocking revealation just when they never expect it. I mean, c’mon, you can learn this literally everywhere on YouTube. I don’t even need to read the whole arc to understand she won’t die when I knew she was hit by the death curse.

            I won’t say she is one of a kind. There are lots of characters like her. Falling in Love with the Villainness, Re:Zero kara Hajimaru Isekai seikatsu, Milo Murphy’s Law, to name few titles.

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          2. Yes you probably got to because there is no such thing as anti-plot armor. Anti-plot armor is called PLOT. MCs getting into trouble IS supposed to happen, if it does not, it is going to be a very boring story. You just took something that already exists, compare it with something else then added “anti” to the front of it.

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