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“I wonder how it will go……”


A country where the concept of magic is heavily relied upon, Roseblade Kingdom.

In the Kingdom, the royal castle was towering with its majestic appearance. Walking through the corridor of the Braveheart Castle, I, Liz Beltran, took a small deep breath.

My heart is beating a little, well no, considerably fast.

Unintentionally, my eyes dropped to the dress I am currently wearing.

It is a bright red new production dress that I know is the latest trend, which suits my fancy, but I wonder if he will be pleased with it.




I felt uneasy, but I quickly shook it off.

I think that was unusually timid of me.


—There is no need to think about it. I’m sure he will definitely like it.


Because it’s me.

Voluminous and lustrous blonde hair and beautiful green eyes likened to jewels.

Beautiful pink-colored lips as though wearing rouge.

Clear white skin that isn’t burned during the day, and since I slept enough last night, my complexion is good. Face applied with aristocratic ladies’ preferred make-up that doesn’t allow such things like pimples.

Although I’m still 15 years old, my chest circumference has grown and I have a full-bodied figure.

My height is slightly taller than average, but not tall enough to crush men’s pride. It is on a range where I can still put on heels.

It is said that I have a strong personality, but every high-ranking lady is like that, and I think it’s better than not having any pride.

And furthermore, Beltran Ducal family is the contender for the number one or two noble family in the Roseblade Kingdom. So obviously, even my aristocratic education is perfect.

To say the least, I think there is no woman who suits him better than me.

Summing it up like that once again, I thought about the person I am about to meet.


—Him. Prince Alan Roseblade.


He is the first in line for the throne of this country, the Roseblade Kingdom.

He has red eyes and black hair. Accomplished in both the literary and military arts, with calm and mature personality, he is a talented person who has a bright future ahead of him.

I haven’t made my debut in the social circles yet, so this will be the first time I see him, but I heard that he is a beautiful person with considerably nice features.

Today I came here to be introduced to the prince – it is the so-called formal marriage interview. If there is an agreement from both sides, the engagement will be established as it is. The future King and the Duke’s daughter. I think that it is an engagement appropriate for each other’s social status, so I have no complaint.

My father said that if I don’t like him, I don’t have to proceed with the engagement, but since he is the handsome and a renowned prince, the other party will not be lacking anything. It will be the marriage between the beautiful me and the beautiful prince.

I will be able to boast about it to the other ladies who wish to marry the prince and if such beauty is standing next to me, I will shine even more. There is no reason to refuse this engagement.


—Fufu, I just need the prince to become devoted to me as much as possible.


I think there will be no problem since I have a polished beautiful face, nevertheless, I have to put fighting spirit in this.

With the imagination of a glorious future with the prince in mind, I walked as if gliding appropriate for a noble lady behind the soldier who is guiding me.

I also never forgot to observe properly the inside of the castle which I visited for the first time.

Sooner or later I will live here, so I have to memorize the internal structure.

Currently, I’m walking on the first-floor corridor. Religious paintings are drawn on the whole surface of the wall. The ceiling painting that was drawn by a famous painter about 500 years ago is still beautiful without fading even now. That’s because the preservation magic is applied every year to prevent it from deteriorating, but it is true that the painting is wonderful.

Passing through the long corridor with the feeling as if going on a field trip to an art gallery, then climbed the stairs. The interior has changed to a higher-quality one. The soldier who guided me up to a certain room on the third floor lowers his head quietly.


“My apologies. Prince Alan is currently having a tea party with Prince Wilfred. We will call you as soon as possible, so please wait for a while in this waiting room.”



Hearing the unbelievable words, I cried out in a loud voice reflexively.

No way, I never thought that I would be kept waiting.

Prince Wilfred that the soldier mentioned is Prince Alan’s twin brother.

Being bright and active, it seems that his atmosphere and personality are different from Prince Alan’s. He is the second prince that won’t inherit the throne.

Normally, it wouldn’t be unusual if they have a bad relationship with each other, but Prince Wilfred and Prince Alan are famous for being on good terms as brothers. Prince Wilfred seems to be especially familiar with Prince Alan. I have heard that they are often together, so I didn’t think them having a tea ceremony is strange, but my discomfort became worse.


“Does he intend to summon someone over and then make them wait? Even if he’s a prince, isn’t that rude?”


Although there is still time until the promised time, nevertheless, normally one will not be having a tea party with another person until just before the meeting.

I got angry since it seemed like he was saying that he’s not interested in me.

Because I thought for sure that I will be welcomed with great joy, this is inexcusable. Or rather, having a tea party? So he is having a tea party even though he knew that I would come? Unbelievable.

No one has ever disrespected me like this until now, and in the current situation where I am being kept waiting, against my better judgment I showed my anger openly.


“How repulsive. I wonder if he is making fun of the Beltran Ducal House. I may have to speak with Father about this.”

“M-my apologies. Nevertheless, surely nothing of the sort is……”


The soldier who suffered my anger had a troubled face. Looking at that face, I calmed down a little.

There is no point in taking out my anger on the soldier. Because a mere common soldier cannot do anything.


“……Fine. You may go back. I will wait here, that is fine, right?”



Bowing down formally, the soldier left to escape from here. As my eyes followed him until he was out of sight, my mood dampened.


“How unpleasant……”


My rare good mood was ruined.

Reluctantly, I went into the room where I was guided to. The scarlet rug laid inside the room and those several chairs lined up at the side of the wall told me that this is the waiting room. On top of the white fireplace with engravings, the dial is a golden clock. There are also antique dishes and antique dolls. Flowers are decorated lavishly in the large pots with flowers drawn on them.




I sat on a nearby chair.

No way, I never thought that I would be kept waiting in such a place.


“I cannot believe that I am being neglected like this.”


If I meet the prince, I absolutely won’t be satisfied unless I tell him about my complaints.

Who does he think the only daughter of Duke Beltran is?


“—that’s why.”



I heard a small voice when I was troubled with my anger. It was the voice of someone talking. It sounded like a man’s voice. The me who was in a strange state of mind stood up and headed towards the direction of the voice.

There was a door at the back of the waiting room. It was open just a little bit.


“……How careless.”


If there is somebody inside, they should have locked the door. Even as I thought about that, I became curious about who was talking and looked through the gap between the door. Although I had a self-awareness that what I was about to do was disgraceful, I was feeling really bored.




A voice leaked out. I held my mouth hurriedly.

There were two men inside.

They had extraordinarily well-featured appearances. Even though those two people had the same red eyes and black hair, the atmosphere they exuded was the exact opposite.

One of them was calm and had a gentle smile on his mouth. The other one was enjoying himself with an easy-to-understand smiling face. Both of them were wearing a tailored black long jacket sewn with golden threads. They were wearing a shirt and vest inside the jacket and everything were highest quality items, something that cannot be prepared by commoners or lower aristocrats. The form of the tie which was worn at the base of the throat showed their social status, it closely resembled what my father and brothers would wear.

Black hair with red eyes, and the way their ties resemble that of a Duke.

There is no doubt. They are the princes of this country. They are the First Prince Alan and the Second Prince Wilfred.


—So this is the place where the twin princes are having their tea party?


No way, I never thought it would be this close to the place I kept standing by.




My heart beat fast. I stared at the prince with a gentle smile who was having a cup of tea.


—That is Prince Alan.


The person who will become my fiancé.

Against my better judgment, I observed him unblinkingly.

Red-tinged black hair was swaying gently. He had long eyelashes and breathtakingly beautiful profile. His gaze towards his younger brother was gentle, and I found out that it is true they are on good terms.


—Somehow, he’s wonderful.


I couldn’t help it.

Prince Alan has a beautiful form which completely suits my taste.

I never thought that I could get engage – get married to such a person for which I would be glad that I was born as the daughter of a Duke.

I moved my eyes to his younger brother sitting in the seat opposite to him. As expected of twins, he has a similar face, but somehow my heart didn’t throb at all. A beauty is still a beauty, but whether it is because he’s a cheerful and bright beauty, it’s different from my preference somehow. There are many people who will be healed by Prince Wilfred’s smiling face, but I like the gentle charm of Prince Alan’s smiling face more.


—I’m glad my fiancé is Prince Alan.


If it was the other way around, I would have to change my fiancé by filing a complaint to my father.

My father is indulgent towards me, so if that were the case he would agree readily to my request, but I’m delighted that my fiancé is Prince Alan from the beginning.

Since the man who would become my fiancé was to my liking, I completely forgot about the displeasure I felt not long ago. Because it was more important to admire the beautiful conduct of Prince Alan.

I finally came to my senses after I peeped at them for a long time.

I was worried about who was there so I peeped, but it is rude to stare forever just because they haven’t noticed. I also don’t want to make a bad impression on my fiancé.


“……It seems better to wait quietly.”


The soldier also said that he would call me when the tea party ends, so I will stop looking further than this.

I averted my eyes from the two people inside. Now then, it seems that it will still take some time yet, so I might as well ask a court lady to brew me some tea.

Just as I thought so, the younger brother – Prince Wilfred who was drinking tea, opened his mouth.


“So? Brother. Today, you’re going to see that Liz Beltran?”

“Aah, that’s right.”



Hearing my name mentioned, I turned my head reflexively. Prince Wilfred who said my name said in a fun tone of voice.


“Be careful, okay? Liz Beltran is arrogant and has a high self-regard, she is a selfish lady. ……Truly, she is a young lady who fits the word 『villainess』 perfectly.”

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  1. When I read the part where she described what she saw….I kinda imagined some other kind of action the two twins were enjoying together o///o *cough*

    Anyways, this seems interesting enough<3 I really have a thing for villainess noble girls XDD Thanks for the translation 🙂

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  2. She does seem arrogant, but perhaps this is a redemption story? Taming of the shrew? Interesting – would love to hear more!!! Will you be starting this series as you finish with Erica’s story? Or wait until that’s done? Thanks for your hard work!

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    1. Yes it will be a redemption story, which is why I found it interesting~ hmm. I think every time I have finished translating the next chapter of Erica, I will work on this one. So I will work on both simultaneously, but Erica will take top priority.

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  3. eh seriously she’s only 15 years old … when I saw the cover of the novel I estimated she was around the age of 18 😮 .. yeah anyway thanks for update ☺


  4. Honestly she doesnt seem that bad. She lacks a bit in self control and is arrogant, but at most shes sharp tongued. She didnt take her anger out on the guard through whipping. Plus, she is correct in how given how close they are instatus, and their upcoming potential martial status, its rude to have scheduled another event. Heck, is it too much to ask to be picked up personally? Ofcourse from our point of view, her priorities are a bit mixed up, but she is 15, and she has been raised this way.


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