I changed the chapter numberings, because this is still counted as prologue. There are 8 chapters for the prologue.

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Hearing him said so as if spitting out in contempt, my body solidified.


How awful.


Arrogant and selfish?

I wonder why the prince who I have never met before is insulting me behind my back like this.

Although I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t avert my eyes from the two princes. Hearing Prince Wilfred’s words, Prince Alan exhaled as if troubled.


ch 2
ch 2


“『Villainess』……huh. Is this about the story you told me a long time ago? How this world is a 『game』 and that you and I are 『capture targets』……is that it? This is the continuation of that story, huh.”

“That’s right! Brother, you are the main capture target. You, who will be disgusted by the wicked deeds of your villainess fiancée, will awaken to the true love with the Heroine and finally reach the happy ending. I highly recommend Brother x Heroine, so I absolutely want you to do your best, Brother!”


Towards Prince Wilfred who was leaning his body forward, Prince Alan calmed him down with a gentle voice.


“……be glad that I am the one who is listening to you, but you should never tell others about this. Or else they would think that the Second Prince has lost his mind.”

“I’m not crazy! And I will only tell this story to you, Brother. Because it will be a problem if the original work is broken.”

“Then you shouldn’t have told me in the first place.”


Prince Alan, who breathed out as if he was troubled, was beautiful. No matter how I see him, he doesn’t look like a 17-years-old man. He has a beautiful neutral appearance that transcends gender. It is quite different from Prince Wilfred’s face who has the same lineage as him. He has a facial expression suitable for his age and looks somewhat manly.


“This is because I don’t want you to go on the wrong road, Brother. For that, I think that I should convey the necessary information.”

“……I also don’t believe in your story, you know? I always said that, right?”

“I know. You are fine like this. Even hearing only half the story is enough.”

“If it’s fine with you then it doesn’t matter.”


Saying so, Prince Alan laughed as if exhausted.


“—Then? Let’s say that my fiancée who I’m about to meet is a 『villainess』 like you said. She hasn’t made a social debut yet, so I don’t know what kind of woman she is, but is she really such a terrible woman? She is the daughter of Duke Beltran, right? I think that she is a properly educated lady.”


Hearing Prince Alan’s question, I also nodded in agreement internally.

That’s right. I’m not a terrible woman like Prince Wilfred said.

I don’t remember ever being told that I am arrogant and selfish.

But, Prince Wilfred said while laughing.


“Aah, that’s about it. Although her appearance is the best, the personality of Liz Beltran is the worst, you know? She laughs loudly, her jealousy is extreme and she only accepts beautiful things. She is domineering and is the type who won’t be satisfied unless she has the best things. I know this because it was written in the setting, but it seems that woman grew up being spoiled by her parents, so you had better be prepared, Brother, because her selfishness is proportionate to that. She might put on airs at first, but she will gradually show her true nature.”

“……and such a woman is my fiancée, huh. If what you said is the truth, I feel reluctant.”

“That’s why I don’t want you to be engaged to her. At any rate, Brother, you must still get engaged to the villainess Liz Beltran. The game will not start unless you get engaged to her and meet the Heroine, on top of that.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying at all.”

“No way. There is nothing that cannot be understood by my genius Brother.”

“……cut it out, I’m seriously worried whether I should talk to the doctor that my brother may be sick in the head.”

“Stop it. It’s because you’re my older brother that I even talk about this.”

“……what……right now……”


The conversation between the two of them was still going on, but I couldn’t listen more of it.

Because, it was just too much.




While feeling lightheaded, I went back to the place where I was sitting some time ago. My head screamed.

She laughs loudly. She only accepts beautiful things. She is domineering and is the type who won’t be satisfied unless she has the best things.

Prince Wilfred’s ridiculing voice was echoing as if he were nearby.


“That’s not true……”



I shouldn’t be that kind of woman.

I should have thought this just now. That I’m not arrogant and selfish etc.

Those are groundless accusations. I am supposed to be a victim of groundless rumor which had been spread to the man who will become my fiancé.




Nevertheless, why does my heart hurt so much?

I wonder why I feel so sick in my stomach, like I’m about to vomit.

My feelings are hurt, as if what he said was completely true.


“No, no, no, that’s not true.”


I desperately said so to myself. I kept saying that it’s not true, that I’m not such a woman.

But, the pain in my chest, the pain that made me feel sick in my stomach, wouldn’t subside.

For that reason, while thinking that I don’t want to acknowledge it, I became aware of it.


I think I know what he meant.


About the way I laugh, about my domineering way, how I only accept beautiful things, and how I hate it when I don’t have the best things.

All of it sounds familiar.


“……it’s me.”


Of course. Because Prince Wilfred said my name. He said that I have the worst personality. And Prince Alan said that he feels reluctant to be engaged to such a woman.

In other words, I was rejected—

My head was spinning.

Until now, I didn’t notice because no one had said anything. I believed that everything I did was right.

Because, my father, my mother, and my older brother all said that it was fine. Because they smiled and never corrected me.

That’s why I have been living like this.


“—no, that’s not good. I shouldn’t make such excuses.”


All I do is blaming everything on my family.

To be honest, I feel like I’m about to cry.

I was rejected by others for the first time. As a result, I became aware of myself not subjectively but objectively.

It was told that I am the worst, I thought that certainly, it might be true.


“What I have done……what was it?”


I don’t know, I don’t know.

It feels as though the ground beneath my feet has collapsed. I don’t know where to stand.

It is deplorable that I have been the lowest person until now, but for some reason or another, I understood.

But, in that case, what should I do now?

Because I don’t know any other way to live.

And then, while trembling, I became worried about the other word that Prince Wilfred said.


“『Villainess』……I wonder what that means.”


I only know that it’s not a good thing from the word itself.

Because it has the word ‘villain’ attached to it.

Villain, in other words, it’s a person who is hated.

the villainess Liz Beltran.

That’s what Prince Wilfred said.

Does that mean I am hated by everyone?




I don’t want to think about it deeply.

I can’t stop trembling in fear.

Until now, I thought that I was liked by everyone, I wonder if it was only me who thought so. Was everyone only tolerating me who has the worst personality? Just thinking about it made me feel like throwing up.




I couldn’t admit to myself that I was that wretched no matter what.


“『Villainess』……that’s not true, I’m not like that……”



While I was sitting on the chair with my head down, I, who was trembling, heard a voice from above my head. I raised my head reflexively.




I wonder how long he has been there. In front of me was one of the princes with clear red eyes who I was peeping at until just now—in other words, it is Prince Alan, who was supposed to be my fiancé.

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16 thoughts on “IDWBV – 2

    1. It’s a nice twist to have the villainess realize that what she thought was normal for her family may have come off as cruel or cold. It’ll be interesting to see how she matures as a result, and ruin the 2nd Prince’s plans.

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  1. Nawww, someone should give her a hug ;A; Great that she is willing to accept criticism instead of bindly denying everything. And it seems like she has her heart in the right place<33
    Thanks for the chapter! It was quite enjoyable 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the chapter!! You made my day!! Liz ;-; well.. her “bad” personality is also a result from the environment she’s in.. so i can’t wait for her character development!! >< I root for Liz and you translator-sama! Fighting!!!

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  3. I don’t get why she should be called a villianess for the traits mentioned. The brother makes it sound like aiming for the best of the best is inherently negative. And come on: ‘laughs loudly’, such complaints are superficial in turn.
    The only actual criticism might be her supposed jealousy.
    I just don’t like how the setup treats this as a sufficient description for bad character. I mean, even she believes it despite not knowing about the usual character clichês in games. which is weird.

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    1. I think I translated it badly. The aiming is for the best is more of she has to have the latest/the best thing. Like she said in the first chapter about her dress, she bought the latest trend dress. Which means she splurge unnecessarily. And it will be explained why she believe it.

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      1. Aahh~ That makes more sense. I couldn’t see how just wanting the best for yourself was a bad thing, in and of itself. Needlessly excessive and overly self-indulgent, then? Those are red flag traits, especially when it’s with done other people’s money or, at least, not from one’s own efforts.
        I was a bit confused at first because I don’t believe selfishness, and even jealousy to an extent, is necessarily a bad thing if it’s paired with good self-discipline and understanding of and empathizing with one’s and others’ positions. And dragging other people for how they laugh seems more villain-like than any sort of laughter one has.
        But it seems more like her actions are just the product of her environment (I’m guessing she acts in a manner that society encourages for someone of her station), than a product of any actual malice from her.


  4. Way this is a new twist on a classic! There are so many stories where the villainous is the one who’s reincarnated/transmigrated and she completely changes who she is “suppose to be” and never becomes an actual villian and maybe tries to ‘stay away from the main targets’ and etc. Which isn’t bad This is such a nice idea though? A villainous who had no idea she was a villainous and is going to change her attitude herself and from what I’m understanding her fiancé as well? I guess he’s going to realize no one ever told her her behaviour was rude. And one of the capture targets is the person reincarnated?? Ahhhh I’m so excited. Thank you for translating!

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  6. Thanks for the chapter!

    Awww poor girl, I can sympathize with how she feels. When you suddenly have that thought, and it sounds true enough, your head just won’t shut up about it. Either you deny it, and it always eats away in the back of your mind, or you accept it and either try to change or you despair.

    Whether it’s true or not, those feelings aren’t fun.

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  7. Aww… I feel bad for Liz. Like c’mon, how could she know that she is behaving badly when everyone in her family coddles her. No one scolds her (with her status, who would dare?).
    So its natural that she may come off as a spoiled brat.
    Atleast, she is reflecting on it. And willing to fight the stereotyping of that drasted otome game!
    And I kinda experienced that. Not knowing my image to others is that I am a loner weirdo when I think everything is normal. Until ofcourse a blunt person (which is one of my cousins, btw) said in my face that he thinks I was building a cult and I’m like ‘WUT?’.
    And until now, I dunno why he thinks I am building a cult. (= =

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  8. She laughs loudly. LAUGHS LOUDLY, I say! The horror!
    And someone this messed up, this vile, this… loud-laugher is supposed to be our protagonist and the prince’s fiancee!? Preposterous!


  9. This is unexpected at all! When the villain Liz overheard the chat between the princes… Especially the insult though, I’m glad it makes her seems motivated to change her personality, her future. I’m lovin’ it! Thanks for the update!


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