Hey, hey! Here’s another chapter~ more explanation about why Liz believe the story, and more Alan’s coercion.

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To me who couldn’t answer and stared at nothing, Prince Alan patiently said.


“Are you confused? It’s fine, you don’t need to worry because there’s nothing more to it. But, if you need a reason before you can agree, that’s right, it’s because you are a woman who is going to be my fiancée. I don’t think it’s strange to help my fiancée in trying to change for the better, so how about it?”

“Even though you say that……”


This is troubling. And I remember what Prince Wilfred said.

Prince Alan becomes disgusted with the 『villainess』 and reaches the happy ending with another woman. In other words, his final partner is not me. If the story that Prince Wilfred said is true, Prince Alan doesn’t need to help me better myself.

I don’t particularly believe everything else Prince Wilfred said. He said a number of prophecy-like words, but I think those were just thoughtless remarks. But there were parts that I couldn’t dismiss.




I turned towards Prince Alan. He had a soft smile on his face, which was so attractive that as expected it stirred my heart. And then, seeing him extending his hand to me, there was no doubt that he was as kindhearted as the rumors said.

I thought that I would be happy be able to marry this person, but.


It’s not good for such a nice person to marry me who is said to be the worst.


Although I didn’t want to admit it, although I didn’t want to think that Prince Alan is too good for me, that is my honest feeling now.

If it is said that he can be happy with another person, no, even if it was a lie, it would be better than getting engaged to me.

Fortunately, we are not engaged yet, so there wouldn’t be any hurt feelings. My father is indulgent towards me, therefore he would prepare another fiancé for me. No, I would feel sorry for that new fiancé, so I will just tell my father that 「I don’t need a fiancé for a while」.

After making a decision, I said to Prince Alan while lowering my head.


“I am very grateful for your offer, but I will have to decline. It’s just……I think it would not be a good idea for you to have any relation with someone like me, Your Highness. Because this is about me, I will do something about it myself and about the engagement too, it’s not official yet, so I think that we don’t have to proceed with it. It seems that someone who is suitable for you will appear, Your Highness, so I think you should wait for that person.”


At any rate, first of all, I want to compose myself and think back on a lot of things. About me and my future self.

And about the true meaning of Prince Wilfred’s remarks.

To ponder on those things, I thought that I should be apart from Prince Alan and Prince Wilfred for a while.

However, Prince Alan who heard my words furrowed his eyebrows as if in disagreement.


“Perhaps you are worried about what my brother was saying? That’s why I said it would be fine. Because I’m not swallowing my brother’s story whole. I don’t think I will wait for a woman who may or may not appear, rather than waiting for such a thing, I’d rather choose to reform the fiancée who was given to me. You seem to be a very cute person, so I don’t think you need to worry about me.”

“Eh, um……that……Your Highness—”

“You’re cute. My brother said that you are a beauty, and I certainly think that’s the case, but I think you’re a very cute person. This is my first time seeing such a cute person.”

“T-thank you very much?”


Although I have been told many times that I am beautiful, this is my first time to be called cute.

When I was bewildered, Prince Alan took my hand and said.


“That’s why, you don’t have to think hard about it, let’s try our best together for the time being. We can do this. Alright?”


My favorite face stared at me. I couldn’t bear it after all, and against my better judgement, I nodded.


“……if you are fine with it, Your Highness, then alright.”

“Of course. I’m glad. Well then, I’m going to report to my father at once.”



I didn’t really understand what Prince Alan was saying. While I was staring at the prince in a dumbfounded way, he held my hand tightly and smoothly said.


“I said, I’m going to report this to my father. That we are going to proceed with the engagement.”

“Wait!! Please wait for a moment!”


I widened my eyes reflexively.

Engagement? How did it come to that?

I tore my hand off from the prince’s and hurriedly said.


“I said that I would accept your cooperation, Your Highness, but that does not apply to our engagement. I have explained it to you earlier. That we don’t have to proceed with the engagement. And yet—”

“I told you that you don’t need to worry about me. Or maybe you find it unpleasant to be engaged to me?”

“Eh……no……such a thing……”


There’s no way I would find it unpleasant.

However, I just think that I don’t want to proceed with an engagement that I know is going to be broken when someone more suitable for him appears. But the prince did not relent.


“Then, there is nothing wrong with it. I’m fine with you as my fiancée and you don’t dislike me either. See, it’s settled. Let’s report this to my father, okay?”

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”


No, I feel that there is nothing but problems. Seeing that I was not moving, Prince Alan impatiently said.


“Also, if you are going to cooperate with me, I think we would need a reason for us to be seen together. For that, I think that the title 『fiancée』 is perfect.”

“Eh, but……”


I don’t want to get engaged for such a reason.

Seeing my expression, he noticed what I wanted to say. Prince Alan’s facial expression suddenly turned cold.

My spine shivered with something resembling fear.


“Hmm, so you don’t want it. In other words, you want to remain a 『villainess』 like my brother said, huh?”

“Eh, t-that’s not it……”

“I’m right, aren’t I? Because you don’t know what a 『villainess』 is. What can you do about something that you don’t understand? It’s impossible, isn’t it? You want to do your best on your own? About something you don’t understand? It will be impossible.”


“I think my cooperation is essential.”


I felt intimidated by Prince Alan who was smiling with a friendly grin.

He gave the finishing blow towards me who was speechless.


“Hey, so get engaged to me, okay?”


Or are you going to push ahead towards the path of a 『villainess』 by yourself?


Yes, the voice that I felt like I heard after those words had to be just in my imagination, but—


“……yes. I’d like to get engaged to you.”


I nodded with a quivering voice.

I had no choice but to agree.


“Yeah, that’s good!”


Prince Alan who is in good mood and laughs is different from the rumors, he’s surprisingly a scary person.

It was the moment when my option to decline was crushed.

Here’s an explanation about Liz’s logic.

She likes beautiful things. Prince Alan has a beautiful face that perfectly to her liking. When she eavesdropped and heard that Alan is disgusted by her ‘villainess’ tendencies, she was devastated because her favorite face is disgusted by her. That’s why she wants to avoid becoming a villainess. She doesn’t believe everything else that Prince Wilfred said. She just doesn’t want her favorite face to be disgusted by her. And she doesn’t love Alan or anything like that. Yet. It’s all face.

And there will be Alan’s POV in ch 7 and 8, so there will be an explanation about his attitude right now.

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26 thoughts on “IDWBV – 4

    1. No. This is nothing like that. This is one of the process in her maturing into a better person. She is not degrading herself, because in this story, she was actually arrogant and like all the things Wilfred said. First step in maturing is to accept our faults. This story is about her character development, and her romance with the prince.

      And I think you can only call it self-sacrifice if there are feelings involved in it. It’s not like she loves Alan and gave him up. She just doesn’t want to get engaged if in the future it will be broken. It will be just a waste of time.

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        1. I guess that’s true. But that’s not her actual personality, so you won’t see that kind of behavior after this. She’s just gotten her wake up call and from her perspective, compared to Alan who she thought as perfect, thinking that she who was called as the worst is not worthy of him, is not an unreasonable judgement. And good thing Alan is not relenting then.

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        2. It’s not self-degrading. If you learned that people thought you were the worst, you wouldn’t want to hang around anybody. Especially since she’s feeling emotionally vulnerable.
          Liz’s original plan was to just break off talks of engagement and just be single for awhile. Call it sulking or whatever, but it’s understandable.


  1. So, she is a face-con……. as expected, the prince is an S or simply black belly……… don’t tell me the reason that he accepted her was so that he can have fun in educating her or because if the heroine appeared and they got together he would have to change his personality but he don’t want to……… or is because his brother said that the heroine have too many options and he can’t help but think that she is a cunning woman.. even worse if there was an harem route……….
    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. maybe the prince has a different character than in the original work?
      After all he grew up with a different brother spouting nonsense, some slight differences are understandable.

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  2. Oh wow, I’d really like to know what goes on in Alan’s head XDDD Hahaha…he kinda forced her into this engagement; not like I’m complaining<33 XD A comfused villainess is kind of cute?
    Thanks for this chapter! This novel seems lighthearted & entertaining 🙂 Reading this really lifts up my mood<3

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    I start reading the raw with the help of google translate since the author updates everyday(?)

    And your translation save meeeee!! Tahnk you very muuchh!! I can’t help you with anything ;-; but sending you a virtual energy from here! FIGHTING! ILY!

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  4. i have a hunch in an original stories the first prince is not black belly or manipulative. but after his twin-brother spout non-sense since childhood he become like this right now.

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  5. What? This prince scares me somehow. Suddenly going cold like that, and forcibly pushing along the engagement… oh dear. Hopefully everything will go well. He’s very much the kind to want things his way isn’t he.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. Hahaha… OMFG.

    This is their first meeting and Liz having cold feet was suddenly pludged into the hot spring by Prince Alan.

    It’s kinda conflicting that he sort of bullied her (by hitting all her insecurities) into accepting the engagement.

    Yet I like that the prince is kinda manipulative. How can he be a good ruler if he doesn’t know the Basic Guide of Manipulation 101?

    Though I suspect, he doesn’t want Liz to back out so early only to prove a point to his twin. And he might not sort of liked to be forced into Prince Wilfred’s ideal CP.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Errr, seems to me that the true “villain” in this new storyline might turn out to be the 1st prince ^^; Methinks little bro might have already effed up the plot of the original story (XD)


  8. What we actually have here is a girl with some serious emotional issues that boil down to deeply rooted insecurity. Hard to say how she came to develop it but it actually explains everything:
    – haughty and domineering? This is one of the defensive mechanisms that triggers in some people to cover up insecurities.
    – wanting, NEEDING all the best things? Superficial signs of success help her deal with internal insecurity.
    – extreme levels of jealousy? Well, with self-esteem being more like a facade supported with external symbols of worthiness (best clothes, best fiance etc) it’s obvious that she feels threatened when someone approaches “her things” (as deep down she doesn’t feel good enough)
    – willingness to accept the criticism/insults and be shaken by them? Well, obviously – suddenly being comforted with the unrealized “not worthy/not good enough”

    Oh, and we also get a prince that seems more like sexual predator than helpful, good-natured guy but let’s wait until his POV to pass judgement 😉


  9. The key characterization for Liz was what she thought about the guard. She got really mad, recognized he couldn’t do anything, and then let him off. In other words, she’s got a much worse bark than a bite. Also, when she gets interrupted, she stops and thinks things through, arriving at a logical conclusion. She’s gone though life without hitting enough stumbling blocks, leading to immaturity and naivete, but her education is there so when a problem arises, she’s capable of developing.


  10. Well its more logical if she like his face instead of immediately fall in love, its all about her favourite face thats good too.


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