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Prince Alan led me towards the place where the King was waiting while holding my hand, to the point he almost dragged me.




Looking furtively at the profile of Prince Alan who was in a good mood, I let out a sigh.

I wonder why this is happening.

Although I said that it was fine even if we don’t proceed with the engagement and such things, before I knew it, I had accepted my engagement with Prince Alan.

Before I knew the story about the 『villainess』, I would have honestly felt pleased with the current situation. I was able to get engaged to the prince. My future life will be rose-colored and I don’t doubt that this is not that different from becoming the Crown Princess impetuously. I would have pushed my way through as it is.

However, right now is not the time to think about such things.


“What’s wrong? You’ve been silent for a while.”


While I was brooding silently, I guess he thought that my state was peculiar. Prince Alan asked me with a tone of voice as if he was worried. I shook my head.


“N-no, it’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t seem like nothing.”

“It’s really nothing, Your Highness.”


When I smiled to gloss over it, Prince Alan furrowed his eyebrows.





I stared fixedly at the prince who suddenly said his own name. He opened his mouth again as if irritated.


“I said, it’s Al. We are going to get engaged. I don’t want to be called ‘Your Highness’, I’d like you to call me by my name, preferably my nickname. I think it’s important to act intimately with each other.”

“Act intimately……”

“It’s better than appearing to be on bad terms with each other, right?”


Being told so as if it was only natural, I opened my mouth hesitatingly.



“Don’t be so formal with me. Because the intimacy is halved. Call me Al, and drop the honorifics. Then, what about you? Should I call you Liz? Does your family call you by your nickname?”

“……um, my family calls me Lily.”


I hesitated, but I still answered him honestly. Lily is my favorite nickname. My father, my mother, and my older brothers1 also call me Lily.

When I said so, Al nodded.


“Well then, is it okay if I also call you Lily?”

“Yes. Please feel free to call me that.”

“You’re too formal.”

“Even if you say so……”


This is troubling.

Right now, I’m in a state where I still cannot entirely believe my actions so far. From Prince Wilfred’s words, I at least understand that I am thought of as the worst. Although it’s vexing, I decided that I should admit it. It’s very frustrating, but I cannot move forward unless I admit it. In any case, in order to sneer at Prince Wilfred saying 「Who did you say is the worst again?」, it’s important to admit it to myself right now.

That’s why it was fine.

But then, how should I act?

To be honest, I’m at a loss.

Because I cannot see the way to move forward as someone who knows the incorrect answer but doesn’t know the correct answer. Even now, for example, even though Al told me that I was 「too formal」, I don’t know how to answer him the correct way. Even though just now he told me out loud to 「drop the honorifics」, he probably doesn’t really mean it that way.

I understand that it isn’t like that. So, someone, please tell me the correct answer.




In the end, I chose to be silent, but I could acutely feel Al’s gaze.


“Lily, I don’t mind it, you know?”



A single word came out of my mouth as a response due to my confusion. My gaze matched with Al’s.


“You are going to change yourself from now on, right? I can feel your determination. So, even if you take up an unusual behavior, speech, or conduct right now, you don’t need to worry because I won’t be disappointed in you. Rather, if you say strange things, Lily, I’ll point them out for you. That way, it will be easier for you to understand.”

“……is that okay?”

“Of course. Because I said we are going to cooperate, right? This is also part of the cooperation.”

“Thank you very much……”


That would help me immensely.

When I felt relieved, Al grabbed my hand and pulled me towards himself.



“You don’t have to keep up appearances in front of me. That’s why, I want you to stop being silent.”



He was peering into my eyes and my cheeks became hot. When I frantically tried to hide it, Al chuckled.

It was apparent that he noticed it.


“P-please don’t laugh.”

“Yeah, sorry.”


Despite apologizing, his voice still contained laughter. But, I feel like I got a bit of mental strength thanks to him.

Al kept walking while still pulling my hand.

He stopped in front of the door at the back of the third floor.


“Here, this is it. —Father. It’s Alan.”



There was a low voice responding from inside. The two soldiers by the door received the King’s permission and opened the door that seemed to be heavy.

When I was dragged in by Al, I heard the sound of the door closing behind me. While being distracted by that sound, I entered the room. The person who was writing on the table at the back of the room that appeared to be the King’s Office looked up.

This is someone I know of, although I haven’t debuted in the society yet.

The King of this country, father of Prince Alan and Prince Wilfred.

Dune the Third.

He is a young King who is still in his thirties and has been reigning for 20 years.


—It’s become clear when they lined up like this, but their hair and eye colors are exactly the same.


He has nice features, but his red eyes and black hair are the same color as those of the twin princes.

He put the quill in his hand down and slowly looked at Al.

1 I know in chapter 2 I wrote ‘brother’ as in singular, and now I wrote it as ‘brothers’ as in plural. But it wasn’t a typo. This is a hint for her family situation.

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  1. I wonder if it’s a fantasy world. If it is I hope we get a few spirits in, like in many other ‘villainess’ novels. I mean if we use cliches better go all the way!

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    1. But seems like our newly confused and seemingly bashful protagonist needs a bit of S to lead her along… not sure if I should cheer her on or pity her, maybe a little of both!

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  2. I love this story so much <33 Thank you so much for this chapter! I really appreciate your hard work 🙂
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  3. Thank you for the chapter and your hardwork!!! uwu i want to say something but i guess it contains “spoiler” so i better hold back! Can’t wait for Al’s POV chapter so i can talk about it huahahahahaha
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  4. So the King is in his thirties and his being running the kingdom for 20 years so does that mean he got the throne when 10 or 12??. ….
    Yeah that’s what I got from the chappie lol.
    The ML seems super awsome.


  5. Wow, he really treats her like an idiot. Like she doesn’t have the capacity to tell right from wrong unless he helps her understand *cringe*

    The first chapter debunks the idea that she can’t tell what’s right and what’s wrong. Basically… The heroine is dumb and the seemingly gentle ML is actually kind of a sociopath.


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