Here’s is the last chapter in Lily’s POV of the prologue. Next 2 chapters will be in Al’s POV.

TL: clover

ED: clover, eristol

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“Father, I have decided to get engaged to Lily.”


Seeing his son who was reporting while grinning, the King opened his eyes wide.


“Is that truly alright with you? Although this was my suggestion, I do not intend to force you. You don’t have to rush your decision. You should think about it more slowly—”

“This is a decision I made after thinking about it carefully. Father, are you against this engagement?”

“No, I told you before. From the start, this is something I was appealing for to the Beltran Ducal House. So there is no way I am against it. If you are fine with it, I will make the engagement official……but, are you really fine with this?”

“Yes. Please make it official as soon as possible.”

“I see, I understand. —Miss Liz, was it?”



His eyes turned this way for the first time. The charming gaze closely resembles Prince Alan’s rather than Prince Wilfred’s.


“Do you really not mind getting engaged to my son? Getting engaged to a prince is not only sunshine and rainbows. Of course, since you are the daughter of a duke, I think you would know about that, but you should reconsider if you are only agreeing due to momentum.”


I thought about saying something like 「Well then, I will think about it again」 but I held back.

Because Al who is next to me is casting a sharp glance at me. Those eyes are obviously saying “I didn’t know you want to be a 『villainess』 that much.”

……yup. I’m terribly scared. There is no way I can say 「No」 here. Besides, Al’s cooperation is indispensable to me who doesn’t know what a 『villainess』 is.

I have to suppress my tears and nod quietly this time.


“Y-yes……I am also glad that I can get engaged to Alan-sama.”

“See, Lily also said so.”


I felt like glaring at Al who was smiling brilliantly, but I also smiled elegantly. The King nodded while looking at Al’s face and mine.


“If both of you are determined, then I have nothing to say. Al, this is the engagement that you wanted. You must cherish Miss Liz.”

“Of course.”

“It’s fine if you understand. I still have work left. You may return.”

“Yes. Excuse us……Lily, let’s go.”



He resumed the work we had interrupted. Alan and I left the room as we were told by the King.

When I got out into the corridor, perhaps I was subconsciously nervous, I exhaled deeply.

Al didn’t miss it.


“Are you tired? Would you like to have some tea in my room?”

“No……since my business here is finished, I would like to go home now.”


Al’s room. I didn’t say that I’m not interested, but my tiredness and confusion won.

And at any rate, I want to compose myself by spending some time alone and think about the 『villainess』 matter.

When I declined, Al looked disappointed.


“I see……I understand. Today was tiresome so I guess it can’t be helped. As for me, I want to know more about you. I will escort you to your carriage.”

“Eh? It’s alright. I can go there by myself.”

“I can’t let my fiancée go there by herself. Here, let’s go.”


He offered his hand. I took his hand without hesitation.

I’m too tired. There are too many bothersome things.


“……thank you very much. Well then, I shall accept your kind offer.”

“Yeah. Ah, right. Is it okay if I visit your house tomorrow afternoon? See, I’d like to discuss various things about the future……”

“Ah, yes. It’s alright.”


What he meant by 「future」 has to be the discussion about 『villainess』.

I want to know about the detailed story as well and I am sincerely thankful that we can talk about it as soon as possible, so I immediately nodded to Al’s offer.


“I will also tell my father about you, Al.”

“No, it’s fine. I will send a letter to the duke. It’s also about our engagement.”

“I understand.”


If Al is fine with that, then I will follow his lead.

As we talked, we arrived at the place where the duke’s carriage had been waiting in no time.


“Well then, see you tomorrow.”

“Yes. I will be waiting for you.”


I got into the carriage and said goodbye to him.

The door was closed. The horse-drawn carriage began to move quietly and headed home.

Alone at last, I feel spent.


“Haah……I’m tired.”


Really tired.

I thought today would be a fun day, and although it turned out to be a good day, I have to say this is the most exhausted I have ever been in my life.

It is the day when Prince Wilfred completely denied my personality and the day when I got engaged to Prince Alan.

Even though I was trying to get rid of any thoughts of marrying him, before I knew it, my engagement with him was settled.


“I wonder why this happened.”


Even though I thought Al wouldn’t want to be engaged to me who is the worst.

I don’t understand what he is trying to do.

It may be true that it would be more convenient for us to cooperate if we get engaged to each other, but it’s not like we can’t contact each other even if we are not engaged. I wonder if we couldn’t just cooperate normally.


“Well……I think Al is a very wonderful person, but……”


The engagement with him is too heavy for me who has my hands full of things about myself.

But……I realized there.


“If I became his fiancée only for the sake of convenience, I wonder if it would be better to treat Al as a friend.”


That’s it. If he became my fiancé only in order to cooperate with me, it would surely annoy Al if I act as a 『fiancée』. When I realized that, I breathed out deeply.


“That was dangerous……I almost made a blunder again.”


Because I am honest to a fault, I was about to behave like a 『fiancée』.

That’s right. Al is only there to cooperate so that I won’t become a 『villainess』.

He is only a collaborator. I should never forget it.

Al will be happy with a different woman other than me.

If I think about it like that from the start, I will not get my feelings hurt.


“Yes, yes, that’s right. Let’s think of it that way.”


I only asked him to cooperate about the 『villainess』 matter.

Thinking like that many times as though casting a spell, I nodded firmly.


“That’s it for the matter about Al…….the problem is Prince Wilfred.”


Just as I calmed down at last, then, thinking about Prince Wilfred made my heart simmer with fury.

Aah, even remembering it makes me angry.


“He kept saying whatever he likes. Certainly, what that prince said may have been true, but he didn’t have to say it so plainly like that. Even if he is a prince, I can’t forgive him. How disgusting!”


Those insults ran through my head over and over.

Somehow, I can’t help but wanting to prove myself superior to Prince Wilfred.

He didn’t insult me directly, but my pride is not low enough that I will let him say whatever he likes, back down and say 「Yes, that’s true.」

One day, I will definitely sneer at him and say 「I wonder which part of me is supposed to be a 『villainess』?」

That’s right, that way, I will be able to recover my dignity.

To do that, I have to listen to Al’s story tomorrow.


“Fufufu……you can say whatever you want about me right now. But someday, I will make you regret having made fun of me!”


I declared it loudly inside the carriage.

Just watch, Prince Wilfred.

I will cooperate with Al, do my best, and become such a perfect lady that you will be lost for words.

I will astonish you as much as possible. And at that time, my revenge will be fulfilled.

Did you think I will cry myself to sleep over this?

Having decided my future policy, I sat back on the seat of the carriage.

Yes, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

I chuckled to myself inside the carriage.


—Did you think that I would be depressed? Did you think that I will cry and complain? Please.


I’m not that weak.

By the time I arrived at the mansion, I had completely recovered.

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  1. Just like a proper villainess~ (*≧艸≦) have your revenge!
    Thank you for the chapter, dear clover ❤
    and Merry Christmas °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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  2. Ahhhhhhh. I feel like Alan totally has other motives. Poor Lily.
    Good for her though. She hasn’t dissolved into a complete mess and now I’m really interested in how she and Wilfred will interact. I feel like it will be funny. They probably hate each other hahaha.
    OOOO What if Prince Wilfred is a bro-con? Or a girl reincarnated as a boy? I feel like the second one is most likely I mean boys don’t tend to play otome games? I do and I even get frustrated by the female main character.

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  3. >“I wonder which part am I supposed to be a ‘villainess’?”

    >“Fufufu……you can say whatever you want about me right now. But someday, I will make you regret having made fun of me!”

    ^ that part

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    Poor Lily, but I can see where she’s at least a little like a villainess. Her insistence to get revenge makes her a little like a villainess. Admittedly, this would be a wholesome revenge where the revenge is improving herself. That actually only benefits everyone, so I suppose it’s good her revenge is so innocent.

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  6. That last soliloquy by Lily was priceless! It had me laughing.

    Totally a villainess thing to do, declaring revenge on the one to insult you lol. But getting revenge by becoming a better person, aiming at the perfect woman as the goal, really is ironic considering it will basically make her the opposite of a villainess, yet it’s really quite a logical decision for even a true villainess to make.


  7. I find it funny that the only “villainess” characteristic she’s shown so far is being prideful, and that’s exactly what is pushing her forward to avoid becoming “more” villain like.


  8. its either he fell in love with her in the story what his brother telling him because he thought she really loved him deeply or he has intention towards the lady. There is a chance that he wants to get engaged because his brother told him that the story will only start when they’re engaged.


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