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“How cute.”


I murmured while seeing off the carriage in which Lily was in.

When I remembered the girl who my father had acknowledged as my fiancée just a moment ago, my lips naturally turned up.

To be honest, until I saw her appearance, I thought that my engagement would not matter.

It’s not because of what my brother told me.

It’s just that I don’t have any expectation regarding my fiancée. The 『fiancée』 who was given to me as a 『prince』.

It is my duty to accept whoever is given to me. So if my father said “this”, I intended to obediently accept any woman.

But the tea party with my brother—Will was a bit prolonged, and when I went to the waiting room in a hurry while feeling sorry that I had kept a lady waiting, my mind changed.

When I looked at her sitting on the chair.

I thought that my heart would stop.


I have never seen such a cute lady, I seriously thought so.


Beautiful waist-length blond hair showered by the light was shining brilliantly.

She was 15 years old. Her skin was white, and some childishness still remained on her cheek line.

The atmosphere in her intense green eyes stirred my heart.

Her eyelashes were long. Her lips were lustrous like cherries. I thought that the bright red dress which seemed to be emphasizing her body line was flashy, but it looked good on her.

Her arms that seemed to have never been exposed to the sun were slender enough to break upon touch.

Unlike what Will said, I have no complaints……no, she’s really my favorite woman.


—I see. This is why my father said that she would be my fiancée.


I grasped my father’s intention accurately and smiled wryly. This is why my father chose her as a fiancée for me, because he was thinking of me.


—Certainly, I’m grateful for that.


I don’t want to marry but I have to, and I don’t have the freedom to choose. I can only say that I am grateful because my father prepared a partner whose looks are my favorite.


—How cute.


Against my better judgement, I was captivated by her and forgot to call her out, but she seemed to be in a similar condition.

To my surprise, she was completely unaware that I had come.

Her beautiful green eyes, which resembled emerald, were staring at the floor sharply, murmuring to herself. I noticed that tears were shining at the edge of her eyes, and I listened carefully in reflex.


“I’m not a villainess……I’m not like that.”



For a moment I didn’t understand what she was saying, but then I immediately understood.


—Oh, that’s it.


Apparently, she seemed to have eavesdropped on my brother’s and my tea party. The place she was waiting at was the room right next to where my brother and I were having a tea party. Perhaps, the door was left open. When she noticed that she approached the door……and then heard our conversation, huh.




She didn’t notice me standing in front of her.

I didn’t feel angry about her eavesdropping. That was probably our mistake and I thought that she probably didn’t intend to hear that story.


—Yes, that story.


Will had been telling me about the 『game』 repeatedly from a long time ago.

Will, who was born as my twin brother, has been somewhat airheaded since a long time ago and there is a feeling as if he isn’t in touch with reality. In fact, it can be said that he has no sense of reality, and he does not feel 「earnest」 in anything he does.

If I say it frankly, he created such an atmosphere that feels as if he treats everything as a 「play」 or 「joke」, or as if he is observing this world from a place that is always one step back.


“Because this world is the world of a game.”


Will often talked about the 『game』 when he was alone with me.

From the moment I had awareness of things around me, until now.

In this world where we are living now; the world of the game I played in my past life, we are the capture targets. A woman called Heroine will choose one person from among the capture targets and reach a happy ending. This is the world created for the Heroine.

My brother kept saying that with a serious look.

Certainly, when I heard it for the first time, it was only natural, but I doubted my brother’s sanity.


“I would like the Heroine to choose you, brother. That’s why I will talk about this to you. In my past life, I was a fan of your route. That’s why I want you to be happy with the Heroine and get on the route properly, brother.”

“……I can’t understand what you are saying.”

“That’s fine. But, just keep this in mind.”



I was called a genius from a young age, but I couldn’t keep up with my brother’s story.

I was seriously worried whether my brother was crazy or not, but no matter how I saw it, his eyes seemed sane, and he wouldn’t talk like that to people other than me. He usually lives properly as the Second Prince.

My brother goes crazy only when he’s talking about this 『game』.

After noticing that, I decided to go along with my brother’s story without saying anything aggressive. Then, my brother would be satisfied, if I deny him, my brother would be indignant. I know this because I have experienced it.

My brother’s story sounds crazy, and there are many things that I couldn’t believe.

The term 『capture targets』 is obviously one of them, and his insistence that this world is a 『game』.

Far from being half-convinced, I don’t really believe even about 10% of it.

But, I think that’s just natural.

Even if it was the story of my twin brother who can be said to be one of the people that I love, as expected I couldn’t believe him when he said that my world was 『made』 and things like that.

It was the same as before.

As usual, no, more enthusiastically than usual, Will talked about my would-be-fiancée.




A woman who doesn’t hold a fragment of kindness and does all kinds of evil.

My brother said, that woman, despite her beautiful appearance, seems to be the worst person who only takes actions that would make me want to furrow my eyebrows.

And that person is none other than my fiancée.

That woman and I would continue our engagement, but finally, I would abandon her and choose to be engaged to this 『heroine』 who my brother kept talking about. And then, happy ending.

It seems that is the happy ending that my brother wants.


—Yeah. It’s quite a miserable story.


Plainly speaking, I was not amused.

Because that woman is the fiancée arranged by my father. Even if she were the worst woman, normally I wouldn’t be able to annul my engagement without permission and move on to another woman.

Or rather, I wonder if he seriously thought that I should do it like that.

I asked that with a serious expression, but my brother was laughing and said, “Because it’s a game, it has that kind of setting.”

I couldn’t make my brother understand this matter. It was a moment when I felt that way again.

Still, indeed it would be impossible to stay here as is. It was time to face the reality, because of my brother’s counsel, I was late in meeting her. To be late at my first meeting with a lady, I’m the worst.

Then, I hurriedly headed to the room where she was waiting at and stood in front of the duke’s daughter, Liz Beltran.

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  1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ well.. Lily is not the only one who like the face of “someone” 😁 Apparently, Al is whipped by Lily’s beauty uwu
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  2. Hahaha XDD They both are quite into their potential fiance’s appearance XD Their parents chose well XDD
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