Happy New Year everyone! Here’s another Al’s POV. With this, the Prologue has ended. Next chapter we will enter the first arc.

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ED: clover, eristol

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She was the person who my brother said was a 『villainess』.

I was wondering whether or not she heard my brother call her the worst. She was probably saddened by that fact and was quite shocked that she still hadn’t noticed me.

That figure was really pitiful and I wondered whether or not she was really the 『villainess』 who my brother kept talking about.


—Such a cute and beautiful person can’t be a 『villainess』.


The 『villainess』 I heard about from my brother truly was the worst person.

In general, if she really is a 『villainess』, she wouldn’t be that cute nor would she regret it so much.

I fell in love with her at first sight, so I didn’t want to think that she—Liz Beltran was the worst person.

That was the reason I called out to her.

And I offered to cooperate with her so that she, who didn’t know what a 『villainess』 is, would not become one.

Half of my intentions were good, but the other half was just my selfishness.

Because, I didn’t want to see her becoming a 『villainess』.

She’s so cute. While keeping her cuteness as it is, I want her to marry me in the future.

It is my selfish wish, but she also said that she doesn’t want to become a 『villainess』. I thought that it doesn’t matter because both are in line with my interest.

To get her consent, I talked her into it by saying that it would be convenient for her to be with me from now on and she agreed to become my fiancée.

I looked at her reluctant appearance and I thought that it would be faster if I get an outside reinforcement, so I brought her to my father with the same momentum.

Once she becomes my official fiancée, she won’t be able to escape. I thought so.


—Well, even if she tries to escape, I have no intention of letting her go, though.


I will deepen my relationship with her and eventually make her my wife.




While I was imagining a happy future with Lily with a smile on my face, a voice called me out from behind.

Hearing the familiar voice, I turned around while still smiling.


“Hey, Will.”


As I thought, it was my brother Will who was calling out to me. Although he is my twin, my brother and I don’t resemble each other. I’m a little taller, but my brother is sturdier. My brother looked around and made a strange expression.


“What are you doing in a place like this? Huh? What about Liz Beltran? Shouldn’t you be in the middle of a formal marriage interview with her?”

“Aah, about Lily, she just got on her carriage and went back to her mansion just now.”

“She went back? I see. Then? How was it?”


My brother looked at me with an immensely curious expression.


“I won’t talk about it here. If you want to hear about it, we should go to my room.”


I don’t know who might be listening here. Hearing my words, my brother nodded and headed to my room obediently.

After we entered the room and sat on the sofa, he asked me about it immediately.


“Well? Tell me about Liz Beltran! Hey, was she dreadful? Don’t you think that she’s quite a terrible woman? So terrible, that it feels like you would go beyond disgusted and into amazement! I feel sorry for you, brother, but I don’t hate that villainess who breaks through that limit.”


His eyes were shining happily.

Since this brother of mine doesn’t have any malice, I think Lily is rather pitiful.

That’s right, my brother has no malice towards her. As he said himself, he doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Lily. However, he was only telling me the facts. In a sense, it can be said that his disposition is bad.

I shook my head gently and told my brother.


“I wonder if I can agree with your opinion. Lily was a cute lady. She didn’t seem like the villainess you told me about.”

“Hah? Are you really talking about Liz Beltran? I mean, ‘Lily’ you said……Brother, do you call her with that nickname? Today should be your first time meeting her, right?”

“Aah, I decided to make my engagement with her official. I think it’s normal to call each other with a nickname.”



My brother’s jaw dropped and he stared at me. As if he found it unbelievable, he said:


“You’re engaged already? No, it’s true that she will eventually become your fiancée……but, isn’t it too fast?”

“……in your story, Lily and I will be engaged anyway, right? If that’s the case, I think it won’t be a problem even if it’s a little early.”

“That’s true, but……eh? Surprisingly, Alan and Lily were on good terms, huh? Because mostly it was only spoken about inside the game as a childhood story. Uuh~ I don’t understand.”


My brother groaned with a complicated expression. Seeing my brother like that, I called out to him.


“Don’t mind it. Anyways. I’m engaged to Lily. And Will, I have something I want to ask you.”




I told my brother who gazed at me as if saying “What is it?”


“Your story. I want to know more about Lily in particular. If you know something about my important fiancée, I want you to tell me.”

“Have you finally become interested in seriously listening to my story!?”

“‘Seriously’ you say, I only wish to know more about Lily, though.”


If I listen to my brother’s ramblings seriously, the sun will set and I feel like I will go crazy.

I thought that I only wanted to know about the information that I want to know, but sure enough, my brother began to ramble.


“If it’s for you, Brother, I will tell you everything! I did it! If you’re interested in this, the Heroine route definitely belongs to you, Brother! Alright! I’m rooting for Alan x Heroine! Kuuuhhh!! To be able to see it with my own eyes! It’s the best!”

“……Will, please speak in a language that I can understand.”


I don’t think he was speaking the language of the same country.

But my brother, who had quite a good mood, told me various things about Lily that he knew.

Although I didn’t need to talk, I decided to cut in between his story.

There were parts where I wanted to knit my eyebrows due to their unlikeliness, but I succeeded in getting the information anyway, so regardless of whether it was true or false, I smiled at my brother.


“Thank you. With this, you have made my wish come true. Do you mind if I ask you again sometime?”


I don’t think what my brother said is true.

However, if I use his story, I will be able to deepen my relationship with Lily. That is more important than anything to me.


“Of course! You can ask me anything and anytime. Because I want to see the time when you and the Heroine are attached to each other, brother, I will not hold anything back!”

“How dependable.”


Who I want to get married to is not this 『Heroine』, whose name is not known and who supposedly would be engaged to me in the future, but Lily who was crying 「I don’t want to become a villainess」 without knowing its meaning.

But this misunderstanding is convenient for extracting information so I will leave it as is.


—I know. My character is mostly bad.


Unlike my weird and loose-lipped but basically obedient brother and Lily whose emotion is easy to read, while sighing at myself who is good at plotting in the depths of my heart, I decided to use what I can use because there is something that I want.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!
    Well, i don’t think you are that big of a schemer(if compared to women in chinese novels like the step sisters and the in law family) but if you say so…
    I think will and lily are the ones being too dumb to believe everything al said although it was pretty obvious(like for lily it was a bit obvious that he really wanted to get engaged to her because of his eagerness about this matter even though lily misinterpreted it… and as for will, if al says lily being cute, wanting to know more about her, and of he’s already calling her by a pet name, i think it’s also pretty obvious that al is not the slightest interested in the heroine as he didn’t ask anything about her and is on the contrary interested in liz)
    Hope there will be some mental growth for these two hopeless ppl…
    But well the story is cute anyway and i like it so i don’t mind it so much!
    Sorry if they are some mistakes as i reread it some parts seemed weird but well…^^’

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Can you tell me where the weird parts are? I’m still learning and I will fix it to the best I can.

      From what Al said, Will sees this world as a ‘game’ and that’s why he can’t see the possibility that maybe Al likes Lily, even when it should be obvious. For Lily, because of her mentality that thought of herself as the worst, she can’t see that Al maybe likes her as she is

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      1. Lmao don’t worry i was speaking about my comment XD
        Some parts seemed a bit wrong, and i know some ppl don’t like mistakes as it can make people’s eyes criyng blood(imagine yourself, after reading something in your mother language full of mistakes, it can be hard for the heart sometimes (just for certain people tho))
        Well, thanks for your hardwork^^


  2. “—Well, even if she tries to escape, I have no intention letting her go, though.”

    Hmmm, Al sure knows what he wants and is by no means planning to be half assed about it<33 XDDD Lily has no chance of breaking this engagement XDD

    I do hope though, that Will would stop treating his new life like a game & treating the people around him as game characters X'D

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  3. Happy New Year! Will there be a lot of switching POV during this story? I like Al’s POV – I prefer it to the naivety of Lily… thanks and here’s to a great year!!!

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    1. Yup, if he likes her, just marry her! Well, Will seems to be a girl in past life, or he is like Nozaki and gang, who played otome games even they are boys. Happy New Year everyone!

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    1. I was thinking the same thing lol. “Sorry bro, I’m getting the heroine for myself. I’ll find you some other nice girl. There’s gotta be someone around here…”

      This will perhaps be his consolation prize, when he finally realizes the Alan x Lily ship has already sailed. He will suddenly realize the heroine is up for grabs and the #1 capture target is off the market XD.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    Will is an airhead, and this prince is overbearing, but at least he understands his duty and had no intention of slighting his fiancee even if her personality had been disagreeable.

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  5. ‘—Well, even if she tries to escape, I have no intention in letting her go, though.’
    Honestly with this line made me go kyaa~ kyaa~ kyaa~
    That for a moment, it seems there is a blip of yandere in our dear Prince Alan’s heart.
    Uh oh.
    For me to like his lapse of possessiveness (and its the first meeting with Liz!) to be, err… This black belly prince wouldn’t kill any potential love rivals right? Right? Hahaha… I read way too many male yandere stories. ORZ

    Liked by 2 people

  6. LMAO. Poor Will is going to be so disappointed when he realizes what is actually going on!
    And the first prince turns out to be surprisingly manipulative. He’s even self-aware of that fact about himself lol.


  7. What would happen if you met the creator of your reality?
    This is one of my favorite aspects of this genre; fate. The cause of most misunderstandings. The distortion that ends up negatively affecting the Protagonist.
    Because Will knows, absolutely, that the reality he lives in is a [game] in another world, his ability to accept it as a [reality] that is just as functional as is original one is broken. In other words, he believes in fate.


  8. OK, two mayor differences (from the regular Otome plot) I’ve found
    Prince wasn’t as reluctant to follow the rules of the kingdom because he seems to be in good terms with both dad and bro
    I wonder if the reason is that the bro wasn’t “competing” with him and “resenting” him for being “excellent” in everything that he was more or less content with how things were.
    The prince “supposedly” shouldn’t have liked the idea of marrying someone chosen for him
    This changed because she found the girl cute…
    But… he only found her “cute” because she was distressed about something…
    One is a disposition change in the prince “Things are fine with my family so I don’t mind the rules” the other was a perception change “She’s cute because she was in distress and didn’t seem overbearing and selfish”
    On most “Otome” plots, the prince grows up being excellent, and his twin brother “hates” him, making his relationship with his family strained, and he sees first hand how the “Dukes daughter” is overbearing (she wanted to complain about being made to wait) but goes along anyway because he can’t say “no”
    When he falls for the heroine, she’s there to “heal” him from… well, everything, makes the brother relationship work, and mostly “fixes” the damage the capture targets have for being in a bad environment.
    But the Prince wasn’t in a “bad environment”.
    So he doesn’t need the heroine.
    I like this very much, it’s a twist along the lines of “Observation records of a Self-proclaimed villainess fiancé” (one of my favorites) but I like the focus on the brother being the reincarnator.


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