Chapter 99: Entrance Ceremony (part three)

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After the freshmen finished the magical judgement at the Judgement’s Room, we were moved to the dining hall for a welcome party.

While moving, I found Tricia and Marquia who are my long time pen pals and joined them.


“It’s been a long time, Erica-sama.”

“It’s an honor to be able to learn magic together with Erica-sama.”

“I’m also very happy that I’m able to enroll together with the both of you, Tricia-san, Marquia-san.”


Both of them are my long time pen pals, and to some extent, trusted friends so I’m glad that I can do this together with them.


“Erica-sama and Tricia-san also wanted to take lessons related to magical beasts, right?”

“Yes. It will be great if we can take lessons together.”

“I hope I can receive the same lessons with Erica-sama.”


Depending on the judgement result of the pattern, there are lessons that cannot be taken.

For example, it seems that if you are outstanding, you will be put into an advanced class, and if you have a low aptitude, then you will be put into an elementary class.


If possible, I want to take the same lessons with both of them, though.

I wonder how it will go.


“Because, my pattern was not a big deal compared to Erica-sama!”

“Certainly, Erica-sama’s pattern seemed to be one of the biggest. I was very impressed!”


Even though they saw that ominous pattern, they seem to have favorable reactions.

I was also secretly shocked; they are strangely more at ease than being terrified or treating me with great caution.


“You should relax, Tricia-san. We should have a common lesson or two.”


I also nodded to Marquia’s words.

They are such great friends, so I’d like to sit with them and learn together.


For the welcome party at the grand dining hall, there are five rows of long tables lined up, one for each dormitory.

From the right, it’s South Dorm, North Dorm, Central Dorm, East Dorm, and West Dorm.

Students from the second grade to sixth grade are already seated in each row.


On the table are a bunch of delicious dishes.

Roasted beef and roasted chicken are cut and put on silver dishes.

I guess the dishes with lids are soups.

Well, it feels like a luxurious dinner party.


By the time the welcome party is over, the result of the analysis of Judgement’s Room will be finished, and the timetable will finally be decided.

After that, we will receive our textbooks and return to the dormitory.


Marquia who is in the South Dorm went to the table for South Dorm.

Tricia and I went to the table for West Dorm.

I wanted to look over the dining hall, so I chose the seat with my back to the wall.


Harold who was sitting on the opposite side in the left direction was happily talking with a fellow redhead who has freckles.

As expected of Harold, he’s very quick in making friends.


While I was looking at him with a pleasant feeling, my eyes met with Harold’s.

Harold smiled nicely at me.

He was looking forward to the school very much.

I also smiled in return in lieu of congratulating him.


“Welcome to the West Dorm! Let’s reach the sacrament of alchemy!”


A senior grade student with a good appearance kept distributing the food to the dishes with a cheerful voice.

Roasted chicken with gravy sauce, warm and clear soup, hot vegetables and ham salad.

Hafan is a gastronomic country, so everything is seasoned carefully and is very delicious.


While eating and talking with Tricia and the senior students, my expectation for the school life became higher.

I wonder if it’s possible to not only avoid the death flags but also have a fun school life.

Yeah, that will be great.


“The seniors in the student council are beautiful like stars, I was captivated by them subconsciously.”

“Yes, they are very splendid.”

“The prefects also have gentlemanly and stoic atmosphere, they were like knights.”

“That’s true.”


Tricia and the other girls in West Dorm were talking about the seniors excitedly.

The student council and the prefects seem to be the subjects of longing.

I feel like I can understand it.

The student representatives are beautifully dressed, they have quite the atmosphere.


“But, I think that Klaus-sama is the best after all. He looked like a blue flame which is fierce, powerful and quietly burning.”

“That’s true, his eyes have a strong impression that makes you feel like you are going to be killed if he looks at you.”

“His Highness Auguste is also becoming more beautiful year by year, when he’s lined up side-by-side with Klaus-sama, they complement each other’s good quality.”

“Because his face is small and waist is thin, as a girl, I truly don’t want to line up next to him.”


Tricia looked a little strange as she heard my reply.

Have I said something strange again?


Oops, I guess it was a strange reaction when I should have been praising them.

Because I have a long relationship with those two, I assess them carelessly.


“Um……Erica-sama, do you not long for either Auguste-sama or Klaus-sama?”

“I think they are wonderful, but as expected, my brother is the best……”

“I understand. If you are watching Eduard-sama up close everyday, it is not unreasonable that your evaluation of the other gender has become slightly harsh.”


While acting like a brocon to dodge the question, I secretly started observing the surroundings.

Of course this is to search for the characters of 『Liber Monstrorum』.

My search during the entrance ceremony was suspended because of various people glaring at me and I couldn’t search for them calmly during the magical judgement.

Everyone is relaxing, so now is the opportunity as there is neither Klaus nor Brad.


I noticed that Chloe was sitting in the front row of the table.

She seems to be good friends with Beatrice and other scholarship students.


First of all, let’s reconfirm the original game setting about Chloe.


Chloe was a heroine without much monologue.

The one who carried the story forward was the mascot character named Holle-kun, who had the form of a golden wolf spirit.

With the setting that it was visible only to Chloe, it was a spokesperson for her who did not reveal much emotion.


Speaking of which, I wonder whether Chloe sees Holle-kun in this world.

As expected, it’s not something I can ask the person herself.


The game producers of 『Liber Monstrorum』 plainly divided the protagonist into two type.

Type 1, a plain and ordinary girl. However, she has an outrageously strong mental fortitude.

Type 2, a plain and ordinary girl……or so it first seems, but actually possessing a heap of hidden attributes and being a central character who forms the very core of their fictional work. To use other games as examples, being a character on the level of being ‘The Goddess of World Tree’1 or ‘The Princess of True Ancestor Vampires’2.

I wonder which type Chloe is.


Next, let’s reconfirm the investigation information that is outside the game knowledge.


Officially, she is from a wealthy merchant family which has the backing of the branch family line of the former northern royal family.

She has supposedly enrolled in the academy as a healer, because she has an extraordinarily exceptional healing power.

I couldn’t discover anything beyond that even through the investigation by Turm family.

However, because such a mysterious girl was chosen as a King’s Scholar, some of the school officials should have known that she is not an ordinary person.


What was she doing for seven years since the Werewolf Massacre Incident?

No matter how much we tried to investigate it any further, the closed off nature of the northern wall blocked the way.


By the way, Beatrice seems to be a girl with a complicated lineage.

She also enrolled as a scholarship student, but she descended from the nobility.

After graduating from the academy, she is obliged to be officially welcomed by a certain Earl.


The boy who is talking to them right now is a King’s Scholar from the North.

I’m quite certain that his name is Jan.

In the original game, that position should be Harold’s, but it seems that he has been replaced by another person.


“Clochydd-sensei is the type of person that I want to protect.”

“……eh? Not Actorius-sensei?”

“Yes, I mean Clochydd-sensei.”


While I was thinking about Chloe, the others were talking about our teachers unexpectedly.

Tricia was feverishly talking about Brad.


“Gaze filled with deep sorrow and a somber atmosphere. I’m sure that he shut off his mind because he has lost someone he loved. It seems to me that he severely reproves himself more than anyone else.”

“Does Clochydd-sensei have that sort of past?”

“It’s all just my delusion. But, a gentleman with such past is somehow wonderful, isn’t it?”

“I……I guess so.”


Tricia seems to feel maternal instinct for that severe Brad for some reason.

I guess people have all sorts of sense of values, huh.

Personally, I’m more curious about the unreliable Actorius-sensei.


While listening carefully to other people’s reviews of the teachers, a commotion occurred at the entrance of the dining hall.

When I look over, the students belonging to the Dynameis seem to have entered the dining hall.

They are divided into groups, and they are calling out the table of each dorm.

I guess it’s a welcome greeting or something?


Shrill voice that doesn’t lose to the one during the entrance ceremony or the judgement is rising from there.

Rather, it is also coming from Tricia who is sitting next to me.


It can’t be helped since the Dynameis consists of beautiful students regardless of gender.

Many people would like to enter their fan clubs or groupies.

However, well, such a charming life like being someone’s fan has nothing to do with me.

I’ll just enjoy admiring them from afar.


It is irrelevant to me.

Two student council members sat in the seat in front of me while I was thinking carelessly like that.

Klaus and Auguste.


Why? When did they come?

When I look closely, the girls who were sitting there some time ago are standing nearby with a maiden’s expression as if they are happy.

So it’s because of these ikemen!


“Welcome to Lindis. Lady Erica.”

“You showed a splendid pattern just now. You don’t seem to neglect your training.”


The two of them are curiously on good terms with each other.

Oh, until now I thought that it was a relationship like ‘the more you fight, the closer you get’.

Somehow I have a bad premonition.


“Oh my, I didn’t know that the two of you have become alchemists?”


When I said so with a hidden meaning, Auguste’s lips formed a smile.

This person has a beautiful smile only when he is being mischievous.


“I don’t remember becoming an alchemist, Erica, but I do have something for you. Right, Klaus?”

“What, don’t be anxious. We will return immediately as soon as we’re done here.”

“So please rest assured.”


I cannot rest assured.

Especially, Klaus who is unusually laughing pleasantly is only fueling my anxiety.

Moreover, this person’s eyes are not laughing much even when he’s really having fun.

This is scary.

What’s going to happen?


“Haah, so, what kind of business do you have?”


When I said so, Klaus and Auguste looked at me at the same time and smiled nastily.

No matter how I think about it, this is a conspiracy.

I should feign illness immediately, if I don’t run away it will be dangerous.


“Congratulations. Erica Aurelia has been nominated as a student council member by the recommendation of twelve of its current members.”

“Here is the notice. Please confirm it.”


Klaus took out a single envelope with a seal wax from his robe sleeve.

At the same time, Auguste’s escort dragon, Goldberry swept my head with a flower crown.

Tricia and the other students murmured “Well, how nice” unanimously.


I gently put down the flower crown and pushed the envelope back.


“I respectfully decline.”


To be honest, it’s absolutely impossible.

I might die during this one year, so if I think about it with common sense, I wouldn’t be able to make active efforts as a student council member.

I already have multiple tasks as it is, such as anti-vampire measures and the countermeasures for the second integral event.


“Oops, this is troubling. What should we do, Klaus?”

“We have no authority to force her to do anything, no matter what. We have to pull back quietly, Auguste.”


Apparently, Klaus seems to be pulling the break this time.

I feel relieved for a moment for the unexpected support.


“Instead, we ought to praise her courage to apply mud to the face of the twelve recommenders including us, right?”


Klaus narrowed his eyes and said so with a roguish smile.


(Oops, he suddenly cornered me…….what does he mean by twelve people?)


Unlike the original game, he has a worry-wart personality, but just as I thought of that, he made a harsh offense.

Aah, I have to reconsider the current situation.

After all, this person is a sadist even if he doesn’t hold a darkness in his heart at a young age.


I somehow calmed down my twitching cheeks and replied while smiling.


“That is a great honor. But, Klaus-sama, I……”

“Erica-ojousa~n, shouldn’t you give up?”


While I was trying to find an excuse to decline the offer, an inconsiderate voice rose.

Turning my head, there was Harold who was grinning.

With this development, Harold has turned into an enemy.

Don’t partners usually stand up for each other?


“You should just join the student council. It’s not like you can run away from this when these two have already recommended you, right?”


When Harold said such a thing, Klaus and Auguste looked at each other with a smile.

They stood up quietly and approached Harold.

Harold, who was suddenly cornered, asked his classmates for help with his eyes, but the students who were sitting at his sides also miserably gave up their seats to the two of them.


“Harold, you say some good things at times, huh~”

“Indeed, that’s correct. We won’t let you get away.”

“Hee!? W-w-what are you saying~~ both of you!”


Harold said tearfully as his shoulders were being beaten in a friendly way from his left and right.

Oh, it seems that the direction of the wind has changed.


“Congratulations, Harold Nibelheim III is appointed as the assistant to the student council by the recommendation of two of the current members.”


“Kukuku, here is the notice. Please confirm it well.”



They told Harold with a nasty smile.

Naturally, they gave him an envelope and a flower crown.

The two recommenders were definitely Klaus and Auguste.


“Ehh~~! I haven’t heard of this~~!”

“Well, since you are appointed as Erica’s assistant, you can rest assured.”

“Since you are a freshman, and moreover only an assistant, you shouldn’t be that busy.”


Harold made a 180 degree turn from his attitude some time ago and was reluctant.

Klaus and Auguste were advancing the story forward indifferently.


(Ah, but I can use this situation.)


Giving a sidelong glance towards the dismayed Harold, I came up with my own evasion plan.

I will abandon my partner with this, but since Harold did it first, it’s okay.

Sorry, Harold.


“Senpai, I have a proposal.”

“Hm~ what is it, Erica?”

“What if Harold-san becomes the real member and I become his assistant?”

“Eh, what.”


Harold is obviously dismayed by the sudden counterattack from me.

Apparently, it is the student council’s intention to secure only one regular and one assistant from the dorm.

And if those candidates are Harold and I……yup, it’s a suggestion that is a little unfair, but I can’t escape this situation without making some sacrifice.


“Actually, I will be busy this year because of various things. But I can join if it’s just my name.”

“Hou, how come you……”

“I can’t compromise any further than this. If you still say that it’s impossible, I’m terribly sorry, but I’m willing to bring shame on the student council’s reputation. The two of you will be troubled by that too, won’t you?”


Klaus and Auguste looked away and shrugged their shoulders.


“Indeed, Erica is very good at evading, huh~ It can’t be helped, that’s fine.”

“Thank you very much, Your Highness Auguste.”

“You are as cunning as ever. You will put proper effort when you become an upperclassman.”

“I will do my best next year, Klaus-sama.”


I smiled at Auguste and Klaus.


“Wait, my opinion is……”

“I look forward to working with you, Harold-san. Let’s work hard together, okay?”


“Speaking of which, it is said that there are various privileges when one is a member of the student council, isn’t that wonderful~?”



Harold reluctantly agreed while half-crying.

Even though he has been getting taller than I am, he is still moved to tears easily.

I feel sorry, so when I have time to spare, I’d better help with Harold’s tasks.


“I wonder if I should let Harold become an assistant in reading the scripture of the morning prayers.”

“Heh!? There is a role like that, Your Highness?”

“There are a mountain more responsibilities, you know. Now, shall we continue the explanations in the student council lounge……”

“Eeeehh!? Can’t we do that here~~ Klaus-sama~~!!”


Klaus and Auguste put their hands on both sides of Harold and forced him to stand up.

It’s the composition of an alien being dragged away although their heights are reversed.

And just like that, that Harold was kidnapped by Klaus and Auguste.


(Ah, by the way, I was thinking of letting Harold investigate the lost items……)


I glanced at the bag at hand.

I would have to get involved with them again if I go to the student council lounge to follow Harold.

I managed to escape with great difficulty, so I don’t want to search for troubles.

I will pass the red leather book and the emblem to the staff of the Central Dorm.

Possible reference to visual novel Rewrite. Keep the comments spoiler free, okay?

Possible reference to visual novel Tsukihime (1999 first released, so no spoiler right? It’s Arcueid, the blond, bob-haired, red-eyed lady you kill at the start of the game. She scolds you for it later.)

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