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“Welcome home, Milady.”


After finishing the really exhausting formal marriage interview, when I returned to the mansion, my butler was standing in front of the entrance.


Luke Flores.


From what he told me, he is 14 years old.

He is a little taller than me, a boy with silver hair and green eyes. His hair is long and obstructing, but it’s tied behind his head.

He always wears a black butler outfit provided by the Duke, but despite his age, the uniform suits him and he’s not inferior to the seasoned butlers.

Well, I guess he probably got used to it because he’s already been wearing it for five years.

He lost his parents in an epidemic, he has no relatives, and he was driven out of the house where he lived five years ago.

Ever since I came across him by chance when he fell in front of the mansion in the cold winter morning, he has been working here as my exclusive butler.


“I’d like to have some tea. Can you prepare me a cup of jasmine tea?”



When I ordered him, Luke lowered his head completely without maintaining eye contact.

His silver hair swayed. Luke who raised his face has grown more than when I first saw him five years ago, but he still has a very pretty face as usual.

I thought that I could pick him up because he had a pretty face. But that was it. If he were ugly, I would have left him alone.

At that time, I was told by my father that “It’s time to choose your exclusive butler.” But all the butlers at the mansion were old and their faces were not to my liking.

If I have to choose my exclusive butler, I want him to be a good-looking person. It was him who I found by chance when I thought so.


“Can you swear that you will be my butler and serve me for the rest of your life? I will not tolerate any disobedience. If you swear it, I’ll pick you up from your current situation right now.”


While laughing, I talked to him who was lying on the ground. He wore a thick coat, he looked at me who was standing over him, distorted his face, and spun the words with trembling lips.


“I swear. So……please, help me.”

“That’s fine. Then, you are mine from today onwards.”


And then, Luke became my butler.

He is my butler and my thing. If I tell him to die, he will die.

It is I who holds his life.

I think it’s just a matter of course, and Luke also accepted it.

Because, unless I was there, he would be dead without doubt. Since I saved his life, he should strive to become my favorite.

As far as I am concerned, Luke is that sort of existence.

Naturally, he’s always on my side. I cannot allow anything less than that.

Preparing and anticipating what I want, and always existing to satisfy me.

That should be the goal of those who were picked up.

And yet—

I wonder whether Luke is scared of my existence, he always examines my complexion timidly.

He is excellent, but his attitude is annoying.

He acts as though I’m completely dreadful and without tolerance for him, and that I would strike him with something every time.

And today he is also acting like that.

However, his body is trembling even though I only said that I would like to drink tea and it made me lose my patience, so I opened my mouth to scold him as usual.


“Hey, you—”



Luke drew his body back while trembling. He turned away from me and repeatedly said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”




When I saw that, I noticed some strange things.

I have never raised my hand against him. But then, why would he be like this? He behaves as if I always exercise my authority using violence.

That’s impossible. Because I am the benefactor of his life and a kind master who gave him work.

Being emotionally attached, having some respect and affection, those are the kinds of attitudes he should be having.

But, as I recalled, I felt that Luke is always like this.

Cowering and frightened of me beyond necessary.


—What does this mean?


I noticed facts that I had never even thought of before and I was shocked.

And then, I remembered the Second Prince Wilfred’s words that I just heard.


『She won’t be satisfied unless she has the best things, she is arrogant, the worst woman.』



I chewed my lip without thinking. I guess I was chewing too hard, it started bleeding.




I guess he was wondering why I was suddenly silent when the usual me would have thrown severe words at him. Luke talked to me nervously.


“Um……how are you? Are you not feeling well, or something?”



I wonder if you mean that I won’t say nothing unless I’m not feeling well.

For a moment, I considered replying in such a way, but I held back.

Right now, that is not what I should say to Luke.

I shook my head to reassure him and told Luke.


“……It’s nothing. At any rate, bring me a cup of tea. That’s it. Ah, that’s right. What about Father and Mother? I wish to greet them.”

“……Master is patrolling the territory together with Madam today. They will be back in a few hours.”

“If so, I will return to my room as is.”

“Yes. I will let you know as soon as they return.”



Luke made a face as if saying “What’s wrong with you?” I wonder if I were such a person who would always scold him rather than saying that.

While thinking that I feel sick, I didn’t say anything more and returned to my room, called a maid and changed my clothes.

After I finished clearing out the people from my room, I pondered absentmindedly while drinking the tea prepared by Luke.

Luke was clearly frightened of me.

Until now I have only thought that he was timid, but looking at his complexion, maybe his attitude was like that because I am the worst woman.


“If so……I must correct this.”


I have decided to become a perfect lady to prove myself superior to Prince Wilfred. I have to change everything that seems to be related to that goal. No matter how difficult it is.

Because I have no intention of giving up while being looked down upon by that man.


“But, what should I do……”


Although I looked enthusiastic to reform myself, I don’t have concrete measures to do it.

As for my attitude towards Luke, since I don’t know how to correct it, in the end, I can’t advance forward.


“……Tomorrow, let’s talk it over with Al.”


Let’s ask him quietly about what is wrong with me.

He told me that he wouldn’t care even if I say strange things. On the contrary, he told me he would point things out if I do strange things.

Let’s believe in Al.


“That’s right. I feel somewhat impatient, but if I’m going to change, I’d better listen to him properly.”


If I have to speak of my real intention, I’d like to say “I’m different from who I was before!” to Luke immediately.

But I know that it’s wrong, so I thought that I would ask Al tomorrow all at once.

There will be no reverse harem here. And as a reminder, the things Wilfred said about Lily were all true.

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10 thoughts on “IDWBV – 9

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of self help videos… don’t ask why because I don’t know either… but self awareness is the first step to changing. It’s nice to see her examine her attitude and behaviour (even if it’s because she doesn’t want to lose), its the first step to change. This is the perfect example to show how our perception is not necessarily the reality of things, and that we need be self aware
    Prince Will though… if he continues to act the way he does (drowning in his desire for his OTP to end up together and ignoring his reality), he probably won’t be okay when the future moves in a different direction. It worries me that he doesn’t seem to take things seriously, I wonder if he realizes he is going to have to live his entire life in this new world

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Harems are usually no good in shoujo since the heroine usually chooses one guy at the end, leaving the rest alone & broken hearted (Or she chooses no one) XDD Liz only needs her manipulative and scheming fiance Prince Al…not like she could ever escape X’DD *cough*

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  3. Lol I got a bad feeling when she said she’s going to depend on Al to point things out –;;;
    He’s freaking head over heels for her.. so everything she does is gonna be cute for him haha -,-
    p.s. Thank goodness! No reverse harem!

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  4. For a second, I thought oh, another capture target! And then I thought, oh, she’s actually quite a nice person!

    Then I heard her motivations and nearly fell over, and then she nearly scolded her butler for looking scared and suddenly I’m reminded that she was a villainess for a reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Then again, she did pick him up (regardless of her reasons for that) and it’s explicitly stated that scolding is as bad as it ever got. Also, on this occasion, she literally just asked for tea. Him being so scared of her is completely unaranted and – as such – understandably annoying.

      I won’t go as far as saying that MC has a great personality but calling her a villainess material is pretty far-fetched. She certainly seems to have a better personality than her fiance at the very least.


      1. I dunno man. Emotional abuse is a very real thing you shouldn’t make light of. It might be “annoying” to you but that’s a real issue people deal with. If scolding is as far as things went, the fact he is still terrified of her despite literally saving his life says a lot about her before her becoming more aware.


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