IDWBV – 16

Aw, Luke. Also, starting the next chapter we will enter the next arc: Siblings.

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Five years have passed since Milady picked me up.


I was finally able to do the tasks of a butler which was hard to remember at the beginning with ease, and there was no trouble with the other servants.

Life in the mansion is as heavenly as I thought before.

I was given clothing, shelter, and wages. I couldn’t believe it when I first got my salary.

What a wonderful place.

I thought that it was really good that Milady picked me up.


—But, that feeling will soon be broken.


“I’m not in the mood for this today! Why can’t you figure this out? Are you still my exclusive butler?”

“……my apologies.”

“Truly, this is because of your stupidity! Aah, it’s fine, so bring me the other one. Hurry up. Do not make me wait.”

“Right away.”


To Milady’s order, I lowered my head deeply and turned my heels. Apparently, it seems that she didn’t like the morning tea.

Milady was angry because I couldn’t make her favorite tea, but as expected, I think that it’s difficult even if I was told that I should be aware of her mood of the day.




I finished my work and returned to the given private room.

My feelings were severely exhausted.


“It’s tough……”


As the senior servant said, Milady doesn’t like to raise her hands. However, every single thing she did and said was harsh, and she said disheartening things to me without batting an eyelid.

I would have endured it if it was only once or twice, but in her case, the frequency was too high.

When she was being unreasonable, she did it many times a day.

She was unmindful of the emotional pain she caused on my heart.

What will be said next? Will she say heartless things again?

Every time I come in front of her, I always think that sort of things.

She is my life-saver. I wasn’t lying when I said I will serve her with all my heart. However, because this kind of life lasts for five years, my feelings also get exhausted.

Milady’s selfishness which at first I thought it couldn’t be helped, also becoming more and more severe as time passed, and even now when I knew that there was an order I wanted to grimace.


—I wish there is someone who would admonish Milady.


That sort of expectation was crushed quickly. The Duke and Duchess who are Milady’s parents are those who accept Milady’s selfishness, say that it couldn’t be helped, and spoil her. Milady’s two older brothers are occupied with their own things and had never bother to stop their sister’s actions.

Milady’s words and deeds became more and more severe.

It is me who is her exclusive butler who suffers the damage.


—Aah, I can’t take it anymore.


When I think that this kind of life will continue as is, it really feels like my heart will be broken.


—I don’t want to hate Milady.


I’m still standing at the limit, but it will be dangerous if I continue this further.

I knew myself.

Milady is my goddess.

She is my only goddess who found and helped me who was abandoned by everyone and was dying. That’s who she is to me.

Even though I don’t want to hate my goddess.

My life is barely holding on as if walking on a tightrope.

Although I tried my best, although I tried to hold my ground, I feel like giving up soon.

I began to think like that.


And then, on that day.


I didn’t know what happened.

I think that Milady suddenly called for me.


“Luke. I’m sorry for my actions until now. I am in the wrong for treating you harshly.”


She started talking by saying something like that.




I wonder what happened. Did Milady eat something bad?

Suspicious, I stared at Milady. She ignored me and kept talking.


“I’m very remorseful that I have been hurting your feelings until now. I swear I will not do it anymore from now on. But, I think that you are also in the wrong. Because you were cowering too much, it made me lose my patience……ah.”


Ah, I feel like I could hear Milady’s true feelings.

Apparently, someone told Milady to apologize to me. I guess she was able to fulfill it……ultimately, I think Milady doesn’t think that she was at fault.

Somehow……it seems like that.

But, who gave the advice to Milady?

Milady is someone whose pride is higher than the mountain. I think that she will not change her behavior unless someone respectable told her off.

While wondering, I said.


“……What’s wrong, Milady? Suddenly apologizing. Did you eat something strange?”

“That’s not it! Why are you showing that kind of reaction! Normally, you would be emotionally moved and say 「No, Liz-sama did nothing bad. I am the one in the wrong. Nevertheless, I am disqualified as your attendant, I should be more mindful about my master」, right!”


I see, she expected me to say so, huh. My bad. ……should I do that?

While tilting my head, I said.


“……should I say so? If that’s the case, then you should say it from the start……”

“Didn’t I say that wasn’t it!?”


Apparently, that was not the case.


“I! I regretted my attitude so far! You see, you are always cowering in front of me. Even yesterday you were like that! You, do you think that I will hit you? Because you displayed such attitude, I have to ponder about it a lot and reflect on it!”

“Eh? Reflecting? You? Moreover, now after all this time? I mean……”


Damn it. My true feelings came out. Milady instantly retorted.


“Aah, that’s not it!”

“M-my apologies. Milady. I will accept any scolding……”


I hurriedly lowered my head. I thought that I shouldn’t say that to my master whom I gave my loyalty to.

Even though recently I was careful not to say unnecessary things, I just made a blunder.

Then, when I was afraid about what she would say today, Milady only sighed and said.


“I will not scold you just because of……such a trivial matter. ……What did I say a little while ago? I will change my attitude from now on. You don’t need to hold yourself back from me, and you don’t need to mind the things you say to me. I will not give you punishment.”

“Eh……are you serious? This is not a bad joke?”



Milady said grumpily.


“I have a change of heart. This me who has a change of heart will not yell at you unreasonably. I won’t behave irrationally.”


…..Is she serious? Is it okay to believe her?

I stared fixedly at Milady. If that was a lie, I’m sure it will be the impetus for me to hate Milady. This is important, I thought.

So I asked carefully.




“You said that you won’t mind even if I say honestly what I thought?”

“That’s right.”


I’m confident that I have become considerably skilfull in the last five years that I could see through her lie. From what I see, it doesn’t seem that Milady was lying.

However, I’m too worn out to obediently trust her. That’s why, against my better judgement, I told her.


“Who are you? Are you a fake wrapped in Milady’s skin?”


If it were the usual Milady, those words would have caused me to be punished without a doubt.

But, Milady didn’t really do anything. At last, it dawned on me.

Apparently, Milady seems to be trying to change her attitude seriously. I thought suspiciously about how long this will last, but when I knew that it was thanks to the First Prince who became her fiancé, I was convinced.

Certainly, if someone in the position of a 『prince』 gave her advice, Milady would listen obediently.

Thank you. It was truly appreciated.

I recalled the figure of the prince whom I saw when I made tea.

Prince Alan. The Duke said that he is the perfect person to become Milady’s marriage partner.

He certainly was the owner of the figure that Milady seems to like. And his personality also seemed to be wonderful.

In only one day, he changed Milady to this extent. That was something that no one could ever do before.

I sincerely think that I want the prince to marry Milady as is.

If she is with him, she would surely be able to proceed in a good direction.


“That’s good……”


I muttered in a soft voice.

Just barely, and it was really just barely, the goddess inside me can be protected.

The goddess remains as the goddess inside me even now.


Someone who helped me.

My master whom I devote my loyalty, respect, and affection to.


I’m really glad that I hadn’t disliked her.

Her, my goddess. Truly, I’m glad.


If she changes like that, I will be able to follow along silently as well. From now on, and forever.

As long as I’m alive.


That’s because I think it’s the only way I can repay Milady who helped me on that day.

Once more, I swore the same oath like the one on that day.


It will never be shaken this time.

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15 thoughts on “IDWBV – 16

      1. In the non-existent game, it would probably have been a scene of after a severe scolding, the heroine gives some sort of care or encouragement to Luke, winning him over… so glad that “disaster” was avoided 😆

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  1. Gosh, she was just on time :’) Good for her and good for Luke. It’s kind of nice that he tried his very best to not hate her…for the last 5 years he endured it :’D But goddess huh…not saviour or benefactor….but goddess… The amount of gratefulness he felt must have been incredibly big ;w;

    Thanks for the translation! I really enjoy reading this story 🙂 I love your taste in novels 😀

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  2. I don’t like this guy and his ego. He hated the protagonist because something that does not sound like a verbal abuse. A scum of the society. She should abandon these capture targets (the prince basically forced her into engagement).


    1. Calling him stupid is a verbal abuse. Expecting him to make her tea based on her mood is unreasonable. And shouting is not a good way of communicating your intention. This has been going on for 5 years. And Luke hadn’t hate her, he said it himself.

      While Al quickened their engagement by force, they would eventually get engaged. And if she abandoned these capture targets as you said, let’s face it, she wouldn’t be able to change herself. It’s already established that she is a prideful person and won’t listen to the other party if they are less than her. And there are not that many people equal or higher than her status.

      It’s good that you are sympathizing with Lily, but the whole point of this novel is Lily’s reformation and running away (abandoning the capture targets as you said) does not equal to changing.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’m glad that Luke’s image of her could still be saved. It’s good that he doesn’t hate her yet. I’m amazed though. Five years of that unreasonableness and I’d be very done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sorry to say this but Luke’s behavior in regards to Lilyand vice versa just rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps it’s because I know someone who just puts up with other people’s abuse for reasons like comradmanship or responsibility, but all the while I’m the person that has to hear about all the terrible things they’ve done and said to them. I also know many people who think their way is the correct way without considering the repercussions. Lily’s ‘problem’ stems from the fact that no one disiplines her. She’s still mentally a child whose always gotten her way and behaves like a toddler who doesn’t like being told no. A butler is a servant yes, and he’s meant to assist his master, but he’s compaining as if he’s tried to correct her behavior when he’s allowed it just as much as the last person. If you cannot discipline her find someone who can (her family) and express to them those concerns. If her parents loved her they’d listen in order to help (but considering excessive spoiling is a form of neglect who knows). All I know is that no is ever completely at fault in these otome games. The villians are usually neglected or never restrained when it’s important to do so. the heros sit back and let everything rot before they actually step in and help anyone (and it’s never the villian. I’ve never seen an otome game where the villian wasn’t treated like a bad guy from the get go from the heros POV. It’s like a self-fullfilling prophecy).


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