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It has been a while since I apologized to Luke.

Since then, my relationship with Luke has changed a little bit. Previously, no matter what I say, he would say “yes” and did not say anything else, but now he’s starting to say all sorts of things.

In the morning, he would lament about the slovenly appearance of the delicate me as he stripped the linen forcibly.

In the beginning, I was also confused by his change, but I got used to it immediately. Somehow, I noticed that it’s more comfortable like this.

Luke’s atmosphere has become much softer than before and his attitude toward me has become rougher, but I feel that he serves me much more cordially than before.

Previously, the morning tea was never to my liking, but recently that also hasn’t occurred anymore.

Even this morning, when I thought ‘I feel like drinking milk tea,’ he prepared milk tea even without me saying anything, and there were many other things that he was much more aware of than before.

Since that was the case, there was no need for me to get angry.

Although I am paying attention not to use harsh words so that Luke doesn’t find me disagreeable, I haven’t faced such situation since then. It’s wonderful.


“As expected of Al. There is no mistake in what he says.”


It can be said that my relationship with Luke improved thanks to him. I am deeply grateful to Al.

Nevertheless, I can hardly meet the busy Al.

If it were the previous me, I might have complained about it, but the current me can understand it as something natural.

Because he is the First Prince. He won’t have free time.

I also thought this way because my relationship with Luke has improved, it seems that a little bit of flexibility has emerged in my mind.

But, if possible, I would like to tell him about Luke and various other things as soon as possible. Because it was thanks to Al that all of those things could happen. Reporting it should be okay, right?

Thinking so, I consulted with Luke.

I also never did something like this before. But if it is the current Luke who seems to have let his guard down, I feel like I could ask various things without getting carried away.


“I want to thank Al. But it’s rude to visit the royal palace while he’s busy. I wonder what should I do.”

“If so, you should write a letter.”


Indeed, I agree with Luke’s advice. Certainly, a letter can be read when he has time. It won’t become a hindrance.


“That’s right, I will do so.”


Normally, it is rude to write a letter directly to the prince, but right now I am his official fiancée. I am permitted to send a letter to him.

I wrote a letter immediately and sent it to the royal palace. Later, when I received a reply from Al, I opened it all at once.


“‘I did not expect you to send me a letter. Thank you.

You have worked hard on the matter of your butler. In truth, I’d like to praise you directly, but right now my work is piling up and I’ve got my hands full with it.

Sorry. I think I will have spare time in about a week, so I would be happy if you let me hear the story again at that time.

Even though I saw you a while ago, I miss you already.

I will do my best to meet you soon.



“……does Al want to kill me?”



After reading the letter, to me who said that seriously, Luke who was preparing the tea next to me stared at me with furrowed eyebrows.

I showed him the problematic sentence.


“See! Here! He said ‘I miss you already’! Why do you think Al said that to me?”

“……Well. If one thinks about it normally, I think that it’s lip service for the fiancée whom he cannot easily meet.”

“……right. That’s true.”


Hearing Luke’s precise point of view, the tension that had been rising to the limit dropped to the ground.

Indeed, it is as Luke said. Those are not words of love to me, but follow-up words to his fiancée. It’s stupid of me to have weird expectations.


—That’s why, I shouldn’t have any expectations.


Even though I think that I am not suitable for Al, I am the lowest for even considered such a thing.

Anyone would have expectations if one was given words as if one was such a lovely person who was being courted. At least, I did.

Hanging my head, I put the letter away. It was written in the letter that he couldn’t come here for a while. It can’t be helped and I don’t blame him, but then I wonder what I should do until he comes.

I won’t become a 『villainess』.

Al’s advice is indispensable in order to push towards this goal.



“Milady. Please stop letting out a strange groan.”


Luke criticized me for my attitude as I was thinking about it. Then, I pouted as I retorted.


“What do you mean strange groan? However, it is vexing for you to say that sort of thing just because I was thinking.”

“I thought that a noble lady would not let out a groan such as 「muuuu」, but it seems that was my misunderstanding. My apologies. I will let you do that from now on. If Milady does the same thing in front of His Highness Alan, I won’t stop you.”

“Wait! Please wait!”


I don’t want Al to listen to strange groans and things like that.

Even if I don’t think we will get married, I’m longing for him, and I’m certain that he thought of me as a cute fiancée. If he thought his partner is a weirdo, that will be extremely shameful. I won’t be able to live.

As I was imagining it, Luke told me who was trembling with horror.


“Well then, let’s make efforts so that no strange habit is acquired from within.”

“……yes, you’re right.”


It seems my butler has a wicked tongue these days, is it just my imagination?

However, he’s right. Let’s be careful on a daily basis so as not to do it in front of Al.


“Milady, it’s almost time for dinner.”

“Oh my, it’s that time already?”


As I was sighing, Luke who checked the time said so. Time goes by fast, huh. I was so absorbed in Al’s letter and before I knew it it’s already dinner time.


“I will go to the dining hall.”

“Yes, I will accompany you there.”


Accompanied by Luke, I went outside. Walking along the corridor, descending the stairs, and my destination is on the other side of the door which is through the long gallery.

When I entered the dining hall, my family has already gathered.

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  1. Ahhh I love Luke and Lily new relationship.
    I’m excited to meet her family now. Since they all spoil her I wonder how they’ll react to her attempting to better herself.
    Thank you for the translation!

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  2. Why is it that scene of Luke crushing Liz’s expectation strangely resembles how Tir twisted Erica’s perception of the ‘letter of challenge’?
    Anyway, seems like she is starting to do pretty well, huh. Although Luke did a 180° backflip from his previous personality XD

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    1. It’s not Luke/Tir’s fault that our female protagonists feel they aren’t lovable and warp the letters’ intent all on their own… at least they make for interesting and loyal sidekicks 😆

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