IDWBV – 18

Hmm, actually, there were few hints about Lily’s family in the first and second arcs. But well, enjoy this chapter!

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“Sorry I’m late.”


When I apologized, my father turned his eyes to me.


“I heard that a letter has arrived from His Highness. Are you late because you were reading the letter?”


“I see. It can’t be helped. Be careful next time. Now then, sit down.”



I sat down on my seat with barely elegant speed. After everyone gathered, the meal starts.

My father was talking with my mother.


“I didn’t know what to do when His Majesty told me that he wants Lily to become His Highness’ Princess Consort, but I’m glad that it seems to be going quite well.”

“She is our daughter. Of course, it would go well.”

“Aa, that’s right.”


Father and mother began to talk happily. Father used to serve as the minister in the castle in the past, but now he has retired and works for territorial management. His marriage with mother was a perfect political marriage, but their relationship is good……or rather, they are lovey-dovey with each other. They seemed to fall in love at first sight with each other’s looks, and they still seem to be happy now.

They fell in love at first sight with each other, huh. My parents have quite refined physical appearances. Their children, my brothers and I, are the same and we are more famous as a beautiful family rather than as a Ducal House.

Among us, I am the only girl and my parents dote on me very much. They let me do whatever I want to do, and even about my current engagement, if I say that I dislike it, my father would move immediately. I am completely being treated like a princess.

Until now I thought it was natural, but although I’m grateful for their support, I know that it won’t be good if this continues as is.

Because Prince Wilfred also said this: 「The villainess Liz Beltran is spoiled by her parents.」

As I am aware of this now, it’s impossible to confidently talk back at him.


If it were the previous me I would have said, “What’s so bad with being loved? Isn’t that just the warped view of those who are not loved?” but now I can only say something like, “Kuh, I’m sorry for being selfish and doing whatever I wanted. I will be better from now on, so please try to shut up!”

It sounds like a loser’s bark so it cannot be said.

Anyway, as I am currently thinking of doing the opposite of what he said, I want to be independent. In other words, independence from my parents. I have to set this as my goal.


—Alright, I will do my best.


While I was secretly strengthening my resolve, my father said “Oh, right” as if he recalled something.


“Lily, recently, why haven’t you made a new dress? What’s wrong? Perhaps, you don’t like the current designer? If so, you can call any designer you like. It is also enjoyable for us when you wear beautiful clothes.”


My father seems to be worried when I, who was always so flashy, suddenly became quiet. Certainly, as my father said, since the day Al came to the mansion, I haven’t made a new dress and I have not bought any jewels.

The other day, I checked my private costume room which is next to my room, but once the mountain of dresses appeared, it gave me a headache. The same was true for my jewellery.

There is an awareness that it is my duty as a noble lady to dress beautifully, but as expected having that many dresses is an overkill. Thinking that far, when I realized myself that I thought it was overkill, I was surprised. Did my thoughts change a bit because of my conversation with Al?

If so, I would like to cherish it. Perhaps, it’s because I think that it is a feeling indispensable for the current me.


“If I go to the evening party hosted by the royal family, I think I will put on a brand new dress, but I thought that it’s not necessary to create a new dress for something at the level of the usual tea party. Besides, I thought it isn’t good to spend money more than necessary.”


When I told them my current feelings honestly, both my father and mother who was listening to our conversation made a surprised expression.

My father stared at me.


“Lily? What’s wrong with you? You’re not usually like this. ‘It is natural for me as a lady to spend money on dresses, and it is natural for me to stay sharp about it no matter the occasion’, don’t you always say that? ……did you eat something bad?”

“……I didn’t eat anything bad.”


This feels like the time with Luke, but why would everyone say the same thing?

When I pouted, Luke who is serving me was suppressing his voice as he laughed.



“As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t say that I won’t make new dresses. However, I just thought that it isn’t necessary to make anything new. That’s too extravagant. Um……Father’s money which was used to give me dresses, was originated from the people’s tax money, right? You shouldn’t think about it too much, I just started to think that I shouldn’t spend it like hot water.”


Listening to my opinion, my father, my mother, and somehow my brothers too, were staring at me.

As if representing everyone, my father said.


“You……seriously, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

“You……are you the real Lily?”


My mother also asked me seriously without any courtesy. Nevertheless, even though my mood was turning bad, I nodded.


“I am not sick and I am undoubtedly the real thing. What. Did I say something wrong?”

“No……you didn’t say anything wrong……and usually that was something I should praise you for. But……well?”


My father turned his eyes towards mother as if seeking consent. My mother nodded her head.


“I just can’t believe it was you who said it. Lily? We don’t particularly mind it if you are as you are now, you know? You don’t need to force yourself, you ought to live as you like. Because you are not the one managing the territory, you don’t have to worry about money.”

“That’s right. Besides, you will be the next Crown Princess. In that case, you will be able to be more extravagant. From now on you don’t have to think about saving money. Your role is to dress prettily and become a pleasure to everyone’s eyes, right? Don’t you always say that?”


What my parents said is right, and I have no dissatisfaction with our livelihood, but then at this rate, I will become a 『villainess』.

The 『villainess』 that Prince Wilfred had said. And then, I will be abandoned by everyone.

And this is the most important thing, but if I become a 『villainess』, I won’t be able to say “Serves you right” to Prince Wilfred.

I will not allow my pride to remain torn by Prince Wilfred who has ridiculed me.

I will definitely become a perfect lady and make him crawl over the ground.

Because I have decided so, I couldn’t obediently say “yes” to my parents’ words.

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  1. Lol, ultimate goal: Make Wilfred crawl on the floor XD Hahaha XDD

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  2. Lol her parents are kinda funny. Theu’re like, “since we can’t give you any responsibilities in the form of a territory to govern, why dont you just spend all this money. That should make you feel better. Yep.”
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