IDWBV – 20

And this is why this arc is called ‘Siblings’, folks!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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“……right. My apologies. It was my mistake to ask you to act spontaneously according to the situation. I will reflect on it.”

“Hey, that, you’re obviously making fun of me.”

“No way. There’s no way I would make fun of my master whom I serve.”


Luke said with a brilliant smile, but that was such a terrible lie.


“Well, it’s fine.”


Haah, I sighed.

However, I’m beaten. Even if I implement Luke’s plan, even if I am able to start a conversation with my eldest brother after great difficulty, with the current state, the conversation itself won’t hold.

Reconciliation……it’s strange, and I would like to think that he doesn’t hate me for a bit longer, but I feel like our relationship will not change for a lifetime if this continues as is.

In other words, I’m on my way to becoming the 『villainess』 precipitately. I don’t want that.

When I was thinking about what to do, I heard a voice from overhead.


“You, why did you talk with Nii-san? How courageous.”



I wonder when did he get over here. The one who is looking down at me is my other older brother.


Yugo Beltran.


He is three years older than me. Like me and our elder brother, he is a beautiful man with blonde hair and green eyes.

He has waist-long hair, but it looks good on my beautiful older brother. Unlike Victor-niisama, he didn’t enter the government service in the castle and often has a tea party at the mansion instead.

This beautiful older brother of mine loves beautiful things.

Only those who were acknowledged as beautiful by him are placed on his side. And only those who my brother deems as beautiful get invited to his tea party. My brother who is surrounded by such people and is always smiling has one glaring flaw.


He shut his eyes to things other than those he deemed beautiful.


I also have an awareness that I mainly love beautiful things, but my brother takes it to another level.

He is very thorough about it; he only wants to be surrounded by beautiful things.

He said that 「the world is beautiful」, but that was only within my brother’s completed world.

Such second older brother of mine cherishes me as his younger sister.

Of course, that is because I have a beauty that exceeds his standards. This beautiful and thoroughly elegant older brother of mine spoils me, along with my father and mother.


“Really, what’s wrong? Even when we were having a meal just now you said strange things, do you have a fever?”

“Nii-sama is also saying that, huh……”


Certainly, I never talk to Victor-niisama, so it can’t be helped that Yugo-niisama thinks so, but because everyone kept saying things like that, it made me frown as well.


“But, I just thought that I would like to talk with Victor-niisama sometimes……I failed, though.”

“Well. You started a conversation with him, but you have nothing to talk about, right? For that older brother of ours, that was a bad move.”

“As expected……that’s how it is, huh.”


Yugo-niisama pointed out the same thing as Luke. After all, I should have made up some purpose.

To me who made a sullen face, Yugo-niisama smiled bitterly.


“Well, you’re amazing for even speaking to that older brother of ours. I haven’t spoken with him properly for the past few years. Sometimes I tried to, but he would only ignore me.”

“Aah……Yugo-niisama also experienced the same thing as me, huh.”


Victor-niisama exchanges the minimum necessary words with Father and Mother, but for me and Yugo-niisama, he takes an attitude as if saying he doesn’t want us in his sight.

If he takes that sort of attitude, it is natural that we want to mend our relationship by all means, but Victor-niisama doesn’t want to have anything to do with me and Yugo-niisama since a long time ago.


“So because there was an opportunity somehow, you called out to him when you passed each other. Well, I was really surprised.”

“I have various circumstances……”


Because I don’t want to become a 『villainess』.

With deep lament, my brother said.


“Hey, Lily. There is no need to do the impossible. That older brother of ours is always like that and he doesn’t even think about interacting with us.”


“If you keep at it, the one who will get hurt is Lily. I don’t want to see my cute little sister gets hurt.”

“Thank you, Yugo-niisama.”


I said thank you to my brother who seriously worried about me. But, I can’t stop just because he said he doesn’t want me to get hurt.

If I stop, I will definitely become a 『villainess』.


—Anyway, let’s talk to Victor-niisama whenever I see him.


There’s no use if we don’t have any conversation at all.


After that, whenever I see Victor-niisama, I mustered my courage and went to talk to him, but his attitude never changed, and the days where he found my face detestable continue as is.

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15 thoughts on “IDWBV – 20

  1. Poor you.. I have similar experience too.. I don’t know how to interact with my own big brother too..
    But he not disgusted with other just different kind of mindset and too sensitive with others… And I’m easy kinda repel..
    Before I thought to mend our relationship and took university that close to the city my brother lives..
    But after all this time I kinda gave up.. So now our relationship neither cold and hot.. Live together but seldom see each other relationship..

    Sorry for the rant and rambling

    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I totally understand your situation, I’m the same with my brother. We are six years apart, so i guess it made it difficult for we to communicate when we were young so even if our tastes are alike we don’t really talk much, even if we live at the same house. I kinda tried getting close to him by talking about our shared interests but it just looks like our personalities don’t really match. But you know at the end even if we don’t talk much we are family and I’m pretty sure that I can count on him if I ever really need him. I’m sure you and your brother are the same so cheer up, not every sibling has to have a close an ideal relationship, sometimes just knowing they are there is enough.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, look at you people talking about your private in internet. How brave

        Honestly though as an older brother i do hate my younger sister


  2. Hopefully she’ll get to be in a good relationship with her brother soon!

    Thanks so much for the translation looking forward to the next chapter ❤️

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  3. I don’t really think Lily has to force herself. Some people just aren’t a match in their tastes or personality. Her eldest brother will come around to respecting her if she continues to improve her behavior. But that doesn’t mean they have to be best friends either.
    Lily isn’t exactly unloved either. She has a pretty good relationship to the rest of the family, her butler and also has the love of the prince. She’s already got enough of a support structure in her life.


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