IDWBV – 21

Al is here! And more explanations about Victor’s attitude. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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“Lily, I came to visit.”


Finally his work circumstances settled, Al turned up, and it has been around two weeks since I began to talk to my eldest brother.

The location is the reception room we used last time. I asked my father to lend it because Al came.

I felt the deadlock in my relationship with my eldest brother, I had been hoping for Al to visit and greeted him with delight.

If it is Al, he surely will be able to come up with some plan for me.

Although I regularly consult him through letters, it’s completely different from meeting and speaking directly. I was looking forward to seeing and speaking with him after a long absence.

Today, Al looks a little more casual than usual. I’m pleased to see him looking like he came to play, and not looking like this was a formal visit.

Speaking of which, I’m wearing a cute and gentle dress with a ribbon on my neck. The one who chose it was the maid whom I asked for help last time. She refused at first, but when I told her that “Rather than my taste, it seems that the one you chose meets Al’s taste” she seemed convinced and arranged my dress. I also had my make-up done softer than usual.

Neither of these is my taste, but again, as soon as Al sees me, he praised my dress and me without reserve.

Even while being praised, 「I see, it seems my taste is not good after all. I will have to thank the maid who picked this dress once again later」 I was thinking about such things.

And with this, I firmly decided that I would like to study how to dress that is not 『villainess』-ish.

We sat on the sofa while chatting and drinking the tea that Luke had brewed. Like that, after composing myself, I began to talk.

I couldn’t give a detailed explanation in my letters, so I talked about the details in order, including the stories I had written to him. Al listened to me seriously.


“—and that’s what happened……”


After finishing my explanation, Al looked at my eyes and smiled gently.


“I see. Lily, you were doing your best, huh.”

“U-um……it didn’t work out, but I worked hard.”


Perhaps the right answer here should be 「No, not at all」 but I didn’t say that.

There is an indication that Luke is smiling behind me.

But, it couldn’t be helped, you know? I really did try hard.

One needs to have a considerable mental fortitude to talk to my eldest brother and survives his absolute zero-degree gaze.

I kept trying so hard that I couldn’t say 「I didn’t try my best」.

This is a completely different problem from being prideful.

While feigning indifference as I pouted, Luke burst into laughter and Al also let out a chuckle.


“Yeah, that’s true. I think you did a good job. Great, in fact. The one behind you also seems to think so.”

“……Luke is just laughing because he finds it amusing. Recently, he always has that sort of impression, so as you’d expect I have gotten used to it.”


There’s no point in scolding him over such a minor matter every time. When I just sighed but let him be, Al smiled softly.


“It seems you have a good master-servant relationship, huh. People who see both of you now probably wouldn’t believe that you were unfriendly with each other until a while ago. I am convinced since you directly consulted me, but if I had no prior information, I definitely wouldn’t believe it.”

“Is that so?”


I feel like I was able to reconcile with Luke because both of us told each other our true feelings, but I didn’t know how outsiders would see us. So, I’m happy Al could tell that we’re getting along with each other.


“Yeah. The air flowing between both of you is very gentle. Luke, was it? Please take care of my fiancée well from now on. She is a bit strong-willed, but she is a very cute person to me.”


The other day, I told Luke the matter about the 『villainess』.

I asked Al for advice through a letter and received a reply that it’s not a bad thing to trust someone familiar with my situation. At first, Luke was seriously worried that my head might have gone crazy, but since I told him that I want to become a perfect lady and that I will try my best to reach my goal, he made a complete change and said while smiling that he would cooperate.

He seemed to think that the story about the 『villainess』 was just our delusion.

“Yeah, yeah, I understand. It’s that kind of 「setting」, right? It is a good thing for Milady to have a change of heart and try to become a wonderful lady so I will cooperate with you……but please don’t say this kind of thing to outsiders,” he advised me with a serious expression.

I knew that. Because I also don’t believe it one-hundred percent.

However, there are things that cannot be dismissed, that’s why I’m doing my best like this.

While I was recalling the first time I confided to Luke, he is lowering his head carefully towards Al.


“Thank you very much for making efforts for the sake of Milady and me. Milady is my benefactor, so I plan to serve her with all my heart.”

“Right. The current you are fine. No matter what happens, you will not betray her. I think Lily made a good decision.”


When Al nodded, he returned his gaze back at me.


“But, Lily. I read it in your letter, it was good that you noticed the matter about Victor. I heard this from Will, but he also seems to be a 『capture target』, so I think that being disliked by him is not a good idea. Your hard work is not futile.”

“Ah, my eldest brother is a 『capture target』, huh……”


This is the first time I heard that. But, I certainly heard that there are many 『capture targets』 around the 『villainess』. And that most 『villainess』 are hated by these 『capture targets』.

Hated……yup. That sounds familiar.

I hung my head and nodded.


“……t-that’s right. My eldest brother……it’s unfortunate, but he hates me.”


When the 『villainess』 is being judged, severe words will be thrown by those 『capture targets』 as they forsake her, but when I imagine that my eldest brother is going to enter the fray, just thinking about it deals terrible damage to my spirit.

Particularly, that eldest brother of mine has an absolute zero-degree gaze as if he despises the other person when he looks at them. If that sort of gaze points toward me as he forsakes me……I shuddered.


“I, I definitely must do something about this……but, I don’t know what I should do anymore.”


As I muttered while trembling, Al said.


“That, you told me that he hates you, but did you have no idea about this before?”

“Even if you asked me that, this has been going on since quite a while ago. Besides me, Yugo-niisama is hated as much. Even if we talk to him, the conversation itself won’t hold. Nevertheless, well, he talks to our parents. But, recently, I have come to think that perhaps my eldest brother is that sort of person.”


If he takes up the same attitude not only towards us but also towards the people in the castle, it can only be thought of as my eldest brother’s character. Of course, I don’t know how my eldest brother interacts with everyone in the castle.

But Al denied it with a complicated expression.


“He’s not like that. Victor entered the government service at the castle and I have a professional relationship with him, but he has never taken up such attitude. He certainly doesn’t talk much, but his work is precise and I even thought that he is a man of character who is strict to himself.”

“M-man of character? Are you talking about Victor-niisama?”


I widened my eyes as I listened to his impossible words.

Just how is that coldhearted Nii-sama who is like ice a man of character, if it weren’t Al who said that, I would have shouted “Don’t lie!”


“Um……just to make sure that I didn’t hear you wrongly, is that really my eldest brother? Are you not mistaken?”

“To me, the Victor you were talking about seems to be a different person. He has a gentle demeanor, he is only severe towards the people whose works don’t reach the level he deems acceptable……aah, I see.”



Al suddenly nodded as if convinced, and I fixed my gaze at him.



“Sorry, Lily. I will say slightly harsh things from now on.”



I wonder what he wanted to say. I nodded while thinking so, and Al said.


“Victor is definitely a good person. But at the same time, he has a tendency to judge others with the same degree of strictness as himself. So, I want you to think. Both you and Yugo. Is there a possibility that both of you were acting in ways that Victor wouldn’t approve? Lily, think about it. Are you sure you can’t think of anything?”

“Eh? Um……”

“You can’t think of anything if I asked you suddenly like this? Well then, what if I tell you this: Victor likes people who can discipline themselves. For example, if they have money, they do not waste their money and can effectively use only the necessary amount. If they are high-ranking aristocrats, they do not oppress the weak, have a strong sense of justice and protect the weak instead. They do not discriminate people, whether they are aristocrats, commoners, or others, with any kind of measures. Can you say that you or Yugo are the kind of people he likes?”



Of course, I couldn’t answer immediately.

If it were the past me, I would have said 「That’s just a matter of course」. It is also highly likely that I would have given a frown of incomprehension while pretending not to see what’s inconvenient for me.

But, I am trying to rid myself of the 『villainess』 label, and the current me who is trying to look at the hard fact has no word to return to him.

Because, the examples Al was saying, all of them hold true for me.

I did not think anything even though I spent money like hot water.

Because I am a duke’s daughter, I had no doubt and believed that I am different from everyone else.

And this is also true for Yugo-niisama; he doesn’t acknowledge people other than those he deems beautiful.

He thinks that it’s a blasphemy to even get close to ugly people.


—Aah, I see.


No wonder Victor-niisama sees us with a cold gaze.

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26 thoughts on “IDWBV – 21

    1. Yup, people who judge others as good or bad are real trash. Why she is hanging out with the capture targets is completely beyond me(she was literally forced into marriage)

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      1. Hmm…unfortunately, if you don’t like how she is hanging out with the capture targets, you might have to stop reading this. Because the setting says: there are many capture targets around the villainess for some reason. So yeah, she won’t stop hanging out with the capture targets. Plus, if you don’t like the pairing Al x Lily, unfortunately for you, this pairing will hold until the end.

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  1. Well then her mom and dad aren’t also that kind of person (eg. uses money as hot water)? I don’t think so as they say lily could do anything she want. Then why big bro talks to them? And why didn’t he teach his sister and bro?

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    1. In the previous two chapters I think Lily said that Victor only talks to their parents the minimum necessary. Maybe because they are his parents. But still he keeps talking with them as minimum as possible. And Lily also said that their relationship was not like this at the beginning, so maybe Victor did try, but gave up and deemed them hopeless

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      1. We’re talking an older brother (five years older, to be exact) who’s supposedly pretty smart and overall intelligent. On the other side we have a girl that basically broke down the moment she heard that her character is supposedly the worst.
        And you’re telling me he was unable to influence her? He should be more than capable enough if he just put the modicum of effort in. Seems more like he just gave up, deciding that they’re just not worth his effort. Just the “inner beauty” oriented version of his younger brother, basically. Not good enough? He won’t even bother.

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  2. A man who shirked his duties as an elder brother – being a role model for his younger siblings and helping them make better choices, has no right to judge them. People are only as good as the environment they are raised in and he refused to help contribute to a better environment, effectively failing them as a brother.
    But nope, he’s a capture target so none of his actions will have negative repercussions on him and will always be judged in a the most favorable way by the [setting].

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    1. I kind of agree with you here…I could understand him judging here if even after explaining to her that her actions of spending extravagantly isn’t good. But I doubt he did that…Lily’s ignorance to why he dislikes her proves that she thought it was a natural disposition of his. He didn’t correct her or his younger brother that their activities are not deemed worthy of nobility. Due to this, I conclude that he has no right to judge her

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    2. I was about to comment just about the same thing. Eldest brother is a failure as a brother. Also, as a human being. Choosing to be so judgmental toward your own blood relatives and not even trying to communicate what your are judging to them is the same as helping to make them the thing you so disapprove of.

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      1. That discrimination kind of runs in the family. If people aren’t to their standards then they reject them without communicating with them. He failed as a brother but maybe no one said anything to him ether.

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    1. No, not really common sense. Based on the protag’s pov, if he has common sense, then he should sneer or comment how lavishly their family spends the commoner’s tax. But no, he just decides to be cold to his little sister and label her as ugly to him.
      If anything all of the family are just kinda retarded in their own way. All love beautiful things, set their own standard, and wont acknowledge something ugly to them. Now the 2nd brother only loves people with beautiful faces and the sister only loves something beautiful or extravagant, so it would be easier to imagine about their ‘fetish,’ but this oldest brother’s standard is about the beauty of people’s attitudes. He sets the standard, and when they don’t meet the standard, he just acts coldly just like how other siblings would do if something doesn’t meet their standard. He doesn’t even try to fix his younger siblings’ attitude, but just put the ‘ugly’ label to them because they don’t meet his standard.
      So yeah, he doesn’t have common sense either in this sense. A common sense for being the oldest sibling that should be the role model of the younger siblings.

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    2. If this guy had common sense, the ones he’d be really pissed off at would be his parents, NOT his siblings. As seen with the dinner scene, the parents are the ones who basically told their kids that it’s fine to spend money like it’s water and that no price is too big for their whims. What else are the teenage Lily and Yugo supposed to take from that?
      Considering that Lily had a fucking breakdown over some stranger she was indifferent to calling her a villainess, you can’t sit here and tell me that one comment from her brother, whom she wants to get along with, wouldn’t have helped her out YEARS ago.
      Sorry, not sorry, but his sense of self-righteousness and virtue signaling made everything worse because, unlike everyone else, he knows better and it’s clear that he never bothered to talk to his siblings like a normal person would. If he really walked the walk, he would leave the family home and spend his own money in his own home rather than sit there and treat his siblings like shit


  3. What most otomege and similar modern literature forgets is that nobles were not only “the privileged class” but also rulers and holders of high authority and responsibility towards the throne and their kingdom. Most noble heirs and house heads had to participate in wars and politics. Expecting them to act like commoners or stuff like modern equality is stupid in such settings. Of course everything has a limit and the Duke family is probably crossing some lines but not to the extent of being tyrannical. Also forcing your own views and morals upon others is not a sign of a good person. Just of a self-righteous one.

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  4. So basically all Victor does is ignore her or throw cold glares for her way because of her attitude and then helps the heroine condemn her? How the hell is she supposed to learn her wrongs from that? Some brother he is.

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  5. It’s probably because I have a similar situation as Victor (except it’s my older brother I have a problem with) but I can understand him. People who don’t even think about how they’re hurting people, or worse know it but still continue doing so (which isn’t the case here though), and abuse anything as they like whilst claiming innocence and not listening to anyone, are disagreeable. I understand why he’s giving them the cold shoulder and doesn’t want to speak to them as much as possible.

    I mean, why try to get along any further with someone who refuses to change, to listen, and just continues to hurt you or others right? Just like how you can’t force them to stop, you can’t force someone to not hate the other. If they can’t put the effort even once, what’s the point of continuing to put your own? Let alone, for years. You can’t force a strained relationship to get along. Someone has to change to move on.

    But IF indeed he didn’t tried scolding them, correcting them, and guiding them, or heck, even just communicating with them honestly, then we need to talk there, buddy. He’s an older brother after all, it’s his duty to do so. No, it’s not even a matter of who’s older. You’re someone who’s relatively close, you should talk to them about their attitude.

    If they like beautiful things and won’t settle for anything else then that’s fine, we can’t do anything about that. But if they’re hurting people, I think that’s just wrong. Hurting someone is unavoidable but if you keep doing it without even trying not to, that’s when I believe it’s wrong. They might make blunders but if they’re actually trying, like what Liz is doing right now, then you should support them. (Which I don’t think Victor is aware of right now, and they should let him know. Maybe nobody even told him of his role as an older brother.)

    That’s just my opinion though. I don’t know if I’m wrong or right but, that’s what I think is right as of now. And I apologize if my comment is too long. I want to be as clear as I can.

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    1. I think the reason a lot of us are pissed at him is that the entire story’s setting points to him not speaking and just acting like a virtue signaling asshole.
      After all, Lily was completely indifferent to Wilfred as a person and she broke down and reevaluated her entire life from his comments alone. You can’t tell me that Victor couldn’t have had that talk himself years ago.
      And if he hates his family that much, why doesn’t he just leave and pay for his own home rather than unperson his siblings in their own home?


  6. This is old I know but I can’t resist adding how hilarious it is all these people talking about how evil it is to judge someone….while judging someone just 😂😆🤣

    It it perfectly natural to judge and we should, everything can’t be allowed just because you want everyone to like everything about you. It’s not anyone’s job to like and agree with anything you say lest we be trapped in a whole of unimaginable evil just because no one was allowed to speak up.

    The elder brother attitude is fine, he can speak to or not speak to anyone he wants. Do you know what that is called? It’s called freedom! He didn’t abuse her so he’s fine. Her parents abused her by not teaching her and so the world (other people) taught her. It’s not an older sibling responsibility to raise their younger sibling, while it’s a great thing to do it’s not a requirement especially when the parents are alive. Do you think he should have words with his parents first and get them to y’know parent instead? That’s a difficult thing for an adult let alone a child of the people you want to change. Just look at all these cases of parents being called out by adults who think they did nothing wrong. I don’t like his choice sure, but making out like he’s some great evil is such a joke when you compare him to the other characters and you don’t judge and play favorites. 😉


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