IDWBV – 22

I love how thoughtful your comments were. I’ve never thought about it like that, but you guys are certainly right about Victor’s attitude. But alas, his ‘standard’ is in the better spectrum than Lily or Yugo, and that will be what they adhere to. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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Magnificently, we are consistent with the kind of figures hated by Victor-niisama.

His sister prioritizes her pride more than anything else, believes that she is the best without a doubt, and spends money recklessly.

His brother does not accept anyone other than those who he deems beautiful, gathers those who suit his fancy and hosts tea party repeatedly without even working.

Indeed, my eldest brother must have been fed up with us.

While feeling fed up, he must have been wondering why the sister whom he hates the most in a sense has been persistently trying to talk to him.


—Well, of course he would have a disgusted expression.


To be honest, I don’t believe we will have face-to-face communications either.

But because he is my family I have to be patient.

……if I were to be ruined as a 『villainess』, it would be Victor-niisama who abandoned me first.


I feel relieved. I’ve never thought of you as my sister. I’ve hated you for a long time.




When I thought my eldest brother would utter those words, I grimaced.




He must be wondering why I fell silent. Al addressed me. I responded to him dejectedly.


“Um, yes……I’m fine.”

“Really? If so, I’m glad. Even so, it would have been better if I was a little bit more considerate when I spoke.”


I shook my head.


“No. I’m glad that you said it clearly. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t understand. Al, this is very shameful, but everything Al said is true. I am convinced that it is only natural that Yugo-niisama and I are hated by Victor-niisama.”

“……I see. You admit it, huh.”


I nodded a bit to Al’s words.


“Otherwise, there is no reason for Victor-niisama to hate me or Yugo-niisama. I……needless to say, even Yugo-niisama……are people who do not appreciate the existence of those who are not beautiful, we are people who brazenly say that ugly people’s lives do not have any worth.”

“Victor certainly would hate that. Because he is a just man.”

“Is that……so?”


This is my first time hearing and learning that my eldest brother is a just person. To be honest, I can’t believe it, but if Al said so, then it must be true. And, if that is the case, everything matches.

Surely, Victor-niisama’s hate for Yugo-niisama cannot be compared to his hate for me.

Because, there are too many hated elements.

Every week, he must have been raging deep down because I made a new dress without any concern, and my usual arrogant attitude must have been annoying as well.

It must have been unpleasant that such younger sister suddenly talked to him now after all this time.

Yup. I slowly understand the current situation.


“Lily……are you alright?”


While I was thinking quietly, Al asked me worriedly.


“I’m fine. I didn’t even know why I was hated up until just now. Now that I understand it, everything makes sense.”

“……you know that you are being hated, right?”



I raised my face and said clearly.


“No matter how I think about this, I am hated because of my own mistakes. There is no other way but to prove to my eldest brother that I have changed.”


That’s right, there is no shortcut about this sort of thing.

Within my eldest brother, his affection for me is no longer the same as before. Even if it is impossible to recover it, or whether it even exists, there is nothing wrong in making efforts.


“What’s done is done, and at this point, I don’t think there is a convenient way to make my eldest brother fond of me or anything like that. But, I think it will depend on the efforts I maintain until I close my eyes.”


My goal is not to be a 『villainess』. And a 『villainess』 is a hated person.

In other words, it will be fine as long as I am not 「hated」.


“When thinking about being liked, I think that it is impossible for the moment and I don’t think I will aim for that, but I guess I can aim for not being hated……um, Al?”

“Pft! Kuku……kukukuku! S-sorry.”


Al suddenly laughed even though I was speaking seriously. I don’t know why he laughed, and when I tilted my head, Luke who was behind me also laughed.


“M-Milady, sometimes, you display a pointlessly positive attitude, huh. A normal lady would probably be depressed and lament, 「Oh no. What should I do? 」”

“That’s stupid. Will something changes if I lament?”


While feeling exasperated, I reproved Luke.

It is easy to lament. Just think about nothing and wait for the surroundings to do something. That would be a very easy path. But the time for me to take that path has passed.

Right now, every second count. If there is time to lament, I should try as many measures as I can and try to avoid becoming a 『villainess』.


“I am not such an idle person. Things like being depressed and lamenting, I have done it in the beginning. So, I can only push forward to help myself after that.”

“That’s exactly right.”


When I said so to Luke, Al agreed with a laugh.


“I fully agree with what you said. Really, I can’t believe that you’re a 『villainess』 after all.”

“I also don’t want to believe it, but it is true that I am hated, so I can’t ignore it. Now, I am aiming to distance myself from the 『villainess』 image that Prince Wilfred said even just a little.”

“Yeah, I think that’s a correct decision.”


While saying so, Al turned his eyes towards me. My heart jumped for a moment from the look in his eyes.


“You, who are doing your best to reach your goal, don’t look like the existence called a 『villainess』 at all, and on the contrary, I think your figure who is trying your utmost is very cute. Yeah……indeed, I’m glad that you are my fiancée.”

“T-thank you very much……”


I know that was only flattery, but being praised doesn’t feel bad. When I was looking down and feeling embarrassed, Luke grinned mischievously and said.


“I’m happy for you, Milady. Those were flattery, you know, flattery.”

“I knew that!”


Al who was staring intensely denied it in a blink of an eye.


“Eh? That’s not it. Why would I have to flatter my cute fiancée? Everything I said is true.”

“……thank you very much.”


When he gave a follow-up to that extent, I feel like running away. I decided to accept the happy feelings some time ago and said.


“A-anyway! Thanks to Al, I understand why Yugo-niisama and I are hated, to make my eldest brother deem me acceptable……no, to be allowed to enter my eldest brother’s line of sight, from now on I will be even more careful about my behavior, speech, and conduct!”

“……to be allowed to enter his line of sight……I mean, isn’t that an extremely low aim?”

“The other party is that eldest brother, you know? I think this is already too high.”


When I replied seriously to Luke’s comment, he nodded and said “Indeed” after thinking about it for a moment. Al also smiled wryly.


“That’s true. But, I think he is not the kind of person who ignores those who strive to change themselves. So, if he sees you doing your best, Lily, Victor will surely recognize your effort.”



If Al who knows my eldest brother at the castle said that, I think it might be true.

If I do my best, my eldest brother will change.


“Yes, I will do it! I will do my best!”


In order not to become a 『villainess』.

To not reach the future where I will be forsaken by my family.

I don’t fully believe what Prince Wilfred said. Perhaps, what he said is mere made-up words and they may not even mean anything. I think there is enough possibility for that.

However, I think there is nothing wrong in changing myself, after all, I am aiming at becoming a perfect lady, and I will definitely say 「Serves you right」 to Prince Wilfred someday.

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21 thoughts on “IDWBV – 22

  1. Even if Lily doesn’t lament, I want to lament on her behalf! She really is trying, so I hope Victor would give her some acknowledgement – it would really encourage her to keep working towards being a “perfect” lady…😩

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  2. Lily isn’t in the wrong here. Its fine if she only likes beautiful things. We all do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with only liking beautiful things. I mean thinking that non-beautiful things are dirt is wrong, but that isn’t the problem here. The author is portraying that the act of liking only beautiful things is bad. Its not. Whats bad is the action of treating ugly things as dirt. But does the author actually try to illustrate this? Nope. In the author’s view point, its her views that are evil (they aren’t), not the actions. And I absolutely hate these ethnocentric argument.

    This actually further shows that the problem here is still Victor, not Lily. Unless a chapter comes out later showing Victor repeatedly tried to guide or change Lily and her bro’s views in the past but failed, then Victor just comes off as a self-righteous pretentious, self absorbed jerk, who believes his values are right, and everyone else’s is wrong. And that’s bad. Its actually even worse than Lily’s view point on ugly things, because he automatically judging a person’s view point rather than considering it.

    So I really hope there is a chapter trying to address these issues, because if there isn’t, it only shows Victor as a petty and egocentric failure of a big brother (and the extent of the authors writing ability). Lily is actually being the “bigger man” in this situation trying to reach out to him.

    Luckily for us, Lily is trying to become a better person. No, I don’t think her turning into a Nadeshiko (if you don’t know what it is, look it up), makes her a better person. Whats making her a better person is that she is trying to improve on what she thinks are her faults and trying to correct them. Its the self realization and actions of persistently trying to become a better person (whatever that maybe), that makes her a better person or “more”
    human in a sense (essentially a complex character as opposed to a “1-Dimensional character”, which was what she was before, hence why you can see that if she develops into nadeshiko, she will return to being a flat, boring character with no depth).

    I’m still interested in this, but if Lily loses her personality and becomes a Nadeshiko, this will probably turn into a boring story.

    1. Unless author writes chapter showing Victor’s past attempts at trying to “better” Lily, Victor is a terrible brother and person.
    2. Lily’s viewpoint on liking only beautiful things is not evil. Its fine. Its her treating ugly things like dirt that’s “bad”. But author only thinks her view point is “evil” (its not).
    3. Turning into a nadeshiko does not make her a good person. Liking only pretty things does not make her a bad person. She is already a good person for acknowledging her faults (determined by her to some extent), and persistently trying to fix them to become a better person.

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    1. Ah, one more thing, why does everyone here assume Victor is a character deserving of getting Lily’s attempts a trying to get along with him? Is it because he’s a capture character? Why is Lily in the wrong? Why should she be the one trying (when clearly Victor is being the dick)?
      Is it because she is a better person for being the one trying? I think so. I already think she is a far better person than Victor.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. It’s true that Victor should also try to mend things. But from Lily’s point of view, being hated by her family = one way ticket to become a villainess. So it doesn’t matter that Victor should also try to change, it’s just that to not be hated by Victor, she has to change herself. Because if she isn’t hated, that means she’s one step away from being a villainess. Besides, as Lily said, it’s easy to wait for the surroundings to do something, or in this case, to wait for Victor to do something. But, if Victor is anything like his siblings, he would be prideful as well, and probably won’t do anything. And as Lily also has said, if she doesn’t do anything, the current situation will continue for a lifetime.


        1. The problem isn’t that it’s the Lily that’s trying to mend the relationship. Or even that she perceives herself as being 100% at fault (as I mentioned in one of the earlier chapters, her arrogance and haughty attitude seem to actually be rooted in deep sense of insecurity and inferiority with the aggressive personality built basically to cover it up). No, as far as Lilly’s attitude goes, things are ok.
          The problem is that the other characters – and, by extension, the narration – try to present that big brother of hers as the person with moral high ground while in fact the guy is much more repulsive than the spoiled 15yo brat of “prospective villainess” with all her vices. It would be different if the ages were reversed – the youngest child in the family with some pure ideas about the way aristocrats should conduct themselves could easily be excused for not standing up to his willful and domineering older sister. But that’s not the dynamic we’re given here. We merely get a piece of sh*t older brother that sees that his little sister is being a spoiled brat, not performing up to his standards of a model noble… so he starts treating her like crap. And not only don’t we see anyone calling him out on that – even (especially) the two people who supposedly are on MC’s side seem convinced that everything’s ok. The prince still praises Victor’s moral disposition – even after learning that the guy in question treats 5 year younger sister (and the prince’s own “cute fiancee”) like shit without even communicating the reasons for that enough for said sister to at least know (I don’t say accept, but know) the reasons for why she’s being shunned!

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          1. You are right on that point. I can’t argue with that. I think it just goes on to show the author’s steroetypical perspective I suppose.


    2. The wrong thing is not that she likes beautiful things, in fact, the author/anyone in the novel never said that. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. Here I’ll list out the things she did wrong, and they have been said many times in the novel and even in this chapter.

      – Lily prioritizes her pride before anything else, believes she is better than anyone else, and spends money recklessly.
      Because she prioritizes her pride, she wants to look the best and better than anyone else. This made her spend money recklessly just to follow the latest trend (buy new dresses every week for her tea ceremony because she thought she will be looked down upon if she wears the same dress twice). Because she is the duke’s daughter, because she is Luke’s benefactor, she thought that she can treat Luke however she likes and lashes out at him unreasonably.

      Now about Yugo. It’s also not wrong for him to like beautiful things. It’s his discrimination against those he thinks not beautiful that is the problem.

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    3. Ah also, you don’t have to worry about her turning into a nadeshiko. That’s just not who she is. She will still be the prideful, hard-working, strong-willed, and willfull Lily. Oh and Victor and Yugo will also change little by little, but later ^^


    4. Yeah, this is exactly my thoughts. For god’s sake Victor, she’s your younger sister, you’re one of the guilty person who did not guide her properly even though you live with her and it’s even worse that you looked down on her despite not putting any attempts to correct her way of thinkings.
      It was never a kid’s fault as to whatever they ended up into, it’s always the fault of their educations and their surrounding environtments. It’s unfair for her to be hated one-sidedly like that by one of the people that’s supposed to be a model to her, yet he didn’t even act like one and continued to ignore her even though he’s way older than her. What a failure of a brother.
      As of this chapter, I don’t see any difference between the three siblings, including the supposedly decent oldest brother. They are equally selfish and egoistic.


  3. Honestly, I wish the Heroine will be a stupid, annoying lil piece of– if only so I can vent my anger for this blasphemy against Lily.


  4. Victor is a dead man to me if there’s no chapter that show he actually tried to reach out to his spoiled younger siblings.

    I have an older brother, I’m also an older sister. I knocked some sense to my younger sister (sister cousins) all the time. From Lily’s story, it seems like no one ever told her that she was wrong, if Victor also never told her anything, he’s a dead man to me. Idc how much better he turned out, he’s a dead man to me no matter how beautiful he is.

    Disgusting of him to think that he could apply his standard and prejudice when he didn’t even try to reach out to his younger siblings. Lily tried to reach out to him, he showed her disgust and disdain. Lily is but a fifteen y/o young lady, yet, he didn’t even try to? Egocentric people like him is the worst. He’s not fit to be the eldest brother, not fit to be the heir. That bit of condemning words, it’s his original line from the game when he condemned Lily, right? An older brother that said things like that towards his younger sister… Lily never raised her hand, she’s selfish, yes, wasted a lot of money, etc. But it’s not like she had an exclusive torture chamber in her room or smth, it’s your failure as an older brother.

    If he’s the younger brother, I would readily forgive him. Since younger sibling’s opinion tend to be brushed aside and his seniority wouldn’t be significant. But he’s the ELDEST!!! He avoided his younger sibs like plague, speaking with them with hatred. In a sense, Yugo’s “beautiful people only” proganda is much more pleasant than Victor’s “my younger sibs are spoiled. I avoided, hated, and pushed them away because they disgusted me.” Victor is the disgusting one, if that was the case.

    He’s the heir. He had authority to restrict his younger sibs’ bad manner, he could talk his parents off as he was an adult. Pushing his younger sibs like this, what is his goal? Inheritting the dukedom and then kicking his spoiled younger sibs out?

    Victor is dead to me. Unless it is shown that he actually tried to reach out to his younger sibs. Not just one try, two tries, three half-tries. But actually teaching them about the bad things outright, and severely trying to remind them for several times unti giving up at a certain age (He shouldn’t give up, but i know people’s limit is different. If he actually tried but younger sibs never showed much result. I forgave him who should probably mentally exhausted)

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  5. At first I thought it would be a story about the villain redeeming herself in the shadows to show that she was not bad and a prince in love showing off her perfect fiancee, with the classic problem of a Otome game.
    However, it is a bit disappointing that the story became more of a “how to train your fiancee”


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