IDWBV – 25

Luke and Lily are in town! What are they going to do?

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ED: clover

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“It’s been quite a while since I went to the town.”


I got permission to go out from my father who was in the office and went to the commercial district of the Kingdom accompanied by Luke.

There are a lot of things sold here in a place a little away from the castle. Food, clothes, jewelry for hair accessories, and the price ranges are also various. Every store has a price range that matches their status and products.

I have always called the merchants to the mansion, but I haven’t done it recently. All the items brought by the merchants that go directly to the mansion are the finest items. They are too expensive to buy casually.

I sincerely regret that I was shopping thoughtlessly every week until recently, I feel very sorry for my father and the people who had paid the tax.




—Oh my.


Luke who walks a little behind me is pretty happy since a while ago.

I wonder if there was something good happened.

By the way, for today’s outing, I haven’t taken anyone other than Luke. Actually, Luke is very good at using magic.

The fact that he had high amount of magical power was noticed as soon as I picked him up.

My father who didn’t appear willing to make him, whose identity was unclear, into my exclusive butler noticed the amount of magical power he possessed and gave his approval with the condition that Luke had to learn magic so that he could also serve as my escort as well.

Luke responded to my father’s expectations and showed his talent spectacularly. Although he is only 14 years old, he can use a fair share of magic. Of course, that also includes offensive magic.

My father also knew that Luke is stronger than a normal escort, so he gave permission as long as I go with Luke.

By the way, I’m rather poor at using magic.

It’s not that I can’t use it, but I’m terribly rough in using it. For example, sometimes I made huge flames when I was trying to make a small flame or released magical powers unconsciously.

In other words, my control is pretty bad, but I am not particularly concerned. I have Luke and as the daughter of a Duke, I don’t have the opportunity to use magic.

And when there is an opportunity,


“Hohoho, me, using magic? No way, it’s troublesome. Why would I do something like that? Isn’t it fine if you’re the one who use it? I’ll be here, watching if you can do it properly.”


Saying something like that, I continued to run away.

Because, what should I do if a rumor that I’m bad at magic was spread? I concealed it thoroughly even if I was made fun of. I have many enemies. I don’t know when I will be killed. If I don’t protect myself, I can’t live in a women’s world.

Well, I think it isn’t something that I, who was standing at the top until recently, should say, but……yup. Now I don’t feel like doing that kind of thing.

Because it matched perfectly with the remarks that Al heard from Prince Wilfred about the 『villainess』.

How awful. Just to what extent am I a 『villainess』?

And, currently, I want to avoid doing everything that seems to match even just a little bit with what a 『villainess』 would do.

I absolutely won’t say such ridiculous remarks again.

Even if I would be ridiculed, I’ll say that I can’t do what I can’t. That way, I should be able to grasp a better future.

I decided the actions that I should take in the future and nodded deeply, and as usual I said to Luke.


“Hey, Luke. You seem to be in high spirits, did something good happen?”



Luke stared at me as if surprised. That expression shows that he is surprised.


“No way, did you think I wouldn’t notice? You were humming the whole time since a while ago. Even if you say that there is nothing, no one will believe it.”



Luke apologized while averting his eyes unnaturally. But, apart from that, I don’t want him to apologize.


“I don’t need your apology, but I just want to know the reason. If you are sorry, tell me the reson.”



Luke gazed at me and exhaled as if in resignation.


“Actually, I have an acquaintance in the town. I met her by accident and got to know her when I was in the town for an errand, and I was thinking that maybe I could meet her.”

“Oh my? A girl?”


Because he phrased it delicately, I got an idea about it.

I looked at Luke with a face full of expectations. He nodded with an expression like he didn’t want to tell me.


“That’s right. I’m fairly certain that she said she is the same age as Milady. She is also a noble lady. But, she goes to an orphanage where her father is donating to take care of the orphans everyday.”

“There’s someone who would do something like that, huh……”


It’s surprising that a noble lady goes to an orphanage everyday. Furthermore, it’s unimaginable that she takes care of the orphans in a daily basis, I can’t do that.

While I was impressed, Luke said with a feverish thick voice.


“That girl is amazing. She doesn’t show off her status as a noble lady at all. She also treats me like an ordinary friend. Her pink hair is very beautiful and it’s regrettable that her hair is tied up when she’s taking care of the children……ah.”



I see, I see.

Apparently, Luke seems to have a feeling for a girl that is the same age as me.


—However, pink hair, huh.


I haven’t debut yet, so I can’t say that I know all aristocrats, but I’m still quite well-acquainted. However, I don’t know any lady with pink hair.

Luke’s favorite girl. I wonder what kind of girl she is.

I don’t feel like disturbing Luke’s love path, but it will be interesting to see what kind of person the girl he cares about and what kind of personality she has. Suddenly, I’m interested.


“Hey, Luke. I want to meet that girl. I have plenty of time. I’d like to go to that orphanage.”

“……I have a feeling that you would say that, Milady. Can you promise me not to do unnecessary things? I don’t mind us going there, but the destination is an orphanage. There are a lot of dirty children, and it can be said that there is no one who would treat Milady as a Duke’s daughter. Even so, can you tolerate it?”


Asked by Luke, I nodded seriously.


“If it was the previous me I wouldn’t tolerate that, but I think the current me would be fine since I tolerate Luke’s thoughtless words.”

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  1. This better not turn into some bullshit, where she goes to help the orphans, instead of, I don’t know, giving them money and teaching them life skills to have a better life in their not so bright future.

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      1. I think, based on the fact that everyone deems that twin’s words as bull, that the heroine is a good person that might, eventually, become friends with MC.

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  2. my radar detected the presence of the heroine-san in the direction of the orphanage. warning! but if it will be a ship for heroine-san and luke then you may gooo.
    thanks for translatinggg

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  3. I hope she wont change completely, because yeah that not her right? I think her thought that she can’t do what she can’t is very good. Thanks for translating:)


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