IDWBV – 26

Little by little, Lily improves herself. You know, I think Lily’s attitude while changing herself is quite inspiring. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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When I said so honestly, Luke sighed.


“Understood. But, if I judge that it’s useless to continue further, promise me that you’ll leave at that point. If you can’t promise me that, then I won’t bring you there no matter how many times Milady orders me to.”

“I understand. I promise. I will leave when Luke tells me to leave.”

“Really, I’m counting on you.”


After sighing once more, Luke turned around and went to a different direction from before.


“It’s nice that I have a chance to meet her. But, I didn’t expect that I would bring Milady along……”

“It’s your own fault for being in an outrageously good mood. I’m looking forward to seeing her.”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to meet her though.”


Luke reminded me, but I smiled as a matter of course.


“Even so, it’s still fine. It’s been a while since I went to the town. I would like to do something I don’t usually do. Something that is not 『villainess』-ish.”

“Well that’s true, a villain wouldn’t bother visiting an orphanage.”


Despite being tired, I followed after Luke who showed me the way while saying, “It’s over here.”

After that, we walked for a while and passed through several alleys before Luke stopped moving.


“That is the orphanage where she is.”

“Orphanage? I can only see it as a church though.”


The place Luke showed me was an old church. There is a woman at the entrance who is sweeping the ground. It is a sight that one often sees in the church. I wonder if she’s a nun.


“That’s not it. They reuse a church which is no longer used as an orphanage. It’s cheaper than building a new one from scratch. Many orphanages are like that.”

“……is that so? I didn’t know about it.”


While nodding, I was ashamed of my own ignorance.

Nobility often makes a large contribution to an orphanage. It is the so-called philanthropic activity. My father also donates to several orphanages, but I only knew the story from word of mouth. I have never seen an orphanage before.


“I didn’t know since I’ve never seen it. But, certainly. It does cost money to build a new building.”

“The orphanage thought that it would be better to use that money for the orphans.”

“Well, that’s true.”


A large amount of donation should be devoted to the orphans’ meals, clothes, and education. Also, for those who take care of them. Spending the money on the building would be like putting the cart before the horse.

While feeling deeply convinced, I approached the church with Luke.

The church is old, but the building is solid and not broken. I can see that it is being used carefully. It doesn’t seem dingy.

Luke called out to the woman who looks like a nun.

The woman appeared to be my mother’s age.


“Good afternoon, Kate.”

“Good afternoon, Luke. Oh my, today you’re not alone, huh. Have you brought your friend?”

“No, she is not a friend. She is the young lady whom I work for, um, I brought her here because she wanted to meet Chloe.”


Hearing Luke’s words, the woman called Kate looked at me. With a face without makeup, she seems like the type whose emotions appear on her face as is. The woman, who is wearing an ankle-length apron dress, nodded while observing me from top to bottom rudely.


“Chloe? Well, that’s right. Speaking of which, she’s also a noble lady, huh. But unlike your lady, she doesn’t seem like a noble at all.”

“That’s what nice about Chloe. So? Is she here today?”

“Yes, she’s reading stories to the children in the back.”

“Can we enter?”

“Of course. This orphanage never refuses anyone’s visit. But, please mind your manner.”

“I know. Let’s go, Milady.”

“Yes……I am called Liz Beltran. Thank you for having me over.”


After thinking a little, I gave her my name and greeted her lightly.

This is something I’ve never done before.

There is no deep meaning. Somehow, I just thought of saying hello.

Hearing my words, a smile showed on Kate’s face.


“My, my. That is very thoughtful of you, thank you. I am called Kate. Take your time. Call me when you want to leave, alright?”



After finishing our greetings, we stood in front of the church’s entrance by ourselves. Suddenly Luke said:


“……Milady, you really have changed, huh.”


“Just now, if it were the previous Milady, you would never have done something like greeting the commoners or the not-particularly-beautiful people.”


I heard a screeching sound when I opened the door. It sounds pretty annoying. While grimacing at the sound, I said.


“It may be so. But, it didn’t have any deep meaning. I just thought that somehow I would like to say a few words.”

“Somehow, you said. But, I think you have changed after all. Because it felt natural.”

“Is that so? I don’t quite understand it myself, but I think I probably still have much more to improve. At least it is still not good while my brother hates me.”


It’s nice to be complimented, but the goal is still far away. A 『perfect lady』 who can’t be claimed as a 『villainess』. That’s what I aim for.

Hearing my words, Luke smiled bitterly.


“I see. The road is steep, huh.”

“You’re right. It’s really hard to avoid becoming a 『villainess』.”


That’s why the current me is still not good, and it would be pretentious of me not to see it.

While looking happy, Luke nodded many times and said, “I will cooperate properly so that Milady’s goal will come true.” On the other hand, I answered, “Naturally, because you are my exclusive butler.”

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  1. Ahhh Lily! I’m cheering for you!
    I wonder if it Chloe is the heroine.
    I often see two types of heroines in these sorts of stories. One is where the heroine is also reincarnated and/or not a good person. To be fair they often fall in love with an engaged person in the original game so I don’t mind. The second is that they are a good person and they become friends or enamoured with the mc. I’m hoping it the second one in this case because I feel like Lily doesn’t have any genius female friends.

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      1. Yeah there are some like that. This one is like that too. “The Me Who Wants To Escape The Princess Training” this one is new. There are some oneshots too


  2. I think I rather like a shoujo protagonist who is working on being a good person instead of the type who just naturally is. It is more admirable for it to be something they’ve strived for than a matter of aptitude. Thanks for the translation, I’m glad I found this.

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