IDWBV – 32

Happy Valentine! How fitting that the chapters with AlxLily moment are released around Valentine XD enjoy the chapter!

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The area around my cheeks gradually gets warmer and warmer. When I couldn’t say anything and sank into silence, Al, who was closing his eyes on my lap, opened his mouth.


“Hey, Lily. Lily, you are lending your knees to me, right? And yet, why are you talking to another guy even though I’m here?”

“A-another guy……y-you mean Luke?”

“Who else is there?”


His sulking tone of voice is cute……wait, no. I stared at Al in surprise when he pointed out that I was talking with Luke.



“Hey, Lily. Will you go out for a stroll with me next time?”



The topic changed suddenly and I couldn’t keep up with it. When I blink my eyes as I digest what I was told, Al said while keeping his eyes closed.


“Because, every day, you’re walking around the town with your butler, right? I mean, it can’t be helped that I couldn’t accompany you since I got work to do, but well. I think it’s unfair.”



No way, I never thought Al would say something like this.


“Yes, it’s unfair. Because, I also want to walk around the town with you and go to a fancy café. I want to boast this beautiful person is my fiancée by keeping your beautiful figure next to me.”

“I, I don’t think I am someone you can boast about……”

“Are you seriously saying that? You must be kidding. You’re very beautiful, you know?”



Being told that I am beautiful suddenly, I couldn’t even say my next word.

Al laughed softly and muttered, “It’s true, though.”


“You’re originally beautiful, but recently you’re becoming even more beautiful every time I see you. Hey, don’t you know that I feel impatience for not being able to meet you that much?”

“N-no way……”

“I’m worried all the time that someone would steal you when I’m not with you, you know?”


Al’s voice was serious. For this reason, I can’t simply disregard it as a lie.


—Al did? You’re worried that I will be taken by someone? Truly?


“That’s why. I don’t want you to make me jealous too much. I know it is a good thing that you’re getting along well with your butler, but I got annoyed when I read the letter from you. Just like a while ago. It was tough for me that you and your butler were having an amicable conversation. Hey, you are my fiancée. Do you understand this?”

“I, I understand……”

“Do you?”


I stared at the face of Al who said that with uncertain voice.

I didn’t expect him to say such a thing.

Perhaps that was just lip service for his fiancée. I knew it, but I’m happy and I can’t stop myself from smiling.


“Milady, your face.”



Luke pointed out with a calm voice, and I tightened my facial expression hurriedly.

I knew that I would have a smiley face, but it seems I let my guard down.


“It wasn’t that strange, but it wasn’t an expression that a Duke’s daughter would make. Please be careful.”

“T-thank you. I will be careful.”


While hitting my own face lightly, I braced myself.

I don’t want to show strange expressions in front of Al. That was dangerous.

When I feel relieved, complaints come from above my knees.


“So, I’m telling you that I’m jealous.”



Before I knew it, Al was looking up at me. Those eyes are scorching me.


ch 32
ch 32


“You still don’t get it after all.”

“I understand……!”


I nodded hurriedly, but Al is staring at me with a doubtful expression.


“So? Does the cheater Lily want to go on a date with me?”


“I said, let’s go on a date. I asked you a while ago, right? Let’s go on a stroll around the town together. If one walks around the town with one’s fiancée, it isn’t wrong to call it a date, right?”

“Date, was it.”

“Or, should I call it a rendezvous?”


“I’m waiting for your answer.”

“I, I’ll go, I’ll go. Absolutely.”


While giving my acceptance, the inside of my head was completely in chaos.

Go on a date with Al? Truly?

The jealousy remark some time ago aside, I wonder what Al wants to do with me.

It is excessive as lip service.

While I was troubled, Al sat up and said.


“Don’t get too worked up. It’s only me, so you don’t have to be nervous. I wonder when I will have free time. I will adjust my schedule when I return, so may I contact you with a letter again?”


“Let’s make it a fun date. Ah, you don’t have to be accompanied by your butler.”


Rising up, Al waved his hand toward Luke. With an exemplary smile on his face, Luke said to Al.


“My apologies, Your Highness. I am a faithful butler of Milady. Of course, I will accompany both of you.”

“……I told you it was unfair that Lily got to walk around with you, didn’t you hear me?”

“I heard it, but this is my duty. Besides, since this is Your Highness we’re talking about, I think that it is impossible for you and Milady to truly walk only just the two of you.”


Hearing Luke’s words, Al sighed while shaking his head.


“I get it. But, I think there is a matter of feeling.”


And then, he stretched his body with a groan.


“I feel like I’ve recovered a bit, thanks to you. Ah, about Victor, I guess he’s probably worried about you. He also knows that you went to the orphanage, it seems that he’s investigating what you were doing.”

“Is that so……?”


As usual, I haven’t been able to approach my eldest brother, so I’m grateful for the information.

But, does my eldest brother worried about me? I became happy when I heard that.

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  1. Wow, Al is quite possessive…to be jealous of the butler (who has absolutely no interest towards Liz in that way) X’DD

    And…can I believe that Viktor is really worried about his sister who has recently started to act unusual/strange XDD? I want some siblings interactions<33

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    1. I wonder what he expects she’s doing at the orphanage? It’s not like there will be a drawing of Lily’s ‘Umbrella’ by the children and a poorly spelled ‘cooperation’ as ‘Corporation’.

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  2. Man, I hope Al gets some more character development, because as he is right now I really, really don’t like him – he comes across as too manipulative and cold-hearted for my taste.

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