IDWBV – 33

One more chapter before we enter the next arc. Enjoy the chapter!

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“I got all the information. It seems that Victor is also worried about his younger sister who takes obviously different actions from the past. So maybe he will call you out. He also asked me about you.”

“Eh, Nii-sama did?”


Al has a professional relationship with Victor-niisama. I knew about it, but I didn’t think my eldest brother would bother to inquire about me.


“「Doesn’t it trouble you to be engaged to my selfish younger sister?」 What he wanted to ask is absolutely different, but he can only ask that way, Victor also has a warped mind, huh.”

“No, I think that was my eldest brother’s true feelings.”


In Victor-niisama’s mind, I should be a horrible younger sister. There is a high possibility that he asked that question seriously.


“So, I answered, 「Lily is very cute and is such a good girl, so don’t ask me strange things.」”

“That is……”


I’m happy to be told that I am a good girl, but my eldest brother would surely have a doubtful expression.


“Because, that’s the truth for me. Ah, that’s right, when I said that you contacted me through letters, he was very astonished and said, 「That younger sister of mine wrote a letter, are you not mistaken? There’s no way it was her own handwriting.」 And when I replied, 「Of course it was her own handwriting」 his mouth was opened so wide in surprise that I thought his jaw would be dislocated.”



The previous me never bother writing a letter and things like that by myself. I would make Luke write it for me and only write the signature. That was the norm.

Why, then, did I decide to write to Al with my own handwriting from the very beginning?

Even without thinking hard about it, I already knew the answer.

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“Hey, Lily. Do you write a letter with your own handwriting only for me?”


Al watches me with eyes full of expectations.


“……that’s not true.”


Although I denied it in spite of myself, Al doesn’t seem to believe it.



“Um……it is only natural to write letters with one’s own handwriting.”

“Yeah, that’s true. Well then, why did Victor say something like that?”

“……because I do not have much contact with Nii-sama. I think it was surely just a misunderstanding.”


Even though that was the fact, as I said so, I averted my eyes to gloss over it.

My face is red.

……I can feel Al’s gaze.

When I was feeling awkward, I heard a sigh.


“Both of you should stop this farce, please remember that I am here. That meaningless interaction, those who heard it are unable to endure it.”

“Eh, I’m not……”

“Yeah? Does it feel good to keep putting on airs forever?”

“……Your Highness.”


Al nodded to Luke’s astonished voice with “I know.”


“Your butler is also very annoying, but I should return to my point. So, what I wanted to say is that Victor will reach out to you soon. That will be a great opportunity for you to do your best.”

“……yes. Thank you very much.”

“I hope you can get along with Victor. I like him quite a bit.”



When I replied once more, Al caressed my head with a 「Good girl, good girl」.



“It’s okay, you are not a 『villainess』. Even now I still listen to Will’s story sometimes, but after all, I can only think that he was talking about a completely different girl from you. My brother said that it is hopeless to wanting to redeem the selfishness of the 『villainess』, because she was spoiled rotten. If we’re talking about you, I would say that you are not like that. Because, you are doing your best and you are very cute. Certainly, the previous you were similar to what my brother said. But, I don’t care about that, right now you are working hard desperately to change yourself for the better. And that’s the only thing that matters for me.”

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Saying so, Al got up from the sofa. I checked the clock. It is already time for him to go. Today he had taken the time to come here despite his busy schedule. I wish I can spend more time with him, and I shouldn’t say that sort of selfish thing, but.


“Al, um……it was a pleasure to meet you today. If you have time, and if it’s alright with you, um……”

“Do you want me to come again?”



Although I hesitated, I still nod to his words. Al smiled happily.


“Yeah, I understand. But, occasionally, I want you to come and visit me. You probably don’t want to see Will, but I will be happy if you can come.”

“B-but……I will only bother you if I go to the castle.”

“It’s not a bother since I’m the one who invites you. Well, next time then. Let’s go on a date as promised first. Then, the next time you can come to my room. Is that alright with you?”


“I’m glad. Hey, you’re doing this willingly, right?”

“O-of course.”


I’m very glad that I can go on a date with Al, as well as being able to see his private room, it feels like I am special.

When I answered affirmatively, Al’s facial expression relaxed as if he was relieved.


“Yeah, that’s good. Well then, see you. —I will be waiting for your special handwritten letter.”



My voice got clogged hearing his insinuating remarks.

Seeing me turned red, Al smiled happily, said “See you” and left the room.

Next chapter will be Al’s POV. For those who want the brother’s POV, it will be at the end of the third arc. See TOC for details.

……if this is a smut, Al’s invitation to his room would have sounded more suggestive.

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      1. Having your servants write your letters isn’t that odd since a lot of them will be the generic invitation to a tea party and request to meet with someone. Also, the font is smaller after “The previous me never bother” is that intentional?

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  1. If this was a smut? Well, who knows… Maybe Luke gets an unexpected order at the palace and couldn’t accompany someone to someone else’s room
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