IDWBV – 34

It’s Al’s POV. From the next chapter, we will enter the next arc: Family. There will be the long-awaited sibling interactions! But first, enjoy this chapter!

TL: clover

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“She’s really cute.”


I returned to my office in the castle. I muttered so after confirming that nobody was there.

My fiancée, Lily.

She is becoming more and more beautiful.

Little by little, bit by bit, she breaks the shell of a 『villainess』 I heard from my brother, and spreads her wings beautifully.

Lily has always been a cute girl for me from the very beginning, but her recent changes are overwhelming.

I have official duties to do and I can’t meet her that often. So, sometimes, I feel amazed at the change.

From the beginning, she was already cute.

I thought that her face smeared with tears was beautiful. But, if it were her of that time, I would limit myself to just looking. Just as a beautiful woman, there are many others like her.

However, recently it is different. Lily, who is struggling so as not to become a 『villainess』, is beginning to shine from inside.

Lily who had no friend. Such a girl has even made a friend at last.

She moves forward.

As time goes by, she will no longer need me.

She may still need me now. It is me who she consults first when she encounters obstacles. Write me a letter, ask for advice, and give me a thank you for the advice.


Little by little, she will become independent. Even if I don’t exist, she will be fine.

At that time, will she ask me for advice?

Me, who can no longer give her valuable advice. Will she find value in me?

I occasionally feel that it is terribly scary.

In the near future, everyone will turn around looking at her unmistakably beautiful figure.

At that time, will she take my hand?

Or, will her eyes go toward those other options which would have increased?

Of course, I don’t intend to let her go.

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“Because I was the one who found her first.”


I will not let Lily be taken away by those who come later.

She is my fiancée, she is the one who will become the Crown Princess one day.




I let out a small sigh.

Before I knew it, I have fallen in love with her this hard.

I certainly fell in love with her at first sight and had decided to make her a princess no matter what, but the love I feel for Lily now can’t be compared to what I felt at that time.

I understand why.

She told me that 「unless it was you, it will be useless」.

That was surely the reason why I became serious about her.

I have always thought,


Do I need to be myself?


I have only been required as the 『First Prince』, so I have been wondering about whether it is necessary for me to be an individual.

I was wondering just what am I.

I was wondering whether I am a human being necessary for everyone, outside the framework of being the 『First Prince』.

Even my younger brother, whom I share blood with, only sees me as the 『First Prince』.

He still wishes for the 『First Prince』 and the 『Heroine』 in the 『game』, which I still don’t understand the meaning, to be wedded.

To be honest, it feels unpleasant. Sometimes I wonder if my brother does not see 『me』.

Yes, my brother too.

Everyone, including him, will not look at me as 『me』.

However, it may be only a matter of course.

Because I am the 『First Prince』no matter what, and I cannot become anything else.

It would be better for me to give up my extravagant wish where I want people to see me as myself.

I would hold my troubles, which I couldn’t talk about, close to my heart and spend the night sleepless.

It was at that time.

Lily casually said those words.

「I’m glad you were there」 and 「unless it was you, it will be useless」

Those were such casual remarks. For her, those were probably remarks that were thought on the spot.

But, due to those remarks, surely I was saved.

For the first time, I felt that I was allowed to become an individual.

To be very honest, I was very happy.

The one who gave me those remarks was my fiancée. The one who I fell in love with at first sight, the one who I decided in my heart to welcome as my wife one day, I was so happy.

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—Aah, I wasn’t wrong.


I felt like crying.

I chose correctly. I had chosen the right person to see me properly.

At that time, surely I fell in love with her all over again.

That’s why, I definitely think that I can never leave Lily and I don’t feel like doing that anyway.

In this country, eighteen years old is considered an adult. Both men and women can get married when they become adults.

She is now fifteen, so she is three years away from becoming an adult.

No, in a few months she will be sixteen on her debutante, so it’s only a couple of years until that time.

Within those two years, I will continue my engagement with her and I will marry her as soon as she becomes eighteen.

I am preparing for that, so I proposed a little while ago, but I absolutely have to stay sharp.

I will be sure to welcome her as my wife.

What matters is her feelings.

And I think that her feelings match mine.

But, occasionally, she acts strangely. I feel annoyed with not knowing why that is.

You ought to depend on me more.

If you do so, I’ll take care of you and spoil you even more.

It’s okay for you to be the cute Lily only in front of me. It is enough that I am the only one who knows the cute side of you. I absolutely don’t want my rival to increase.

Will said that my fated person will appear someday, but it truly doesn’t matter to me.

I don’t need someone who I don’t even know whether they will appear or not.

All I want is Lily.

I will do my utmost to capture her. There’s no room for complacency.

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“First of all, go on a date with her and……I have to shorten the distance even just a bit somehow.”


Although it is a busy period, I will adjust my schedule and make time for her soon.

I recall her butler who recently has sharply reduced the distance between them.

The butler named Luke.

It feels long ago when they didn’t have a good relationship and consulted with me.

Now the distance between them is too close and I get jealous.


“……this isn’t good.”


A man who likes her and approaches her, even if it is her own butler, I cannot forgive them.

What would Lily think if she knew that my heart is so narrow?

Would she feel disappointed? Would she despise me since she thought that I was a kind and broad-minded person?




Although it is nice to know that he doesn’t like Lily that way.

While sighing, I picked up the remaining documents.

People keep saying that he’s a cold and manipulative person, but I can only see him as an insecure person who tries his best to seize the heart of the person he loves. And I love that he never hide the truth from Lily, be it the ugly facts or his feelings. What do you think?

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27 thoughts on “IDWBV – 34

  1. Poor prince.
    Tbh i think lily also see him as first by saying “unless it was him the [First Prince] it was useless” since she was so arrogant before.
    Well keep fighting prince im sure one day you can get the Heroine err im mean lily

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    1. In Lily’s POV, she mentioned (thought) that she wouldn’t have listened to him unless he was a person she recognized. Recognition in this case being that he was both beautiful and influential enough to surpass her standards.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Actually, if that’s true, then wouldn’t Will also work? Since Will and Al are twins. But she clearly stated that if it was an engagement to Will, even if he was crown prince, then she wouldn’t agree. I feel like appearance and status does have an impact, but it was his temperament that drew Lily to Al.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Al’s feelings are totally normal. For anyone who falls crazily in love, they can’t help wanting to be a bit possessive. Feelings can vary from person to person, but the desire to monopolize that special someone remains constant in any relationship.

    Liked by 8 people

  3. Awhh I love Al’s POV! its so sweet and cute how his love at first sight changed to something more real rather than the cliche love. Poor him doe lol he is so insecure about the relationship with him and her.

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  4. I appreciate this chapter and how it sheds a little light on Al and gives him some depth. I liked him a lot already—possessive types don’t bother me in fiction, and Al has been nothing but supportive of Lily this whole time—but this just makes him THAT MUCH better. ❤️❤️

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  5. I love it! To me it doesn’t matter that all is a manipulative person, because I understand that he is a prince, and it that enviroment is necesary to be smart and a little black hearted if you want to live. But he always has been sincere with his feelings about Lily and have always supported her.
    Many said that Lily see Al as [The Prince] but I don’t think the same, maybe first there was something like that but now Lily see Al as the person who saw her with the potential to be a nice and kind girl. Because she never was a bad person, she just was a spoiled and proud kid that anyone took the time to tell her: “Hey you, that actitud of yours is wrong and is gonna make the people to hate you” and make her see her whats wrong.

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    1. Well, I think getting married around that age, considering the setting, does make sense. And I think even the King (Al & Will’s father) also got married around that age, as he is now on his late thirties and considering Al’s age (18) means that the King had Al and Will around 21-22. So yeah, it’s a common thing to marry young in the novel’s setting.

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      1. Yes, especially since most story taken place in.. some sort of fantasy medieval style. People in that age marry when they are in teenage years so yeah. Ah though there are some novels where the MC is already in her late 20s.


  6. I think the prince is so cute…. He is still a boy with a crush and i cant blame him to think that way. He really see her true potential and thats what makes him more suitable for her. It just sad that lily still feels reserved about the heroine…. And i really hope the prince will convince her of his true feeling one day!

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  7. I do not know how other places call this condition … but in my place this condition is called
    “Love Slave” 😅
    People affected by this condition tend to be reckless and too strange for the sake of love 😃 the point is he is like a slave

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  8. I give him lots of golden stars in my book.

    Continue being the supportive ML type, Prince Alan! Atleast you’re a gem compared to the countless douchebags who is not worthy to be called ML. And its totally A-OK to be jealous and possessive at times over Lily.

    It’s understandable that the time constraints is terrible (duties, duties). Even if they send letters of each progress. It is still different to witness it step-by-step.

    And Prince Alan can be really insecure since initially Liz was willing to back out. Then with limited time to meet up and then knowing a bit late that Lily has an embarassing side that other men already witnessed. Like that part with her first public off-note singing or that weird sound when she is confused or upset.

    Then Lily was wavering from being head-over-heels to pragmatic with her approach to the prince.

    So Prince Alan, ganbatte ne~

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  9. At the beginning he looks like the bad guy who Just want use her ,but it was wrong he just fell in love like crazy for her


  10. I somehow pity Alan, when she thought that lily listen to him because of him (pretty and higher-up, someone she acknowledge). Nevertheless, I hope to see both of them grow up together, discovering what is ‘Love’. For sure, this peaceful days won’t last, and the obviously, this is a happy ending. I wish, the so called ‘Heroin’ won’t cause any trouble.

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