IDWBV – 36

The unavoidable confrontation with the second older brother. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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“I heard it just now, you, you were going to an orphanage.”

“Eh? Yes.”


When I nod without thinking, my older brother’s expression seems becoming more and more displeased.


“You are the daughter of a Duke, you know? Why does a beautiful aristocratic lady like you have to go to the place where dirty, parentless, uneducated orphans are? I don’t understand it at all.”



This is my older brother who only likes beautiful things. It is easy to imagine that he wouldn’t have a good image about an orphanage, but I still thought that impression was too much.


“Onii-sama. Please withdraw your words just now. That was rude to everyone.”

“That’s outrageous. After all, an orphanage is an orphanage. I will not withdraw it.”



While looking at me with cold eyes, my older brother said.


“Do you understand? Lily. You are the sole daughter of Beltran Ducal House. You are beautiful and clever. We are the chosen people, we are not on the same level as orphans and nobles around that area. You ought to know that, don’t you?”



Hearing those words that sound like a warning, I bit my lip.

I understood what my older brother was saying.

Until recently, I also thought the same way as him, and the previous me would surely agree with him.

But, I knew the children in the orphanage. And I became friends with Chloe, who is an Earl’s daughter, whom my brother wouldn’t approve of.

I don’t regret it.

On the contrary, I would like to praise myself for my decision to go to the orphanage that day.

Therefore, I couldn’t obediently nod to my older brother’s words.


“……every child there is a good child. They honestly adore me. Well, it is hard to say that they are beautiful. They cannot bathe everyday, and even clothes are always someone else’s hand-me-downs. But, so what?”



My older brother was looking at me as if surprised.

But, to tell the truth, I was the most surprised with what I said.


—Aah, before I knew it, I came to think of it that way.


I did think that I would have changed little by little. However, it is hard to see the changes of things that are not visible to the eyes. Although I intended to change, to be honest, it is hard to do it properly.

I also thought that the changes would only be on the surface level and not on the deep part of me.


The words I just said are words that I absolutely wouldn’t say before. And, without a doubt, I could say that those words are my true feelings.

I don’t want him to talk bad about the children.

I don’t think that people other than those who are beautiful are worthless. It is impossible for me, who is happy to be friends with Chloe, to only find value in high-ranking people.


“Lily, you, what are you saying……?”

“I only told you what I really think. I, I can’t agree with what Nii-sama said at all.”

“Don’t say that. You and I should be the ones who understand each other the most inside this mansion. Hey, don’t you understand? I’m only worried about you. You, who are beautiful, do not suit things like an orphanage. Your dress will get dirty. Shabby people swarms that place, right? I don’t want to see you in such a place.”

“Our opinions are different, then. I don’t think that way and I think Nii-sama’s words just now were unpleasant.”

“I am the one who feels unpleasant! When I think that the cute and beautiful you went to an orphanage……I feel unpleasant. Never go there again. Please, don’t make me worried anymore.”


My older brother grimaced. But, I feel my heart getting cold.

I thought that my older brother’s words just now rang untrue.


“Worried? Nii-sama. That’s wrong. Nii-sama does not worry about me. You just hate the fact that I did something you hate. That’s how it is.”


“Please do not force your taste upon me. I do not approve Nii-sama’s opinions.”


My older brother is looking at me with an expression as if he didn’t expect me to say such a thing.


“No, that’s not……I, really, you……”

“Then, why didn’t you listen to my story? I said they are good children, but Nii-sama didn’t listen to me.”

“Isn’t that obvious! Everyone there is dirty! Dirty things have no value. There’s no way I would allow my cute little sister to be involved with such dirty things!”


Hearing those words that were thrown as if spitting, I feel my heart silently getting colder.

Even when I explain it to this extent, my older brother is rejecting what I have come to think of as important.





My older brother exclaimed with an expression as if relieved. Looking at such older brother, I said coldly.


“I understand well that Nii-sama doesn’t understand my feelings. It’s a waste of time to explain it further. I will return to my room……sorry, please don’t talk to me for a while. Because I won’t be able to give you a calm response.”


“Let’s go, Luke.”


Ignoring my older brother, I took Luke with me and left the library.

As expected, it seems that my older brother didn’t follow me.

As we were walking along the corridor for a while, Luke spoke to me very slowly.


“Um……Milady. Was that good?”

“It wasn’t good. But, I can’t forgive him. So it can’t be helped.”


A 『villainess』 is hated by their family members. To avoid that, I was trying to improve my relationship with Victor-niisama.

That was how it supposed to be, but somehow I was picking a fight with the other person who has never hated me.

Not good. After everything I have done, things are progressing to a completely bad direction.


“This probably means that I am getting closer to becoming a 『villainess』. But it’s fine. Because I don’t regret it.”


Nonetheless, I would also have to calm down a bit.

When I sighed, Luke said, “No.”


“No, Milady. I bet you are getting away from becoming a 『villainess』.”

“Is that so? Without a doubt, I think Onii-sama hates me just now. Even then, you think that I am getting away from becoming a 『villainess』?”

“Yes. Even then.”


Luke nodded confidently. He said with a small smile on his face.


“Milady’s anger was not wrong. I thought that Milady who got angry for the children of the orphanage was very beautiful. And, even if Yugo-sama hates you, so what? There is nothing wrong with what Milady did. I guarantee it.”

“……it feels bad to be praised by you.”


For some reason, I smiled wryly.

When he praised me, I feel out of sorts. But, it wasn’t a bad feeling.


“……thank you, Luke.”

“No. I only said what I thought.”

“I see.”


I don’t say anything more and return to my room silently.

The silence is not brief, but the air between us feels pleasant.

I won’t excuse Victor’s behavior, but try to see it from his shoes. His horrible younger sister suddenly went to an orphanage and got close with an Earl’s daughter when she usually only associates with other Dukes’ daughters or Marquises’ daughters. At the very least, it is natural for him to be suspicious. He will come around, don’t worry.

On the other hand, it will take time to change Yugo’s perception, since different from Victor, who actually sees going to an orphanage is not a bad thing, Yugo finds it distasteful to even have contact with that kind of places.

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28 thoughts on “IDWBV – 36

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Can’t say I didn’t see that coming. The question now though is how and in what way this will impact her brother’s behaviour. I wonder if he’ll lash out, become deranged, or become so shocked that he too is forced to do some self-reflection on his past actions.

    It’s nice to get invested in a story like this.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I think Yugo is more forgivable than Victor. Yugo is scolding her because he feels she’s doing something wrong. But Victor is scolding her the first time she’s done something he feels is right.


      1. THIS. Yugo’s obsession with beauty is a mental issue, sure, but he seems much more genuine than the self-righteous prick the Victor is. To put it very bluntly:
        1. Victor saw his younger sister behaving in a way unbefitting his idea of a respectable aristocrat conduct – for YEARS. What did he do about it? He cut ties, stopped talking to her and generally started treating her like trash. The girl never was even made aware of what she did wrong to cause him to hate her, she was simply abandoned just like that.
        2. Yugo saw his younger sister behaving in a way unbefiting HIS idea of a respectable aristocrat conduct – he immediately started trying to fix her behavior, to the point where they had a fight about it.
        It isn’t hard to see who’s behaving more like a brother, no matter how f*cked up the Yugo’s idea of respectable aristocrat is.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. If Yugo has an issue with Lily going to a dirty orphanage then he should just make it better. That way they both can be happy.
    Haha I know that won’t happen but damn poor Lily. She’s stuck trying to figure out how to have a good relationship with both her brothers even though they are polar opposites. I love how she acted her tho.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I think Yugo isn’t wrong. Well, Lily is like him before knowing about villainess and she should know just suddenly saying like that can’t change his thought. Somehow, I feel sorry for Yugo. I think he really worries about his sister. (Well, he more worries than Victor)

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  3. Thanks for the chapter. I understand why Victor dislike his sister but I really mind his conduct. Like you know there is some difference between being strict and being rude. Ah, I am a little bit pissed of….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel that Victor is a terrible older brother, he just one sidedly hates his family members because they do not measure up to his standards without offering any guidance, advice or even reprimand to correct their behavior. When his sibling shows initiative to change, instead for encouragement he is suspicious and even uses threats. He is just the same as his other family members,unaccepting of those he doesn’t deep worthy, just that the criteria he uses is different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, Yugo just turned up better than Victor – while his ideals of perfect aristocrat are extremely f*cked up, his reaction to little sister going off the right path was trying to talk to and reason with her. Victor? He just treated her like trash for years and never even bothered to make it clear for her WHAT it was that caused him to hate her.

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  5. I haven’t seen anyone criticize Victor. His proud demeanor is inexcusable because it hurts people. I know it’s because of his high standards but, really? Be cold and downright rude to someone who you don’t agree with? I would excuse him if he was vocal about his disapproval but he brushes them off as if they were insignificant. And, for me, that makes him worse than Yugo.

    Sorry to the Victor fans.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m very good at placing myself in a character’s shoes. When readers condemned some characters for being mean, I defended the characters’ role as ‘understandable. I’m bot condoning but look… It’s understandable.’ But Victor’s act? I have put myself in his shoes, used all of my ability and innate talent in always seeing positive in people and their means- I still can’t find anything he did as ‘understandable’

    Surprising for me, actually. It was always me who defended characters’ means and reasons. But now… I couldn’t find it. I put myself in Victor’s shoes and saw nothing to warrant his bad treatment. One thing that struck me the most is how he pushed his sister away with *disgust.* and that bit of original dialogue from the game… Infuriating.

    But I’ll let the game’s dialogue slide aside, However, he sorely disappointed me again and again. He’s portrayed as the ‘reasonable and just’ one by the author but… He only came out as selfish, egoistic, holier-than-thou chara who looked down on his sibs but did nothing.

    In a sense, Yugo is better. He’s portrayed as problematic, treated people less than beautiful as lower than trash, and it was indeed all from his wacky head and environment. He stayed true to his character. But Victor is not. He’s supposedly to be cool-headed, strict, serious, and the ‘heir’. He should have known better…


  7. You know you done fucked up when the delusional and classist brother comes out looking slightly better simply because he at least talked to his sister when he thought she did something wrong rather than cut her off his life because she didn’t meet his lofty standards when he saw how they were being raised.
    Heck, the guy still looks good in comparison to Victor because he immediately went running to help Lily when Victor cornered her.
    His thoughts and ideologies are fucked up, but well has anyone SEEN the parents?!
    Honestly, I hope Lily keeps Victor at arms length because that is a toxic family member. At least Yugo can unlearn the bullshit his parents put in his head, Victor is still going to be an intolerant asshole no matter his ideologies


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