IDWBV – 37

The aftermath of the confrontation. Baby steps, everyone. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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And then, a little bit of time passed by.

Since his argument with me, Yugo-niisama began to avoid me subtly.

When we eat at the dining hall he acts normally, but when we meet at the reception room or the library, he would have an awkward expression and escape in haste.

In addition to that, although he also feels slightly reluctant, and I don’t know whether it is alright to say something in return, Victor-niisama began to talk to me.

At first, it was just one or two words.

He asked about the state of the orphanage, he held an interest in what was I doing specifically and asked about Chloe.

Since I thought that it was part of his investigation, even though it was a little bit troublesome, I answered seriously, but apparently that wasn’t his intention.

As I talked about Chloe and the orphanage, little by little, my eldest brother’s attitude eased up.

Even today, my eldest brother caught me who was trying to leave and talked to me casually.


“Lily, are you going to the orphanage today?”

“Yes. Chloe is waiting.”


When I answered, my eldest brother nodded, “I see,” and looked at the book I had in my hand.


“What’s that?”

“I thought about reading it to the children. Because the orphanage only has a few books. So I brought a picture book from my bookshelf.”


This book was bought by my father for me a long time ago. It is an important book so I can’t donate it, but I can bring it and read it there.


“Those children will surely be happy……if you need more books, take some books from my room. There are a couple of things that I read as a child. I will prepare them tonight.”

“Thank you very much. I appreciate it.”


It is true that I was in trouble because there was no new book to read to the children, so I’m very pleased by my eldest brother’s offer. Bowing my head in gratitude, my eldest brother smiled though it was just a little quirk of his lips.


“Well then, I will go to the capital.”

“Have a safe trip, Onii-sama.”


I will see my eldest brother off when he heads toward the castle from now on. In the last few days, he began to show a little bit of a smile just like now.

Little by little, surely, my eldest brother approves of me.

I feel very happy when I became aware of that.

Speaking of which, as Al said, my eldest brother says severe things, but I found out that he is a very kind person. A strict but fair person.

My eldest brother, who knew exactly what I do at the orphanage and what I keep doing, has decided to ease up his previous attitude. Thus, I’m certain that the fact my eldest brother began to talk to me normally must be the fruit of my efforts.


—I’m glad that I could improve my relationship with Victor-niisama.

originals on

My relationship with Yugo-niisama became awkward, but it shouldn’t be all bad, as I could talk to Victor-niisama whom I thought was the most difficult.

I remember how Yugo-niisama was startled after accidentally seeing me talking with Victor-niisama. Yugo-niisama fled in a hurry, but Victor-niisama was staring at him with cold eyes.


—I don’t want my eldest brother to see me with such eyes ever again.


And, I sincerely want to do something for Yugo-niisama who is still being seen with those eyes.

Yugo-niisama is not a bad person.

That person, who had always doted on me since a long time ago, has many good points. I knew that.

However, my older brother is similar to me.

We could only live in such a way. Nobody taught us that it was the wrong thing to do.

I am fine because I have Al, but Yugo-niisama has no one.

Therefore, I thought that it would be good if I could become Yugo-niisama’s strength.

However, even if I try to talk to him, Yugo-niisama will quickly escape, so I couldn’t create an opportunity to talk together comfortably.


—I’d like to be friends with both my older brothers.


This is not because I don’t want to become a 『villainess』.

It’s because I think I like both Victor-niisama and Yugo-niisama.

Therefore, I would like to become close with both my older brothers.

And, if it is possible, I would be even more glad if my older brothers are on good terms with each other.


—I wish everyone could get along.


The previous me would have been wishing for just my own happiness. However, now I’m not only wishing for that, but also for my favorite people to be happy.

My feelings change.

The previous me will be no more. But, even if I change, I am undoubtedly still the same me.


“That isn’t a bad thing.”


When I pay attention and look around my surrounding, I realized that everyone is kind.

And, I have come to think that I want to respond to their kindness with kindness.

It’s very easy if I only need to come to that realization, and that’s why it’s so difficult.


“Milady, it’s almost time.”

“Yes, I’m going now.”


Luke called out to me.

While giving him my reply, I’m leaving for the orphanage today as well in a good mood.

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20 thoughts on “IDWBV – 37

        1. Please don’t insult Bertia like that, atleast she tries to actively do things for the benefit of those around her rather then just hoping it will be solved on it’s own.

          Liked by 2 people

  1. *sigh* I wish everyone could just get along, too… but as they don’t, I applaud Lily’s sentiment and determination for her loved ones to get along better!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m really quite pleased with lily’s growth. What started out only as a quest to satisfy her own vanity (I.e. to not be hated) has lead her to a path unique from ‘avoiding becoming a villainess’ proven by her choosing to do what she thinks is right instead of only avoiding others hatred, something she herself believed brought her closer to being a villainess. This is the first sign that she’s outgrowing the guideline of villainess and will soon strive to become a person unique to herself. I think this will be the turning point for everyone, and she’ll be able to redeem both her brothers, because don’t get it twisted Victor is just as elitist as Yuga and old Lily were.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I personally happy when lily didn’t act kind because she doesn’t want to become a villain. And I agree with lily about Yugo behaviour. It’s not his fault too. People didn’t correct him, that’s all. He don’t have anybody to rely. By the way, thank you for updates! Please keep updating!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. i’m happy about lily’s personal growth and reflection on her previous “villainess” self but god i’m still mad at victor! only now that lily is showing improvement, he decides to begin showing affection and treat her with respect. he’s her family for goodness sake, love is supposed to be unconditional and respect is the very basic of basic when treating others, yet he only treats her with respect when she meets his own personal standards. basically, victor is a hypocrite; his ethical viewpoint and behavior only stands for those he “approves” and deems right according to his own principals.

    not only that, he’s blatantly self-centered. while his morals could be considered “good” by ethical standards, he clearly hasn’t even attempted at putting himself in lily or yugo’s point of view. as the first son, he was given the responsibility of taking over the ducal house and had a goal to strive for, allowing him to grow and realize his family’s issues. but as for lily and yugo, they have only ever been spoiled by their parents since they don’t have a specific role they must achieve in the future. since they were raised with no worries or responsibilities and no one stopped to question it, it’s only natural that their personalities and morals became warped. their entire lives they’ve been told to go ahead and spend spend spend and to behave as they want, so of course if they know nothing else, they’re gonna act the way they’re taught. so you really can’t blame lily or yugo for turning out as they have.

    not only this, he doesn’t even take action to at least point out their wrong doings or help them like an older brother should. instead, when he first takes notice of lily’s growth, he questions it and insults her by saying not to make a mess and ruin the family’s reputation. sure, you may say its only normal because his bratty sister is starting to change out of no where but imo that’s not normal. if my spoiled sister suddenly became nice or tried to improve herself, by no means would i ask ‘why are you changing and don’t mess up or ruin anything’, i would be happy and try to help her improve. i just don’t understand why all he does is bitch and not fix the issue. he’s supposed to be righteous and all but all I’ve seen him do is judge and disrespect those he doesn’t like. at least lily acted like a sister and told yugo his opinion was fucked, but all victor does is judge and say ‘welp it’s not my problem’.

    tldr: victor only respects those who fit his ideal moral standards, and he refuses to understand those he doesn’t approve or why they’re like that. to sum it up, he’s a shallow bitch and a terrible problem solver/older brother.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I get why she is being nice to Victor in response to him finally deigning yo behave like a civilized human being towards her… but in her shoes I’d have told him “you had x amount of years to be my brother, you don’t get to play at one now”
    I feel for Yugo because to him it might look like he would be ostracized by both siblings instead of just that one asshole. I just want him and Lily to make up and for Yugo to go with her and have his own catalyst.
    That being said, can’t say I’m enthused with the idea of Victor’s passive-aggressive bullshit being forgiven or worse justified


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