IDWBV – 38

It’s Lily and Al’s date! Enjoy the chapter!

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“Good morning, Lily. Well, I’m looking forward for today.”

“Good morning, Al. Um……me too.”


I bowed my head to Al who came to pick me up at the mansion.

As I raised my face, there was Al who is smiling happily, and I feel happy.


Today is the day I have my date with Al that was promised before.

To my surprise, it hasn’t been more than a month since I promised to go. Because Al is a busy man, even if he asked me to go on a date, I definitely thought that I would be kept waiting for about six months up to a year. When the invitation came, 「How about this day?」 I pinched myself on the cheek because I thought it was a dream.


“Lily, you’re also cute today.”

“Thank you.”


Al kept an eye on my clothes and praised me smoothly.

Today’s clothes are not my choice, of course, it was what my maid had chosen.

I knew that her taste seems to match Al’s preference, so I kept leaving the matter of my dress to her since the day he praised me.

The appearance that I thought I don’t like at first, somehow became familiar to me as I continue wearing it. Now I have come to understand the goodness of a calm and elegant dress little by little.

The light-colored one piece I am wearing today has a gentle atmosphere and enchases with lace. It has a slightly more fashionable feeling than the ones I wear to meet Chloe. I wear a cardigan over it, but I don’t wear jewelry at all. The only decoration is the brooch I got from Al.

When the maid heard about my date, she seriously asserted, “If you are walking around the town, jewelry will be an obstacle. This is not a date in the castle, so you should wear a dress that fits the place. But, the brooch you got from His Highness should be attached. It should not be forgotten.” And indeed, she was right.

In the end, according to the instructions of the maid, even though it is a date with my fiancé, I don’t wear brand new clothes, and now it has come to this. I was a bit worried, but Al praised it, so I will settle for this for now.


“I am happy that Al says it is cute. Um……this dress was chosen with Al in mind.”

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When I told him honestly, Al’s gaze deepened as if charmed.


“You chose it for me? I’m happy. If you say such a thing, it becomes cuter and cuter in my eyes.”

“T-thank you. Um……Al also looks wonderful.”


I shyly replied to Al who said such remarks happily.

Today Al’s appearance looks more plain than usual, he looks like a son of a noble. I guess he chose that look while thinking about walking around the town. It doesn’t feel out of place when he lined up next to me.


—It would be a big mistake if I chose a fancy dress. That’s right.


While applauding the maid in mind, I noticed that there is also a brooch on his chest. Al noticed my gaze and smiled sweetly.


“Yeah. This is the proof of our engagement. So I don’t want to take it off at any time……I’m glad that you also wear it.”



As I replied, again, I applaud the maid in my mind.

Indeed, there is no mistake in what she does. I will sincerely leave the matter of my dress to her.


“Now then, let’s go……Luke, you will be house-sitting today.”

“……I understand.”


While escorting me with an elegant gesture, Al said so to Luke.

Yes, today Luke will not accompany me.

Luke is always accompanying me as a substitute for a guard. However, in the letter stating the details of the date, 「I will bring guards with me, so I want you to leave your butler home.」

Since he had made clear instructions up to that extent, I couldn’t refuse it.

When my father was told that there would be guards sent from the castle, he also had no choice but to say, “As His Highness says,” and didn’t complain.

I am with Al, so I’m not worried and I think it will be fine.


“Luke, then, I’m going.”

“Have a safe trip, Milady. I will be waiting for you to come home.”


When I got on the carriage that Al had prepared, Luke saw me and Al off at the entrance of the mansion together with the other butlers.

Going on a date with Al alone.

I’m feeling a bit nervous, but I thought it will be a lot of fun.

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  1. Even if Al knows that Luke has not romatics feelings for Lily, he still can be calm about it hahahaha so funny that jealousy part of him. I love them both ♡
    As always, thank you for taking the time and effort for translating this novel, is really apreciated ♡

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  2. Well that’s how the political world is … always synonymous with “unfair competition”, “fighting arguments” and “making a profit” Even worse if you relate things to religion as long as the person gets any major influence will be done … from my point of view I’m right really don’t like it 😌


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