IDWBV – 39

I’m sure the citizen cursed them for the PDA lol. Enjoy the chapter!

TL: clover

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“Um, where are we planning to go for today?”


I got out of the carriage and asked Al.

I had heard that we would go to the town, but I didn’t ask where we would go.

I thought that it would be fun to leave it unknown, but as expected it would also be nice to be informed.


“Right. My goal is to be as eye-catching as possible, so I was thinking about going to a popular café while walking around the town, is that okay?”

“I don’t mind, but what is the purpose of being eye-catching?”


I don’t think what he said is strange, as going around the town and going to a café are standard things to do on a date. However, I don’t understand what is the purpose of being eye-catching.

When I questioned him, Al told me with a serious expression.


“Hm? I’d like to show everyone the harmonious relationship between the First Prince and his fiancée. So it would be better to come into contact with as many people as possible, right?”

“……is this some kind of strategy to avoid becoming a 『villainess』?”


I truly couldn’t understand the reason.

I have heard that the First Prince is a genius, so is this some kind of strategy unique to a genius and cannot be understood by ordinary people? Yes, that must be it.

When I was convincing myself, Al took my hand.

He holds my hand tightly. I was startled by the sensation I haven’t felt in a long time.


“Stupid. This is not a strategy. This is just my selfishness. To tell the truth, I want to show you off to everyone. I would like for everyone to think 『Aah, the First Prince is on good terms with his fiancée』 and 『I’m envious that he’s engaged with such a beauty』 when I walk with you. Do you understand?”



I couldn’t think any words to reply to that frank manner of speaking.


“Because, you said that you were walking around the town with that butler of yours everyday, right? I think there might be some people who misunderstand. ‘That beautiful girl must be in love with the man who is always seen next to her’, it’s highly likely that there are some people who think like that.”

“……Luke is a butler. Since he was wearing his uniform, there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding.”

“Yes. I know. I bet you are right. But, I don’t like it.”


“Hey, I don’t like that, you know?”


Being stared intensely, my cheeks became warm immediately.

Not good. I’m very happy.

Al who was watching my reaction smiled happily.


“Cute. Just looking at your face, I feel like I have reached about half of my purpose for the time being. Of course, we will still carry out my plan.”


Al, who winks at me after making up his mind, as expected is very attractive.

I only realized it now, but when I think that he is my fiancé, I couldn’t help but feel happy.

I look down in embarrassment.

Al said to me who was like that.


“Well then, why don’t we take a stroll around the town first, my fiancée?”


For me who thinks that his face looked so cool, there was no choice but to answer with “Yes.”

originals on



“It’s fun, right?”

“Y-yes. Um, but the stares make me feel uneasy.”

“That can’t be helped. Since I am the First Prince.”

“……I think you made us more conspicuous on purpose, is it just my imagination?”

“It’s just your imagination. Definitely.”

“Is that so.”


I saw him grinning and realized that it would be useless no matter what I say.

Al is holding my hand in an overbearing manner because it is a date as we were walking on the sidewalk.

As he had declared to me, he chose the main avenue that seems to be the most prominent.

There are stalls on the main road and carriages on the sidewalk. I don’t know whether Al has expected this, but because there are lots of people coming and going, the degree of attention was remarkably high.

Everyone was surprised by the prince who was rarely seen, and seeing me next to him, they became even more surprised.

Al would wave his hand while grinning and say, “Isn’t she cute? She is my fiancée,” each time to those who stared at us looking like they want to say something.

In that way, the other party could only say, “I, I see……congratulations.”

While thinking that it seemed more like a spectacle rather than a date, I was delighted to be called as his 『fiancée』, so as expected I couldn’t say “Please stop that.”

Because, to tell the truth, I would rather say it.

This wonderful person is my fiancé, I am going to marry him.

However, I couldn’t say that I am suitable for him since I haven’t been able to completely get away from becoming a 『villainess』.

In my current situation, I am not allowed to even wish for a marriage or say 「Don’t go to the 『Heroine』, just stay by my side.」

When I have become a 『perfect lady』 that is suitable for Al.

I don’t know when it will be, but I will confess to him once I do. I don’t know if he will accept me, who is no longer a 『villainess』 and no longer needs to continue to act as his fiancée, but Al is a kind person. He would listen to me at the very least.

Because of that, I couldn’t help but waver. I feel sad and although I don’t think I can pray for his happiness and give up, I hope I will be able to find someone else.

Since I was born in a high-ranking noble household, I cannot choose not to marry, so if Al rejected me, I would have no choice but to marry another person. Anyone other than Al is the same for me, so I will marry anyone my father chooses.


“By the way, shall we go to the orphanage?”



Moving on, I took the opportunity to change the topic. Al tilted his head to my question. That sort of pose also looks good.


“The orphanage where I often visit. I was thinking that Al would surely like to go there.”


Al had heard a lot about the orphanage from my letters. I also wrote about the state of the children, the stories about my friend, etc., and he also gave me a detailed reply about it.

So, I thought that he would definitely want to see the orphanage, it was surprising that he didn’t say anything about that.


“Aah, yeah. Of course I’m interested. But, with a position like mine, I cannot treat only one orphanage as special.”



As he explained it with a troubled face, I finally realized it. When he saw that my complexion changed, Al nods.


“You seem to have realized it. That’s right. Because I am the First Prince of this country. If I go to an orphanage, the nobles who know that surely will make a donation to that orphanage. Since they are making a donation anyway, they would rather give it to the orphanage favored by the First Prince. Because when they meet me they can appeal, 「I made a donation to the prince’s favorite orphanage.」”


“The other orphanages wouldn’t keep silent. Some of them would ask why I only treat that orphanage as special. ‘How terrible. Why can’t he come and see our orphanage too? If there is an orphanage that the prince favors, everyone would change their donation to that orphanage. Thanks to that, the donation to our orphanage would decrease and the orphans wouldn’t be able to live. If that happens……’ it is possible for the other orphanages to think like that.”



It is not preferable if the donation is concentrated in one orphanage.

However, if people know that Al visits an orphanage, the nobles who want to make a good impression to the First Prince would donate to that orphanage……and switch from the place they donated until then.

That would be an undesirable situation.


“I’m sorry. That was a thoughtless remark.”


I should have understood it immediately. I was ashamed of myself who didn’t notice it until he told me about it.

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    1. With the way the story is developing, I’d say there’s only one candidate for disturbing them: the stupid second prince. That is, when he finally realizes his shipped pairing isn’t developing at all and decides to “help out”. If he even manages to realize anything, because cripes, he’s slow on the uptake.

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  1. Ahhh Lily you loveable fool. She’s so different now than what the game had her be. Al is slightly manipulative but not in a harmful way but like more of a ‘cute possessive’ way. I feel a slight pity for both characters because Al is going to have to deal with Lily weird idea about who she is and her place with him despite what he says. And Lily is going to have to deal with a slightly possessive and assertive prince.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Lily really is too dense. Part of it could be attributed to her shattered confidence and self-esteem, but I’m not sure about the rest. And I’m sure the citizens are both confused and irritated by his actions; sure enough, Al will accomplish his goal of showing how head over heels in love he is with Lily. A bit different from what he was going for, but people will get the message (some might think the Prince’s love for Lily may be too heavy for her though).

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  3. The citizens: Oh, how cute, those two are on a date.
    Al: “Isn’t she cute, she’s my finiance”
    Citizens: …. No one asked.. Was he always this annoying?
    Many thanks

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  4. Well that’s how the political world is … always synonymous with “unfair competition”, “fighting arguments” and “making a profit” Even worse if you relate things to religion as long as the person gets any major influence will be done … from my point of view I’m right really don’t like it 😌


  5. Lol, Al is such a cute and happy fellow. Wish there were more male leads like him than “cold, arrogant jerks.” I love how they are working together to make Lily a more self-aware and kind person. That’s just… so wholesome.

    Thanks for translating!


  6. I’m very surprised with the reaction of citizen.. well the normal react usually would be “Wow its the prince!” And surround them everywhere XD i thought he would hide his identity haha. Is that okay to brag about his fiancee in public 😯 well its novel anyway..

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  7. humm… I really don’t like the “common sense” of this novel…
    It’s so filled to the brim with JP societal and moral standards that I can’t enjoy the setting, I keep coming back to the distinct difference of what is what and who and how.
    It would be so easy to just donate to all orphanages, or visit one each month for a year, all this excuses of how “royalty” this and “noble attitude” that breaks me out of the setting because they are wrong…
    I’ve read a lot of nobles with similar setting and I’ve noticed some of those things around but they were never so blatantly wrong… I know JP authors can’t write about aristocracy but this novel is focusing too much on the politics and social norms of it and getting everything wrong that I can just roll my eyes at those instances.
    Fluff is good, the progression and the characters are good, it’s just the whole broad setting of the nobles and how the JP author has twisted it that I find annoying.


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