IDWBV – 43

Alright~ what will happen to Lily and Yugo’s relationship? Enjoy this chapter!

TL: clover

ED: clover

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“……you still have that cat, huh. Lily, haven’t you think of throwing it away?”



Since I started keeping Noel, Yugo-niisama always caught up with me and told me to throw Noel away every time.

As expected my older brother’s attitude remained unchanged. Rather, I feel like he’s becoming even more stubborn.

It seems a long time ago since my relationship with Yugo-niisama was not like this. It feels that way.

I returned to my room while sighing. Noel was staying obediently in my room, lying on the carpet.


“Noel. Let’s go to the orphanage.”



Noel got up quickly when I told him so. Then, he walked up to my feet with his tail straight up.

Since then, Noel is completely attached to me. He is surprisingly docile and is smarter than I thought, apart from Yugo-niisama, everyone accepted Noel in the blink of an eye.

They said something like: “It is ugly, but it is a smart child, well, I think it’s fine.”

Noel is a cat that does not bother anybody and usually stays in my room.

That being the case, it seems that they don’t have any problem with me keeping him.

The one that surprised me the most was Victor-niisama.

When I reported to him that I had decided to keep noel, I was prepared to be told various things, but my eldest brother allowed me to keep it just by saying, “I see.”

Not only that, but according to the reports from Luke, it seems that he gives treats to Noel occasionally.

I can tell that Victor-niisama is a really kind person, recently, I think this kind of thing is becoming more common.

Since Victor-niisama is at the castle during the day, there are very few people inside the mansion. My father and mother who had retired are in the mansion. And then, there is Yugo-niisama.

Even if my parents allowed me to keep the cat, Yugo-niisama has a problem with it.

Currently, I go to the orphanage almost every day. I don’t want to think like this, but when I thought that Noel is going to be thrown away during that time, as expected I became worried, and in the end, I decided to bring Noel along to the orphanage with me.

When I first took Noel to the orphanage, although I thought about going home as soon as the others show signs of being troubled by Noel, the children quickly took a liking to Noel.


“What’s with this ugly cat. Is this Onee-chan’s cat?”

“Ahahaha! So ugly! It has short feet~! Flat nose~! How funny~! I’m going to play with it~!”

“That’s unfair! It’s going to play with me!

“……it’s fine if you want to play with him, but don’t pick on him, okay?”



Although I watched the children closely the first time they play with him, they didn’t seem to abuse Noel, and it seemed they were getting along with each other. Also, I discovered that Chloe likes big cats. When she saw Noel, she raised a shrill voice, “Cute!!” and hugged Noel.

I felt extremely pleased for a moment that, for the first time ever, Noel was called cute and the one who said it was by my friend.


“What is this, this child, is so cute!”

“Right? But strangely, everyone says that he’s ugly. He’s just a little different from other cats.”

“It is unusual for cats to have short legs, but that makes him even cuter! He has a long body~ so cute~ hey, can I brush him? I want to clean his white fur.”

“That’s fine. Since I brought the brush, use that one……but, I’m glad.  That you accepted him, I mean. I was wondering if I shouldn’t have brought him along. But, if I leave him in the mansion, I feel like my older brother is going to throw him away……”


When I told her the truth, Chloe’s eyebrows furrowed in anger.


“Throw him away? This cute child? Absolutely not! This child is a really good child, so you can bring him here every day. Right, everyone?”


“It’s fine!”

“Noel is a good child!”


With that, Noel was accepted by everyone in the orphanage, so I brought Noel along without any worry from then on.

Noel is a really smart cat; he never approaches places that he shouldn’t go and he will be quiet when there is a serious talk. Because he never acts violently or bites the children, although they ridicule him as ugly, he is very popular among the children.


I kept living like that, and then one night, when I was playing with Noel in my room, I heard a knock. Luke went to check it immediately. Luke who had confirmed the person outside came to me with a difficult expression.

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“……Milady, it’s Yugo-sama. What do you want me to do about him?”

“Ah, Nii-sama? ……please send him in.”

“You don’t mind it?”

“If he has something he wanted to talk about, I will listen to him. It’s true that I think it will not be good if things continue as is.”


Since there is an opportunity, I want to talk and improve my relationship with him. Even if we won’t go back to how we used to, I would like for us to return to a relationship where we don’t avoid each other at the very least.


“I understand.”


Luke who heard my determination decided to open the door.

Yugo-niisama came into my room with a complicated expression. He has something like a package in his hand.


“Lily, it has been a while……ukh!”


My older brother who looked at my face, after seeing Noel who was playing with the cat toy, stiffened his expression.


“……it seems this is not a situation where you can talk freely.”

“N-no, wait. I……I can’t leave like this.”



While tilting my head to his voice that was different from usual, I gestured to the sofa in my main room to my older brother.

As my brother sat on the sofa while maintaining vigilance toward Noel, he handed over the package in his hand to me.


“? What’s this?”

“It’s fine, I want you to open it.”



While I was wondering what it was, I opened the package. Inside, there was something that seemed to be a snack for cats.



“……I ordered the chef to make it, so I think that there is nothing dangerous in it.”


Well, I certainly care about that, but that’s not what I meant.


“Why would Nii-sama bring a snack for Noel?”

“……why don’t you give it to that cat?”


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I thought that he wouldn’t talk if we keep going like this, so I called Noel. Perhaps Noel recognizes his name properly, but he always comes up to me precisely when I call him.

Even now, he was in a place that was a bit far away, but when I called him, he came to me obediently.


“……this is from Yugo-niisama. You can eat it.”


For a moment, I suspected that Yugo-niisama added strange things inside it. However, I felt like I had to believe him somehow.

So, I decided to believe in my older brother.


—It’s alright. I’m sure my older brother will not do sneaky things.




Noel started to eat the snacks he got deliciously. As far as I can see, there are no strange things in it. If it is Noel, I think that he will spit it out as soon as he tastes something strange.


“……that’s good.”

“……even if I look at it again like this, as expected, this guy is still ugly.”

“……did you come here to pick a fight with me?”


Hearing his muttered remark, I retorted in reflex. Sensing my biting words, my older brother gave me a bitter smile.


“Ah, sorry. No. That’s not it……how should I say this. Ever since you told me that you hated me, I thought about various things. And then, I observed the cat from a distance away.”

“You were doing such a thing? ……Noel is ugly, right? I think it’s no use even if Onii-sama observed him, because you are not interested in things that are not beautiful.”


I thought that I hadn’t seen my older brother’s figure for quite some time, but it seems that he was actually observing us from a hidden place. While I was amazed, my older brother said with a bewildered expression.


“It’s strange. As you may have thought, I don’t think things that are not beautiful have any worth. That still hasn’t changed. But, and this is strange even if I say so myself, I realized that there are times when it looks cute even when it should be ugly.”


“When it’s trying hard to keep up with your stride. And then, when it is eating deliciously just like right now. Although it is true that I think it is ugly, though it doesn’t change that feeling, sometimes there are times when it looks strangely cute. What’s wrong with me? Damnit, I wonder if my aesthetic sense is getting weird……”


My older brother lamented with a crying voice. I stared at him who was like that.


—My brother who never accepts anything but beautiful things, has acknowledged Noel?


That’s impossible—that’s what I wanted to think, but since I heard what my brother said directly, I can only believe it.


“……Nii-sama, do you think that Noel is cute?”

“I don’t think so, okay!?”


“It’s true! Because, it is ugly no matter how you see it! You also think so, right? This guy is ugly, see?”

“……I think Noel is very cute.”


Even if it can be said that it’s just my desire as his owner, I asserted that Noel is cute.

When I said it clearly, my older brother scrunched up his face.


“You……have your taste gotten worse?”

“Shut up, what’s wrong with saying that my own pet is cute?”


When I flatly denied it, my brother looked at Noel with a complicated expression. Noel continued eating with all his might without minding my older brother.

While watching Noel who was like that, my brother said.


“I don’t want to recognize anything other than beautiful things. That’s what I said earlier. But, I will stop rejecting this guy just because of my own selfish feelings. It’s frustrating, but it is true that there are occasions when it looks cute and I feel like I knew my aesthetic sense is not the same with other people’s.”



I stared at my older brother in amazement. It was awkward, but my brother was undoubtedly smiling.


“……even if something is ugly, there are occasions when it can be cute. I thought that if something is ugly, then that’s that. From now on, I will not keep things away just based on my own taste, I will draw my own conclusion after observing things properly……Lily, I’m sorry for telling you to throw away something that you think is cute. I apologize……um, is it okay for me to come once in a while to feed this guy?”

“Yes, Yugo-nii-sama. Of course.”


I was pleased that my older brother has accepted Noel and made a compromise.

We conversed idly while watching Noel finishes eating his meal.

Next chapter will be in Yugo’s POV!

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28 thoughts on “IDWBV – 43

  1. Is it weird I like Yugo more than Victor? I feel like Yugo’s personality maybe wack but he’s learning to change as opposed to Victor who is no different than when he was introduced.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Victor didn’t change much, only his attitude towards his sister.
      He was really disappointed in his family once he realised how wrong their way of life is, but since he didn’t correct it I can only call him a self-righteous person instead of a good person.
      Well everyone has their flaws.
      I am also assuming he might have been like his siblings when younger, and came to face reality when he debuted as the heir or in his workplace.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Regardless of how the author has tried to redeem Victor, I still see him as two-faced. He presents the image to everyone outside of being a kind, good person, while to those he doesn’t feel any need to impress, he shows his true self, as a cold-hearted, self-centered, egotistical jerk.
        If the author didn’t intend it that way, than it was pretty badly miswritten.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well I agree that he is a cold and strict person to those that don’t reach his standard, and kind to those that do. But I don’t think that is due to any need to impress. I think somebody has commented about this before. The three siblings are proud and have their own standard, they are kind to those that reach their standard and cold to those that don’t. So, it’s not that Victor becomes a good person because he ‘wants to impress’, but he is kind to those that ‘reach his standard’. But, he is fair, as seen in the previous chapter, because he has seen how Lily is trying to change herself, Victor also relented his severe attitude for her. This is not because of any need to impress. I mean, why would he become kinder to Lily if he only good to those he wants to impress? Why would he need to impress his sister?


    2. That’s because the three siblings are the same in some way. The three of them are proud, they put their beliving above everything else, and if the person doesn’t have the standard they believe, then isn’t worth of them. The problem with Victor is that what he belives is that a noble needs to act good, protect his people and don’t act selfish, and that point of wiew doesn’t have anything wrong, after all the job of a noble is to protect the common people and respect them… The problem is that if the person don’t have that standard, he doesn’t do anything to make them see that that attitud is wrong, he just assume that they behaviour is wrong and are worthless, so he doesn’t even try to do anything to change that, even if the people are his own family. So his “kindness” its only one way around.

      We can see that Lily is changing, so she can be a better person. And even Yugo, whose love for his sister is bigger than the standars he have amd the impact of the “I hate you”, could see that his way of acting is wrong and his hurting his sister, so he is trying to understand her and little by little he’s starting to change his point of wiew. That why we like them better (At least I still prefer Yugo than Victor, because I believe in second chances and in characters development).

      But Victor is the same as always, he hasn’t changed. The reason why he is treating Lily with more kindness is because Lily is starting to reach his standar of what he believe is the correct behaviour of a noble. There is not character development in him.

      I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say, my english writting isn’t my strength hahaha 🙈

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  2. I thought when they said noel is ugly there are some problem with the cat’s skin and fur (like scabiosis), it turned out just difference in our tase and sense of value.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Noel is meant to be a Scottish Fold or some similar breed. It’s understandable why some people might think they’re ugly if they’ve only seen more “normal” cats. I’d disagree, but I can understand it.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Imagine this country only has, say, tabby cats.
      Now imagine Noel looks like a Siamese cat.
      People would initially either welcome cats like Noel as a new fad or dismiss them as ugly due to the mismatch with their image of what a cat should look like. Probably depending on the prestige associated with the new cat’s origins.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Heh. So the Heroine also thinks Noel is cute. As if we needed any more proof that she was the one meant to pick the cat up in the original plotline.

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  4. Actually I imagine the cat like in Natsume Yuujinchou…
    Who’s watched the anime or read the manga??

    Nyanko Sensei/ madara have flat nose, short leg, round body but long, ..
    Most people call him ugly but there’s only one woman that like appearance calling him Cute…

    Nyanko Sensei real body also trap in cat like this..
    So it’s easy to imagine..

    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

  5. oh well, this reminds me a little of the old story about the frog prince, the black crow, the white swan and some other old stories, where a person is cursed or someone who runs out of magic he becomes an animal .. well maybe the author found the story and made it written 🤔


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