IDWBV – 44

This is the last chapter for this arc. But! Before you read this chapter, I have a drinking game for you. Take a shot every time you encounter the word 「beautiful」. And if you’re feeling adventurous, also take a shot for the word 「ugly」. Although I suggest for you to change the drink to non-alcohol, for fear of alcohol poisoning lol. Okay, ready? Enjoy the chapter!

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My surroundings were made of beautiful, sparkling things.

Yes, I was aware of that since I was only 5 years old.

Yugo Beltran. That is my name, the one who was born as the second son of Beltran Ducal House.

I love beautiful things.

Not to mention my own figure, my parents, my older brother, and my little sister. Each family member is beautiful and their appearances made my heart satisfied.

I began to be interested in beautiful things and began collecting variety of beautiful things. From beautiful shoes to beautiful clothes. From beautiful carpet to beautiful tableware.

The feeling of being surrounded by beautiful things calmed me down.

I became more and more fond of beautiful things.

On the other hand, I gradually began to loath dirty things and things that are not beautiful.

I don’t want them to enter my sight. There must be nothing but beautiful things around me.

I gradually began to think so.

There was no one to say otherwise in my surrounding.

I don’t think there is anybody who would rebuke the son of a powerful ducal house. They always flatter me in accordance to what I like.

Because that was the easiest thing to do, everyone attached a smiling mask and attended to me.

Generally, that was fine with me.

Because I didn’t want to see dirty things. Even if it was just a glimpse, I would be bothered by it.

As I said, I continued to be surrounded by nothing but smiling people.

Neither my father nor my mother said anything. Perhaps they didn’t feel like meddling excessively and only said that I should do what I want.

And my older brother for some reason is throwing a disdainful gaze at me.

My older brother is also a beautiful person. I would like to become closer with him, but my older brother doesn’t even try to make eye contact with me. Eventually, I also gave up talking with my older brother.

But, within my family, my sister is the only one I cherish deeply.

My sister is similar to me; we both love beautiful things. Although she is a child who is a little bit selfish and troublesome, I love my little sister whom I can share similar feelings with.

Every day, only invite my favorite people, arrange the dishes I newly got in my favorite garden, and enjoy the beautiful confectionery.


—Aah, how beautiful this world is.


If I can live my whole life in this wholesome world, I want to do it. At any rate, I am only the second son. Since nobody expected anything from me in particular, even if I live lazily like this and died beautifully, that is already good enough for me.

It was my younger sister, who was supposed to be living in the same world as me, who shattered that world.

My little sister—Lily, suddenly changed one day.

She improved her relations with her exclusive butler who couldn’t be said to be good friends with her until then, and surprisingly, she began contacting our older brother who I continued to avoid.

Our older brother hates my sister as much as he hates me, no, he hates my sister more than me.

I thought that I should stop her because she would only receive a gaze full of contempt even if she talks to him, but my little sister was not discouraged……and then, when I realized it, somehow things became completely different from before.

One day, that older brother of mine started a conversation with our sister.

When I thought that it was unusual of him, my older brother told my sister, “I heard you were going to an orphanage.”




That place is where the dirty children are, it’s a place that is not highly recommended hygienically.

To think that my beautiful Lily was going to that sort of place.

Such a dirty place in not suitable for the beautiful Lily.

That’s what I thought, so after my brother left, I went to Lily to advise her.

That she shouldn’t go to the orphanage.

By the way, although I thought that the intelligent Lily would surely understand, Lily furrowed her eyebrows unpleasantly and told me that she didn’t understand what I meant.

And she said that she wanted me not to speak with her for a while.

I was shocked.

It was even more shocking because Lily, who I thought to be the closest to me among the family, rejected me.

I don’t understand what Lily was saying.

This world doesn’t need anything except for beautiful things, and dirty things should be eliminated.

That should not be wrong, but Lily rejected me.

It was very confusing.

I had never thought about approaching Lily, even without being told not to approach her.

She along with my older brother. I knew that I would get rejected if I get closer to them, and I am not mentally strong enough to do it.

One day, my sister picked up a dirty, ugly cat.

And, the terrible thing was, she appealed to our parents that she wanted to keep it.

That white cat has a smashed nose, large misshapen ears, and a long tail.

Unlike ordinary cats, its legs are short and its torso is long.

Such a hideous cat, it must not exist in my world.

Our parents would surely object.

Even our parents would not like such an ugly cat. Although I thought so, our parents were persuaded by Lily and allowed her to keep it.

I couldn’t believe it.

originals on

—Keep this ugly thing? In my house?


Impossible. That’s what I thought.

However, Lily doesn’t throw it away, no matter how many times I told her to. On the contrary, she rejected me even more.


—Of all things, she said the words ‘I hate you’.


Those words shocked me to the core.

I am hated by the existence I love. That gave me a tremendous scare.

I ran away from her. I didn’t know what to do.

Although it should only be natural for her to chase after me, she didn’t, and every day Lily spends all her time and energy with that cat from then on.


—I’m sure she will return to her senses after a while.


Right now she may be empathizing with that cat. But it is so ugly. In the near future, my sister will return to her senses and decide to throw that ugly cat away.

Yes, that must be it.

That’s what I thought, so I secretly observed the state of my sister.

I did it covertly so as not to be noticed by my sister. I didn’t host the usual tea party, I was just following my sister and that cat.

In the meantime, I realized one thing.


—What is this. There are times when that ugly cat looks cute.


It was laughable. I couldn’t even believe myself who thought that way.

But, what I thought was embarrassing, happened again and again.

When it was chasing after my sister with its short legs. When it was eating the food given deliciously with its tail standing stiffly.

When it was narrowing its eyes in satisfaction.

What the heck. Even though I thought that it was so ugly, no, I still thought that ugly cat is ugly, yet it looks cute somehow.

What an ugly cat. With my standard, I should have thrown it away. Even so, it occasionally touches my aesthetic sense. I don’t know what this means.

My sense of values seemed to collapse.




I made a request to the chef while thinking that way and visited my sister’s room after a long time, after having that cat’s favorite made.

It may seem cute because I saw it from the distance. So I dared to go near that cat, and as expected, it is ugly. I wanted to be convinced that the time when I saw that cat as something cute was only an illusion.


That strategy failed spectacularly.

Even when I looked at it up close, the figure of that cat enjoying its meal was still cute. I thought it was ugly, but it was cute.

I thought I was becoming crazy.

However, my sister said that this ugly thing is 『cute』.

If it were the previous me, I would have flatly denied it. I would not have acknowledged that opinion.

But I knew there were times when this cat looked cute.

Maybe it’s because my sister is always watching the cat like this.

If so—I could agree that it is cute.


—Values are different for each person. They are different.


What is cute and beautiful is up to that person, it is wrong to press one’s own opinion to other people.

This kind of thing that should have been obvious, I noticed it for the first time.


—I see. I may have been rejecting things that might have been beautiful.


I don’t know how many times I rejected things just because they were ugly and not beautiful. But, if I got to know them better, parts that are beautiful or cute might have come out.

For example, like this ugly cat that is in front of me right now.


—How regrettable.


I naturally thought so.

And from now on, I thought that even if it is ugly, even if it is dirty, I would not reject them immediately, but I would make a decision after getting to know them properly instead.

If I do that, just like the sparkles of a kaleidoscope, I may be able to see things that are not beautiful at the moment when they look beautiful.

I thought that would be very wonderful.

Surely, in this way, the beautiful things around me would also increase.

The world will become more and more beautiful.

Aah, I had been doing something terribly wasteful.

This world is surely wider than I thought, and it is surely even more beautiful.


I will not miss it from now on, I want to see the whole thing.

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  1. Wow….this guy’s mentality, as expected I wonder if their parents have some dangerous gene that flowed into the 3 siblings…stubborn to the core and well, stuck up and proud.

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  2. Well we think a person would be the one to change the point of wiew of Yugo, but in reality was Noel the cat who did the job with a little of help from the: “I hate you” of Lily.

    Yugo is starting to change and learning from his wrong actions, like Lily, he just needed a second chance and someone (o some cat) to make a impact and make them analyze their behaviour and whats wrong with it.

    This point of wiew of Yugo steal my heart ♡ you are number #3 in my heart (Al begining the first, Luke the second… And Lily of course abive them all)

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    1. Unlike Victor he
      1. Actually cared about his little sister (even if for stupid reasons)
      2. Tried to “fix” her when she diverged from his ideal of how she should behave as a proper aristocrat
      3. Actually grew up a bit, realizing that the world isn’t strictly divided into things that do and don’t meet his standard and it’s worth it looking into the latter group with a bit more attention, just in case there’s something worthwhile in them as well

      Meanwhile Victor is the same sorry excuse for a brother (and a person) he ever was, the only difference is that Liz now meets his taste so he’s nice to her again. Nice person my ass. At this point it can be safely said that he’s the worst personality-wise among the siblings – it’s just that his standards are more palatable than theirs were, giving people false impression that he was better.

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  4. This chapter is out at midnight in my country so it’s good i can get drunk and sleep peacefully after drinking as many as “beautiful” and “ugly” words that came out….
    just hope no hangover tomorrow

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  5. This chapter also show Victor was never big brother to his younger siblings. Yugo himself remembers that Victor never told him from childhood what he doing wrong or right. Neither parents or big brother educated Xugo or Lily and said no to them. Glaring at them like Victor and being silent is not educating children. I am older sibling and for me reading about Victor is very frustrated. For me he is garbage. Yugo said that Victor hated the most Lily- WTF-but he never told why? Yugo is for me like child perhaps a little autistic because he so focused on world beautiful but I think a little push and showing him that ugly can become beautiful, like cat, and he start to change. When I read about Lily and Yugo, I am thinking they are a little neglected. They are getting food, shelter and little love from parents but no adult is there to guide them to adulthood. To show them what is right or wrong or about showing them boundaires or how the world is outside Duke home or being real friends to them. Yugo himself say that just Lily is closest to him and he has not even one person who speaks to him equal, not even his brother. Never, even as a child Victor was there for him like big brother. And Yugo avoids him because Victor just show hate to him. Victor is perhapr good worker and good human to other people but to his family is one big arse. I hate him and his thinking that Lily is finally changing to what is correct. I hope it comes time that Yugo and Lily said to him that they hate him and he is left alone, because no women can live with him.

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    1. Actually in the raw there is a chapter from his pov which states he did try to educate them but they paid him no heed. But personally I think it was executed a bit strangely on the author’s part. Like she is perfectly trusting when a stranger says she is bad but doesn’t trust it when her own brother says she is bad? Well I haven’t read that far so I don’t know yet. It is also possible her parents spoiled them rotten when Victor tried to be strict with them to fix their attitude.

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      1. That sounds like the author retconed the backstory when she relished that Victors passive aggressive freezing out his siblings is a rock move. After all, the capture targets have to be faultless!
        It pisses me off because you could make him redeemable bu giving him the epiphany that it doesn’t matter if his ideology is about being fair if his way of going about it is unfair and something only a virtue signaling asshole would do


  11. I like that Yugo grows but without abandoning his core character. He doesn’t suddenly come to believe his previous outlook was fundamentally wrong, he still wants to be surrounded by beautiful things. But now he realizes that his approach was wasteful and his perception too narrow. If he can come to realize that a person can have a beautiful heart despite being ugly, for example, he could become a decent person without fundamentally changing his sense of values, which I think is better than him suddenly thinking that he shouldn’t value beauty over all things.

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